Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 196

Juju immediately sent a man to Ruslan. With the excuse to come in immediately because my lovely lover is stabbed to death by the eggshell. It was a code that I had set up to use when I needed to return home urgently.

Next, I put in a reply to the egg seller’s side.

The answer was fixed. Fast telegrams were sent hours apart around the current ghost king Bilma.

It took some trouble to coordinate the contact location. Because I had to avoid the eyes of the temple and the security forces and contact the Ippeniyans. First of all, we decided to meet at the place where the ghost king, who was in charge of the brokerage

However, it was not easy to find a place for further secret talks. What should I do? Ruslan returned to Juju, who was worried.

Having heard the whole story, he came up with a plan as if he were no special mastermind.

So the place was finally decided.

The first contact took place in the middle of any street. I found Liriya in front of a street stall selling fish that I secretly caught in the river. I moved her to another place in a wagon.

“I’m glad it’s not over quota. I was wondering if he would bring his colleagues this time as well.”

“Prince, it was you who told me to come alone. And I’m not here to subdue you like I did before.”

Liriya replied curtly. Seeing the prince and his lover exchange glances, he shut his mouth even more morosely.

Colleagues had stopped her from acting alone. Nikolai was especially enthusiastic.”Why don’t you take at least one? It doesn’t have to be me. This prosthetic leg will only disturb me. They purposely made strong conditions to be wary of our group action. We can compromise if we push the person behind us.」

“Nicole, I appreciate your consideration, but you’d better do as the prince says now. Because we’re in a position to ask for help.」

Yeah, if you’re told to kneel down, if you’re told to kiss the top of your foot, you have to kiss.

Looking at Liriya with a serious look, Juju secretly smiled wickedly.

I could see clearly what they were thinking. And the grudges of the marriage proposal the other day have not been completely settled. Although the cooperation over there is in dire need, he/she has taken the initiative and intended to make fun of it.

The carriage arrived at its destination. It was a place where Juju had already visited once.

Liriya looked out. There was a house that was as good as most mid-sized aristocratic mansions. Her expression became puzzled.

“Where am I… ..?”

“It’s written on the doorplate, isn’t it? It’s the Koch Islands Townhouse.”

“You want to have a meeting at someone else’s house?”

Liriya blinked her eyes. There’s no way she knows the wine businessman who supplies to the imperial family.

Ruslan added.

“It’s a local authority in the South. I’ve worked with this side before. By the time I assumed you were provoking separatists in the south.”

“Now the owner is down in the South, guarded by a janitor. Get down there and ring the bell.”


“Did you see the lady pulling the gate strings?”

Juju lifted her chin and folded her knees in a pomposed her knees.

Only then did Ririya scan his attire. It caught my eye that I had never been conscious of. The dress with ribbon decoration over there. This is a street dress and scarf.

No matter where you look, you are a lady and a maid.

“You. No way!”

“Tell the bell, tell him Juicephina came with the Earl. I’m here because I wanted to leave a direct reply to the proposal I heard here. I’ll open it for you no matter what, then you can take me inside.”

“Prince, I’m ready, but do you think you’ll humiliate your lover!”

“I stopped him. I couldn’t help it if he wanted to. I had a hard time picking up the ridiculous suggestions and consoling them, so why don’t you hang out with me for a second?”

Juju laughed. Ruslan laughed along. Liriya, who saw the two smiling side by side, clenched her fists on her knees. For a moment I forgot I was here on serious business.

I got caught in the wrong place.

It’s a complete husband and wife scam…….

“I’m doing this for a cause! Don’t forget!”

“Liri, get down safely! See you later!”

Juju smiled and waved her hand.

The bell rang and the janitor came out. He immediately opened the gate after hearing the situation from Liriya. When the carriage entered the garden and pulled over, Juju came down holding Ruslan’s hand.

The concierge greeted.

“Countess Keitel, Mrs. Giuseppina. Please come in. It’s not in use right now, did you visit on purpose?”

“I’m sorry I suddenly came. But since it’s an important message, I’d rather leave it here than send our people south. Can I rent the drawing room for a minute?”

“Master Michael has also asked you to welcome her, whenever and whenever. Do you want a message card and a pen?”

“Please do that.”

Juju winked at Liriya to follow him. Liriya, who was standing next to Semyon, took a clumsy step.The concierge, who was guiding her, glanced back and said.

“You’ve changed the market, haven’t you? Excuse me, I didn’t see you the other day.”

“Nadia is on vacation today. She should have time to go home. I’m teaching some new students today.”

Juju smiled significantly as she glanced back at Liriya.

“Right, Liri?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“What an honor it is to accompany me?”

“Yeong, Gwang, it’s yoong, yoong. Miss.”

There was a cramp in Liriya’s mouth.

I feel refreshed. Juju entered the drawing-room with great satisfaction. The vine overlooking the front window is full of fruit.

The South must have finished harvesting and been brewing alcohol. Will the message I left here today be matured by Michael’s hand?

Perhaps by then, the situation that has been overturned will be fixed. Even if Michael came up to discuss his response right away today, he had time to settle it.

The maid, instructed by the concierge, served refreshments. Juju closed the drawing room after blocking access because she wanted to clear her mind for a while.

There is no owner, only guests left. It became a strange scene.

Only then did Ruslan open Semyon’s package.

“You keep it for a long time and return it. I apologize for unintentionally peeking at your belongings.”

Liriya, who accepted the pitch, had a strange look on her face. She put a helmet on her head and infused an aura.

The magic worked properly. The memory left by my biological parents flowed like a kaleidoscope.

Taking off her helmet, she looked glum.

“I wanted to show this to my colleagues. I failed in all my ways, Prince, did you know quickly?”

“Thanks to learning the basics.”

