Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 208

Act 18 – she was not grief-stricken.

Later in the afternoon the next day, a bishop who came from Daishinjeon asked the emperor for an audience. It seemed rather embarrassing.

Albert received an audience alone after being bitten by another heavyweight. The reason was that he wanted to personally receive the current status of his friends.

Only then did the bishop begin to elaborate on the day-to-day settlement.

Albert, who had been listening for a long time, lowered his gaze.

“So, the probability of the Archbishop coming back to life is extremely low?”

“That’s what we think it is at the moment.”

The bishop bowed his head miserably.

“You seem to have an exceptional knowledge, and you are not in danger of life.…. It’s a miracle that I’m breathing with a wound this much internal injury.”

“What a terrible thing to do. Or you can move around.”

“It’s no different than a serious patient. I may be able to live my daily life if I have a long-term relationship. This is also a difficulty because my eyes are completely damaged. First of all, it’s a common view that it’s too much to do miracles like the old ones.”

There was a breath swallowing the powder.

It was a huge loss for the church. The fact that “miracle” has disappeared more than the Archbishop himself.

None of the other priests deals with the aura that much. Even if they try to imitate Yonatan, they’ll only have massage-level power.

Yonatando was once a lay priest in a local parish. The rapid rise to prominence came from the flowering of the aura’s talent. Although the existence of a “miracle” led to the attention of the denomination and was promoted at the shortest speed, the most important foothold collapsed.

Albert once had a lot of help from him. I looked back on the past.

The rising new member of the denomination supports the seventh prince. It was a big asset.

By the end of the succession war, Yonatan even crushed the upper part of the church. With the replacement of the emperor, the painting of a new wind blowing in the denomination was attractively supported.

At the coronation ceremony, the new archbishop personally placed a storage device on Emperor Lee Dae. It was a moment when the authority of the denomination, which had been weathered in the system of empire, shone again.

Since then, Yonatan has helped the right place. The healing power of the miracle was useful in recovering public sentiment. It was a friend who was not personally suffocating either. It was comfortable to confide in a secret story.


Albert tapped the armrest on the roof.

‘You can’t let it go too far…….’

After the divorce, he had no choice but to rely on Jonathan. I hung on because I was the only friend left. But when the bad conditions were somewhat broken down, a different angle of analysis followed.

When four Yeonggeol was still alive, Yonatan was one of the pillars supporting him. Now that the three have collapsed and become one-legged, it is necessary to refrain from putting strength on them alone.Yonatan is the head of a huge group. A human being who even supports the existential ability of miracles. He controls public opinion greatly whenever he puts his mind to it. I felt it starkly through the Ippeniya incident.

Albert threw him an extension named Curse. I watched how far he could go with the weapon he was granted.

Jonathan did a good job of ‘beyond expectations’.

Then it’s dangerous. If left unchecked, there was a possibility that the church, which had restored its authority and power, would devour the imperial family.

Above all, did he not reach the point of invincible magic by himself?

It’s time to take advantage of the right time.

Albert had the other day in mind. Albert at that time needed friendship more than ever. But Jonathan changed his attitude and shook it off coldly.

I feel like my heart is breaking.

I realized with that.

Let’s see. I can’t trust anyone.

He liked Jonathan. It was the most open-minded same-sex friend. But even that Yonatan was the one who would abandon himself and turn around.

How come people in the world are always like this? There is not a single person who appreciates the hurt and hard feelings of this side. It’s full of people trying to use it by begging themselves.

Even my parents did that. The father-in-law, who has been a devilish old man since he was a baby. Mo-hoo, who was suddenly chosen and kept his seat under pressure.

Leaving the child in a distant country castle.

Albert got angry again when he looked back on that time. The ingrained grudge was a habit. As a result, the habit of hating others easily spread to Yonatan.

Leading the Knights and being friendly to Daishinjeon served as a guard against him. Jonathan won this case in one piece. Even so, the future wouldn’t have been bright. Albert would have started to come up with a way to sink him.

