Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 203

Yonatan himself uttered a question and realized.

Yes, there is also a major flaw in the magic of immortality. No matter how much aura is the power of the soul, the limitations must be revealed when the body lacks power.

Originally, the body is trained as well as the aura training. But isn’t Charlotte now pouring hot tea into the glass? The more heat the tea spews, the higher the probability that the glass will break.

But Juju was unperturbed by the provocation. Hold and unfold one hand.

“Well, you’re not cut out for one thing, so I try to be invisible. I’ve worked pretty hard to get used to this body. I think it’s going to last longer than you expect.”

“I know you were the most sincere of us, but……!”

My sight has returned. Jonathan shook the ground and jumped over there.

In front of the new product that’s still strong. The largest blood clot in the vein here is still alive. As he ran out like the wind, he condensed his aura with his hands and went wild.

It’s crowded, the juju decided not to shy away from one by one. He jumped up and went out of orbit.

No matter how high you jump, you can’t resist gravity. After wielding silk on the spot, Juju wrapped a pillar and flew over there. It straightened up and fell as if it had been fired down.

“How dare you!”

The miraculous hand gave off an aura by a hair’s breadth. It seems that the atmosphere shook and created a wall in the air.

Juju kicked her tongue. I intended to kick my head to the floor. But if you hold on to the limit here and get caught by Jonathan’s hand, you’ll be injected with an aura that explodes your veins immediately.

It leaped back and bounced off. As soon as I landed on the ground, I ran from my shoulder. He accidentally hit his entire torso, causing him to lose balance, and put his arms on the floor. He stood on his hands and wrapped his neck with his legs.

I just put it on the other side.


Yonatan fell on the floor with no time to react. My face was split on the broken floor. The abrasions have become apparent.

Nevertheless, he lifted his upper body. Stretch out one arm to release the aura.Juju did not miss that opportunity. I hung silk on the joints of my outstretched arms. When I put on weight and pulled it to the other side of the original direction, there was a crackling sound.


Jonathan bit his teeth. But instead of focusing on damage, he moved his other hand. She snatched Juju’s hair and pulled it.

It was a moment to grab the nape of the neck. Barely dodging from the previous stage, Juju pulled himself up on the floor.

‘You have to finish it at once, the longer you drag on, the worse it is for me……!’

The time for the other side to absorb energy is slightly faster than the other side to twist the vein and cut off the source of power.

However, the earlier blow was effective. Over time, the fissure of the fracture began to spread throughout Jonathan’s body.

He grabbed his broken arm and chugged for a moment. The crash had plenty of time to prepare for the impact, but the fracture happened in an instant. And a priest was not a profession accustomed to pain.

Yonatan couldn’t dilly-dally more. He clenched his molars and overcame a cold sweat. He dragged his legs and reached the front of the statue.

Miracles worked as they absorbed the energy of the vagina. Along with increased metabolism, the body’s resilience increased dramatically. The force is full of relief from fractures, although it may not cure the disease from outside.

The pain has subsided. The spirit that had been buried there for a while has also returned a little. Jonathan glared at his opponent trying to pull out another pillar.

“Lotte, don’t mess with me. You’re the only one who has a problem!”

The place where the personal information is placed is the core of the main hall’s vein. Yonatan reacted as hard as he could to suck energy into his body. It was not long before it was released into the entire vein.

“If it’s anything else, I can’t give you Moji!”

A tremor hit the entire building so big that it rattled.

Juju was already predicting his mettle. It went up on the falling pillar. He started to run as his destination at the end of the collapse toward the ground. The movement to lose balance and slide endured with sheer physical muscles.

Jonathan swung his arm, which was still intact, and spread his palms. It was the moment when the aura was about to shoot the juju away again. Arriving at the end of the pillar, Juju jumped.

I’ll finish with this one shot.

I clenched my fist. The whole body squeezed the power of the soul and body. The parabolic body fell down.

Jonathan, who witnessed the look on her face, read the following situation. That girl intends to strike herself and her veins at the same time as she does.

We need to stop it. We need to gather all the energy that flows here.

