Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 207

The view was all blurry. My eyes were wet. The cold sweat between the forehead and the forehead seems to have seeped into the eyelashes.

My eyes cleared up with a slow return ceremony.

Ruslan was lying in a room. The bed smelled old. A spider built a house in the corner of the ceiling and lurked.

I turned away. I wanted to know if there was anyone.

He was alone.

The moment I realized it, I had a great deal of pain in my chest.

It was a pain that originated from trauma. A bruising dull pain caused by being beaten hard. A scream in which the breast bones and chest muscles cannot handle the exercise of the lungs. It’s a natural phenomenon since we’ve been physically hit.

As soon as he opened his eyes, he realized who had carved this pain.

Reality and dreams are reversed. It’s a nightmare after I open my eyes.


He groaned, clutching his chest.

The unconscious head moved as fast as the sun came loose. Where am I? It is not the bed of the Grand Duke. It was a far cry from an upscale mansion. However, it does not resemble a detention center run by the security forces or the army’s main office.

I remembered just before I lost my memory. compatriots in their homeland of Iphenya. The woman wearing a helmet had stormed in. I was going to take myself.

After that, they were taken somewhere only they knew.

Liriyah hit somewhere on the side. Ruslan was immediately unconscious. It may have hit a certain vital point that corresponds to blood donation.

But the pain I felt there was so slight, I didn’t even know it hurt.

My chest hurt a lot more. A powerful afterglow engulfed his whole body, as if he had punctured a bone and grabbed a heart.

Her hand used to reach here.

Charlotte, was attacked by the emperor. I was shivering with abnormal reactions. Nevertheless, he pushed Ruslan, who had been holding her back and jumping in.

Her cries still ring in both ears.

The word to run away.

Charlotte was held in the arms of the emperor, urging him to escape. Ruslan recalled the scene and swallowed his breath. I raised my hands unconsciously.

Gloves remain on only one side.Something hot and touching has come to my mind. Ruslan turned to his side, clasping his bare hands with gloves on.

I was infinitely small and shabby myself. My back and legs curled up. I buried my forehead inside my elbow.

Just like this.

This is the last thing I’ve ever done.


Why are you.

He had spoken to her clearly. He said he would attract attention if there was a chance. He was determined to use even the secret of birth as a game changer.

So, Ruslan had to be held captive.

Originally, he should have been dragged before the emperor. He should have called Liriya. In the midst of distracting the guards with illusions, the Ippeniyans planned to flee Charlotte.

The result is quite the opposite.

He lay down here. And she’s…….

“……a little better plan, did you say?”

Recalling the past, I reflected.

The pain in my chest became more intense. Ruslan curled up, sounding like a zone.

No, you’re wrong.

Charlotte, I didn’t have a plan more than this.

The fewer people know the secret, the more thorough it becomes. So she also had a means of not clarifying. He had the magic that his father had delivered to his mother and his mother had delivered to him.

The last magic created by King Zahari.

If you are taken to the court as king of Ipeniya, you will have a chance to be alone with the Emperor. Even if he didn’t, he was confident that he would create an opportunity by deceiving him with plausible logic.

Let’s aim for that moment and turn the card upside down. As King Zahari did to Emperor Georg in the old days. Magic will also have a clear effect on the child of the invader.

And himself, slowly looking down at the emperor, who is unconscious by magic, burning the last energy of his life.

It’s okay if it’s a teacup. A glass of water is more comfortable. If you break anything, the weapon is quickly made.

At that time, I was determined to cut the son of a bitch’s breath.

So what I said to Charlotte was an honest word. A man named Ruslan wasn’t trying to be captured with some kind of spirit of sacrifice.

Charlotte, you were thinking of me as a man. I’m not as great or noble as you think.

It was just a lack of courage. The idea of giving himself up without hesitation was lacking in him. A man who persistently tries to cheat until the end when he encounters a difficult situation. He was only such a despicable villain.

So I instinctively noticed that the emperor would target Charlotte. At that time, you didn’t even have to squeeze in the complicated logic. I realized it naturally.

