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Chapter 21

apturing Albert escaping, Juju managed to hold his breath casually, trying to shoot loudly.

Albert seemed briefly taken aback when he greeted as a ball host.

I couldn’t read the insides exactly. Am I surprised by the beauty of this body, or am I reminiscent of Charlotte as a ghostly connoisseur?Either way, it was difficult to extinguish the fire that burned in the ruins of the heart. The feeling I pressed down under my smile seemed to burn my hair.

However, it was not even the best way to live if he was swept away by emotions and made a mistake.

Juju remained conscious of Albert, pressing down on the emotion in her stomach and passing the moment nonchalantly.

As a result, I definitely felt his eyes coming this way at some point. Then he finally leaves the hall.

You’re gonna take a walk in the garden. I tend to stay alone until I feel better.’

How anxious I was when I was Charlotte to keep up with the sensitivity.

It is true that Albert is the owner of the snow that recognizes that the roadside stones are jewels. In fact, this connection played a major role in his becoming emperor. But sometimes it returned to the mind as poison.

It just so happened that the place was a ballroom, so the conversation we had in the past rang my head.

“Lotte…… I get nervous when I see you dancing. Your steps are so light that I feel like you’re going to leave me as you are one day.」

“Albert, why would you say that? I will never leave. I’ll always be there for you. It’s okay if Albert isn’t the prince!」

I won’t force you to dance with me. I’ll do what Albert likes.

It’s terrible to be hated by Albert. Without Albert, I have nothing left.


Why waste time and waste of mind.

I didn’t even have that kind of regret. As the anger when faced with the face eased, I just thought it was pathetic.

Old affection and memories were scattered together when the knees were broken. Now that I’ve changed my body, it’s completely gone. I couldn’t put it back together just by looking at the face again.

Whatever it is, I’m still thinking about it, Albert.

He is only the ultimate goal, not today’s.

Juju gave Nadia an empty glass. I was going to go to Ruslan and show off my close relationship with that high society.

An old lady approached with a heavy dress over there.

“Ms. Juju, can I call you this?”

Juju recognized her and lifted the hem of her dress.

“Tell me, Countess Meyer. What is your precious business to a humble body?”

“These days, the education level is better than most young children. You should see him because he’s called from the top.”

Juju lowered her head and opened her eyes slightly.

Countess Meyer is also a senior member of the court.

During the long reign of the emperor, the empress changed several times, with a total of six. Meyer had been in the palace since the third empress. By the sixth time Albert had been born, he became a maid of honor.

It was simply the power of the living empress. It was the same until the present day.

Juju walked to the front of the hall with Nadia behind him. I touched my earring and whispered softly to Ruslan.

The empress called me. You don’t have to follow or interfere.

You said it was the first time you met her in person.

The answer came back almost immediately. Juju swallowed a dry saliva.


If I were to set a first goal for today’s ball, this guy.

It’s just unpredictable because we’ve never met, but if it’s new, we know it well.

Batilde, the flowery garnish daughter of Duke Karnstein. Karnstein was a prestigious family that produced a queen from the ancient kingdom, which became the ancestor of the imperial family.Therefore, Batilde was raised from birth to aim for the future empress.

Initially, he was engaged to the son of the First Prince. In fact, the fiance died at a young age. The most likely theory was that it was removed by the hands of the three royal daughters.

After that, there were various marriages along with the family’s circumstances and political landscape. Because of this move, there was a prediction that Albert, who was finally crowned emperor, would choose Batilde as his bride.

Either way or not, Albert eventually chose Karnstein’s ritual as it was traditionally.

The young emperor of twenty-four. Eighteen-year-old young empress, both handsome and beautiful. It was a picture that matched the new beginning of the empire.

Even more so, the wicked woman who hovered around the emperor was trapped in a deep snow cave.

Your Majesty Batilde, I have you on my command.

Countess Meyer stood upright and said.

Batilde was sitting in a long chair by the roof. The most spectacular petticoat in this ballroom filled the seats.

As Juju stepped in front of him, the lady-in-law, who was holding a plate of refreshments, was bitten at once.

Batilde was painting his cheeks with the same color as his fluffy hair.

“Welcome, Count Keitel. We just said hello and didn’t get to talk.”

“……I can’t help but wonder at the call of the Empress.”

“Don’t be so hard on me and come closer. I want to take a closer look at that face.”

The order of the Empress should not have been simply approached.

As Juju knelt down right in front of the chair and sat down in the dress, Batilde unfolded the fan and stared down this way.

It was hard to read the expression when I covered it with a fan. What exactly is the slightly eyed grin intended? Juju quickly calculated what was inside.

Are you trying to give a new socialite the upper hand?’

Then Batilde lowered the fan and smiled brightly.

“That’s amazing. I’ve never seen such a pretty girl in the system.”


Juju opened her eyes wide and blinked.

“I can’t believe you’re so pretty up close. It’s not strange that His Majesty was surprised. Wake up, it’s a beautiful dress and I’m afraid it’ll get dirty.”

