Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 204

Jonathan stepped in out of the blue. Juju glared at him.

What else is he trying to say in his will? The excuses and villains of the previous three passed by. If Jonathan is going to say the same thing, I’ll crush everything. Revenge will be executed unperturbed.

There was no distorted look on Juju’s face to Jonathan. But I could read emotions with my sixth sense.

He put his hands down without resistance.

“It’s all over with your blow anyway.”

He once inflicted internal injuries on himself to cut off the seeds. I have experienced it once, so I understood the current situation calmly.

I can’t recover. The blood vessels in the whole body were completely damaged as the power failure broke. Just before entering the brain cell, it was almost the same as Charlotte’s condition.

The aura power, which had been chosen by God, evaporated in vain. The eyes, which had already suffered minor damage, developed irreparably. I’ll be blind for the rest of my life.

One way or another, this body may crawl in. But at least it’s a very slight recovery. I don’t think a miracle like what happened to Elysee will come twice. First of all, how long to wait.

“I wasn’t originally a model student, but I’m going to let the people of the church do this. If you save your life here, you’ll get rid of the archbishop. I tried so hard not to let this woman be pointed at, but it was useless…….”

Elysee moved her shoulders with bated breath. Jonathan patted her up. I looked up where I thought Juju would be standing.

“I know what you’re thinking. You thought you had a long excuse for sleeping with your wife, didn’t you?


Juju replied bluntly.

“I thought it was trash to sell pure love.”

“You got it roughly right. Anyway, you’re not going to settle the score now, so save Elysemann.”

Jonathan crumpled his face and put his hands together in his chest. The shape of the hand tearing became a prayer posture.

“I saved your life before I went into the brain cell. Aren’t you going to pay for that? Please take it up to him, kill him quickly and end it……!”

He then spoke urgently to Elysee.

“Elysé, get up and get out of here. You didn’t see anything. Why did you come here in the first place? I’ve put a person on it at the most…….”Elise was so embarrassed that she couldn’t say anything. Unbeknownst to help, he swallowed a breath close to hiccups.

Then she looked up and gave a pathetic look. With blood from Yonatan soaked all over the skirt.

Juju got cold and looked down at them.

The residual fever of the fight, the excitement of the head, cooled down. However, he did not feel refreshed enough to make a decision without hesitation.

She was hesitating.

For the first time since the beginning of this revenge play.

It’s not because of compassion at all. ‘I can’t bear to kill you for pity’ – it didn’t take a speck to think like this. There was no hole in her chest for such warmth. While stuck in an ice brain cage, it froze to nothing.

She’s just crazy about the utility of revenge.

At this moment. Who should I kill? Is this real revenge?

Yonatan was smashed to the core of his organization. All the abilities that were at the base were deprived. At last, he was on the verge of death. It is close to the heart of the abyss that a human can experience.

And yet he has not yet been despaired.

Juju misjudged because she had prejudice against her friend. I was trying to use the same technique as the three who were comfortably ahead, but I found out too late.

Power, honor, life. Yonatan had it all, but it was the same. There was only one way to despair him.

That woman named Elysé.

Juju slowly looked down at her. You must have been well-off when you were young. Without any other characteristics, a woman who has become round with pregnancy.

If only she had received the payment for the blue flowers. If you had the strength to kick yourself out like Batilde. If only he had been enthralled by worldly luxury at the social gathering he invited. There was no need to worry at this moment.

But Elysee chose to sit next to Jonathan. He has a tearful and earnest look in his eyes.

“Should I kill him?”’

The blade-like mind pauses before pulling out.

Only if you kill here, Jonathan will despair.

Only if we get it done here, revenge will be completed.

“Should I do that?’

Juju became nervous and forced her trembling hand to wince.

I thought there was the best I could protect as a wicked woman. As long as you pursue my benevolence as your top priority, you won’t miss out on others’ benevolence. I’ll treat those who attack me with fair malice.

But Elise is not even that kind of opponent.

An innocent woman. A woman with a child. A woman who has no direct involvement in this case. Nora – a woman who, like Irene’s loyal dog, has no intention of attacking herself.

Juju assured Elise she would kill him if she was disturbed. But even at this moment, Elise was helpless and harmless.

Kill and put a stop to it?

Will you keep your own rules without killing them? If so, Yonatan will give up his life with ease. Juju will serve death to the author with a strong heart.

I don’t have enough time to think long. The security forces must settle before climbing the hill and searching here.

In a hurry, Juju opened her lips for now. I thought my tongue would answer automatically if I said anything. I got the first rhyme.


