Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 199


An arrow flew in. Jonathan had already raised his hand as soon as he found the crossbow. As an instinctive self-defense, he stretched out one palm and released an aura.

One foot that flew to my forehead bounced off and stuck on the floor. Scraps of glass from the ceiling were also scattered in the air and scattered to the floor.

As soon as I thought it was covered up, one more shot flew in. Jonathan, who was about to withdraw, unconsciously raised the other hand.

Vibration was applied to the atmosphere. Just as the weight-bearing cord was at stake, Liriyah jumped. Holding out the shock with his leg, he took his hand to his waist. Other colleagues then came down the line to join.

The surprise became clear. The priests set themselves in position as they moved away from the back.

“You guys!”

Before the next word could continue, Liriya took out things like wooden sticks.Gas firecrackers are not big. It is a size reminiscent of a pen stand, and can be inserted in a generous amount on the finger.

A pin-like wick sticks out of the wax-sealed lid. If you pull it, it rubs against the right phosphorus inside and creates a fine spark. It is a structure in which heat reacts with the gas sealed inside and the entire dangling explodes.

There is only a small amount of gas in the barrel. If you open each one separately, only the sound is loud. This is why it is only used as a blessing.

But a total of eight in both hands.

This amount is dangerous enough. Especially in an enclosed space with wooden chairs that are easy to ride like this main hall.

There are still a lot of firecrackers. Colleagues also shared dozens of them. They gathered carefully, breaking gas lamps burning their country’s looted resources. The amount reaches a crate before you know it.

Liriyah decided to pour most of the stockpile before this. I persuaded the leadership to reach an agreement.

“Identify yourself. The spectre of the dead will not ruin the father’s fortune!”

I had a dream in vain.

Maybe you’ll hit the imperial palace. I wanted to insert a dagger directly into the heart of the enemy country. Even though I knew it was too much, I looked forward to the day when I realized it.

If you burn gas fireworks here, her ideal revenge is sure to end.

But you shouldn’t think of such a thing now. I don’t want to be buried in a bloated beating and question the value of my countrymen’s lives. That’s not what he hoped for his country’s liberation.

So, I hope you guys are safe today.

Liriyah looked beyond the pitch at Ruslan over there. A slight nod came and went.

“I’m here to congratulate you on the occasion. Is it sour?”

I put a stick through the hole of the pitch. He pulled the wick with his front teeth and threw it far away.

One went off with a big bang. The chair caught fire. The servants of the great house, who had been told of the situation in advance, scattered, pretending to be surprised.

Colleagues went to cover with crossbows. From now on, there was no time to pause.

Liriya grabbed the rope off the ceiling and ran. The rope bounced through the air and threw firecrackers one by one by one by one.

“Your Holiness the Archbishop!

The priests were embarrassed. They were also prepared that Iphenya might come at any time. However, he only painted a picture of a group of people secretly hiding under control by hitting them with a crystal cane. I didn’t know what to do, because I didn’t expect to push in with this means.

Priests are basically not good enough for battle. Even if they have the same knowledge, those who are physically superior will be called up for an article early.

Even at this moment, they were only responding to the atmosphere and the vein. He was helpless in front of binge drinking, flames and smoke. The only person to cling to was the Archbishop, who had been chosen by the Creator.

Yonatan slapped his tongue and concentrated his aura on his hand.

There is no physical evidence, but I already knew who was behind it. Jonathan remembered an example they would have learned.

There’s been an explosion like this in the north.…!

“How do you like it, fallen bastards? Tell me where you locked our mother!”

“Oh, my God!”

Jonathan was annoyed by the proclamation beyond the explosion and fixed his cane. He ran right in front of the statue, walking on the foot of a staid ceremonial robe.

The stone god was huge even in the fog. Downward, the snow seems to show off the jewelry decorations surrounded by priests.

‘Pay for the money. God of the Dog or whatever!”