Jonathan immediately absorbed the energy. He felt that it would not matter if all the vegetation based on this hill was dried up and killed.

He forced himself up to the broken arm and stretched both hands. He was about to release his aura and blow it up as a human being. A very fine noise suddenly sucked into him, who was determined.

The door is open, the back aisle. The direction of the street used by volunteers.

Jonathan didn’t even look away. It was just a blur in the corner of view that had been blinking badly. The unconscious recognized the presence of visitors.

At that moment I realized who it was.

It never occurred to me how it happened. He opened his lips in a hurry. I wanted to shout her name. It was a moment to shout, “Get out of the way, it’s dangerous.”


She was ahead at the interval of several moments to split.

It was almost simultaneous with the cry. Jonathan’s entire vision was soon covered with other people. It was the image of a girl who showed her teeth and burned a grudge.Somehow time seemed to be going very slowly. The dusty silence was as long as the interlude of the stage play. And a torn solo swept him away.

“Fast, Lee, die!”

I got a fist in my stomach.

The shock that caused the whole body to be twisted spread like a ripple. My body was stuck on the ground. The blow was even felt to the extent that he was responding to the limit.

The floor cracked. The shrine standing on it also had limitations in keeping it in place.

Stone statues have been steadily shaken by the turbulence that Yonatan had caused. At this point in time, the balance was finally lost. Slowly it started to fall down.

The image of the Creator hit his forehead on the floor. There was a flabby incontinence around there. The expressionless face that always looked at humans in a subtle way turned bizarre. Only the jewel decorations that the temple decorated with passion and sincerity were managed to remain the same.

The figure was last seen in the sight of a completely fallen Yonatan.

A rock that doesn’t help. He looked like an idiot to the end. At the same time, he realized his current address.

Oh, this.

I’m screwed.

The dry eyes were filled with sudden water.

With him came the eternal darkness.

* * *

Elise hasn’t moved in a while.

My legs are stiff. I couldn’t believe the sight in front of me.

The god of parent creation, who always sits firmly in the middle. A rose window beautiful in color. The personality that makes you bow down in reverence every time you look up. A neatly arranged, neatly cleaned chair.

Everything is broken.

This isn’t a temple, it’s a huge dump.

And what caught my eye was the sight of a blonde girl putting a fist into Yonatan’s body.

I don’t think it’s much of a deal. But Elysee also had a hunch at the moment. It’s not like a thin girl hits an adult male. She obviously inflicted some fatal injury on him.

In response to Elysee’s hunch, Jonathan collapsed slowly.

Even his personal information fell. As if he would share the end of his chosen apostle.

But Elysee didn’t see a piece of stone. Blood splattered in the air. I screamed when I realized it had fallen from Jonathan’s eyes.

“Yonatan, Yonatan!”

She ran away with a blank head.

Only then did Juju notice Elise’s presence was a surprise. Later, I thought the same thing as Yonatan.

“Why is he here?”

I couldn’t read the signs because I was so focused on the fight before my eyes. It was full of thoughts of throwing everything into the air in a moment and taking a hit at once and for all.

As a result, Yonatan was hit just before the power failure broke. The impact of the aura would soon have spread throughout the blood vessels. The person concerned tastes the rage that turns the whole body upside down. Internal injuries bordering on irrecoverable are also involved.

A normal person would have died instantly at this stage.

Yonatan’s talent held out even this. Juju was also predicting his survival and preparing for a final blow.

But this situation right now.

“Oh, my. Oh, my. Blood, blood, blood, too much……!”

Elise slid down beside Jonathan. He hugged his hair, which was covered with blood from both eyes, without hesitation.

She half cried and begged Juju.

“Ju, Miss Juju, people are dying. Stop it, this person is going to die……!”

Juju was speechless.

This situation was unexpected. It was ridiculous. The fact that Elise hid here, as well as that she was desperate for that man’s survival.

Only then did Jonathan barely open his mouth.

“Elise, don’t kill me. He’s not dead yet.””Your eyes are red. My eyes are bleeding.”

