Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 195

Liriya entered the warehouse, guarding the surrounding area.

I heard a few months ago that this place was full of southern plants. However, all the bulbs were stolen as the robber entered, and the warehouse that ran away from the raid was seriously injured in a wagon accident. In addition, the union leader, who was originally the owner, died.

The wind left the management floating a little. The interior smelled moldy and the ceiling was high. Young people moved wooden crates and laid them instead of tables.

Liriyah looked around the face of the leadership sitting around the edge.

It looked empty even though only one person was missing.

Originally, Ippenya’s rallies were not like this. As usual, the priest would have sat in the center and opened with words of comfort.

Now, however, everyone is silent with mixed tastes. The red faces looked tired from the candle lights.

The elders in charge of guidance looked even more desperate. Liriyah had a rough idea of how things were going just by looking at it. I opened my mouth.

“There’s nothing to sing, so let’s get started. What happened to the funding source’s answer?”

One person sighed heavily and barely opened his mouth.

“……the bank is blocked. The safety houses I’ve been building everywhere have been sold off in a flash.”

“All I can say is difficulty. We’ve already confirmed that strangers live in the neighborhood.”

“What about the old ferry? We could try to get a doctor in the south, right?”

“Everything is out of commission, including the restaurant we used to cook. I sent a few, but I wonder if I can get a proper answer at this urgent time…….”

“When will the day come when I will see my mother’s land?”

I could hear sighs from all over the place. Someone burst into tears when they got emotional.

In the past, Liriya would have expressed anger by sympathizing with this. But now it’s rather cold. I folded my arms and put one foot on my knee.

“As the Prince has analyzed.”

Ruslan’s words began to come to mind one after another.

‘He judged more accurately than any of us. The Southerners were only going to use us as if we were being generous. The situation turns upside down in a moment, so I don’t know…….’

No matter how fast it was, the hand shaking was unusually fast. As if I knew this would happen in advance.

We share the longing of the old times. They say they support their ambition to regain their country. The whole thing was a smooth application of course. They – the old Southern aristocracy and military forces – would never have assumed that the Iphenians would succeed in the first place.

It was an alliance that recognized the dangers and inevitably started. When I checked the bottom with my eyes, it hurt my bones.

‘It’s over, the next stage of our great career has collapsed.’

Even if they wanted to implement additional factor assassinations, their activity capabilities dropped significantly. Preparing to identify and infiltrate the target’s movements alone costs a considerable amount of money.

Above all, there were not enough people. I managed to recover the number of people who escaped from the sewer and dragged them here. Most of them, not the leaders, escaped from the system at all. I’ve spent most of my money on it, so it’s all about maintaining the organization for now.

The situation is at its worst.

Is there a way for adults?

Lyria looked up and asked first.

“Did anyone think about what to do next?”

There was a moment of silence. Liriya spotted Nikolai sitting across the street looking around with his eyes down.

It was not long before one managed to speak.

“First of all, we must deal with those captured by the Empire.””Just the day before yesterday, the comrades who were tied to the army’s main camp were released. It happened suddenly, what are you up to?”

“Maybe he was conciliated by the Empire…If they were inspired by the bread and meat they serve.”

“You son of a bitch, my wife! Don’t be such a traitor!

“Don’t cover your family. We have to open up a lot of possibilities! The directive itself, which was supposed to make a statement about taking care of one by one, has been softened! If I had used gas firecrackers as I said before…….”

“That’s an already closed discussion. If there are large numbers of victims who are not related to the war, our expression of opinion will also fade.”

“I’m stuck in a storage room trying to figure it out, and now I’m free from my country! Look at the atmosphere of the system! I’d believe it if Ippeniya wasn’t a curse, but a poison! The idea of innocent victims being nominated is nothing more than this! When will you step on your homeland after being caught up in a great cause?”

Some nodded in sympathy with the excited man. Someone in the background backed up the opinion.

“Everyone released from the compound has their own watchdog. Here, there’s an article in the paper I picked up. Count Keitel has filed for imperial command, overseeing surveillance.”

The warehouse was buzzing for a while. Elders exchanged glances with each other.

“What is the prince up to?”

“Are you trying to help us? Or to attack in reverse……?”

“I’m nervous. The prince seems to put the grown-up Grand Duke ahead of his country.”

“Agreed, there must be a reason why the Imperial Grand Duke raised a prince. It may have been a trick to incorporate Ippeniya’s blood into the Imperial family to realize both countries.”

“Isn’t that a hasty decision? As long as the prince was in his element, it would be safer to let go of this matter. Rather, it’s an opportunity to get back in touch…….”

Listening, Lyria squinted her eyes.

Again, when the prince comes to the fore, the discussion is scattered.

The elders here have never met him in person. Therefore, it is said as if discussing the return of the heirloom picked up by another house. Liriyah could read the atmosphere now.

In this way, there is no agreement even if you go for the rest of your life.

Having made up her mind, she stood up from her seat. I took my hand to the back dance.

“But even with the prince’s support, using the Grand Duke’s gold is a little–“

He cut off other people’s words and struck a sickle on his chest.

The end of the sickle split the tree with a thud. The elders cried out in horror.

“Liri, what are you doing in the middle of a meeting?!”

Liriya did not deliberately pull out a sickle. Slowly took off his hand.

Adults look surprised and angry, and they are at a lossless. It’s only Nikolai and a few young colleagues who look up with excitement.

Looking around, she became increasingly rational and serene. I opened my mouth quietly.

“Oh, my God, let’s call it a meeting. It’s counterproductive because it’s a desk theory.”


