Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 220

Hearing the question, Ruslan suddenly became silent.

Suddenly, it became frighteningly quiet, and Dorothea was rattled.

As a young woman, I couldn’t imagine the feelings of her stepbrother. In fact, I didn’t even know how to interpret the current situation.

I knew what men and women could do. It was to the extent of knowledge. Specifically, what emotions come and go was an unknown area.

So, relying on the explanation of the maid Linde, I only imagined it opaque. Linde waved, saying it was gross. You said the Emperor would be hurting Juju’s body every day.

To her, the emperor was a very old adult. It was a difficult relative to please. It was the enemy that caused my mother’s death.

It was very sad to think that Juju was stuck in the sedimentation of such a man. Before questioning her identity, homogeneity of pain preceded.

I think Ruslan feels the same way. Dorothea added with only naive speculation.

“I met him once. On the outside, he told me not to care about it’s…… I think you actually wanted to tell me to get out of here.”

Ruslan was still silent.

Dorothea felt even more unusual. I thought you’d at least say hello to me if I said so far. Even if it’s about whether your face is doing well or if your entrance was okay.

Rather than bringing it up, Ruslan pushed his hair back from the side by side. Dorothea can’t even get a good glimpse of his face.

It got a little stuffy. If this happens, I felt determined to solve even the long-held questions.

“I mean, that’s why I’m talking about the juju. What did Ruslan do?”

Ruslan then reacted a little. Dorothea poured again.

“I know what kind of girl she is in the world. He’s been with me ever since I brought him from the South. I’ve heard a lot about his parents.”

A poor peasant couple with no characteristics Juju recalled that I was born in an old little farmhouse. I heard that there were many things you didn’t like since you were young because of your beautiful features.

Though the impression has faded now, Dorothea clearly remembered the former Juju. It was a girl who always spoke friendly language. A girl who didn’t know how to speak up, let alone have a temper.”Madam, I would have been happy if I didn’t have this face. I wish I had been born strong. I heard the knights of the system use that skill.」

Was it the result of achieving such a wish to wear an aura? There was a time when I wondered if Ruslan was teaching me to live.

But is it just that?

Juju’s life could not have been more obvious. But from some point on, the name of a person who has nothing to do with her keeps being mentioned. Is it really a coincidence?

“The Emperor said he’d call Juju a different name.”

Dorothea looked directly at Ruslan.

“He’s not the juju I know.”

Ruslan looked down at Dorothea from the hair removal.

The girl is already full of confidence. It seemed useless to back out late. On the contrary, she would be angry, calling it evidence of distrust in her sister.

Anyway, the emperor realized who she was. It was also inefficient to be in a hurry to protect the helpless secrets.

Ruslan finally nodded.

“You’re right.”

My fingers scratched the back of my hand.

“Dora, the contents of her you’re looking at have long been changed to others. She used to be called a bitch.”

Dorothea swallowed a short breath.

“And the fact that Charlotte kept coming up…Is that magic too?”

“Magic to carry the soul. The eternal will that the Emperor has been looking for.”

Ruslan briefly explained the circumstances.

It was a very short story to sum up. Decided to join her in revenge, trapped in a brain cell. Juju drank poison as planned in advance. She was taken out of the brain cage, opened a long-sealed taboo and carried her soul.

And so far, we’ve been acting like lovers and we’ve been acting together.

That’s all. All the emotions that were flowing between were not to be revealed to my sister. With the sentiment cut out and the dry truth left, it was as if the relationship had been only that close from the beginning.

There was a wave of passion.

Ruslan pushed it down. My sister is a girl who has a mountain of tasks to overcome on her own. I couldn’t make my brother nervous.

There was nothing I could do but pretend it was nothing. Ruslan continued dryly.

“She asked me to hide it for the rest of my life. You’ll be sad if you know the truth. It’s no use now.”

Dorothea moaned briefly.

There was definitely a sense of change in people. But there was also hope that it might be an exaggerated speculation.

It was a perfect fact. Even the idea of carrying the soul went beyond her imagination. My heart fluttered with stories like supernatural phenomena.

“Then, Juju. The kid I used to love, where is he?”

Ruslan replied in a low.

“Somewhere in her. I don’t even know exactly how. The mixture of souls led to Charlotte’s memory, so I guess it was brought together.”

There was still a mystery left. Is Juju’s own will alive? If alive, is it reflected in Charlotte.

At least Charlotte herself said she didn’t feel anything. If you feel that way, the individual of the juju may be virtually extinct. Ruslan was guessing so at the moment.

But you don’t have to tell Dorothea this far.

Even so, the girl was shocked. I washed my lips to control my mind. Then I finally came to a conclusion.

“I see. Juju did that for me and my mother.… and he, too, for me…Well, that was your brother and her last overprotective.”

Ruslan asked with a somber face.

“Do you think we did something useless?””Yes.”

Dorothea answered at once.

“But I know how you feel. That it was such a big secret. The reason why the emperor took her to the sediment.”


Ruslan lowered his chin to hide his gruesome look.

Dorothea did not notice his change. However, I searched inside the shawl because I thought of something.

“Anyway, I owe her many times, too. It was very different from the real juju, but I gave her advice.”

Dorothea took out only one glove and handed it to Ruslan.

“He gave it to me. This is Ruslan, right?

Ruslan took the gloves. It was quickly recognizable. Matching—he wore gloves on his bare hands and squeezed a nonchalant tone.

“I thought I’d lost it.”