“I’d rather have written down the magic principle here. Then I could have learned and used it well.”

“Well, there’s some magic that I can’t handle without the atmosphere and the veins of Ipeniya. It’s dangerous to rebound if you fail. It’s not a way to teach yourself without a safety map.”

Ruslan said with lingering emotion.

Juju recalled the magic of immortality in his words. In her knowledge, ‘hard magic’ probably refers to that. He had taken Charlotte to an abandoned palace for magic.

Looking back now, I visited the ice encephalus on a blizzard day of all of a sudden. It would also have been to sneak over the border.

He changed the subject.

“It’s no use talking about the old days. Talk about the future.”

“My lady says the right thing. To do that, we need to check the status first. I wanted to point out that you were picky about finding a contact place. Did the southern separatist forces sense the atmosphere of the institution and withdraw funds?”

Lyria nodded heavily.

“Yes, it was exactly what you pointed out. The inside of the tissue is torn apart. But I’ve decided you’re a much more reliable person.”

“It’s a pleasure to finally know. The person released from the compound will be released completely after the surveillance period, so it’s not urgent right now. Are you going to remove the priest from the temple?”

“Yes, you’re not a very strong person. One o’clock is urgent!”

Lyria exclaimed in a desperate tone. I feel like I’m going to get off the couch and kneel down.

Juju chewed on the fruit with whipped cream and said.

“But instead, it’s not easy. Dozens of priests belong to them, no matter how old they are. A hundred volunteers voluntarily stand guard.”

“And the grounds are spacious.”Lyria added quickly.

“We also… ..we weren’t completely prepared for this kind of course. I’ve been breaking street lights and collecting gas little by little. I’ve got a box of gas firecrackers in stock.”

“Gasps firecrackers?”

Ruslan asked back. Semyon, who was waiting in the back, leaned down and tipped off.

“This is the traditional technology of Ipeniya. When Valentina returned to office, she fired a cannon at him.”

“Loud and clumsy. It’s dangerous enough to detonate indoors.”

“What, why do you rot a good thing? If you use it to play guerrilla, you’ll be able to win with a small number of people.”

“I told you before. Daishinjeon is big. Without knowing where the lady was trapped, she went into a state of limbo.Gan, you’re going to be thrown around and then you’re going to be wiped out. And the confidence to defeat the archbishop…….”

Lyria turned a little pale. Instead of following up, we got down to business.

“That’s why I contacted you. We need the exact location of the priestess. And with all due respect, I couldn’t stand up to the archbishop.”

She looked back at Ruslan to explain a little more.

“Actually, I’ve been to the West. I’m guessing from the husband of the former Army Marshal’s whereabouts, but you can find someone, right?”

Just in case, I turned around, but what I meant was clearly stated.

The magic of a king who looks down on his soul.

Ruslan gently caressed his chin. He once exercised the magic at the bell tower instead.

But it was a missing part of the plan he envisioned. He looked back at his lover and comrade. She was always the subject of action, and it took her consent to decide anything.

“I don’t care. What do you think?”

“I think it’s a little cumbersome…….”

Juju nibbled at the fruit for a moment thinking.

To them, the priest was a faceless woman. So I couldn’t think of her safety. We can get out of this mess. It was just that much.

Looking at Liriyah’s desperate face, I was reminded that the detailed deadline for the plan was rough. The juju came to a conclusion.

“Do it—it’s better to hit and get away with it than to be bothered by people’s lives.”

Liriya’s complexion brightened up. Juju spoke to her.

“But the rest of you do as I please.”

“What part?”

“You’re the bait. You can use that firecracker or whatever and disturb the mood of the pancake instead. And then I’ll kick this board on my own.”

“What are you going to do?”

Juju chuckled as she covered her mouth.

“Didn’t you hear of the Cancan theater collapse? I’ll do the same. If the temple blocks our way, we can put it away.”

Liriya opened her mouth wide.

I’ve heard of it when I infiltrated the arcade under cover of my identity. A nearby theater in Cancan collapsed. Did it say the oven burst? Did he break the pillar because he walked too many ornaments?

But the fact of the matter of fact.….

Juju put a wedge in the speculation.

“This round. If they have no choice but to make a foreign call, there’s no point in considering the risks. You’d better jump in and flip it over.”

“Wait, I see the conclusion that you’d rather go ahead. To choose that way…….”

“Let’s destroy the whole thing and get the Archbishop’s head straight instead.

Juju said as if reciting the order of cleaning the room.

Lyria looked like she was about to faint. Ruslan, on the other hand, said Juju, glistening with sugar.

“I’ll give you the credit I owe you. It seems wrong to restore Ippeniah’s honor anyway, so it would be better to overwhelm him with fear. Prepare a statement in advance after the success of the motion. Release action before launching the same attack on the Imperial Palace.””The denomination will be far away from their own arrangements. It’s not the time to care about sacred goods and ephenyas.”

“What kind of destroyer are you?”

“Answer whether you’ll follow or not.”

Liriyah swallowed a dry saliva to harden her mind.

“I will, by the way, if we act as bait, it means we’re going to separate buckets. What excuse are you going to visit instead of me?”

“Let’s take out the cards we’ve saved for a time like this.”

replied Ruslan. Juju slowly stood up to leave a message card. It is time to reply to Michael, who told him to contact him whenever he has a conclusion.

She first advised him to be wary of the old Southern establishment. And I wrote a phrase that corresponds to the main topic.

Michael, I’m sorry to answer this, but I’ll reject your proposal. Because…>

In the meantime, I heard what Ruslan was saying to Liriya.

“You need to get your ears pierced.


“You’ll find out soon enough.”

* * *

It was not long before news broke into Albert’s ear.

“……the Earl, engaged?”

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