What is the best revenge.

The raw pleasure of destroying the enemy. Moral satisfaction not to touch innocent people. Which one should come first?

Juju tried to clear her mind. The desire to reach a conclusion in a short time has rather turned white. Then, frightened by the perception that the final blow would be delayed, I forced myself to take a step forward.She read the signs.

There were many people. It was a little far when I first realized it. But it was rapidly closing in and making a fuss. Even Elise realized the change and became contemplative.

The epicenter is outside the main hall entrance.

Juju was aghast. Time to think was a luxury. Let’s get out of here with Yonatan’s mouth shut as soon as possible!

I made a decision and took action. But the other side was a little more violent, and there was no hesitation.

There was a banging noise. At the same time, the noise outside the entrance became convenient and was sucked in.

“Don’t open it until you tell me to do so!”

Even before the bishop’s words were finished, the entrance door flew away. It was smashed into pieces and added property to the garbage dump.

As soon as Juju saw it, she knew what had happened. You have to use an aura to cut the door into pieces like this at once. Besides, this sharp shape must be–.

It’s black!

The dust has fallen off.

In the middle, a woman is standing with a sword.

The main hall, Juju and the man, almost the opposite, were at arm’s length. But as soon as Juju saw him, she noticed that he was familiar.

Short hair and single eyelids. The Imperial Knights’ uniform. And there’s one more decoration you couldn’t see before.

Helga strode inside, wrapped in a long cape worn by the leader.

Juju unconsciously recoiled after seeing her.

What’s going on? The Knights’ appearance at Ippeniya’s unrest itself was within expectations. But the chief, who should be the first to protect the Emperor, will come this far?

And the leader is Helga?

Helga may have recovered from injury, but there would not have been a place to return to the Knights soon. Besides, she stopped being skilled and experienced. No matter what the conditions are, it is not the right amount to be promoted to general manager at once.

‘It’s not the emperor’s special appointment, it’s the ideal…….’

Is it Albert?

But there was no time to think deeply. First of all, this prediction was Ruslan’s long-term, and Juju had limitations. And now is the time to think about “how to do” rather than “what happened”.

Daishinjeon was devastated, and the Archbishop became a corpse. At this time, what kind of response should the “Juju” take to get out of doubt?

Helga opened her mouth without giving her time to think.

“Miss Juju, long time no see. You were here?”

It was a subdued voice. Juju tried to answer as nonchalantly as possible.

“Sir Helga, when did you return? Is your injury okay? I’m glad that Kyung came.”

Helga approached with a thud of footsteps. Only then did Juju notice that she had a cool, dark look on her face.

“Thank God?”

“Your Holiness is in critical condition because of the North Korean firecrackers. You were trying to protect us who got caught up in the middle of the deal, but…….”

Jonathan coughed out a cough. There was a mixture of incredible laughter.

Juju tried not to be swayed by his reaction. He quietly hid one hand behind his back and focused on the aura.

The door is broken, but Helga is the only one who enters. Others were still waiting outside the building. Did the author volunteer to look at the inner state first as a leader?

Whatever it is, you can overpower it in an instant like at the New Year’s ball. When you get close, you knock him down. Then let’s get out to the ceiling as soon as we can. It was not difficult to avoid it with the roof because the rose window was broken and the sky was bright.

Helga rolled up her cape and crossed the rubble. Suddenly stopping at one point, he asked Juju.



“I’m asking you if what you just said is true.”Juju clasped her hand behind her back.

“What are you talking about all of a sudden?”

“Miss Juju, I don’t know what you’re up to.”

Helga pulled out a sword. As soon as I took a posture, the black flag flew right away.

The host couldn’t help flying straight ahead. For a moment, I posed to avoid. Then, Elyse, crouching in the back, crossed my mind that it was dangerous, so I swung my hidden hand. A fist wrapped around the aura encountered blackness.


Anyway, the opponent is an imperial knight. It’s a disciplined aura. The sword that hit the bare fist shook violently in the atmosphere and scattered.

With his hands up, Juju made eye contact with Helga beyond.

He was expressionless, but Juju realized he wasn’t emotionless. Helga’s feeling was close to a layer of freezing cold air under the cold stillness.

And at this moment, broken by a hammer of conviction, the insides are revealed.

“Why don’t you stop lying?”

“Sir Helga.”

“What a surprise. An insider of the dead was hiding in the palace. I was actually hoping that Her Majesty’s conjecture would be wrong until I was called to the first mission here today.”

“What did Her Majesty Albert say? What orders did you take to get here?….”

