Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 210

“Well, it’s just the two of us in the world since we were kids…… I understand, I must have blamed myself for making the wrong choice. I’m a man, even though I know I’m such a big thing to you.….”

Albert raised one hand and rubbed his forehead. It gave me the impression that this face would look like this if I imagined an American young man filled with grief from the past.

“I wasn’t very good back then. I didn’t know it was the wrong choice.”

“I was wrong to marry Batilde…….”

Charlotte responded absentmindedly. The tone of the lunch menu as if it had failed was amazing.

Albert interpreted that she was surprised by the unexpected confession. He smiled and took off the cape that adorned his conquest. Holding on to the tattered clothes, I cordially surrounded her.

“The status and background didn’t matter at all. No matter how emperor, I didn’t realize that the important thing for a couple was good faith and affection. Maybe I missed it because I got so used to you since I was young…So I, when I heard of your death…….”

Albert lowered his eyes. There was a shadow under the eyebrow bone.

“Do you know how shocked I was when I came across your body? It was hard to eat. I left your coffin next to the bed, and it was several days before I fell asleep in tears.”

Albert suddenly got out of bed, spread out his arms and pointed to the space.

Charlotte became more and more white.

That’s such a calm confession. The way he sounds as if he had heard a farewell announcement for a while.

I felt like my head was paralyzed. So I couldn’t even realize the temperature of the cape covering my body.

Albert set her eye level. I got down on one knee on the floor.

I looked up at her on the bed. I became more confident when I saw his eyes. Blonde hair and green eyes, but the girl is Charlotte. My heart ached as I remembered my dream one day.

“I thought I’d lost you forever.”


“But this is how it was alive. I can’t believe I wandered around with you, Charlotte, how I feel now…….”

I wish I’d realized that earlier. If so, this moment would have been much earlier. He had plenty of opportunities to face Charlotte before checking the traces left by an unknown child.

I turned back the anger of that time. I felt sorry for myself, who was secretly boiling my heart. Albert finally shed his wet breath in tears.

“I wish I could turn back time. If the creation god truly works a miracle and allows a second life, as the popular fashion novel imagines.….”

That’s never gonna happen.

Even if God exists. Even so, there is no way to grant a privilege to allow a reversal to only one person. Like I couldn’t turn my past life upside down.

Charlotte retorted in silence with thoughts. Albert continued his monologue in silence.”I would never have made that choice. At that time, I was very…… because there was a lot of crowd……. Everyone asked me to do as much as I won the succession. As an emperor who never loses to his father’s stomach……Detrich was on a whim, too. I shouldn’t have fallen for that son of a bitch…….”

It was already a fait accompli in his head. Which suggested removing Charlotte first. Perhaps it was Dietrich.

“Lotte, the fear that others planted was rooted in my head at the time. If I hadn’t been controlled by fear…… I would have reconsidered punishing you.”

Albert rubbed his eyes with both hands. Tried hard to stop crying, he approached Charlotte.

“You must have felt betrayed by the others. Of course. I never thought they’d be friends until yesterday and turn around. I should’ve known something was wrong then. None of them stopped me! And calmly, your knees…….”

Albert, who was speaking out, hurriedly swallowed the horse as if he had put a gold ball in his mouth. And Dadok built up a way of speaking.

“Lotte, I hope you don’t misunderstand my confession. Even if you came back here with a punishment, I would be saying the same thing in this position.”

Albert slowly put one hand on the bed. With his knees folded, he held onto Charlotte’s leg, which was gathered to one side.

She was frightened and tried to shake it off. However, the man’s hands hurt and forced him to give them away. White feet were emptied out of bed and placed on Albert’s hands.

Albert looked down ecstaticly as if the foot were a medium of reunion. Before I knew it, the crying cleared up and a clear tone flowed out.

“I’m not good at turning back time, but I can make my choice right.”

It was not long before a declaration-like confession came out.

“Lotte, I’ll put a pearl crown on you.”

Charlotte paused for a moment.

A clear idea popped out reflexively even before it materialized.


“I’m trying to undo my mistakes. I’ll have you as empress this time. You’re the only one sitting next to me. The child you gave birth to will be my heir to the empire!”

He even knelt on the other knee.

“I missed you. Even though he changed his appearance, he recognized the shadow.…. Please, Lotte. Do you have any idea how painful it was to watch you act as a baby lover? Please…….”

Forgiveness of past mistakes.

Albert slowly lowered himself. I dropped my lips carefully on the top of my foot. When the kiss was over, the firm grip was released and the soles of the feet were gently tickled.

Charlotte made a decision. There was no reason to hesitate. Kicked the face of a man kneeling underneath him with all his might.


Albert wrapped his face without finishing his words. Blood spread from the noseline, which was straight as if measured with a ruler.

While he groaned in pain, Charlotte quickly threw away the cape wrapped around her. He took off his glove on one hand, hid it under the pillow, and rolled down to the other side.

I snapped at the doorknob. It won’t open. I stuck to the wall as far away as I could. I picked up any chair to use as a barricade and put it in front of me.

Albert stood up late. The golden brown eyes were short-lived with anger.

Charlotte caught her breath trembling. It’s not because of the sense of crisis that he’ll grab the hair or the forearm.

I couldn’t help it because I was angry because I heard so many bullshit all at once.

“Why are you so shameless……?”

It’s one step ahead of the other four. Charlotte looked him in the eye.”The empress, now the pearl crown! Is that sound coming from your mouth? I think I’ll love you again if I’m thrown into the fire of hell!”

