Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 209

Charlotte looked out of the window without hesitationally.

It wasn’t the time to care about the man behind his back. In the distance, I watched the fence of the Imperial Palace and the green area beyond.

The previous day, Charlotte was searched inside her mouth as she was trapped in this room. It was because they might be hiding poison or saliva.At that time, the maidens who searched the body took a look at the ornaments and left them alone. It was a stroke of luck. I didn’t take off my headband or earrings all day long, thinking I should not miss my luck.

I clasped the gloves in one hand. It’s loose even though I buttoned my wrist the innermost.

Maybe Ruslan is in there somewhere.

Wouldn’t the magic on the earring convey his voice?

The present Charlotte can’t send him a full note. But it was a waste of hope that a faint communication might reach.

If he says anything, open the window and say something loud. I’ll let you know I’m safe. From the moment she wakes up, she’s been holding on to it.

Albert watched for a while the green snow glimpsed on the windows.

The blonde girl is still stopped like a doll.

He once mistook that blonde for green eyes. I knew her only by the name of Juju without failingly.

I remember the moment she appeared at the ball. A lot of people admired her beauty. Whistle with silk and lace coveted the body below.

But Albert was confused about something else from the start.

A soul at first glance in expression, speech and action. Something inside the girl continued to smell of old memories. He seduced Albert by dancing as if he had heard the specter of his first love.

The answer came out.

The secret boxes are all open. Suspicions have been lifted with confidence. The moment she reached out to Albert, she reached the peak. Albert then had a much stronger intuition and answer than any other evidence and proof.

This girl by the window is Charlotte.

I thought you were dead. Lotte reborn with a new body. A lover who has cutely deceived herself under the wrong alias.

“I heard the report. I’ve had three cups of sleeping pills. How do you feel about sleeping well all day? Have you recovered from your exhaustion?”

It is said that it was an inevitable choice because it caused resistance every time he woke up. The gown I’m wearing now was also a new one.

Albert rolled up her long hair and brushed it down with his hands.

“I’m glad you didn’t say you’d kill yourself like you did in the temple. The Imperial Emperor had to issue a tracking order in front of a small weightlifting system. Disgrace yourself in front of the soldiers. You’re the only one who makes me do that.”

In the temple, Charlotte lost her mind in Albert’s arms. However, did he realize that unconsciousness is not in a position to fall down comfortably? Soon after, he woke up and twisted himself. Stole the knife of a guard and put it on his neck.

“If you’re going to take me, all the troops here will be bitten by the palace.」

“Oh, my God. Is there any prisoner who gives orders to the world?」

“Who’s ordering it? I’m threatening you. If you want to see me die, feel free to do it.」

So I had to be chased last night.

The horse is decorated on the outside. This woman was a close associate of the count. To confess to the inside story, it is necessary to appease the request to some extent.

Charlotte was brought to the palace like that.

There is also a prison to temporarily imprison sinners in the Imperial Palace. We could also arrange a pension scheme. But Albert prepared the emperor’s bedroom side room.

Charlotte’s rejection became even more serious. But now she’s a bit of a loose girl. Some of the hard-working men quickly got overpowered and fell asleep.

And up to now.

“I like it. He’s not doing anything wrong. He’s calm. It’s so nice that you don’t lose your energy.”Albert spoke softly and tucked his baby hairs behind his ears. When he found the accessories, he looked slightly displeased.

Then, Charlotte, who had been silent so far, lowered her gaze for the first time. The dry reply is back.

“Get away from me. I’ll run wild if you want me to.”

“What are you still going to do after all this?”

Albert’s tone mixed with discomfort. He snatched Charlotte’s shoulder with both hands and turned her around.


“Why, maybe I should try an aura somewhere, have you been looking for a vein? I’m sorry to hear that. There’s no point in trying to open yourself up!”

At Albert’s cry, Charlotte bit her lips. Even if I wanted to get rid of this man, my body couldn’t print it out. The shoulders held by the man’s grip hurt.

A smile rose on Albert’s face, convinced of his superiority in power. Only then did he relax his hands.

“Who do you think I am? He knows you the best in the world. You think I’m gonna let you off the hook? Your blood and pulse all went awry while you were pointing at the power failure. Try hard with your proud power! It’s like pulling a ring of wisdom!”

“Let go of this…!”

Charlotte twisted her body. I don’t want to be held by Albert any longer. However, he ended up being trapped in his arms.

“I’ve seen your whining since yesterday, so it’s not fresh. Lotte, there’s no good in provoking me any more.”

“Don’t call me that!”

I want to cover my ears if I can. A name that I was so happy to hear from Ruslan. Through Albert’s mouth, it’s just terrible. His pet names only call for anger, but there was never the same excitement as before.

Albert had his head slanted. As I grew older, I was completely beautiful and laughed.

“Now you’re going to insist on a fake name?”

He hugged Charlotte without giving her a chance to rebel. I got to bed in a couple of steps and sat down.

“What a load of shit. I thought I’d found your afterglow in a girl I’d never seen before. It was actually him…… Is it immortal magic or something?”

