Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 197

Albert briefly lost his words and looked at Goenitz, the palace minister. I asked to double check.

“What’s the news all of a sudden? We’re in a situation where we’re going to root out the curse of ruin, and now we’re engaged.”

“I’ve heard that we’re all the more in a hurry to prepare for this situation.”

Gönitz cautiously commented.

“Originally, Count Keitel took over the investigation of the remnants of Ipeniya from his predecessor. That’s when I started a search in cooperation with the temple. The count sighed, saying it might have reached you as well.”

“I never knew he was afraid of cheating. What the hell does engagement have to do with that?”

“To wash away the curse, receive the purification at the temple, and be blessed with gifts. I don’t think we’re gonna have an engagement right now. It seemed like we were going to start preparing for the New Year.”

It was not very wrong because the current calendar is in early autumn.

Albert clenched the leg of the lemon sousin at the luncheon.

“Then the lady you’re dealing with.”

“Mrs. Giuseppina. However, the background of the lady is a little bit.… maybe we’re not trying to make up for it.”

Hearing that, I could see clearly what tricks you were going to play.

It is easy to find aristocratic families that collapsed in this era. You can choose the appropriate place and ask them to bring you in as a foster daughter. Families can wear several aura, as well as some money. Even if the person is from a maid, it is never a loss.

Albert felt bitter water coming out of his mouth. It was exactly what he imagined he would do if he had a chance.

I drank lemon water almost unconsciously. The mountain maze didn’t feel refreshed either. I didn’t know that I looked upset, Gönitz said something that worried him.

“Your Majesty, God will give you good advice. I understand you’re ahead of your youth, but reflect on yourself because it’s a chaotic time for the imperial family. And the Earl will understand as soon as possible.”

Albert recognized the meaning of Goenitz. The author thought the emperor had come up with the divorce issue.

I felt even worse when I realized him.

Currently, the divorce wish remains pending, and has not been concluded. Therefore, technically speaking, the national spirit is still maintained.

Still, he looks like he’s already seen in other people’s eyes. It’s like a divorced man who is miserably jealous of young people’s happiness.

Just in time, the luncheon with the emperor couple was also being held alone. Albert quickly beckoned, thinking of only talking for a long time and then raising hackles.”That’s enough. I don’t want to meddle in other people’s family affairs. I’ve heard the new news, so get back to work.”

“Hope you have a feast.”

Gönitz offered his respect and stepped down. Albert put the glass down, chewing a slice of lemon.

‘Sounds like a sacrament. Old man, you’ve lost your appetite dropping.….’

He once had a mind to get rid of Gönitz because he was annoying. It’s in the past. I changed my mind after many political fluctuations.

There is no need to bother cleaning up the Goenitz. And this is like Count Keitel deliberately planted his own breath in the palace. Then he decided to spy on the Count indirectly through Goenitz.

This is the result of looking ahead and keeping it around. Should I be grateful for the news coming in so quickly?

Juju is getting engaged.

A girl who may actually be Charlotte’s reincarnation, Count Keitel.

The theory of invincible magic. The news that caught my ears right away. Two facts were mixed up in Albert’s head, drawing a whirlpool. Even my mind shook with dizziness.

‘Before my engagement, I receive a purification from the temple. …then you will try to meet Yonatan.’

He was so intimidated that the curse of Ippenya might have reached. Even considering their social position, it made sense to receive the sacrament from the archbishop.

Is this a normal ritual? Or a disguise to hide your purpose?

I was confident that I would rather be the latter.

A northern bloke who is nothing more than a national bird’s apple’s eye. The son spits out his marriage promise to the Lord. Juju accepts him without any hesitation or shame.

When I imagined the sight, my blood seemed to rise upside down.

Whatever it is, it’s not something to leave alone.’

Albert immediately had a luncheon and left the restaurant. It brought forward the originally scheduled appointment a little.

It doesn’t matter how things turn out over there. He was no longer the youngest prince of a small castle in the barley field, but the emperor. There is no reason to look at the other side, and it is natural for the servant to adjust to the monarch’s situation.

