Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 206

“That woman!”

cried someone in the Guard. Charlotte ignored it.

This behavior of hers was not by any tricks or calculations. Technically it was her hunch.

The best target to confuse the scene as a spray. That was by far the emperor here.

So I ran to Albert. Ridiculously, Charlotte now doesn’t focus on Albert’s individual. Even the vengeance he had on him was insignificant.

Only a very simple thought lingered in my head.

Let’s hit the Emperor.

Let’s bring everyone’s attention to ourselves here. For even those who want to kneel down Ruslan cannot help but withdraw their hands.

It doesn’t matter if this one body is broken. It’s the body that was transferred for revenge anyway. I’ll kill one more man in time for fear of damage.

No one can touch Ruslan.He brought the soul trapped in a brain cage into a blizzard world. It’s his turn to pull him out.

Charlotte felt the flames boiling in her stomach. Without taking it out, I think I’ll burn my guts to ashes. He roared at his immediate opponent.

“Ah, Albert!”

The whole body has been simplified to one goal. I’ve lost the ability to even gauge vanity. Long ago, the imprinted name vomited without filtration.

He even burned down old hatred and gathered it in his fist. As he rushed in with the intention of penetrating his chest, the guard, who came to his senses, rushed in. Knights shut up from behind.

“Throw the chain! She wears an aura!”

It’s annoying to flock of flies.

Charlotte punched the guards in the way. He took the flagpole he was holding and swung it low. Two or three people’s crotch were threaded together and knocked over. After detecting an article trying to raid from behind, he hit his stomach in a lead-do position. He grabbed the opponent by the collar and threw it at him.

The other article turned pale. I couldn’t believe my colleague was stuck in a high wall. He grabbed the sword with both hands and swung it loudly.

It was no use, stuck in vain by the flagpole. The flagpole had a slight advantage because it could not overcome the blade.

The imperial flag wrapped around the blade was ripped. With the dispersion of power there, the knight’s posture was disturbed.

Charlotte didn’t miss that time and kicked her plexus. He did not pay attention to the fallen driver and faced the next guard one after the other. While a few people were being beaten like fallen leaves, someone threw a chain.

An extra as big as a fist was wrapped around the waist. On the other side, the chain was successful in hanging around the neck.

“Pull it!”

“Now I’m telling you’really?…to use the chain.”

Repeated in a subdued tone, Charlotte pounded the flagpole on the floor and released an aura. The chain of handcuffs was broken into pieces and scattered.

A smile came out because it was boring. The fight again left the hot head in a state of near-peak enthusiasm.

Do you think you’ll be bound as gently as you used to be? I wonder if I’ll be naive twice. What’s here is not the Charlotte of the time. The girl who expected to solve the misunderstanding if she met Albert in person and explained it. The child died in a brain cell.

“Yes, put a bell around the cat’s neck for a hundred days. Which millennium will it take place, will it be fun?”

“Your Majesty, behind me!”

Helga threw out a sword. Defending with the flagpole, Charlotte pulled her lips. A laugh came out of my tight breath.

“You’re blocking me? Your senior, who has been in office for decades, fell into my hands. Do you really think you can beat me?”

“What the hell…It’s not like the old evil girl Charlotte came back to life!”

Helga, who had recovered the sword, kicked out again. The offensive is more urgent than before. Charlotte looked over there with her sidearm as she responded to each attack.

Ruslan is safe and sound.

He looked embarrassed by the unexpected event. You must have been surprised. Because in a matter of seconds the situation he envisioned was turned on its head. On an agenda that he would have thought had already reached an agreement, Charlotte went head-on against it.

But Ruslan. For once I’m right.

I can’t let him be taken to court alone. No matter how talented he was in deceiving people, no matter what secret he had hidden that he didn’t even know, Ruslan should not fall into their hands.

If things went wrong, it had to be himself who endured face-to-face encounters with his enemies. It had to be Ruslan who thought of a new self-help plan outside of freedom.-Charlotte.

His voice sounded fumbling.

Charlotte snuck into the voice and blocked Helga’s sword. Around that time, the flagpole was limited. I was beaten with the sword and shattered.

You think you’re an iron man? I told you not to get hurt!

There is a limit to this body. She has never been as good at absorbing energy as Yonatan is at reacting to the vagina infinitely. Still, I was tired of destroying a building to the brink of collapse.

Leave me alone, you get out of here! The emperor came here because……!

At that moment, Ruslan managed to pull the unfinished bond. As soon as my hands were free, I ran forward and backward.

And cried out.

Simmo, Won Gye-do, Sinsando, Sinsando, and the tricks are all meaningless. Pure emotion burst out of his mouth.

“Don’t go!”

He reached out his arm and tried to hold her. She was quick to get ahead.

Charlotte snatched the captain’s cape. Helga was dragged in helplessly. He fell on the floor and used it as a stepping stone. Aura gathered again in her hand after stepping on Helga.

Albert watched the figure with a blank look on his face.

Ruslan, who witnessed it, momentarily noticed the abnormality. Why is he so nonchalanthusiastic. It was almost simultaneous with questioning.

The coolness melted away from Albert. His face brightened up. There was a mix of overwhelming feeling close to certainty and emotion that did not know the depth.

He whispered to the girl who approached him alive.

“There’s no way you don’t know. Do you know what you’re doing?”

It was the moment Charlotte punched him in the chest. Just before it came close, Albert moved a little ahead. He stretched out his arms hidden under the fencing cape.

“I’ve never won a head-on.”

A light hand reached under Charlotte’s plexus. Albert pressed down the power strip as if he were touching it.