Charlotte quickly pulled herself up from bed. Backed off to get as far away from the man as possible.

It’s a foregone conclusion that all the secrets have been uncovered. I asked with the thought that I should at least know how it went.

“Magic, how did you know?”

“It’s a puzzle that combines you and the Earl’s track record and my father’s legacy. It moves the soul of a man to another body – though reason cries out as a vain supernatural phenomenon.”

Albert looked passionately at Charlotte.

“The emotion was already pointing to the truth. Charlotte, I had a hunch it was you when we reunited at the spring ball.”

“Seonghuang only described magic as a theory of aura utilization. He forced the priest of Ipeniya to testify!”

“Yonatan did a great job.”

Albert spoke in the least of his exploits.

“Juju, Southern maid, Grand Duchess. Na Won, now I understand why you’re wearing it as your mistress. With that status, it’s easy to take care of people around you. If the contents of an orphan without a connection change, who will find it? Lotte, did you take the trouble to come back to me?”

Apparently it was ridiculous. Charlotte raised her voice by herself.

“Yes, Albert, correct. I came to see you die with my own eyes!”

As soon as it touched the head of the bed, I reached out to the narrow table. There was a lamp with a fine glass hat on it. Charlotte grabbed it and swung it around Albert’s head.Only two people in this room. There’ll be a servant waiting outside the door. The margin for miscellaneous assessment of risks has already evaporated. For now, the anger of breaking his head and thinking was ahead.

I did get it right. Albert’s temple hit the edge of the lamp.

But her body is no longer as fast as it used to be. The force has also been significantly reduced. It made no noise, no glass, no head, no smash.

Albert groaned for a moment. Soon afterwards, Charlotte clasped her wrist. The lamp rolled on the floor just with a slight twist. Charlotte collapsed with a faint scream as she put on her weight.

“All right… Count Keitel. He used his magic trick to use you as a stick like this, that’s it…….”

Albert recited in a low.

Charlotte looked up at him breathlessly. Hair is scattered on the forehead of the man who was beaten by the lamp. The serene look on his face was viscerally ominous.

Instinct is right. The neck circumference of the gown was pulled sharply. The hour hand was torn apart, and when I pulled it with both hands, it was completely torn.

“No matter what he says. Join in retaliating against my country? “I’ll let you be empress, and you want me to do exactly what I did to the Seven Emperors?”

“Go away!”

“Oh, by the way, yes, you made a bloody mark here…So you’ve been hanging out with him all this time? You’re such a sucker who craved you day and night?

Albert’s face got closer while he was in a habit of avoiding the force pouring from the top. He showed his teeth and glared at Charlotte.

“Tell me, did he kiss you? I washed this chest, and I put something in it!”

Charlotte exhaled her disorganized breath irregularly. The gown was in tatters. The upper body is no better than just a camisole. With shame, anger rose and asked back.

“What… What are you doing now? Like you’re having an affair?”

I had a cramp because I couldn’t control my hatred. But don’t let your voice drop. I didn’t want to die of misunderstanding that I was overwhelmed with fear. He opened his eyes straight and confronted me.

“Yes, it was good with him. Albert was such a nice guy that I couldn’t even think of! I hate to give you a finger, but I could give him everything!”

“Hey, how dare you!”

“Who’s married to another woman? Who gave up first to marry a princess? He was the only one who saved me. He was the only one who could help me with my grudge.

It was before I even finished my sentence properly. Albert, excited, rushed in. My lips were crushed as my wheezing breath touched.

But he fell apart shortly afterwards. He bit his tongue.

It was a shame that Charlotte couldn’t completely destroy that flesh. I went at it to bite anywhere. Albert then pressed her arms up completely. As soon as moisture hit his ears, Charlotte resists, frighteningly.


Lift up and kick the man in the ribs. Even that was crushed by Albert’s knee. Even if I turned my head alone, I couldn’t avoid touching my skin.

The body of a man pressing down from above feels ridiculously. Charlotte, who was about to be swept away by a sense of helplessness, managed to awaken her mind.

Let’s not get carried away by the opposition’s tyranny. It is a defeat, a fall.

Such a low-key act cannot undermine oneself. Let’s focus on the solution.

If he commits himself as he is, he may be able to make a difference by sucking his yanggi into the danjeon. Perhaps it is an opportunity to turn the tables. A moment of humiliation came at a time when I gritted my teeth that I could stand it.Albert slowly moved away.

Charlotte didn’t let her guard down. The moment he sat down completely, he quickly got up and covered his face.

Albert just clenched and unfolded his hand as if to check the strength of his grip.

“Holding you like this is simple…… I don’t want to. Even though you’ve upset me, I can’t get drunk on a moment of savagery and do something demeaning.”

Charlotte took a breath with a blank look on her face. I couldn’t get enough of it. Albert, on the contrary, approached with a friendly look.

“Lotte, I need you to calm down and talk to me again. Did you hate my mistakes so much?”

Indeed, his expressionless expression was bound to be broken at this remark. Curled the middle of the forehead.

“Thread, Sue……?”

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