A woman in mind prepares to engage another man.

You want to break it.

You might have the same mind if you were in the opposite position.

He is equally pathetic at the time he notices the abyss. So he, himself, eventually, turned to Charlotte to save himself. Left her in the arms of the Emperor, she’s all over this place.


Ruslan suddenly moved his lips to send a full note.


I like her name. The pronunciation that comes back to life after sinking low.

-Can you hear me? You, if you’re listening, answer me. Answer, B….

It’s not coming back.

She’s far away.

Ruslan opened his mouth. I was going to say something by voice. The sound didn’t come out.

I was suffocated and even my vocal cords were suffocated. All I could do was groan low.

The twitching shoulders were not controlled no matter how hard they were put. It was a waste of even her imprinted chest pain to evaporate. I had no choice but to hold it in my arms.”Ah, ah, ah, ah…….”

A meteorite that jumped into my chest one day. A lump of fireworks suddenly appeared in the world of solitary hiding under a fake shell.

I thought it was beautiful. Even in the dark, I fell in love with the unrelenting heat. I tried to cuddle up in my arms and talk to you.

Even though you fell from a distant sky to the ground, I like you like that way. You’re cooler burning hot here than a group of cold shiny stars from high places.

“I like it, too.」

“Because Ruslan hugged me…… it’s good to be together.」

The beautiful thing left me in my arms.

To save a man who was barely himself, he chose to burn himself and fly away. Only cold air remained in the arms that were hugging the high temperature.

Then, do we have no choice but to hold our empty hands?


Ruslan swallowed his wet breath.

I raised my upper body. The watery brain seemed to be as rich as a sponge in a bathtub. But he pressed his hands against his sodden eyes.

Soon after, the expression that was revealed by taking off his hand sank quietly.

Anyone can lie down and grieve like this way.

But isn’t Ruslanid determined not to? In front of the body of his benefactor who gave him life, he decided to move out of a world of thousands of pages of print and gridboard!

He stood up. I pulled the jacket on the wall, put it on, and opened the door.

It was all revealed anyway, but I put my hand on my hair. The color handed down by the biological mother and the biological mother was hidden, and the characteristics of the great house appeared.

The hallway was a one-way street. When I opened the middle door, a small drawing room was revealed. A group of people sitting around the old sofa looked over here.

They were familiar to Ruslan, too. It’s the young Ippeniya who gathered at the restaurant. Lyria, who was sitting over there and forgetting to make a bottle, raised one hand.

“Are you awake?”

“Madam, is there a good place?”

Semyon appeared out of the blue and approached. The old man had been bending over and memorizing the Ipenny Night Prayer. It was hidden by the backrest that was not seen.

Ruslan took over the cane he had kept.

“As you can see, he’s fine. It’s shameless.”

“As long as the limbs are attached, it’s all right. It’s a lesson from the war to the Ippeniya.”

“You’re so mean to me, sir. There’s a person here who fell off one.”

Nikolai opened a portable bottle of liquor. Instead of raising his prosthetic legs, he stretched out his arms and handed over the bottle.

“First of all, let’s get down to the throat and talk about what’s going on. Comrade Cane.”

Ruslan received the disease in silence. It was a crudely made vodka. I took a sip. Instead of swallowing, he rinsed his mouth and spat it out in the trash can.

The strong energy of a refined drunk awakened the mind. He lighted candles and looked around the crowd.

“I’d like to hear an explanation of the past before we discuss the future. Is this your new hideout?”

“Not secured, but unoccupied. Don’t you know that the curtains are closed so that the light doesn’t leak?”

Ruslan looked sideways at the direction Liriya was pointing at. There’s certainly a pretty big window over there. I think it would be enough for a person to stand on the window frame.

“It’s a building I rented for some reason that the top union leader died a few months ago. It’s a place where you snoop around because your ownership has been left unattended. We owe her a legacy since the Southern funds were withdrawn.”

“It’s a good thing you found a place to ask. That’s why you brought me here.””Well, now you’re the flag bearer of our country’s liberation.”