But Jonathan was defeated. It broke up on its own.

The lucky wind is still blowing this way. Albert, seated on the throne, wrapped his chin with one hand. Asked, hiding a smile that was about to bloom.

“Instead, I heard that the damage to the building in Daejeon is huge. Will the Church be able to recover it?”

“It will take a long time, but I know it’s not something the imperial family should worry about. When I investigated, most of the fires were small. It’s a shame that the main hall is badly broken, but at the church level, we’ll have to do it.”

“The money we’ve secured from the sale of the holy property will be used to recover the main building.”

“Yes, there are opinions that we should avoid luxurious reconstruction at this time.”

This would be the words of the people in the opposition faction of Jonathan. Or to argue that faith should not be sold.

It’s a human-to-human struggle for leadership. I don’t think the people in check are particularly right and honest, so they don’t use that banner.

However, Yonatan, the leader of the current ruling faction, collapsed. Now the key issue shifts to the next archbishop election. For the time being, it was clear that the denomination would shrink as it was preoccupied with our quarrels.

There is a problem to be addressed in the process.

“Although the archbishop was Jim’s best friend, he was a man of great character. Why don’t you install a miscellaneous boat that tries to make a dent while it’s still there?”

“And yet, that’s a big deal. First of all, the archbishop’s relative who was with him at the scene…… Mrs. Elise, who was originally in-laws, has come under fire.”


Albert thought it was time to come. I asked again without pretending to know.

“The archbishop lost most of his blood in the plague. It would have been like a family with a wife who survived alone. You didn’t stand by because you were worried about your safety?””When I looked into the situation, it was more complicated.”

The bishop said, caressing his cane with alacrity.

“Your Majesty will know the great monk of Ipheniah, who was captured alive the other day. Lady took care of her as a temple volunteer. But according to the priest’s report, your wife helped the mob of the dead rescue the garrison and even defended them.”

“Jim knows her a little, but she’s just an ignorant woman. I thought you said that without knowing what you’re talking about.

“Of course it could be. But that’s not what’s important…… during interrogations last night and in the morning, her pregnancy was revealed.

Albert was also a little surprised by this remark. I sat down in a tired position.

“Does a widow give birth?”

“Even the moon was quite full. He avoided the question of who his father was, embarrassed. The difference was in trouble, but the Archbishop suddenly heard the news…….”

“That’s enough. Stop bothering me. The father of the child is me. I did it.」

It was said to have been a somewhat resigned tone of resignation somewhere.

Albert blinked his eyes wide open. I had no idea.

It’s been years since Jonathan watched his relationship with Elise. This is because it was private, and it was easy to manage when settled down with a woman. Jonathan himself would have sterilized him so he wouldn’t hold grudges.

“I don’t know. Whether there was a real injustice or a shield to protect a relative.”

“You’re right. It’s not impossible for both.”

The bishop quickly responded. A member of the Yonatan faction, he would have liked to believe the latter.

Albert quickly looked back at Jonathan’s whereabouts. It certainly makes sense either way. But if it’s Jonathan he knows, it’s the former.

“You’ve been hiding this grave fact from me?’

Disgrace rose before pity. He could clearly see why Jonathan hid this fact. I thought you said you can’t trust secrets and share them!

‘But at some point I thought he was a real friend who wanted to talk about everything. It means it wasn’t even him in the first place……!’

The humiliation of being only that much spread to the other person. The thought of how far we could take into account our past friendship was mostly in a cruel.

“So how did you deal with the rest?”

“The Archbishop stood up and defended her, and I couldn’t find out more about her charges. Anyway, the Archbishop has come to a standstill against the mob.”

“As far as Jim knows, she is not a fearless person to communicate with. The problem is the kid in the boat.”

“The Archbishop…… seemed to think that resignation was a set fate. I’m sure that’s why you said that.”