“Isn’t it time to set guidelines for future actions? Status 1st. Comrades held by the Army have been released. Second, though, the priestess is under arrest before her death. What about you, ma’am?”

The atmosphere of the moment crossed my mind. The topic was deflected in that direction.

“It is difficult to penetrate Daishinjeon with the current number of people. There is no way against the archbishop’s abilities.”

“What about gas fireworks?”

“That’s the only asset I’ve ever saved for a direct attack on the palace. Isn’t it a waste to blow it up here?”

“Instead of assassinating a factor, take him hostage and demand exchange negotiations.””We have a lot of pressure to establish and implement operations. The hope of liberation is over if the organization is destroyed after not being careful. I’m sorry to the priest, but I’d rather hope he’ll hold out for a while…….”

Liriya burst into laughter.

“I’m going to stay up all night discussing!”

“Liri, aren’t the bad conditions realistically overlapping? We have no choice but to be cautious as a coach!”

“That’s very true. And while you’re being careful, the priest will die! How can there be any loyalty to a country that has been re-established by human life!”

Liriyah picked up a sickle in his chest. The middle-aged man sitting nearby dried up.

“Liri, have a seat!”

“Why! As a young representative in command of the front line, I express my opinion that I would rather act quickly than wait for the leadership to reach a conclusion!”

Liriya quickly cast a glance. Young people sitting over there stood up with crossbows.

“I fought for Ippeniah, whom I had never seen in person, because I felt sorry for my fellow Koreans who were oppressed as second-class citizens. I didn’t start out like this with an abacus! Was it in our cause that the Ephenyans hesitated to save the Ephenyans?”

“What are you going to do about running around like a thunder beetle? I jumped the gun.You and we are all dead!”


Liriya denied it at once. Fast forward to the next word.

“I’m going to the prince. I’ll beg him even if I’m on my knees.”


“Stop talking about the political position and risks we discussed earlier. I’m a man’s eppenny. I’ll talk to him again as a young man. It’s better to negotiate with a prince than a southern aristocrat who entered the country with iron plates. He’s more serious about this than the Southerners!”

“But it’s Liri. Even if the prince helps us, how can we get out a man who is trapped in the past? You, the best of us, were powerless in front of Archbishop.”

Liriya clenched the crossbow. I strained my neck to the elders.

“I’ve told you so many times, but you don’t seem to be realistic. There’s more to the prince than the archbishop.”

If only I could get her help.

Lyria could swim under her shoes.

One o’clock was urgent. I can’t afford to waste time discussing any more. Liriya wore a raincoat she had left off and put a sickle around her waist. He raised the crossbow and shouted at his colleagues who had always acted together.

“Let’s go! From now on, our guidelines for action are to rescue factors!”

Re-appeal! Re-appeal!

Young people followed along with a feisty response.

The streets were quiet at night. Nikolai came after a little late. The leg that had been penetrated the other day was cut off completely and the prosthetic leg was inserted, so every time I moved, there was a snap.

Lyria asked, conscious of the noise.

“How was the search?”

“It was a thread that had been cut off once, so it was hard to reconnect, but somehow it touched.”

Nikolai pressed his hat deeply.

“These days, there’s a girl who sells candy with a board in the square. It seems that he moved after doing business elsewhere. Newbies are more likely to get paid for their seats, but surprisingly few people bothered them. It means you have a backseat, but then…….”

“It’s an old-fashioned organization. I’m sure the carpenter who’s been in charge now was behind me.”

Liriya recalled Mirta for a moment. She once offered to repay the old man who helped the Ippeniya.

It had leaked from the middle.

On the way, he found the prince, and his fever soared and his mind was clouded. His intention to help the elderly did not take care of his last safety. He was told that he died due to rumors, but he could not afford to mourn properly.Looking back, there were many moments when I was so narrow-minded that I was excited to regain my country.

Lyria reflected bitterly on herself at the time. Then I hurried to avoid making the same mistake.

“Thank you for coming. I’ll meet the candy girl in person.”

For now, he wanted to secretly ask for a place to meet him, but he also wanted to deliver a memorial message to the heir of the elderly.

Nikolai nodded, “I understand.”

“Have you thought of a message for the egg dealer?”


There happens to be a good excuse.

* * *

A few days later, it was about time that Juju sat down at a restaurant for breakfast.

Ruslan was out early in the morning and was already gone. Recently, he has a short stay at the Grand House. In addition to the original eastern reconstruction project, the government volunteered to monitor the Ippeniya.

“The Emperor wasn’t very tactful, but there’s nothing we can do about it. I need a clue to find the whereabouts of the remnants. I need to take this opportunity to win my heart, but my status has put me on high alert.」

Ruslan is also trying to be Ruslan. The plan to turn the table upside down has been completed with details. However, it is difficult to hold onto an organization that is desperately needed for execution.

“The reason why the temple drags on the heresy is that they’re waiting for something to be done. It’s Ruslan’s plan to use it to make a bucket.’

However, it is hard to predict how they will step up to the plate. Even after barely contacting each other, there was a fear that the argument would become boring.

It was at the time when Juju, who recalled Liriya’s temper, was frustrated. Nadia brought me an egg basket delivered to the kitchen maid.

“Madam, it’s an egg you always check. They say something very good came in today.”

“Today? Suddenly?”

I asked again because it was unexpected. Nadia was sent out, leaving a yes.

Fumbling through the basket, he took out an unusually light-weight egg. The shell was broken just by applying strength to the finger. The rolled note came out the way it was delivered the other day.

<Please return the pitch. Please.>

Juju grabbed a note and stood up.

That side finally recognized it. Ruslan’s true feelings worked!

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