“But I, what the hell did I have to do with it?”

Helga came at once. She ran as she pulled out the sword. They were much more quangos than Yonatan as well as ordinary people. She, who came at once, tried to stab her with a three-dimensional sword again.

“Answer me! Tell me what I’m guessing is wrong! What have you done by deceiving the Empress?”

Juju cut off the tip of the sword with a heel. Elise, who dragged Jonathan and hid in the corner, was conscious with her sidearm. In the meantime, I turned around to avoid the sword that hit me on the side. The palm was scratched on the floor full of debris.

“You don’t even have an excuse? Speak as naturally as you did back then!”

Helga drew a sword in the air in evil. The aura was released by shaking the atmosphere along the trajectory. Juju clenched his teeth as he flung him out one after another.

The road to revenge is a thorny path. In the meantime, if someone who was victimized came to pay back the money, I would accept it. I wasn’t surprised if Helga came to blame him.

But why now?

Why did you put the title of general manager here? By whose design?

Helga shouted loudly when he saw Juju not being defeated. Holding onto the sword, she quickly stretched the sword towards Juju. As soon as Juju was about to spill it and get into position, the two laymen who followed dug in on both sides at the same time.

“Oh, my…!”

No matter how she is, the three knights with bare hands are embarrassing. Plus a state of exhaustion against Yonatan. Is it possible for this body to face the Knights in a row?

Juju captured the tip of a man’s sword. He took a leap forward by grabbing the back of the knife with his hand. I landed kicking the other side of the head. As soon as he raised his fist to subdue Helga, the sword approached his wide-open side, aiming for a gap in attention.

Do you get hit?

Don’t tell me that here, to an unexpected opponent, by the premature germination of the seeds I sowed…….


At that moment, a stirring voice pierced my eardrum. Helga, who noticed an unexpected intrusion, also stopped the sword.

This event began with a cry. The scenery of the main hall, which looked like a garbage dump, suddenly changed.

A white light spread around Juju’s feet. It wasn’t long before the whole view was covered.Charlotte out of the brain cell, the first world she met.

Snow mountains unfolded in the snowstorm night.

The illusion was not unique to Juju. The knights were dumbfounded. Someone slipped the sword at last.

In an instant, Juju realized and looked back at the side where her voice sounded.

Ruslan was reaching out his hand in the passageway on the other side of the bell tower. With a look mixed with embarrassment and death.

He always seemed to read the numbers beyond the horizon. At this moment in time it was a face that had forgotten all the calculations.

Or was this the best he could’ve ever produced?

White silver hair was exposed.

Blue eyes met the juju.

Chapter 205

Juju was trying to figure out what happened.

Memories trace back to the last time he sensed his whereabouts. This is when the magic on top of the bell tower was completed.

At that time, Ruslan’s message to Liriya was also being delivered to Juju. I only heard it and spilled it, but I was relieved to know that the magic was successful. Then concentrated on dealing with Jonathan.

Ruslan believed that he could cope with it on his own.

He’ll go down the tower through the ventilation window. It will appear in the opposite direction to the main hall entrance. He will manipulate the situation to his advantage by deceiving him with words.

But it wasn’t.

He showed up here in the main hall.

It came through the passageway to the bell tower. Juju seemed to know by what means he had entered and left. He would have climbed up the outer wall with the rope he used to escape back.

During eye contact, I guessed so far. The conclusion almost automatically came to mind.

“From the very beginning, Ruslan…….’

I knew.

On some occasion he noticed. The situation down the hill is unusual. The Imperial Order appears here. And in other words, the new Knights Commander has been here.

“What the hell is this noise?”

Even the fact that the Emperor will be a friend.

Everything was happening in seconds. Juju didn’t readily understand what the order of things was. The moment Ruslan decided to write his fantasy, did he step into the festival here?

It doesn’t matter. The incident has already happened.

Emperor Albert came inside with a man around his son-in-law.

Ruslan lifted his hand with his eyes wide open. The fantasy quickly cleared up and returned to the garbage dump-like interior.

The driver who dropped the sword only hurriedly picked up the weapon. Helga held a military salute.

“Here you are, Your Majesty.”


Albert answered briefly and looked around.

Of course, it’s all messed up. The bishops and priests who followed him wailed. The guards cleared the debris and dust in unison. Albert came this way as he stepped on a clean path.

At the same time, two laymen ran to Ruslan. Juju flinched her feet reflexively. This is because there was a growing anger that they would put that dumb-ass article on the floor.