At the same time, Charlotte was deeply hugged by Albert.

Albert whispered into her ear.

“Caught it.”

Charlotte shuddered at his breath. However, the confession was forced to do so.

“We’re back a long way back. Everything is going back to normal now.”

One shock.

The thumping beat spread throughout the body. Charlotte clenched her teeth.

I was prepared to give up revenge, the way she stormed into the palace and swept it all away. The reason why I decided to get rid of my friends around me one by one. It was all because they were afraid this might happen.

Albert has good eyesight. I hear that you’re a genius in terms of connection. He’s not very good at handling aura himself, but he’s good at reading Macs of any kind.

Therefore, blood is pinpointed with just simple gestures. There aren’t many people who can follow him when it comes to blood donation and prevention. Charlotte’s veins were so twisted with her own hands.

Similar yet different senses spread throughout the body.

The shock that started in the danjeon is transmitted to the blood vessels. Blood donation begins to close as if it sensed a crisis one after another. The energy that has been circulating throughout the body slowly escapes. Like a free soul trapped in the shell of a body.

Suffering comes of course.

But Charlotte didn’t want to lose her mind.

I turned my head slowly. Finally, I stretched out one hand. He touched Ruslan’s fingertips trying to hold on to him. It was the moment when his gloveed hand tried to grab Charlotte.

Ruslan felt the gloves slip out of his hand.

Charlotte made a decision.The aura released before the last bloodbath hit Ruslan with all its might. He flew a long way back as if he had hit something big.


If it was an ordinary person, he would have fallen backward because he could not overcome the pain in his chest. But Ruslan stood up with his will. It was when he stretched out his arm to change things into his only tricks.

Prince! Juju!

Liriya jumped into the broken rose window on the ceiling.

Charlotte quickly raised her head. Liriyah climbed the rope and came down here in an instant. As soon as he felt like he met eyes beyond the pitch, Charlotte opened her mouth and shouted.

“Run away!”

The reason why she shouted with her own throat was because she could not write the whole note.

The power failure was slow. All the blood was blocked. The body is now a normal girl, close to the original juju.

Just by shouting out loud, I began to lose my energy. Tired hair fell into the air. But wanting to confirm his last appearance, he opened his eyes desperately.

Liriya, who was waiting outside, did not know the full extent of the situation.

But she figured it out in her own way. I don’t know what, but things went wrong. And the girl over there certainly conveyed her opinion.

Save Ruslan and get out of here.

Liriya read her firm will. Then it was rather rude to hesitate.

She landed on the floor with a rope. I managed to get my act together and swung a sickle at a couple of garrison soldiers.

“Hurry up!”

Lyria tried to capture Ruslan. Ruslan tried to shake her off. At that moment, Liriya also made a decision.

“Listen to the girl!”

She snapped Ruslan in the ribs, knocked him out, and set off the last gas firecracker.

Dust rose like fog with heavy drinking. A group of people running at them backed away in surprise.

Liriyah put Ruslan’s arm around his shoulder in the gap, then grabbed the rope. The colleagues waiting on the roof pulled with all their might.

Albert clicked his tongue as he watched the scene. He stumbles back to Helga, where he stumbles up.

“What does the Knightsman do? That runaway weightlifting…….”

While giving orders, he lowered his eyes coldly most of the time.

Helga was devastated by a blow earlier. It was originally a one-time greeting, but it was no more useful than expected.

Nevertheless, Helga managed to kneel down on one knee, posing as a faithful knight.

“Your Majesty, are you safe? Let go of the woman in your arms. I don’t know what else he’s gonna do.”

“Ah, the rampage is over. Don’t interfere because Jim will take you to the palace and take action afterwards.”

Albert, looking down at the girl in his arms, was in a perfect mood. A full smile rose on the starry face at dawn.

“Because I’ve been picking him up since the beginning.”

Juju comes to see Yonatan as a conclusion to prepare for her engagement. Jonathan used to guess about her like this. She’s actually a charlotte who borrowed a maid’s body and may be after her own life.

Albert had promised to respond outside if there was a disturbance.

Until then, I was half-hearted. I thought let’s make a judgment when the situation becomes clear.

Jonathan did a great job until the very end. He proved himself to be a secret weapon at the expense of himself.

It would have been a little easier if I had died the way I was.

‘The principle of immortality is enough for only one person to know…….’

Yonatan is much better at aura. He is the head of the denomination. It will only be troublesome for such a person to know such a secret.But the creature survived the devastation. It was a hassle to think of cleaning up, but Albert could be generous right now. My heart was so bright that I became generous.

The thing I wanted the most came into my hands safely.

So everything is fine.

I don’t care if I lose all four young girls. They were all busy thinking differently anyway. If they were a little disorganized, they wouldn’t have seen the better of themselves.

There was only one person he really needed.

I realized it too late. So Albert was going to make up for the past. I came out to meet you for that.

He looked down at the girl who had already closed her eyes. I straightened up and lifted my head. It’s lighter than it used to be, maybe because I’m shorter.

He whispered to his old lover who was reborn as a new body.

“You can do it again.”

But it didn’t sound right to Charlotte.

The mind floated on the borderline between consciousness and unconsciousness. As she gradually sank into unconsciousness, she clenched one of the remaining gloves in her hand. I was relieved with only one thought.

Ruslan is out. He escaped from this position. I didn’t hurt a single thing.

Then it’s all right. Charlotte is all right.

‘Don’t worry…….’

Even if the place to lose consciousness is in Albert’s arms, I don’t care…….

* * *

Ruslan suddenly opened his eyes and came to his senses.

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