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Chapter 198

In other words, a clean-up ceremony is not a special occasion. It is a ritual that can be held at any time.

The more religious people were, the more often they had this communion. That kind of person would come running to clean up even when they moved or had a minor illness.

The emperor and his wife carry out the sacrament on New Year’s Day for the good fortune of the year.

The average man visits the temple only when it is necessary to do so. It’s usually the turning point of life.

When I was born and put my name on the temple register. When I hit puberty. When you get married. The last time you salt a dead body.

Therefore, it was the first time in a long time for a host to hold a ceremony.

“You’re ready. Come up here.”

When the priest brought in a pool of water, Jonathan said with a cane.

Juju folded his hands in Ruslan’s long, wide palm. Together, the two climbed to the floor in front of the statue. He stood facing the priest’s guide and bent his knees.

The main hall was quiet. It was left empty for the consecration directly organized by the Archbishop. Few people sit on chairs that were almost full during worship or funeral services. Some of the employees of Grand Duke Semyon and Nadia.

But Angela was afraid he’d recognize her.

Juju looked up at Jonathan, who was reciting prayers.

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you. I thought I’d tell another strange joke, but unexpectedly he was serious all the time. Even now, I am proficiently memorizing scriptures. Even though he was unfaithful, he realized that he had the ability to become an archbishop.

‘More than anything else, a miracle that heals people, it would be nice to use it for the world.’

Charlotte had only the knack of hurting people. Isn’t Jonathan the other way around?

But he only used that ability as a means to increase his authority. The story of healing deafness at the Tongseong Prayer Meeting was almost laughable.

To do so with the power you have gathered, to force a poor widow into your arms.

Juju squeezed her hands together to pray.

She was already making a conclusion. Jonathan and Elise would be a one-sided exploitation relationship. I’ve never seen him sincere to a woman since he was a friend.

Elise would have been a very comfortable prey for him. A woman bound by blood, a nephew. Even a woman of great faith. What an ideal opponent. I’d have molested her like a piece of meat hanging from the ceiling.

Elise gave her a chance over here and couldn’t get out. Jonathan must have threatened the pregnancy as a hostage.

Yonatan is the son of a bitch who let Charlotte be like this. How smoothly he read the execution statement when his knee broke. Just like now…….

“You’re a son of a bitch.”

Wait a little longer. His due date is today. That’s how Juju himself decided to referee.

For the first time in a while, pure revenge burned and my shoulders trembled. Then the other hand took her hand.

Ruslan whispered low.

“It’s next up.”

Only then did I come to my senses. Juju dipped his hands in the basin as he led. I slowly regained my coolness with the cold energy that permeated. I thanked you with my mouth.Thank you.

Ruslan replaced the answer with snow.

Juju’s hand slipped out of the basin. Next, Ruslan’s hands were submerged. In the middle, Yonatan’s reciting words lingered in my ears.

“I speak for God of Creation to those who are about to marry here. A parent will look after a young child. The old uncleanness will be washed away. I will light up the path of the soul and let it take a new steps.

The priests sang a low melody hymn to prayer. The two men’s heads were covered with clean linen. A male and female priest dipped paper flowers in the incense and brushed them off the top of his head.

Juju faced Ruslan.

Black robes with white linen.

The same was true of Juju himself. I wore a black dress to match the color. Gold embroidery is engraved from the chest to the skirt hem to distinguish it from the funeral attire. As a virgin visiting the temple ahead of her engagement, she was dressed in a quiet, dark color.

Rumors must be circulating in society by now. Count Keitel is engaged to a maid-turned-girlfriend.

Lady will be sorry to hear that. Oh, I missed it. Even though there’s a rumor that it’s Parakho, it’s a great feeling for the groom. Gentleman is envious of. I took a humble beauty and trained her as my ideal type to become engaged.

Today, of course, this ritual is a blatant lie. It’s part of a ruse for revenge.

