Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 202

Elise was stunned and hugged the child. I felt a shriveling pain in my stomach because I was nervous.Even the child seemed to be aware of the unusual atmosphere and went into Elise’s arms. He lowered his voice and whispered quietly.

“Did you get caught?”

What should I say?

What am I supposed to do more than that? In light of its short judgment, it is foolish to open the door. Then do I have to answer?

Elysee was devastated and looked back at the priest. She just held her hands together on her knees. The closed face was trying to look aloof.

The thoughts that hit each other’s heads were probably the opposite. But the two women in cold sweat were the same. It was when I couldn’t even think of dealing with it and was holding my breath.

Boom boom! Boom boom!

That side knocked hard on the door again.

“Mrs. Elise! Are you inside? It’s me—if you’re there, please answer me!”

The priest swallowed his breath hard.

Elise was in full bloom. It’s a familiar voice. She was a female priest who performed well beside Jonathan.

Perhaps this is the story of the sutra in which an angel descended into a fire pit. It must have been a time to be suppressed quickly. I cried out in relief.

“Here, here. I’ll open it now!”

Elysee quickly ran out and opened the locked door.

As expected, the priest was standing. My hair was all over the place, maybe running around. She smiled broadly when she found the child in Elise’s arms.

“That’s a relief, Mrs. John had it! I ran to the nursery, but I couldn’t see it. I thought I’d lost it, so I got in trouble looking for it for a long time!”

“Mi, I’m sorry. I’m scared of hiding.”

“No, you did a great job! Heresy bastards like vipers. How dare you defile the arms of your father, the Creator. We have to skin them all and put them in the fire pit of the god bee!”

The priest uttered violent words and grabbed Elise’s hand.

“Let’s go, Your Holiness told me to take my wife away. They don’t have a lot of people, so if you go down to Seogo, you’ll get out of here in no time!”

“Huh? But, uh, this guy?”

Elise looked back at the woman who was left behind.

The priest of Ippeniah kept silent. The Imperial Priest shook his head.

“Your Holiness didn’t tell me what to do with Ethan. This is not something your wife should care about. An interrogator or another bishop will come in and do it. Come on! Just lock the door and come on…….”

“No, you can’t lock it. If you don’t want to kill yourself, don’t move and raise your hands.”

There was a snapping noise in the aisle.

The priest opened his rabbit eyes and was surprised. Elise’s neck is sore. I looked back at the side where the sound came from.

A man wearing a helmet and raincoat was pointing a crossbow at this side. From what I saw earlier, it was a woman. There were two or three more colleagues behind her.

The priest turned pale and stood in the way of Elise. I hit the crystal wand with a trembling hand.

“Yes, you, heresy bastards! Why are you here?”

“It’s not Horo, it’s Ipeniya. “Raise both hands.”

Liriya shot the crossbow without hesitation. The arrow flew off in a far-off position. But it was enough to surprise this side. The frightened child burst into tears as the priest shrieked and shrank.

Liriyah pulled out another arrow. He held it in his hand and looked at Elysee.

“Are you a civilian?”

Elise froze for a moment. I don’t know the expression or emotion because the opponent used the pitch. What can he say when he doesn’t speak well-spoken words?

But if you don’t answer here, you never know what’s coming. The crying child somehow opened his mouth.”I, I, I was taking care of your people……!”

Liriyah asked back in awe.


“The woman trapped in there!”

Elise nodded her head.

The priest inside seems to want to take action. I reached out as if I wanted to dry out the door. But I was running out of energy and couldn’t even open my lips.

Elise, who was in a hurry, shouted as she came to mind.

“No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no…. if you’re here to pick me up, take me! He refused to eat and even had his period. I’m not feeling well!”

The North Koreans in the back looked suspicious. It was the moment when a man tried to put an arrow on it. Liriya raised her hand to block it.

She walked slowly this way. The priest, who saw it, rushed with a cane.

It was a vain resistance. Liriya blocked the priest with one arm and slapped him on the ankle. He looked at Elysee, ignoring the moaning from below.

There was silence for a while. It was the scariest silence of Elise’s life. But she came to the idea that the woman she faced closely seemed young.

It was not long before Ririya snapped off her raincoat. I put it on the crying child and pointed over there.

“Make it visible and run away. Because my colleagues won’t look into it and touch it.”


“There’s some church debris. You saved your life thanks to this man. If you make a fool of yourself, I’ll put a handle on the back of your head and take you out.”

The priest, who fell on the floor, gritted his teeth with sorrow. But there was no other option. The priest struggled to get up with his cane. While limping, he urged Elise.

“Madam, come on!”

“Uh, yeah…!”

Elysee ran down the aisle as the priest led him. He’s trying to soothe the crying. Then it came just around the corner. I looked back with all my heart.

The North Koreans were supporting the priest. They took a bottle of water that Elise had put in the prayer room and spilled it into the woman’s mouth.

Elise stared blankly at the sight. The priest came to his senses by the stairs. It went up urgently.

But it wasn’t long before my stomach felt heavy. After getting out of the building, the walk slowed down shortly after a step slowed down. The priest, who felt the moaning was serious, returned.

“Are you okay, ma’am?”