But the heat soon cooled down. The chill at the end of the sword caught her by the back. Helga’s low voice followed.


In the meantime, Ruslan is surrounded by knights. Two swords crossed under his chin.

The juju hardened out of the blue.

It’s simple to break Helga’s neck here. But at that moment, Ruslan will stab them in the sword.

Why doesn’t he even have a little resistance?

It didn’t even reverse the original color of the body. Now that three knights have seen him in person, do they think it’s no use hiding him?Juju wanted to send a full note to Ruslan. What are you going to do? What the hell did you read and come up with? Who did they leave the cane that they always carry? He showed up here with his bare hands.

Ruslan was not already looking at Juju. I was staring at only one point.

Albert stood on the other side of the awl-like gaze.

Feeling like a vertex of equinox, Juju examined the signs of the two men.

Albert was exceptionally decorative. Like when there’s a ceremony or something. Maybe he actually appeared here as soon as he finished his knighthood.

The murky blonde was neatly turned over. The side face with a clear outline slowly broke the silence.

“I came here because I heard that a small country was not obedient to the knees of a great nation, but is this also a terrible situation? I’m glad the Knights Commander who opened the entrance didn’t get hurt.”

The jaw, which seemed to have been cut delicately, easily pointed to the other side.

“Jim’s best friend is in critical condition. What does the denomination do without taking action quickly?”

“Oh, yes, Holy Father!”

The priests then recalled the existence of Jonathan and ran.

For them, buildings and personalities were a little more precious than the Archbishop who changed at any time. I was busy feeling sorry for the badly destroyed interior. I forgot a man was still alive and down.

Elise, watching the scene, was very wary. I tried not to let go of Jonathan. However, even a brief scuffle was hard to bear.

She woke up under the auspices of another priest. Finally, several people joined forces to lift and move Jonathan.

“Wait. Albert…….”

Jonathan, who was being carried over there, reached out as if he had something to say. He swirled in the wrong air because he couldn’t find the right direction.

Albert looked down for a moment at such a friend.

As soon as I saw it, I could tell. Blood on the cheek. Out of focus. I couldn’t feel the vigor in my skin, maybe because of the warped blood. If there was no movement, it would have been believed to be a dead body.

But it didn’t really matter to him now.

He turned a blind eye to Yonatan without any hesitation. A cold word came out.

“The archbishop wants to be groomed first.”

“Hey, wait. Hey!”

“At this point, the confusion of the Church must be acute. I will arrange for Jim to entrust the post-mortem arrangements to the Bishops’ Conference. I’m trying to recover with confidence.”


Sonatan, who was about to shout, soon realized it was useless and quit. He smiled and muttered something quickly.

Watching it, Juju was overwhelmed to forget my situation.

What I just said is neither worrying nor encouraging.

Jonathan has already been fatally wounded. Preservation of Archbishop status is at stake. Now the only foundation he would lean on is his friendship with the emperor. If Albert had given me a decent word, Jonathan’s authority would have been extended.

But Albert did not do that.

Knowing the current state of Jonathan, he turned a blind eye to it. Rather than emphasizing his achievements by asking about the progress of the case, he declared that it was up to someone else to take care of it afterwards.

This is the end of Yonatan.

The archbishop’s resignation accelerated beyond the scheduled steps. I didn’t even die, so I’m moving backwards. Even if treated as a high priest by the courtesy of his predecessor, he would only do a very limited job in that condition.

Rather, I’m glad that’s the end of course. Albert’s trick is to push him gradually and then clean up his life. Don’t tell me….’

From the beginning, did you plan this?

It was possible if the author induced Yonatan and Iphenya to face each other. For example, locking up a priest as long as possible to trigger the Ifeniya’s commotion. If Yonatan does well, he can destroy Iphenya and hurt both forces.It was a plausible flow. But there’s still something on my mind.

‘Leave Yonatan alone, what am I gonna do?’

Right now, Albert is the only one to lean on. Didn’t Yonatan hide the public opinion that was at stake in the divorce scandal from Ippeniya?

But Albert personally showed up here with the intention of dropping Jonathan.

Juju looked back with an ominous mind. Helga remained in a straight position.

Albert moved slowly and got closer to Juju.

“Jim brings back the friendship of the Archbishop.”

It was easy to talk to myself. The arms under the cape stretched on one shoulder built a back. The emperor stretched his steps from the shadow of the building to the light.

“There was no such thing as a patriot. He did everything in his power to track down what the curse of ruin was. However, the man believed to be a prisoner remained silent even after being captured alive. I can’t help but sigh day by day.”

