Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 211

All the women who came under orders were flatulent. It was obvious that he had chosen a maid who was doing chores instead of a regular court maid.

If it were Charlotte, he wouldn’t care about her physique. However, it was hard now that he couldn’t use his aura due to his blood loss. No matter how hard I’ve been, I couldn’t beat my thin-born frame and heavy weight.

The half-torn gown and underwear were all peeled off. Charlotte got into a bathtub prepared in the room. With arms held on both sides, he was wiped with foam on the sponge.Albert sat over there and watched it leisurely.

Feeling his gaze, Charlotte bit his lower lip. You shouldn’t lose a sense of passion to show your naked body. But I didn’t want to make eye contact, so I just looked down at the bubble.

“I left the bathroom for use.”

“You’re in trouble if you have a ladder. Would Jim put anyone who serves the imperial family in danger?”

It was as if Charlotte would push them and escape if she had the chance. I would have tried it in real life.

“You’ll have to get used to it. You know, the Emperor doesn’t have any privacy. Everyone even knows what date the marital relationship took place.”

Another absurd remark. Charlotte decided not to answer at all.

I gave my eye to the accessory on the table. The maid was forced to take it off earlier. If he made a fuss about not wanting to take it off, he would be suspected of being suspicious.

I hope Ruslan didn’t send the whole note at this moment.

Outside the window, it’s dark before I know it. I turned on the gas lamp inside. The sponge rubbed the top of the brightly exposed chest.


Albert supported his head with his left hand. The move is aimed at clearing up the mess in front of her.

I can clearly see the body that I always guessed over my clothes. Even the pretty color and shape of the oil painting almost matched the daydream.

Clear and white skin. A chest full of man’s hand touching. A slender waist with a non-poor thigh and straight calf.

Unknowingly, I dug up and compared it to the body that had been tamed in the past.

I used to be a little taller. The tight legs made it feel special. It was brown over there…I used to love counting freckles on my shoulders.’

Too bad it’s too clean. It’s a body that’s going to work for any man, but when I took it off, I noticed the difference first. It helped to consciously curb lust.

Fortunately, I didn’t find any new damn particles. Albert became cheerful when he realized the fact.

“I guess he hasn’t been sucking it lately.”


“Well, that’s what a kid does. Crazy about the beauty shell…I can see the level of taking my step sister to the maid. The Grand Duke, who was pretending to be honest, couldn’t help his child.”

Albert was determined to be that way at all. Where can we procure the body to mobilize for such uncertain tactics? Count Keitel would have picked up an easygoing figure and caved in to his position and penis.

“A woman as big as you, leaning on the lust of a fallen seed to soothe her loneliness. It’s very unpleasant. But I’m not going to be narrow-minded. I haven’t been trying too hard. I’ve learned painfully that you’re the only one I can’t live without.”

I want to hug you right away.

I want to defeat those maidens and put them in bed wet with water-water. I want to experience the expression of being shy but accepting the lewd request, the way he calls Albert in a dizzying way, and the habit of hugging him with trembling. Looking back on that time, my lovely heart filled itself.

But Charlotte is still sulking and shut up.

This will only leave a lingering feeling of being forced to hug. How can I soothe my heart and melt it?

Albert changed the direction of the Foggain Bridge. Meanwhile Charlotte was turning around and wiping the back of her body. Looking at the curve of the fruit-like hip, I found a strange excitement.

“There will never be such a fresh reunion.”

Wouldn’t it be God’s intention for Charlotte to come back with a new body? In that sense, the reprehensible heart of the count seemed to be lost.The bath is over. The maids removed the bathtub and dressed Charlotte in a new outfit that they had prepared. It was a dress with wild flower patterns on a mint-colored background.

Only then did Charlotte react.

“Don’t tell me this pattern.”

“It’s a restoration of past memories.”

Albert replied, reciting a poem.

“When was it? When I heard about my stay in the castle, Mo-fu sent down the small clothes of my six princesses. You said it was a present for you, my companion. It actually came off in less than a day.”

Charlotte also vaguely remembered. At that time, the Viscountess Moden took the clothes. Afraid of any gossip in a small province. She was afraid that her stepdaughter would wear a yellow girl’s dress and have an unexpected wind.

The next day Charlotte wept in Albert’s arms. It was a pretty outfit. It looked good on you. She must have taken it away because she was not her own daughter. You said you wanted to get out of this house.

Indeed, Charlotte had forgotten about it until now. Turning back was aching in my throat. I didn’t know how my stepmother felt at that age.

Albert has remembered it all this time. With nostalgic and beautiful memories. Like the color of a dress that’s similar to that time.

“I didn’t tell you. You can’t turn back time, but you can turn back mistakes. Anything you missed, anything you wanted, anything will be filled from now on. Jim is the Emperor of the Empire.”

After speaking, Albert got up and approached the table. Charlotte was about to be stopped because she was sagging.

Albert picked up the headband. I swept my earrings and dropped them on the floor. Before Charlotte could rush in, the heels of her shoes pounded on her earrings. The headband was bent in his hand.

He was smiling, but he was cool.

“You don’t look good in the trinkets outside the palace.”

“Ears, hangers……!”

“The great gold and treasure of the continent will be yours. What is this? You’ll get a much better one from now on. We should wear what suits our Emperor’s companion.”

Charlotte looked hard at the broken headband. Suddenly, a large amount of inhalation filled my body, so I was in front of my eyes.

It was a gift from Ruslan. It was much better than the empty pearl crown. The earrings scattered on the floor were crushed apart. I can’t even put it in my ear.

Clenched his fist. He glared at Albert with spiteful eyes. I chewed up the grudge as much as I could and spit it out.

“I’ll give it to you…” Do you think so?”

Albert was expressionless many times. Charlotte poured into him.