The bishop continued, pressing his chest.

“But even if you resign, breaking the rules is another matter. Of course you can’t honor your predecessor. The ripples are in order. The priesthood is deprived and forced to fall into service.”

“I’m in trouble…….”

“How can your Majesty protect you with friendship?”

It was a desperate request. The bishop kept his head on and on.

“There are many people in the church who rely on the archbishop. Your Majesty will cast a shadow over us and we will cool off.”

Albert looked down gently at the bishop.

If we show off our friendship at this stage, the public sentiment of Shintoism will be bound firmly under Yonatan. Jonathan wears that approval rating and leaves room for influence on the denomination. One illegitimate child might be able to gloss over it.

My mouth became harder and harder and harder.

“It’s inside the church. Even though Jim ruled the people as emperor, how could he rule the believers? “If the palace intervenes any longer, it is beyond its control.””……is that right…….”

“There’s only one thing Jim can repay the Archbishop. There seems to be only a way to wipe out the remnants of that country and avenge it. So know and don’t bring this up any more.”

“It’s great that you’ve given me the opportunity to plead.

Albert examined the bishop’s dark complexion. I purposely gave it a little pause and then said.

“I’ll give you a doctor. An imperial physician who knows internal injuries well……. I’ll send it to the Archbishop’s residence soon, so let him know.”

The bishop raised his head in surprise. The fading hope seemed to be burning back. He bent over backwards.

“Gam, Gam, Gam, Gam, Gam! The Archbishop will be pleased with friendship like the Hahae!”

Well, it remains to be seen whether he’ll be pleased.

It’s convenient for doctors to use tricks on patients.

Let’s see the reactions first. And if there’s a chance, it’s okay to issue a covert order. Albert slowly rose from his throne after watching the bishop retreat.

He stepped out into the hallway. A girl who was hit by the sunset caught my eye.

Albert walked past Dorothea as if he hadn’t seen her. At that attitude, Dorothea breathed in and shouted hastily.

“Your Majesty!”

Albert raised his voice as if to be heard by anyone in the city.

“Who let the Granddaughter out? Let him in.”

“My little uncle! Juju was originally the one I had. Please don’t overdo it.…!”

“How many pennies does your nephew understand and admonish Jong-sook?”

Albert gave Dorothea an oblique look.

“The Count of Keitel was the mastermind of ruin and the subject of curses. He was caught red-handed in front of Jim’s eyes. The characteristics of the great house are all fakes made of art. It means that his nephew’s late mother, Prince Licht, raised a cuckoo cub.”

Dorothea bit his lips to keep up the momentum. I shook my head quickly.

“I don’t know anything about him. But there is uncertainty in the evidence that it may be related to such a thing, and what Juju is doing now has nothing to do with it!”

“Then it must have been a secret my little nephew didn’t know about. How dare you object to Jim’s disposition as emperor?”

Albert dismissed it at once. He lowered his body to eye level and made a threatening voice.

“I’ll teach you one thing as a great princess, Jongsook and lord. The law is to break the charnel of a sinner. I was told that the North was to be gutted. You want Jim to dig up the Grand Duke’s grave and slit his throat?”

It was a threat. Understood Dorothea secretly clenched her fist.

Albert quickly lost interest.

“Considering your nephew’s age, you’re lucky you don’t question him immediately and you’re getting rid of his pension. What are you doing? Bring the granddaughter to her residence!”

After hearing the roar, the servants rushed to Dorothea. Dorothea used her strength to shake off their arms. He led Linde and started walking on his own.

Albert turned a blind eye to it and headed to the bedroom.

But it didn’t go straight into the bedroom. It was in the side room that made him open the door. The room, which was quickly groomed, appeared.

Albert took a step inside.

“I heard you’ve become a little quiet. You’ve been feeling better for a while, haven’t you?

Blonde looked red in the sunset. Albert approached her looking out of the window.

“Lotte, I’m here.”

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