I was going to fight it all at once. He struck a crystal cane at a point in his veins.A cane is a simple decoration. It’s a tool for concentration. Jonathan breathed deeply into the power failure. The atmosphere of the main building and the vein were all at once.

The structure was clear. Daesinjeon is the most aura-breathing place in the system. In particular, the main party was already in the same position as the archbishop Jonathan.

“It’s a shame that rolling a skeleton is not worth it…….”

Originally, the priest’s body, which was supposed to boost his or her vagina, was sucked into the priest’s body. It’s like inhaling a lake in one gulp. Blood vessels burst out of control and deserve to be twisted.

But Jonathan held on.

He was made possible by a body that was born by accident without any genetic circumstances, which had to be called God’s choice. As the metabolism exploded, the hair grew grotesquely fast.

“I’m not going at the apostle of God. Heresy seeds!”

The ground shook and shook. The altar fell and the chair rolled over. As the atmosphere distorted, even all the arrows flying from the air bounced off.

Priests have become prone to formidable deities. In fact, it was impossible to stand upright due to the vibration. They crept into hiding at the foot of a new body, under Yonatan’s sleeve.

“The Archbishop. If you use up too much of your nerves…….”

“What’s the use of such a thing? Get out the back door and evacuate the humans. Don’t get in the way of a chance to strike!”

Even though it was an order bordering on verbal abuse, the priests followed suit. Even if we put all the people here together, we couldn’t even beat a Yonatan. The fact was too self-evident.

It was time for them to lower themselves and run out. Yonatan stopped a priest by stamping her with a cane.

“What’s wrong?”

“Don’t follow them, go to the prayer room over there. With my nephew… Take your wife and run everywhere.”

There was anxiety that someone might sneak up on him if he left him at home. I used to stay and board here at all.

But there are all the people here who would do such a thing. Now all you have to do is take refuge. It certainly makes Elise safe.

The priest understood and ran. Jonathan glanced over the smoke with the intention of shooting down the rest.

I used a helmet to hide my face, but I can tell by my body and voice.

She’s like a captain of action who’s been dealing with in a sewer. Obviously dealt with sickles. It might pop out of somewhere and dig into the side.

But I’ve already seen it once. She’s not very good at it. It’s like a fly bug buzzing even if you rush in.

There’s nothing you can’t beat with one body and two hands. A woman holding a sickle and installing the sickle can be knocked down with moderate impact and put her hand on it. A miracle that keeps people alive quickly turns into a murderous period if they don’t control their power.

‘So the guy I’m gonna grab and kill first…….’

It is time that the hypothesis proved to be the case. Bad relations are at a crossroads whether or not to appear here.

Jonathan finally walked by hand because the smoke was cumbersome. Silent vibrations spread through the atmosphere, scattering the heat wave.

One door of the main hall opened and closed. Traces of the Grand Duke servants fleeing.

The Ippeniyans are scattered across the street. The explosion left the burning chair across the floor, and each chair was pulled towards the wall to set up a barricade. Lowering their bodies, they were glaring at the opportunity to snipe.

The woman on the pitch is still hanging on the rope. She pulled out an arrow on her breastband and tied it to a crossbow. The crossbow in one hand snapped at Jonathan’s head.

“Did you run out of magic? Don’t move before you blow your head off! If you’re going to be captured and cooperate in the exchange of hostages, I’ll spare your life!””Where did it go…….”

Jonathan had a dizzy head on the other hand. The movement staggered because I couldn’t concentrate on walking.

The arrow exploded. I was so distracted that I missed it.

I can’t see it. There are no real two kites in here.

Where is it? Blonde.

Where’d he go?

“You weren’t after me?””

Jonathan let out his anger in the air. Arrows flew from all directions. He got all annoyed and flicked them out of his hands.

I picked up any arrow to organize my thoughts. I roughly cut off my hair that grew almost to the floor. It became as sharp as ice in my head.

Where did they go? It wasn’t given enough time to physically take it down the hill.

So you moved on to another building? Is it the prayer room? But if it were you, someone would’ve already rushed in and reported it.