“Just get it. I’m going to destroy everything you do! Albert, I much prefer the stone that Ruslan gives you than the jewel you give me. It’ll be worth a lot more!”

Albert curled her waist instead of arguing. Instinctively defensive, she shook once and roared low.

“You still don’t know how I feel. But you’re not the only one who doesn’t know what life is.”

He grabbed Charlotte by the arm. I made eye contact.

“Don’t forget, your location is a captured insider. Will the Grandmother really have nothing to do with the fallen seed? It is also time to find out what the empress has been told by you since last year. Manguk weightlifting is definitely a target for wiping out, and the lives associated with two women will be lost one after another, so watch your mouth.”

Charlotte gritted her teeth. Knowing that the momentum had subsided, Albert quickly uttered.

“If even one person is to be treated nicely, he or she has to cooperate. Cool your head and look back on yourself. Before I make up my mind to force you to realize…….”He handed over Charlotte to the maid. Then he walked out of the door with unstoppable steps.

“Brush your hair and give me dinner. If he doesn’t eat, you’ll be responsible.”

The maids, who were ordered, grumbled their heads.

Albert cooled his emotions with the chill of the aisle. He also turned away with the intention of a warm bath.

‘Dead country boy…….’

What’s the point of being picky? The seed who lay flat and peeped at the opportunity. The thought of charlotte being possessed by a trickle of candy, as the son did to himself, soared.

‘Don’t be ridiculous. I’ve known Lotte since I was ten years old. You think I don’t know how she felt? He would have filled my hunger like a child’s snack……!’

You should think so, or you’ll go crazy.

Too bad Charlotte is giving her heart to another man. I can’t believe Albert showed his face and habit to others.

After all, he had no affection for Batilde. But Charlotte loves another man. He begged the penis like a prodigy.

Just imagining it broke my heart. Albert said he was sick, and Dutt thickly applied the ointment “justification” on his mind.

That can’t be the case. Sooner or later, Charlotte will realize. No matter how much she hated it, Albert was at the heart of her life, and it was a qualitatively different relationship from the other four…….

Helga approached him as he was about to enter the bath.

Albert listened to the report, letting the servant undress.

“All the knights and security forces were mobilized for the search, but no clear results have been made yet. The atmosphere in the city is chaotic, too. First of all, all the city gates were closed to prevent the weightlifting from escaping to the suburbs. I’ve increased my security.”

“That’s enough. Instead, fight back and promote the need for the people’s cooperation.”

Helga leaned over. He seemed to bear the pain from the fight the previous day. Albert asked the question without even caring.

“What’s he been up to?”

“It’s normal. Not yet.….”

“I’ll hit you for the chance, so first, turn a blind eye to it and crack down on discipline.

Helga understood and walked away.

The subject of the conversation just now was Philippe.

“No matter which male such a woman is attached to, it’s a loss to Jim to take a new ten.”’

A well-balanced frame and tightly knit muscles were revealed. King Sijong carefully put a bathrobe on the emperor’s body. Albert headed for the bath without closing his eyes.

“If we split up, we’d have to keep it clean. But the position is now up to Lotte. To raise her status as a maid to the empress, it’s not just an empty seat…….’

Albert immersed himself in the hot water and fell into thought. I searched the inside of the court in my head. The Minister of State for the Palace, who oversees the servants in the background right now. Northern Commander under the Grand Duchess. Forest national green management position recommended by the count. And the other ones who had their heads crossed when the empress returned to the palace…….

Circle, the court is full of poisonous mushrooms!

This is what happened when Count Keitel came here. Albert appointed him with his own intentions. Although he thought he was carefully monitoring and wary, the fallen seed gradually filled his surroundings with his officials as if he were spreading toxins.

I can’t trust anyone either. I can’t trust the court, the army, the Knights, the top and the temple, the woman named the wife, and the servant girl of blood. You never know when you’re going to abandon yourself and threaten yourself.

The curse of ruin was an illusion created by Albert to create public opinion. But the past misfortune was all true, and Count Keitel was to blame. I was furious to be swayed by Ippeniya’s tricks.’That’s enough, though.’

Albert took a deep breath.

‘Tis enough to turn anything back.’

It’s different from the days of modems. I’ve become more skillful than I was then.

And the Emperor of the Empire. There are still many people who will kneel just by sitting on the roof and using storage.

Let’s start a drastic cleaning.

Of course, the list includes the current Empress Batilde.

The curse of destruction is false, but terrorism is real. Threats do exist frequently. How dare the Minister Naburi and Privy Council do to the Emperor?’

Let’s say you die right now. There is no successor to replace. The most likely one is Dorothea. Will other abdominal regions be in a hurry to set up a girl who did not even attend the coming-of-age ceremony? How can a chaotic empire run its course.

I was sure it wouldn’t be easy for you to do anything your way.

Thanks to that, Charlotte was back in possession.

Everything can be reversed. As long as it’s Charlotte, it’s no problem. I was confident that I could make up for all my misfortunes and mistakes so far.

There is absolute dance in her. He was also experienced through the succession battle.

First of all, she was innocent from an early age. For Albert’s sake, he didn’t hesitate to hang his sister.

There’s no one in the world I can trust as much. If you get it, you’ll be able to control the country.’

The blindness was frightened and burdensome and left unattended once, but she returned to Albert’s men.

Just in time for a new status, a lowly Southern maid. The owner of a tax-saving beauty. Even if one washes one’s identity, the past sticks. This combination can be a myth enough for the people who make up the absolute majority of the continent’s population.

As a romance of the century. Or as an interesting gossip. It is possible to appease the southern part of the country, float the northern part of its life, and impress the east and west with its status and appearance.

Albert smiled secretly.

As expected, he is looking down at a much larger plate than a mere brat.

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