Albert laughed at the blood on his hands.

“Well, can the seed of death replace me?”

“You ruined my original body. You killed my family, too! Even my house in the modem…… you knocked everything down!”

The collapsed writer of the modem came back to mind. Charlotte grabbed her head. I couldn’t stand the excitement without going wild.

Albert distorted his eyebrows. Soon he was annoyed and calmly placated.

“Lotte, I’ve confessed all my past mistakes earlier. There’s nothing to add. And… didn’t like the Viscount Moden anyway.”


“I’ve been looking at what you suffered in that house. You always wanted to leave the house. That’s why they followed me up to the island. I don’t know why I’m so sorry for their lives.”

Albert was genuinely out of his depth.

“If I had chosen you to be Empress then, the writer would have been in order. It’s not as if you’re happy with yourself as a countryman, but you’re a man with no countermeasures. I don’t know you better than anyone else because of him. He would have caused trouble if his illegitimate daughter climbed to the empress.”


“If it were you I know, I would have made the same judgment. You’d have taken the lead in killing your own author. No?”

Charlotte had a blank head.

“Albert…” Yeah, I didn’t like it……. I, by myself, felt like a stain on the house, wanted to come out.…, but you weren’t even evil enough to commit a crime you didn’t commit!”

I remembered my stepmother who said she was sorry. My half-brother passed by, who was always sending me letters of regards. My eyes were burning.

“Have you ever eaten sawdust bread in a brain cell? What about frozen meat? The guard beat me up for fun and stole my jacket! And yet, I wish you’d forgive me for five years.….”

I don’t want to bow down in front of that guy. Charlotte glared at the man with her eyes wide open.

“You’ve never visited.”


“I threw it out, in the ice-brain cage! That’s why we decided to wipe it out! Whatever happened to Ippenia, you’re gonna ruin it like me!”

“That was one of my mistakes. Would I have been comfortable? I wish I had handled the situation carefully, I regretted it a thousand times in the past year! That’s why I want to repay you infinitely. As much as I couldn’t do for you last time…….”

“You abandoned me once, and you won’t do it twice?”

Charlotte couldn’t resist a burst of laughter. I realized that when anger grows, it becomes laughter.

Albert answered seriously, without a single stir.

“Humans are the ones that grow up by mistakes of the past.”

He concluded by himself. And decided to stop this tedious tug-of-war.

Albert strode up. Charlotte pulled a chair to block the gap, but guessed it was a brief reprieve. The man’s long legs hung a chair and knocked him down, and he was helpless. Charlotte, who tried to sidetrack, quickly fell into Albert’s arms.

“Let me go!”

“Charlotte, a man has one of the most despicable means.”

Albert endured a punch that beat and pushed his chest for a while. When Charlotte did not stop until his patience reached its limit, he pressed somewhere in his lower abdomen. Charlotte became stiff as she swallowed her breath due to the shock of being stimulated.”After hugging you and taking you to my bed for the full moon, we’ll be bound by a stronger relationship than the rest of the world.”

Albert gently caressed her stomach. Only then did Charlotte relax and tremble. The sound of a low voice permeated into my ears like a spell.

“But I’m not such a thug. I wouldn’t do anything like a father who flaunted his seeds to all kinds of women. We can love again like before. Our icicle lady who came back alive from the ice cave.”

He stretched out his arm and returned the chair to its original position. I let Charlotte sit there, exhausted.

Albert knelt down again. I lightly put Charlotte’s hand on my hand. It was an impeccable escort posture.

“I’ll do anything for you. If I could change your sulky mind. You don’t have to comfort me anymore with the snow or the babbles of the country you used to eat. And when you decide to be the emperor’s companion, I will embrace you. Like in the old castle of the old modem…….”

Albert joked because he felt better about Zeppul.

“Is this place similar to the battle of succession? You used the side room of my bedroom back then. We’ve always been together in the Prince’s residence.”

Charlotte passed Albert’s words blankly. Instead of using energy for absurd remarks, he was conscious of the ornaments on his head.

The headband that Ruslan gave me. The gold rim is sprinkled with freshwater pearls. It was reminiscent of northern coniferous branches, frost and snow.

His matching earrings didn’t ring a bell. What accident did Ruslan have while running away?

No, there is no need to despair at no news. I put off yesterday’s day as security for my life, but today’s Albert would have cleared the search earlier. I wish he had hidden far away than approached dangerously near the Imperial Palace.

Only the hope that Ruslan was safe supported his sanity.

Charlotte barely opened her mouth.

“Albert, you…… you never know what I decided to come back with, why I decided to borrow this body…….”

Albert smiled broadly.

“What are you talking about? I know. It would have been impossible to forget me. Even though I hated you so much, you didn’t come to me.”

He slowly stood up and wrapped Charlotte’s cheeks. My chin was forced to lift as my hands tightened.

“Come on, realize it. Lotte, we’re not supposed to be each other after all. You came back to me instead of finding another life away from getting a new identity at the most. That’s the nature of your grudge. Think about what that emotion might be…….”

Albert’s face grew closer and closer. In anticipation of his kissing, Charlotte tried to twist her face. But I closed my eyes tightly because I was held tight.

Unexpectedly, the hunch was broken.

Albert shouted outwards.

“Is there anyone there?”

The servant opened the door and appeared.

“Did you call me, Your Majesty?”

“Call a man. Prepare a bathtub and new clothes.”

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