Liriya said in a teasing tone. Ruslan narrowed the middle of his forehead slightly. Lyria, who discovered it, cracked a joke.

“This was the only place I could be sure it was safe right now. Prince, by the way, your lover asked me to save you from the mess. “So I had to hide you wherever I lived.”

“Thank you very much for saving my life. Boeun will definitely do it. But first, I want you to show me where she is.”

Liriya winked at Nikolai. Nikolai beckoned to a group of boys and girls, who were creeping in the corner. A child stood up and approached.

“This guy was mixed up in the procession and he was spying. Tell me what you saw earlier.”

“Instead, there was a carriage waiting down the hill. The carriage with the repair pattern that the teacher taught me. The carriage went towards the Imperial Palace at sunset.”

The Suri symbol is a symbol of the Imperial family. The carriage on which it is painted is definitely the emperor’s fishing ground.

Ruslan was conscious of the presence of medals in his arms. I asked to confirm the premonition.

“Was the blonde on it, too?”

“Yes, it’s a long way off, but maybe blonde. She pulled the wagon curtain and looked at me.”

My throat was as swollen as a mountain. It was already foreseen. Nevertheless, it hurt terribly when I checked the facts.

Ruslan squeezed his patience. I cried and tried not to spill over. When I clenched my hand, which had lost its gloves, my hand bone seemed to be crushed. The chest pain was throbbing together.

I missed her with this hand. Emotions are extravagant on such a subject. If you want her out of your enemy’s grasp as soon as possible, you don’t need any of that.

He forced his head to cool. Identifying the status quo is a priority. I asked Semyon.

“What did you do about the mansion? It’s only a matter of time before the search begins.”

“The contents of the secret cabinet were incinerated as instructed by the young master. The banks have been spread out and tied up in the north, so you won’t be able to get them out of your way.”

“The only thing that can move right now is the slush funds scattered in the pawnshop. What about the employees?

“When the young master entrusted me with his wand, I sent Nadia straight away. “Organize the mansion and take it to refuge.”

Semyon replied heavily.

“He’ll do well with a calmness. This is not the first time I’ve experienced this kind of experience. Tonight, we’re going to hide our bodies and contact each other later.”

“It’s also her vision…….”

Ruslan blurted the words as he recalled Charlotte.

At least the Emperor won’t hurt her. I don’t know what kind of atrocities I’ll do to her in my own hands. Ironically, however, the emperor was not a fool enough to throw away hard-earned treasures.

Only one thing made me nervous.

I wonder if she’s going to be pessimistic about my situation. What if you decide to wither in the arms of your enemy?

When I imagined her like that, I felt like I was tearing my guts apart with a razor blade.

Before collapsing in imagination, Ruslan thought of his next horse.

The mansion to be searched, the money, the remaining employees. Dorothea, whose identity will be compromised by discovery. My fellow countrymen here. Empress and Archbishop and Knights. The court ladies. Emperor, bound by his side.

Ruslan shut his mouth.

Chimi can’t help but feel this emotion while making her heart dry. I said with my body bent deep down.

“I’m going to go get some fresh air.”

Liriya expressed disapproval. Then Nikolai looked up. He gave a hint that the signs were bad.Someone put a bottle on the candle to darken it. Only then did Ruslan open the door and walk down the stairs. As he came out to the riverside, the autumn wind blew in and swept through his forehead.

In this place, the night’s lights were out.

He was alone in the darkness, peeping into the light of the water.

Ruslan recalled a boat ride one day. There is an imperial palace on the other side of the river. There she is, recalling magic under the fireworks in the east.

Now he is not in a position to enter and leave there freely just because he decides to. The Grand Duke’s son, Count Keitel, is now only the prince of Ipheniah, a country that had fallen twenty years ago.

Still, he reached out desperately for the light beyond the river. Without gloves.

May there be safe and sound. No matter what you put up with, you’re you. The soul will continue to shine like a meteor.

“I will never abandon you.”

He constantly reflected on his resolution. Grabbing the light that you can’t be caught over and over again.

“Charlotte, I will never abandon you no matter what!”

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