As expected, by the time he entered the audience room, his partner had already arrived.

Helga raised the example. The hand on the chest quickly hid the button that was less locked.

“Your Majesty, Emperor Albert. It’s been a while since I saw the Empire sun. I’m here in response to your call.”

“This is also the first time Jim has seen your face since the New Year’s ball. Have you recovered from your injuries?”

Albert knew that his back muscles had been damaged when he fell. Helga nodded shyly.

“Yes, I’ve improved a lot thanks to my colleague’s care. I’m ashamed that I was able to recover comfortably while leaving the court. While I was away, the empress made a big fuss, and the leader died, so what happened…….”

Helga has clouded the end of his words in a difficult way.

It was a car that was waiting for its return to work after overcoming injury, but the situation at work is a mess. After the death of the general, the Knights were in disorder. It’s not clear who to choose as the new leader.

Albert sat obliquely on the roof and looked down at her.

“I don’t think it’s a cliff in the current situation. I’m sure you’ve heard about the palace disturbance.”

“Yes, I didn’t know that Her Majesty was hiding her feelings.”

Once a knight of the Imperial Palace, Helga chose the words carefully. It shouldn’t sound like you’re blaming either side.

Albert nodded his head.

“Then you know what the count’s gunhee did during the palace disturbance.””Oh….”

“The Privy Council has already told us how she got to use the aura. That’s why it’s such a trifle. Anyway, past stories don’t matter.”

Albert rubbed his forehead with one hand.

“But when I heard that, Jim was only interested in you. I heard that you fell down drunk after drinking the alcohol Chonghee gave you.”

There was a series of prying words.

“Do you really think that’s the cause of drunkenness?”


Helga dropped his head in a hurry to answer.

To be honest, I don’t remember much of that time. I don’t even know when I fell off the imperial railing. After waking up, the fact that he was injured was distant, so I couldn’t afford to think of anything else. Since it was true that he drank alcohol, he was understandably drunk that day.

Thanks to you, I took a long leave of absence. Rehabilitation was tough, and I was sorry to owe my colleague. He was terrified that he might quit the imperial article.

Indeed, the skills that had fallen once did not return easily. The same was true even now, well over half a year after the injury.

A long dark age in life, pure and simple. By the way, the emperor is saying that it may be someone’s fault.

Helga recalled the last person she met. A beautiful girl in an eastern dress. I handed you a bottle of liquor.

Finally, I opened my mouth.

“I don’t think it’s easy to say, but if you’re as powerful as Mrs. Giuseppina has heard, there’s room for discussion about the possibility that he may have done…I think there is.”

Once I spoke out, my thoughts gradually colored that way.

He threw the Knights Commander out of the middle of the bridge in an instant. I’d like to believe that the words are inflated and misrepresented.

But if true, how easy it must have been for himself.

Helga was originally fond of Juju. I tried to be nice to others. If the fall was really her work, I desperately wanted to ask her what it was with resentment. No, first of all, I’ll slap you in the face with the pain and anger of the last few months.

Albert picked up his chin.

“I heard your opinion very well. I’ll go over it later.”

“Your majesty, I don’t necessarily doubt him–“

“Stop, Jim would not have brought this up to drive a wedge between you and your heart. I’ll make a rough decision, so keep that in mind that. I have a separate subject for Jim to tell you.”

Albert went on to say something unthinkable with a nonchalant face.

“I will make you the Knights Commander.”

Helga flinched.

“Your Majesty, all of a sudden, what do you mean…”….”

“The former leader was unfortunately sacrificed to the people who died. The next leader is sharpened between skill and seniority. And some of the articles point out that a member of the Imperial Palace was swept away by the palace disturbance.”

Albert took a breather and continued.

“The leader is desperate, but the conflict doesn’t heal. When Jim sided with either side, he became cautious because it touched the pride of the driver.”

In fact, Albert’s own mistake was the result.