He seemed to think that he was having a hard time because of the child in his arms. The priest took the child and carried him on his back. The tip of the raincoat on the child was rolled up and tied around the waist.

“Cheer up a little! It will be quieter if you go down to the west.”

“Well, by the way, Archbishop, the Holy Father……?”

The child kept wriggling in the stomach. I bent my back in the feeling of my guts clumping together.

The priest’s expression darkened. After a moment of hesitation, he replied.

“The Holy Father was overpowering that group of pitches in the main hall. I think the main hall over there is still closed, but why it appeared in front of us……maybe there were more ambush gangs.”

Then the priest seemed to have come to the idea of causing unnecessary worries. I changed my voice to bright.

“It’s gonna be okay. Because he was chosen by God. He has one of the strongest deities of all time. It will be solved soon.”


Elise has chosen to breathe for a long time.

I wrapped my belly with one hand. As ominous as the wriggling in here did not go away.

There were too few clues for her even though she came this far. I couldn’t fully guess the whole story. But a few experiences bothered her with a small clue.Jonathan was on guard against Count Keitel.

He and his sweetheart may take their own lives – they’ve been saying that.

“Today’s Holy Father is clearly……you told Earl Keitel that you would carry out the sacrament, didn’t”

“Right, I even gave him gifts for the purification ceremony, but those heresies just happened to aim for that moment…….”

Elise was determined to hear the priest’s testimony.

I was vaguely aware of it myself. This decision is a tremendously stupid thing to do. I’m just gonna do it with the hen’s head.

Maybe it’s less than a beast. Even hens prioritize the protection of my chick. But at this moment, he tries to make a choice driven by love over motherhood.

I didn’t want to be pushed back like this, and I didn’t just want to be notified of the results.

The image of Juju passed by. A girl who was exquisitely beautiful every time she showed up for temple worship. A friendly way of speaking that approached you first. Invitation to the Social Church that reminded me of my peaceful girlhood.

The preference I felt for her came to mind earlier. Next, Yonatan’s advice to stick out his tongue from the back was overlapped.

Elise found herself not a clever man. I wanted to understand everything in the world like everyone else. But the reality before her was too complex and difficult, anytime, anywhere.

Therefore, he was forced to go himself at this moment.

He was a person who didn’t know anything unless he checked it with his eyes.

“Take John down with you.”

Elise took a breather. I got up straight.

The priest was surprised and dissuaded.

“Madam, all of a sudden!”

“I forgot something. I have to go……!”

“Don’t do anything stupid! We don’t know what heresy is going to do!”

The priest tried to hold on to the hem. Elise tapped the hand reflexively.

For a moment, I was surprised by my actions. I realized that I had crossed the river that I couldn’t come back, so I took a step. I put in my mouth the conviction that comes into my mind clearly.

“I don’t think they’re gonna do anything more. Because they saved their own people and went out……. I don’t know if it’s true that they cursed us.”

The priest looked at Elise with a sour look on his face. He shook his head like it was nonsense and spit it out.

“You were whispered evil by the leader of Ethan. The wife who was more faithful than anyone else, who does not serve the Creator, why……she was possessed!”

“I don’t know. I’m leaving anyway!”

I thought I was out of my mind, too.

Elise left the post. The priest, trying to catch her, heard the child on his back cry. Thought to calm the child down first, I hurried out into the down side street.

Elise continued to run towards the government. The child’s crying clung to the back of his head and pulled him. But I couldn’t stop.

The entrance to the main hall was completely sealed off by priests. Prayers rang from a distance. On the other hand, there were no guards on the side doors where volunteers came in and out to do chores.

I wondered if it was really right to suppress Ethan’s surprise. There was a blast coming from the Holy Office building, but the Ephenyans disappeared without a trace.

What is going on in there?

Elise swallowed a dry saliva. I’ve already come to the point where I can’t get bitten. She opened the door. He entered the quiet passageway to the main hall festival and made fun of his steps.

* * *

Jonathan covered his face with his sleeve and coughed.

The vision blinks again. Maybe it’s because of the dust. A sour sensation stimulated the dry eyes.Inside the closed space, dust from the collapse flew.

Charlotte was still alive.

Seeming to be a shadow beyond the smoke, she swung silk to separate the air. And a little shorter than Yonatan’s memory, he showed up waving his blond hair. She became a girl who calls herself a juju and threw cold words.

“You’re holding out longer than I expected.”

Juju also expected that this place would not collapse easily. Daesinjeon, like the palace, must have been equipped with the structure of the compound and the vein. It won’t collapse at once with a few blows like the Cancan Theater.

That’s why I decided to physically break it.

The current main hall looks like it has only a shell on it. A state of complete devastation. It was believed to be a building just before demolition.

Two pillars are half-destroyed. Seven statues decorated on the high wall were pulled out and thrown. Candlesticks and chairs were picked up as they were and used as a pint.

Physical breakdown is more of a by-product. In the process, Juju hit four of the blood vessels in the veins. If the energy had been twisted this much, Yonatan’s power would also be significantly limited.

Jonathan twisted his lips. He was well aware of this situation.

My vision is black again. I threw my words to stall time.

“I don’t think you can last long. How far are you going to go with that body?”

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