Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 201

The moment Jonathan’s horse was sucked in, Juju paused for the first time.

What did you just say?

It was a casual tone. It passed as if it were a morning greeting. Maybe he mistook the tinnitus for himself?

Yonatan struck a wedge one more time.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know at the time. I didn’t want to look into the circumstances and joined in. I found out later that you were so upset.”

Juju opened her eyes wide.

My hands trembled—they quickly spread to the whole body. I had a shuddering spasm.

On the contrary, the vocal cords seemed stiff. I became so emotionless that I wondered if my voice was right.

“Why are you so easy to say? What are you….”

“Will you forgive me if I beg on my stomach? It’s not even that.”

Yonatan breathed out a short breath.

“But after all, it’s our personal grudge. What am I supposed to do with Ippenya? Do you like to make an emperor while filming men? Don’t tell me that’s gonna make your revenge a little more worthwhile?”

Jonathan was already determining Ruslan’s purpose.

He’s probably using Charlotte to avenge his country. The court is on track for the most part. Now he will cleverly urge his people to swallow the Empire as well as the Empire to ascend to the throne.

Knowing the truth, Juju cried out loud.

“What do you know about him?”

“Well, I’m sure you’ve been talking about the cause of the clouds. But Lotte, you were a man of no cause, just like Albert did.”

Yonatan moved slowly, dragging his time with words.

“Think of the man you killed in the succession. The surviving authorities around them must have picked up a new drink when you were stuck in a brain cage. Or you’d shout that’s not enough. What kind of pushover would they be to hold their own swords?”


“That’s how the world works. And you’re only justified in your anger? Is your hatred something to be rewarded for? Enough to drag her in and live with her body like that’s all.

Juju’s face became whiter. Chewing on one lip, I stared at Yonatan.

Jonathan continued, observing his unconscious habits.

“Lotte, you are not God. Count Keitel, he’s not a god. I’m an apostle of God for now, so I’ll askin’ you.”

He finally found the gist of the vein. Stand upright on it.

“Are you entitled to judge us? Do you really think so and run all the way to get my head cut?”


Answer me if you’re confident.


Juju is.

No, Charlotte, she closed her lips. His lips are not his own. Then he raised his green eyes and stared at Yonatan.

The face that disappeared from the expression stopped for a while. It looks like it succeeded in shaking it. It was about time Jonathan guessed so.She suddenly raised her hands and pulled the hem of the dress. A throbbing sound rang out. The skirt, which was long enough to touch the ankle, was shortened to knee length.

Charlotte clasped the wavy black cloth with both hands. When the aura caught a cold, the cloth became stiff and rose like a wing.

A low-key answer came out.

“You’re talking about qualifications. What’s the point of arguing that you’re going to grind it up because you’re mad at me for what you’ve done? Why would a god come out of here that doesn’t help a penny!”

Staring at Yonatan distorted my brows. It became the look of Charlotte that could no longer be hidden.

“Anyone who wants revenge on me? Tell him to do it if he can! You guys? Who’s going to stop me because I’m upset? If God is going to stop me now, I’ll break his skull and come back to you!”

I swung a cloth at Yonatan. It’s my first try, so I’m a little short of distance. There was a whipping sound on the floor as the aura flew.

This is the range. Charlotte cried out after her judgment.

“I am a wicked woman. You made me do that! I don’t have any loyalty to argue with you now!”

In his fearless reply, Jonathan burst into laughter bordering on laughter.

“I admit, not a new job, but a job. And the result is a fatality on either side!”

“I don’t believe you, you little monk!”

“Of course I won’t die!”

The building began to shake. The tiles on the floor rattled. Juju kicked tiles flying this way and climbed up the wall in a rebound of the leg seam.

I wrapped a cloth around the first pillar I encountered. When I pulled it with force to burst my grip, it began to tilt. Jump on it and look down at Yonatan, who is getting closer.

Jonathan looked up at it with an unafraid face.

“Let’s do it, our great friend, Emperor Albert, who has opened up to us.”

Neither of them has any decent weapons.

All you have is the human body and soul.

* * *

Ruslan forced himself to stay on edge.

I could guess what was going on under my feet. A meteorite-like soul caught his eye in the main hall. Unconsciously, I pulled myself together not to be carried away by its movements.

Fortunately, most of the people were evacuated outdoors.

A group of terrorists in exile carried out a surprise attack. It would have been chaotic. Priests were focusing their capabilities on controlling personnel at the behest of the archbishop.

So there were only a few people walking around the room.

Ruslan slowly flicked his fingers through the soul’s whereabouts.

There are limited places to lock people up. There are several places that were predicted while learning the structure of the building. The problem is that there’s a secret place hidden outside.

‘There must have been a purpose to be held as an inducement, but he wouldn’t hide it.’

To hunt, you have to leave bait and trap it. If the defense is too thorough, it does not get caught.

The idea was to use that fact to put Charlotte in. She was confident against the archbishop…….’

How can this be called a ploy?

Ruslan had a slightly bitter smile.

Revenge in the meantime relied on much of her force. It wouldn’t have been possible without her.

‘Lotte, you tend to think too highly of me.’

I wondered if I could have come this far with just my humble reading. Even a child could have won this country if he got her.Anyway, thanks to her dragging the clock, there was a spot.

Ruslan sent a prelude to Liriya, who hid on the other roof.

-The building on the right behind the main building. There’s someone in the room at the end of the southeast. I don’t know how many floors, but there was a semi-basement prayer room on the structure. That’s a good place to interrogate people.

Okay, here we go!

There’s someone running towards you in this situation. Take care of it.

I’ll keep that in mind.