In a thoughtful tone, Juju rose slightly dazed.

Batilde was an unlikely opponent. She was more than I expected when I met her in person.

After five years as Empress of the Empire, I thought she would be politically experienced. Smiling and predicting that he knows very well how to bring people to heel.

On the contrary, Juju is a woman who appears to be a commoner and lover of a local aristocrat. I dare to look the empress in the face as a profanity.

But Batilde was smiling so kindly.

Even kindly instructed the maid who was waiting in the back.

“Bring me a chair. Make room for this lady to sit down. I want to talk to you until the end of this music.”

The band continued to play repertoire of dance songs, but now that everyone was tired, they were chatting except for a few pairs.

Juju looked for Ruslan as he sat in a chair carried by the servant. It was very easy to know where he was. I was standing in front of the pillar of the hall, surrounded by more than ten young children.

This side has an unpredictable opponent in front of it, and that side looks comfortable. What the hell are you talking about in front of so many women, Juju whispered, feeling slightly pointed.

What’s so interesting about you?

  • How to grow the northern specialty of maga trees.How can a child be so focused and happy when he or she picks up a story like that? I thought you were reciting some kind of Yeonjung poem.

He focused on the opponent in front of him, thinking that there were all sorts of absurd things. Lady-in-law brought me hot coffee just in time.

Batilde said with a grin.

“Hold the brandy cake, too. It’s common for a girl to lose control of her physical strength at the first ball.”

“I am rather afraid that Her Majesty even thinks of me.”

“If you’re ashamed of your birth, you don’t have to be. You are also the people of the empire, and how can I neglect you?”

Batilde looked benevolently at Juju.

“I don’t really know much about politics, but you must value Count Keitel because you purposely did the ball. Then it is my duty as an empress to honor you, whom the Count has brought.”

Is it her duty as empress?

Juju hid her complicated mind as she cut the cake with a fork.

Batilde is certainly one of the causes of Charlotte’s ruin.

But it was not a sin. Rather, he was a victim who was attacked out of the blue as soon as the decision was made.

You said a gunman showed up on the way back from the palace.’

It is said that he was almost taken by a group of vagrants in the back alley. The imperial knight, who was in charge of security, appeared in time and ended safely thanks to the capture of them.

For such Batilde, Charlotte was the mastermind of the conspiracy, which would have been nothing but a frightening and insane rival.

If Albert had kept Charlotte around instead of eliminating her, it would not have been a positive relationship.

No matter how thoroughly Charlotte drew the line between husband and wife, her very existence itself may have been a pain for Batilde.

I felt a little guilty about deceiving such an opponent by pretending to be someone else.

“So, what should I call your name? Tell me the full name registered in the temple.”

Juju bowed her head quickly.

“The Emperor, Her Majesty. A humble person usually gets this simple name. It’s probably written the same way in the temple register.”

Batilde swallowed the embarrassment unnoticed.

“I’m sorry to ask you a question. I didn’t know because I was indifferent. In charge of state affairs…… to my shame.”

Then he smiled brightly on purpose and changed the subject.

“Then, Juju, how old are you this year?”

“I’m turning eighteen.”

“Ah, I’m old enough to serve you. I am 23 years old this year. Treat me like an older sister, as do other young ladies.”

“Do you mean……?”

Juju tried to read Batilde’s mind for a while but soon gave up.

That word will not be the result of calculation or slander. She grew up in a transparent, clean world and seemed to see crystals made of good faith.

He said he doesn’t know much about politics. Albert would not have shown or asked for anything dirty from Batilde, he would have just treated her clean.

Juju felt sad that she didn’t know where. It was not only because he was falsely accused instead of Albert.

“Your majesty has no grace. Do you mind if I speak to you like a brother?”

There was a momentary calculation not to lose Batilde’s temporary interest. This time, I felt ridiculously evil to use it as planned.

Batilde opened his eyes wide to the unexpected suggestion.


“You don’t know how the local common people live. There will be many interesting stories to Her Majesty. If you dare to give me the honor of drinking tea in the afternoon sun, I’d like to tell you many things.”

“Oh, my God, that’s a great idea! Sooner or later, the flowers will bloom in the sponsorship……. Meyer, what’s my schedule in the future?”Batilde talked to the old lady with sparkling eyes like the girl who received the new doll as a gift. Looking at it, Juju closed her lips.

Albert used the Batilde to remove Charlotte. Now I feel like I’m doing the same thing.

We need to be close to each other to minimize our misfortunes.’

The mere fact that there is an exchange with the empress gains influence not only in society but also in the court. If you become intimate, you may be granted authority.

Finally, he intended to approach the inner privacy under the phenomenon of no consequences.

To cleanse the grudge of revenge, Batilde cannot bear Albert’s child.


You’ll see, Albert. I don’t just take my life from you.’

If there’s even a tiny crack in that couple, that’s the start.

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