Liriyah kept an eye on the squeaky Yonatan. It became ominous.

She and her colleagues were in charge of dragging time from the beginning. The archbishop was to be held here until the king’s magic was completed.

Ruslan offered fifteen minutes to climb the tower and practice magic. Juju will be guarding the perimeter until his spell is over.

Only a few, but dealing with interest, it was a long time for Liriyah, which was close to being forced. Would it be better to drag your time with a verbal fight by arguing?

Then Jonathan flashed up his head.

Liriyah was surprised. I thought he was after himself.

But the next moment I changed my mind. His eyes, dimly entering the pitch, were strange. The archbishop frowned as if his vision had suddenly faded. It was not long before I opened my eyes wide.

Afterwards, the direction of the gaze became more clear.

He was looking up at the broken rose window, beyond Liriyah.

No, I was looking up there.

The destination was guessed. Connected to the main building, it stretches far up. It is a place where you can see the entire precinct of the island and Daishin. It is not the time to ring the bell, so there was no priest to guard the tower.

If there’s a fight on the road to it, it’s against Jonathan. The stairs were narrow. It didn’t fit the way he fought off the enemy at all. In such a place, a hasty attack on a man skilled in assassination will only result in a counterattack.


Confidence has become even stronger.

It was when Liriya felt ominous and tried to pick a sickle. Jonathan soared to the ceiling at the moment.

* * *

Standing on the bell tower, Ruslan approached the pillar without a chance to catch his breath. Juju asked, looking at the movement of the stairs below the entrance.

“Can you do it?”

“I should have followed your usual worship service. We have to do it somehow.”

The high wind brushed their hair. Ruslan looked down at the temple grounds. To prepare for the magic, he raised his glove-clad hand as if he were to conduct it.

“I hope you’re all right.”

“I don’t care. The question is how long the people of Ipeniya will last.”

But there is no sign of footsteps coming and going under the stairs. Who would sneak up in this situation? Therefore, it would be good to judge that there is no one.

Rather, the murmur of the ground was detected louder.

Word has already spread that the Ipheniyans have raided and occupied the former main building instead. Surprised by the sudden ringing of the ground, ordinary believers and volunteers began evacuating.

Semyon and Nadia may be mingling and appealing. The whereabouts of the owners who received the sacrament are unknown. The two also prepared an explanation for that. We were about to hug each other and hide on the stairs of the bell tower.Someone must be running to inform the security forces by now. It is only a matter of time before the emperor hears the news. There was pressure to get it done quickly.

‘As long as we find out where the priest is held.’

We’re going to take down this building.Get rid of Nathan.

The assignment was two things, but it was good to think of it as one thing.

Juju has never fought a priest. However, theoretically, it was predicted what aspects would unfold.

This main party is a strong central territory even in Daishin War. And Yonatan, who was always responsive to his veins and energy, is like the incarnation of the earth. It will exert constant power.

It’s not worth comparing to the gangsters that Dietrichna Irene mobilized. And Pascalina, the same aura user, is a completely different fight.

He was rather easy. We knew each other’s styles well. It was a fight in which the force squeezing the soul and body equally confronted each other.

But Yonatan is.

It may lack strength, but it’s much more demanding than Pasha. You’ll have my base at your feet and try to grab me.’

The power of his miracle was reaffirmed when he killed the fountain. You never know what will happen to this body if you get caught by him. You’ve got to keep a piece of paper at arm’s length and subdue it.

Then, it’s easier to bury it in a building.

Juju pulled herself together. I just waited for the magic to end.

At first glance, Ruslan returned to his original silver hair, groping for a star-like soul. It was around the time when progress was not cool to find out the structure of the large precinct.

This event was felt by two people at the same time.

Juju exclaimed, and Ruslan hastily pulled the spell. His hair turned black in an instantaneously.

Something wriggled out from the bottom.

Human hands.

“As expected, here you are…….”

Yonatan, who climbed up the outer wall of the tower, shoved his head in.

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