“Maybe he had it somehow. I’m done delivering it, so I’m going to get up. I’ve seen enough of how you live.”

Dorothea finally stood up.

Ruslan went ahead and opened the door. I went down the stairs to see him off myself.

It was drizzling outside. Linde ran over there to get an umbrella. In the meantime, Dorothea stood by the exterior wall of the roof and asked.

“Do you want to come with me now?”

Ruslan’s gaze returned this way from the end of the roof. He slightly spread the uniform on his shoulder to prevent rain from coming in.

“It’s going to be hard to keep hiding in a place like this. If you’re my brother, you’ll soon be able to take the initiative in your faction.”

“Dora, it’s too bad to go.”

Ruslan replied succinctly.

“If I step in there, they’ll say you’re the shadow emperor. Some may break away after judging that they are giving up the empire to Ippeniah. That wouldn’t make it work.”

“However, how long have you been…….”

“It’s not like it’s ever gonna happen.”

Uprising and death, which can be interpreted either way. Dorothea was inadvertently disturbed.

Ruslan, on the other hand, smiled resolutely. The hem of the uniform hung over Dorothea’s head.

“Dora, I’m a mediator to the core.”


“In other words, it means it’s not either way. Now that I have an enemy in the Grand House, I am neither a complete Prince of Ippenia nor an Imperial nobleman.”

Ruslan lowered his magical brown eyes. The reflection light in the rain puddle grew on his eyes.

“Give me a cry when you get the foundation of a faction that follows you. I like it when I show up. You, the Red Lady of Licht, are the next emperor to welcome Ipeniya.”

“That means Ruslan is the representative of Ippeniah, right?”

“I told you, I’m a mediator. The representative is a different person. I just need a bridge between the two forces. We’ve already launched a duke to get him done.”

Ruslan muttered the last sentence quietly. He briefly went back on his plans and then told Dorothea.

“Dora, I’m telling you, Your Highness…… I thought I had nothing to do but avenge my mother. I think I know what he means now.”

“What do you mean, my mom told my brother…….”

Dorothea asked without readily understanding. I knew how he first appeared on the Great Wall. I didn’t bring him here because he was a minor. I thought it was just charity.

By the way, Ruslan had only an unexpected smile.

“I have a Semyon, and I’ve been guarding the villa alone since my mother returned. I wouldn’t have complained if the Grand Duke had sent me out to live on his own. Nevertheless, he managed to raise me. I think I know what that means.”The ideal of good faith.

Take care of your daughter instead of yourself. The assumption that it contained a much deeper and wider meaning than such a personal request spread to Ruslan’s mind.

She would have foreseen a moment like this one day. Ruslan would have hoped that one life he saved would be the breakwater of Jun-dong, which was boiling with force majeure.

Dorothea had a puzzled look on her face. She didn’t fully know how far her stepbrother was planning to go. But having read clearly that his will was determined, he nodded.

“Okay. Bye, brother. See you later.”

“This side will also send you candy gifts when the Duke is done. We’ll have to set up a meeting around then.”

Dorothea left the roof saying yes. Linde was waiting for her with an umbrella open. As we walked out of the alley, the conversation was mixed with the sound of rain.

“And you’re in trouble, too. If I had known, I would have sent her north with Jofi.”

“Yeah? What do you mean, miss? If I don’t serve you, someone will!”

“There’s a better way to get ahead than this world.”

“That’s enough, I’m going to get stuck with a dead girl, considering who’s in trouble…….”

A wagon rolled over there and took them away. Ruslan even checked it out and returned to the attic.

I took the gloves I got back from my hand and held them tight. As soon as I closed the door, I leaned back and slipped. I sat down and hugged my gloves on my chest.

“Charles, Lote…….”

Even putting the name on the tip of the tongue was careful, so the end pronunciation was broken by breathing.

What hardship is she going through deep in the Imperial Palace. Ruslan wasn’t completely unaware either. There was a rumor that several people said. But it seems to be a sin to even think about it hastily…….

Meanwhile, she kept my stuff and handed it over to me. What was in this glove, Ruslan dared not measure.

Only a sense of guilt dominated the heart.

The fact that I’m here, leaving her alone. The shamelessness of eroding in a safe place by oneself.

I suddenly know where she is. Nevertheless, I resented the weakness of not being able to invade immediately.

I want to run right now. I want to keep her in my eyes even if I have a grudge to stab her with a spear knife. If only I could grab the hem of my clothes. If you can remove the pressure from her, it doesn’t matter if this body breaks down on the spot.

My head quickly heated up when I thought of it like that. The eyes were wet as if they were emitting coolant.

But it didn’t just fall over and cry. It wasn’t long before he stood up.

Hang in there, Ruslanid, you don’t deserve to cry. You shouldn’t think of harsh environments as hardships.

She endured worse hell for years, and at worst she expressed her will. What’s the point of being alone in appreciation?

He opened the narrow window wide open. There was supposed to be a tangent. Reading the flickering light from the small window of the waste building across, I brought this lamp. I sent a signal by turning it on and off.

The Duke has already begun.

The most desperate shot to impeach an emperor. He decided to take out what was abandoned on the black floor over there.

* * *

The next afternoon, Elise, who was about to visit the Archbishop’s residence, was held captive. The man quietly approached and crossed his arms out of the blue. Whisper to the frightened Elysee.

“Oh, you don’t know my face.”

Only then did Liriya take off her hair towel.

“I’m here to get back the raincoat I lent you then.”

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