Instead, I needed a chance to come in without looking around. The excuse of engagement was perfect for both men and women.

“Let both of them wash away their corruptions. The grace of the Creator shall come down in the hands of the Archbishop.”

Ruslan invited a priest who had come to the Grand Duke the other day. And the mansion may have been cursed, and he asked for a massive purchase of sacred objects. At that time, the purification ceremony was naturally requested and the date was set.

The temple welcomed both of them with that alone. I don’t know what’s inside of Jonathan. However, there was no sign of any misbehavior.

Whatever it was, it was important to win the trust of the priests. That will put a fine smoke screen on what will happen.

This place collapses today. In addition, the head of the church will be lost.

Just like the temples of Ipeniya did in the past. Then Juju’s cancer medication is shunned by Ipeniya’s revenge.

Then Ippenilla puts the prepared hand-written poster on it. The gist has already been set.

If you persecute us any longer, you will exert the same power over the palace. Release the action and return the snow field before innocent sacrifices occur.>

The debate will be heated up. Will voices support the emperor be raised a little? Where will Albert lean after losing Jonathan?

Anyway, Ruslan will show his true colors then.

‘The cooperation of the fallen nation is disturbing the public. Anxiety is mounting due to an emergency. Your Majesty, why don’t you come up with a replacement?’

Albert will ask back with his eyes wide open.

What do you mean?’

“Originally, the queen and her resuscitation will be in charge. Isn’t Her Majesty determined to leave the country? Your Majesty has no resuscitation, so you may temporarily entrust the Granddaughter who is staying at the palace.’

You want Jim to take care of the little girl? You want me to give her the crown?’

You’re welcome. Dried pollack is too much for your sister. If your Majesty remarries and comes back to life, it will only spark a dispute. Let someone else be your guardian and give you the title of princess.’

Albert will start calculating quickly.

Definitely, choosing a successor will be a stepping stone to public anxiety. Granddaughter is natural in her position. Attracting other distant systems has great resistance and side effects.

Also, the granddaughter’s mother was passive in the war. It’s a great halo to quell Ippenia’s uprising.But I’m a guardian. Who are you going to choose?

Albert’s character never lets Ruslan be his guardian. From the start, you’d think Ruslan was playing tricks on it. However, it is worrisome to leave it to other senior officials or influential aristocrats, who will earn money to carry their successors.

Her status as guardian is limited from the start. Therefore, Albert narrows down to one person to come up with.

I think he’ll say it like this.

“Let the Empress be your guardian.”

Your Majesty the Empress.’

‘She was originally a princess, so she had no reason to be disqualified for guardianship.’

No matter how much I hate Batilde, her identity is certain. It is suitable to keep Ruslan and other influential people in check.

Above all, she had plenty of room for Albert to trade and interfere. Instead of accepting divorce neatly and ensuring a living, they ask for a granddaughter. Then Batilde pretended to be nothing but accepted.

‘I’ll take your words right. Until I have the right resuscitation, I will have the Grand Princess as my successor.’

Once this order is issued, it is a success.

There’s only one thing you need afterwards. Time for Dorothea to rise to the rock.

Albert didn’t buy much of a servant’s heart as an emperor. There are no aides left to be absolutely loyal to him alone. It’s an easy opponent to suck at. Sneak assassination or face-to-face impeachment.

That is the end of all this revenge.

“As long as today’s deal goes through.”

Juju stood up suppressing her tumultuous heart. The priest, who was supporting her, smiled and said.

“Your cheeks turned red. You’re excited, aren’t you?

“Oh, yeah, I didn’t know you’d end up like this.”

I was actually excited about what was ahead. Juju approached Ruslan, evasive.

He was blessed with a gift for Yonatan’s proposal. As Juju approached, he spoke deftly.

“What if it doesn’t feel real when you’re here for the purification?”

“But I thought you’d put off your engagement because there’s such a thing as a curse.”

Juju looked back at Yonatan in a silly way of speaking.