Liriya had already started running, and her voice was slightly disheveled.

-Prince, as you said, most of our colleagues will be out of here as soon as the rescue is complete. I’ll stay here and hide out with a few, so call me if you need me.

– You don’t have to ask for trouble.

I’m paying off the debt that hit your forehead. And we’re gonna have to see what happens here, too. You can call me if you have an unexpected situation.

The prelude to Lyria was interrupted there. She dispersed her colleagues and embarked on a full-fledged launch.

The Ippeniyans scattered in each building began to set off gas fireworks. Smoke, which can be seen visually through the window, came out.

This is enough to confirm. Ruslan entered the entrance to the stairs. As I was walking down the narrow, dark spiral staircase, I found a ventilation window.

It’s a place that I took a picture of in advance. I looked down. Semyon swung the rope and threw it upwards.

It was two or three stories high for the building, so it somehow touched it. He stuck out his cane and snatched the end. Tie the end of the rope tightly to the sliding ring of the window. He took the other side and slipped on the outer wall.

“Congratulations on your safe escape, young master.”

“Compared to a man jumping out of a tower naked. What I learned as a child helps me in times like this.”

It was originally cooked for evacuation. This is in case the identity is found and the military enters the castle.

“What about the others?”

“The old man is pretending to be crying because he’s taking the risk of finding his master. Most of the believers took refuge down the hill, and the main building behind this tower was blocked and guarded by priests. I’m praying that the archbishop will judge the weightlifter.”

“I’m glad if I don’t interfere with his work. I’ll do my best to pretend I’m looking for a lover until the security forces come.”

The game will fly before they climb the hill.

The juju should appear at the end of the case. You were led astray against the Ippeni wildlings, and you managed to escape.

Even if they do not match, suspicions can be dismissed with their teaching and speaking skills. By then, all four young girls will die, and the emperor will remain alone.

Ruslan cleared his mind and moved on. His feet turned toward the central government. He planned to join the enthusiastic volunteers who were running around to fight.

Then there was a voice that held him urgently.

“Earl, Earl!”

Ruslan glanced back.

Nadia came running red in the face. Semyon shouted first.

“Nadia, didn’t I tell you to take refuge with others earlier?”

“I went down. I was going down…… it’s back up! There’s something wrong with what’s going on!”

At that moment Ruslan felt a razor blade in cold water scratching through his stomach. He hid his eerie feelings and asked back calmly.

“What do you think?”

“There’s no sign of movement, even though security guards gather at the bottom of the hill. It’s not like we’re just waiting in the waiting room.… whispers about waiting for someone!”

Ruslan noticed what Nadia was saying. The question is getting faster.

“Did the security forces arrive at the palace after news broke?”

Nadia managed to swallow a dry needle and nodded.”Yes, I’ve already seen the bishop send a messenger at the beginning of the evacuation. But do you usually step forward in this situation? The… person?”

Ruslan raised his head suddenly.

The priest of Ipeniah was in their hands. She may have put her identity into her mouth. Rusland also had that possibility in mind beforehand.

But at that point, I was confident that I could smooth it out with my dexterity.

Gentlemen, it’s a testimony by questioning. Who knows if he’s falsely accused anyone of evil. If I were from the royal family, I would have told you earlier. Isn’t it advantageous to swear eternal allegiance to the Empire to win a position?

How can I prove a hair that I didn’t even dye? Removing eyeballs and washing them in water will not erase the red color.

Albert would also have judged that the priest’s words were insufficient.

He doesn’t move from the front on charges like this. He would rather order intelligence gathering behind the scenes and plant people in the security forces to monitor them.

Much more, the situation is now between Korea and China. It is not as if Sun-hwang liked to show off. Albert is more likely to crouch in the back to gauge the war situation. If possible, he is not the person to come forward here directly.

Ruslan was fully aware of that. Confidently identifying the emperor, he was hitting the odds limitlessly low.

But if he shows up here.

‘No way.’

A conclusion came down to him. It was more of an instinctive sense than a rational calculation.

If true, he had to return to the main hall no matter what.

* * *

There was a constant commotion in the window above the ceiling. There was even a bang in the distance.

Elise trembled with fear. The child sitting on his lap asked carelessly.

“Mom, why don’t we watch the festival?”

“Uh, uh, she’s gonna be bored if we go out on our own, right? Let’s play hide-and-seek together.”

I picked up a lie that I’m not good at.

Of course that can’t be the case. Heresy interrogators suddenly rushed up, and it became ominous. I went upstairs and found the child first.

It was good to hold the child. But then there was no one telling her what to do. The priests were all in a hurry to patch themselves up. Elise had to judge herself at a time when she wanted to obey others more than anyone else.

Her conclusion was directed to one.

The woman trapped in the prayer room was on my mind.

It’s a shame to let her go. But when I locked her up, I didn’t know what a single woman would do. I was afraid to try self-harm or asawa, not curse.

So I decided to stand by.

I don’t know what the hell this is about. But there’s a priest, and the security forces will be here soon. Isn’t this the home of the Father’s Creation God?

In addition, the prayer room is a bleak place. I thought it would be okay. I brought bread and water and locked the door tightly. For Elysee, it was the thought-out evacuation.

“Leave me alone and get out of here…….”

The woman sitting on the stone floor murmured with her hands together. Elise responded with envy and ferocity.

“Well, what if you sneak away? Are you going to leave us alone as taggers?”

Said the child, conscious of hearing. But she was not good at hiding her words between lines. Eventually, I didn’t know what I wanted to you.

It was time to have a bored whining child drink water.

Boom boom.

The knock on the door.

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