Albert faced Ruslan right over there.

“Here’s the truth of the curse. Knight Commander, what did you just encounter?”

“Unable to know…… it was a sage.”

Helga replied in a tone of uncertainty.

“I don’t know what happened, but I’m sure I suddenly misled the snow. The scenery that was supposed to be seen disappeared and it became a blizzard weather. It changed for a second, and it quickly came back to normal.”

Then she turned her head towards Ruslan.

“That’s when the author’s appearance changed.”

“Yes, this is the magic that the Emperor witnessed earlier.”

Albert twisted his lips. Words with the opposite nuance of the expression flowed out.

“It’s a lamentable thing. Who would have known that the true beast of destruction would have been by Jim’s side!”

At that moment, Juju clenched her fist with the intention of hitting him. I tried to ignore the guards and jump in, but suddenly a sound rang in my head.

Stop it.

Juju stopped flinching and looked back at Ruslan.

Ruslan had no change in expression. Juju tried not to talk back to him.

Whatever you’re trying to flip, I don’t think this is it!


Ruslan called his name out of the blue.

Juju was a little embarrassed. This prelude will also be heard by Liriya. He knew it better than anyone else, but he did mention the soul’s real name.

While speechless, he continued his whole tone.

I sensed him coming to you, just in case. I just saw the situation and I was sure. After all, my prediction was correct.


No. No, it’s not. I’ll fix it because I made a mistake. I only thought he’d curl up in the back and let the archbishop move in his place. That’s what’s causing the flood reading to fail. No way, I didn’t expect the archbishop to be cut off right away.

Albert was saying something alone on the other side. As if knights, guards, servants and priests would all listen.

“I read this in the librarian. Ipeniya’s evil spirits were like me, and she went missing in the snow mountain while fleeing. I heard you couldn’t find the body because of the heavy snow, but I know the answer today.”

– I overestimated his conscience.

I couldn’t have predicted the same thing. It’s a completely different matter!

Why do you think he’s abandoning the archbishop now?

Juju couldn’t have known the answer. As far as she’s concerned, she’s just guessing.

Was Yonatan afraid to make a contribution and pressure me? The sweetness of the temple’s incitement was omitted. Even if the denomination forces become too large, they are in trouble. In Albert’s character, he may have decided to defeat Hwang Kwon before he was overwhelmed by the denomination.Ruslan denied it.

– That would be one of the reasons. But that’s not the point. That alone doesn’t drive the archbishop out like this right now.

Why do you keep beating around the bush? I’d rather…….

Charlotte, don’t be so hasty.

Ruslan was somewhat determined in his tone.

-I’m fine, so don’t worry.

“……Do you have any explanation for this?”

Albert laughed at him.

“The Secretary of State, Liecht, Count Ruslan von Keitel. Well, this name really belongs to you. Why don’t you tell me the whole story?”

Ruslan stared at the emperor with hostility. He needed time to calm his emotions.

After a few seconds of silence, he lowered his blue eyes.

“If you decide to do it, you can say a hundred words. If you decide not to do it, there’s nothing to say.”

“What was that tone?”

“You want me to please you until this point? An emperor of tyranny.”

Ruslan uttered an emphasis on each letter. The smile on the lips clearly looked down on the opponent.

“I had a hard time imitating manners for more than a year. I’m comfortable because I don’t feel uncomfortable talking too much. It would be nice to be honest now that I’m relieved. ……this is just about right on your level.”

“That son of a bitch!”

Albert’s face turned red in the moment. cried out to the guards.

“Kneel down and be tough! It’s for the author to say that a dog that doesn’t know its owner is trying to bite him!”

The guards ran out. Knights pointing their swords at Ruslan also responded. Ruslan, whose arms were crossed from both sides, knelt on the floor. The guard lined him up and began binding his neck and arms.

He did not make any significant resistance. In the aloofness that had been foreseen, Juju then recalled a story she had shared before.

A plan made in case of failure if something goes wrong.

A picture that Ruslan said was the first plan.

Unconditionally escape Charlotte. He bait his own birth. I’m not afraid of interrogation because I have a tongue. On the contrary, he said it would be an opportunity to turn the tables, as if he were hiding a great secret.

But then and now I didn’t like it.

They are not allowed to touch Ruslan. They cannot detain Ruslan. They can, they can, they can, they can, Juju.

Charlotte, the wicked woman of the world.

“No, I can’t.”

Charlotte muttered casually.

My body moved first before thinking about what was ahead.



At the same time, Charlotte was determined. He jumped at Albert, who was nearby.

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