“Oh, yeah…I can’t see you at all. It’s completely tightened…….”

Jonathan muttered and took one hand near his eyes. I rubbed the blood roughly on my sleeve and groped my eyes.

There has been no change. He let out a short sigh and dropped his hand.

At that moment, Juju witnessed an amazing sight. For the first time in her memory, Jonathan, who had always been dry, frowned seriously.

“North Koreans, you’re doing a great job. What should I do, Elyse? I wanted to see the face of the baby you gave birth to.”

Then Elise wept and hugged him. Sweeping his cheek for a while, she raised her tear-stained face. Again, I began to beg the Lord.

“Stop it. Please stop it. I don’t know why, Miss Juju, but please don’t kill me…I, this man’s child…For the sake of…….”

Juju blinked her eyes several times. I was dazed for a moment because I couldn’t understand the situation. Then he saw Elise crouching around her stomach.

Even at this point she sits faintly and embraces a man. The man’s child is being raised in his stomach.

A sense of frustration, like anger, like anger. I couldn’t stand it and threw up.

“You’ve been deceived by the archbishop. How can you say that when you have a child? Don’t tell me you think he loves you?!”

My face turned red. Juju felt like I wanted to cry, so she huffed.

Elysee overlapped the Charlotte of the past. A pathetic blind girl hungry for affection. Su-ha, who was tenaciously committed to a commitment that would never return in return. Who foolishly pleaded guilty to the moment of abandonment.

I was embarrassed. I want to deny it. I wish I could clean it up.

Juju unwittingly chided the freckled illegitimate child, shouting.

“If he really cared about you, he wouldn’t have broken the rules! You wouldn’t let your sister-in-law have a baby! You don’t know that and you beg for help? Do you want to twist your fate that bad?!”

“I, Miss Juju, I…….”

“I’m going to take this opportunity to decide to get out of here. How long are you going to flounder in that man’s mess? That’s how you live your life in misery, moaning and moaning!”

As Juju pushed her, Elise swallowed her tears loudly. Her shoulders trembled. After gathering emotions for a moment, he stammered.

“I, I’m that kind of person…… what am I supposed to do!”

The unexpected counterargument left Juju at a loss. Elise never stopped talking once she started to explode.

“It’s me, it’s me…… me! I’m smart, I have strong arms, I say what I want to say…… anything is fine. Me too, me too, I want to get the hang of it! He’s not doing well, so what!”

She had hiccups in her sobbing.

“I’m not good at it even if I try……. Even if I learn, I’m terrible……! It’s hard to live as much as anyone else today, how, how……!”

“And you’re hanging on to a man like this? Who’s gonna drag you into this relationship for the rest of your life? It’s your best bet to just come here and beg!”

“This man, though, spared me……. I even took care of my child.….”

Elise cried in an unknown tone whether it was an excuse or an explanation.

Juju shook her head.

I’ve had it all. She didn’t come here to watch this new drama.

Let’s do what we decided at first.

I will punish Jonathan here. I’ll kill him and settle this grudge in my heart.I gritted my teeth while brooding over my anger. Aura gathered in my hand.

Jonathan read it with a grain of salt. Already blind, the power failure and blood vessels were severely damaged by internal injuries. However, he quickly realized his intentions because he had already been indirectly contacted by his close friend in the brain prison cave long ago, he was so powerful.

He raised one hand. I comforted myself by groping my missing cheeks and hair.

“Don’t cry, Elise. Maybe it’s time to be beaten up because you’ve done crap. I’d rather just die here than have a share for you and Johan.”

“Yo, Nathan…….”

“He’d better just forget about it. That’s a waste……. I’ve been wasting my time, but now I’m sorry…….”

It would have been cute because it was your baby.

Juju couldn’t resist Chiemi’s.

“What a load of kites!”

She grabbed Elise by the shoulder and pushed her. The moaning shouted harshly at her.

“Get out of my way! I’m a wicked bitch in the world, so I won’t let you off the hook! If you get in my way, I’ll kill you, too!”

“Lotte, wait a minute.”

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