There were subtle complaints from the Knights that the general died while performing a mission unrelated to the imperial guard. It’s just barely suppressed as a schoolboy of loyalty. I didn’t know when it would burst out as a group action if I touched it wrong.

That’s why I can’t help but look around.

Helga, who has been beset by recent meticulous circumstances, nodded at face value.

“Certainly, it is. Your Majesty.”

“That’s why I’d rather take over the Lord, who has been away from the court since the new year. Isn’t Gyeong one step away from the current conflict landscape? Anyone can tell he’s a stopgap, so he’ll lose his lip.”Albert lowered his surprisingly well-kept face slightly. He looked deeply concerned.

“I’m not too happy that I seem to offer Lord Jim a poisoned cup of gold. Hana, the Imperial Palace is filled with new recruits, so you’ll need a new one. At least until the direction of the national spirit is decided, it is okay. Can you keep it for a second?”

Then Helga felt a strange thrill.

Unknowingly, anxiety had built up while rehabilitating alone. The emperor took out trust and status and touched his heart.

My heart was filled with tears as I washed away. Unknowingly, I kneeled down on one knee to pay my respects.

“I am honored to have the opportunity to offer my allegiance again!”

“Wake up, Jim is in no position to be appreciated because he is using you. Sooner or later, the Knights will be ready for their first assignment.”

“Yes, yes! Thank you!”

But it’s your first mission as soon as you became the leader. Is the Emperor planning to suppress the tumultuous Iphenyans these days?

Helga was on a speculative relationship.

Albert suddenly sent all the servants and guards out. His hand wrapped his chin to hide his heart. With squinting eyes, he alluded to another question.

“And the new Knights Commander. Jim will ask you in secret.”

“What, do you mean?”

“The Lord would have originally supplemented Batilde in the Imperial Palace. Do you happen to know what the article Philippe is about with the Empress?”

Helga’s spine became stiff.

It was a breeze that had been in mind for a while and then got out. There wasn’t much evidence. You may catch a living person after making fun of your mouth for nothing. That’s why I’ve been trying to forget.

Albert smiled as if to relax.

“No. Jim doesn’t mean what to do. However, I was just wondering why the empress changed her mind. The national spirit is a political union, so it is possible to blow one’s mind to the other.”

Albert was also mad at first because Batilde was reprehensible. She implicitly hinted at the existence of another man. I couldn’t sleep because it was disgusting to have deceived me completely for years.

But it was only a few days. It takes a lot of time to struggle with wounds in your heart. Then rationalization spread like a scab.

She wasn’t interested anyway. He just needed a decent family meal. I could replace it with someone else as much as I could.

It just so happened that he was attracted to another girl. Thanks to this, he was relieved of his obligation to repeat the hapgung. The divorce wish was rather a relief.

Thinking that way, my feelings subsided.

Only then did the inspection plan open. Previously, Batilde was considered a valuable swan. Now that she recognized that she was capable of attacking herself, her eye began to shine. It was only then that she was outlined who the man would look at.

I didn’t spend last year’s vacation alone.

Albert had a look in his eyes urging an answer. Helga gulped her saliva casually.

The pressure of the emperor’s position clouded judgment. She’s had a serious misunderstanding.

The emperor must have already secured all the physical evidence. This question will be a test of loyalty to oneself.

Then I had to answer as far as I knew.

* * *

Near lunch, Yonatan hung on a chair. He turned around holding a paper flower that he had sneaked from Jungjeong high. As clumsy as the clumsy shape, a piece of petals fell on the nose.The priest approached and reminded him of his negligence.

“Your Holiness, it’s time to get ready. Count Keitel’s wagon is climbing that hill.”


Jonathan stood up as late as he could. He put a paper flower in his arms and wore a triplet.

“I’d be glad if you didn’t forget the order. It’s been a long time since I’ve hosted a ceremony to celebrate.”

“You’ve always been great, even if you say so. You must be relieved in the midst of heresy.”

Is that really true?

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