“Right, Holy Father? He’s preparing for the celebration at such a scary time.”

After completing the consecration, Jonathan looked up and looked at Juju. Somehow a strange silence passed briefly.

He soon picked and twisted his lips. Said as if to make a profane joke.

“The slope is good. At times like this, people like believers have to spend a lot of money to boost domestic demand. But what did you do for the gift?”

” over the East Sea from them. Ruslan, didn’t you?

“A freshwater pearl from the eastern freshwater shell. She’s going to be Countess Keitel, and she’s not going to have to be decorated with common pearls.”

Jonathan breathed like a laughing stock. He oiled the gift box and returned it to Ruslan.

Ruslan opened the box. The figure of the gift was revealed. The priest, who was supporting Juju, visibly choked and swallowed his breath.

“Oh, my God, I’ve never seen a pearl like this…….”

Chung Bin as a priest was a completely forgotten tone. Ruslan proudly lifted the offering.

It’s made of gold. There was an irregular shape of pearl sprinkled like star candy. It was like snow on a thin branch. It was much simpler than the empress’s pearl crown, but the craftsmanship was state-of-the-art and sophisticated this way.

I was told that Ruslan had saved quite a lot. Or maybe you’ve secretly pressured the mayor of the eastern port where you used to get a head start. It was beautiful even though it was just a prop for the operation.

“Just think of it as a gift. Because this is a play.」

Ruslan said so, showing the gift. Watching from behind, Juju hugged him.”This is pretty enough. Since I’m here, I don’t mind being proposed to.」

“Don’t tell me, you want me to be blessed by the one who helped destroy you? Stop it.

“It’s a big gift to just take as a gift. You could have prepared something simpler.」

Then he pulled Juju this way. I was cuddled up in my arms.

The man’s hand deftly untied the back hook of the dress. His tongue was mixed and his fallen lips quickly slipped down the hill under his collarbone.

“You can’t lose to a southern thug. I don’t want to risk my honor on something better than him. Yes, this is to commemorate your complete rejection of my secret proposal.」

“It’s already been a while holding grudges…I don’t care what happens to Michael and, uh, uh, ahhhhhhhhhhhaha.…Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Shame to say, Ruslan’s spirits came beforehand.

Until my head burst with joy in his arms. To the point where he struggles with the pleasure that Namgeun presents.

There will be no sense of taste in the sound. And yet Juju found the overflowing essence delicious. A sip was missed, soaked in a refreshing illusion.

Ruslan, who came up with a gift, was as close as he was then.

Juju was really shy this time and blushed.

The same season last year overlapped. She was heading north with Ruslan. A time when he was allowed a little contact and quickly hesitated. Days shuddering at the assumption that a fallen soul would not be loved.

Compared to then, this moment is fascinating to be false. The act may be a play, but the heart is hidden.

Ruslan looked sideways before putting on the gift. Jonathan put a dull look on his face and spat out.

“You have been reborn.”

“You have been reborn.”

Ruslan recited moderately. I took the linen off Juju’s head and put it on as a gift. The pin on the headband dug into the hair and fixed it.

“That’s it. Let me ask the Archbishop. Can I kiss you in front of the statue?”

“……do it on your face. I’ll allow you to mark your friendship.”

Jonathan’s voice hardened as if he had lost interest. Ruslan did not care and supported Juju’s chin. My lips slightly pressed down on my cheek and fell off.

And a wind-like whisper rang on my head.

Let’s get started.


The main hall was shaken. Surprised by the heavy drinking, the priests screamed in surprise. Juju pretended to scream. It was at the time when Ruslan was wrapped around and lowered.

Jonathan suddenly felt something and looked up.

The rose window on the ceiling of the main hall has split. Shards of colored glass splashed and one person hung on the rope and slipped. It was a woman wearing a helmet and holding a crossbow.

Liriya immediately aimed at Yonatan. Shot into his forehead without hesitation.

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