Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 212

“Dessert’s over. Take it.”

Charlotte put the tableware down.

The maid rolled her eyes. The main dish is completely empty, but the dessert, Marmelo jelly, remains untouched. He seemed to be at a loss to step down.

“I don’t even want to eat sweets. I didn’t starve, so that’s fine. Leave me alone.”

The maids said they only knew and bit the dishes. I could hear us whispering among ourselves.

Charlotte recalled the headband and earrings that had been on this table before.

Drinking cold water didn’t calm my stomach. I went to bed and fell flat on my stomach. Mumbled, with his face buried in a sheet.

“Thank you for the meal. It’s a loss to starve……. I, will eat well…….”

Stupid Albert, a maid is responsible for starving. I guess he thought he’d go on a hunger strike. Did the priest of Iphenya resist like that?

You’re welcome. If you starve, you lose energy. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but health is essential to grasp the faint possibilities.

You must eat even loose food and sleep in uncomfortable situations. Charlotte has been keenly taught about it in a brain cell. It’s foolish of you to refuse to eat just because you feel bad.

‘The maidens, you’re not leaving like this.’

There was a sound of locking the door from outside earlier. They’ll be on standby periodically, changing personnel. There was also a sign of servants and guards coming and going in the aisle.

The railing is dizzying to sneak out the window. In the past, I would have jumped at once, but now it’s a matter of life if I slip wrong. Muscle injuries like Helga won’t end.

I felt my power failure.

Albert’s mucus was still powerful. It is as if the body was locked by external shocks. Charlotte alone, however hard she tried, would not open it.”I’m ready, but…….”

What shall we do?

The purpose of driving Ruslan away has been achieved. After being caught, I was at a loss for work.

Until the search was suspended in exchange for his life, he intended to spit and laugh at Albert to his heart’s content. He was prepared to endure intense interrogation and torture.

But instead of bothering Charlotte, he decided to play house. Let’s go back to the past I broke and start over from the beginning.

He even broke his earring. The reality that the whole tone was out of tune struck Charlotte’s throat. I thought it was a waste of energy, but my tears were a little empty.

“Luslan, Ruslan…….”

I’m sure he’s fine. I’m sure he’s hiding somewhere.

It’s all because of Charlotte. She hesitated for a moment before the qualitative completion of revenge. If I had killed Jonathan at once and fled, I wouldn’t have been caught up in Helga’s attack. Ruslan must have been bitten when he heard the message that he had left the scene.

But it’s all already happened. From now on, it’s entirely up to you. It’s about deciding how to do it.

The fate of Dorothea and Batilde depends on Charlotte’s actions. Not even two people should be harmed because of me.

I’ve already suspended the search with my life. The next thing you can bet.’

I wonder if it’s up to him.

If you pretend to respond to Albert’s mischievous play at home. Maybe you can save two people at your own expense.

What do you think, Juju?’

I talked to a girl somewhere in here.

From the beginning, she took revenge at the risk of beauty.

Wasn’t Charlotte Albert’s lover anyway? In addition, death is a rotten body. It’s no use treating chastity like gold. It became confusing that the soul, not anything else, was wasting the optimal tool for resolving men’s doubts and conciliating them.

Then it was good to know what to do. I’ll sacrifice this whole body to beg for prostitution.

First, I offer Albert a deal. I offer conditions to ensure the safety of Dorothea and Batilde. The price is, of course, this body and soul.

Will Albert say yes? Or I’ll say no. Whatever it is, he wants Charlotte. No matter how many times you push and pull, it will eventually demand a relationship.

Charlotte obediently follows. Albert becomes defenseless in bed. If you hide one pin, you can stab him in his sleep.

Then Dorothea took control of the court, and this was resolved…….

‘……no way. It can’t be this easy.’

The simulation war in my head ended in vain.

I was wrong from the beginning. There is no way to let a woman who will lie with the emperor hide anything. Lady-in-law will examine the insides of her penis and put it in her bed.

It is also a long way from realizing the method of covering up a pillow and killing it. Albert handles the sword to some extent. The ideal form as a man is also physique. It’s easy to fall on the road behind in force.

First of all, revenge is not over by killing.

There is a problem of cleaning up. Ruslan’s territory. He always managed to patch up the invisible parts. Charlotte now doesn’t have him.

Suppose you happen to succeed in killing Albert. Charlotte will immediately be punished for committing the assassination of the emperor on the spot. It’s definitely the death penalty.

Albert will be sympathized with the Screaming Emperor. Since I ended my life unfairly because I got caught by a wrong woman, I will be glorified and left in history.

And now Ruslan has not regained his honour, falling into the hands of the weightlifting. There is no guarantee that everything will be alright if Dorothea, his sister, is crowned in this situation. It will only lead to a new tragedy if he ascends to the emperor while his right to speak is weakened.Charlotte took a wet breath.

If Juju had answered anything, he would have been willing. Opinions were not heard, perhaps because the souls were mixed together.

She was really alone.

“Sorry, Ruslan. I guess I can’t do anything by myself…….”

How reliable was his magic trick. With him, no matter what the fuss was, I wasn’t afraid of the aftermath. Ruslan always managed to patch things up neatly and support her.

Even the body, which can freely perform, was given by Ruslan.

I’m not the one who lost him. A woman with no power or strategy. The sense of helplessness that he shook off even when he was overpowered by Albert suddenly hit Charlotte.

I cried for a while. I let off my sorrow and got myself up.

“But you still have to live.”

It’s sunny here. The meal is coming out. The bed is warm, too.

It’s an extravagant environment to be lethargic. The ice encephalus was even more terrible.

Yes, this body is still intact. Albert only disabled Charlotte by locking her power failure. Mindful of what happened before, I didn’t ruin my veins. There was plenty of room for recovery.

“I’ll hang in there. I’ll always have a chance. I’m not dying here. I’m going to get out of here…….”

Albert wants to win Charlotte’s heart. As long as he puts his love into his mouth, he won’t be in a hurry to spoil it.

Then Charlotte still had an emotional advantage over him.

I can stand it. It’s not different from before. Charlotte knew Albert was confused watching Juju. I’ve learned how to shake a man without opening my heart.

I believe in Ruslan. He’s not the man to end up here. Be sure to pull a stunt one day.

Then Charlotte should not give up either. It is much more beneficial to adapt to this life than to become lethargic in tears. So that I can get out of here one day if I get a chance.


I took out the gloves that I had hidden under the pillow. I grabbed it tightly and put it on my chest.

There’ll be rumors outside the palace.’

A beautiful woman trapped in the emperor’s bedroom. That’s obvious. I wonder how much she’s already talking about, including the maid. In 15 days’ time, rumors that Count Keitel’s son was adopted by the Emperor may really spread.

What would Ruslan think after hearing that.

…it’s strange not to be disturbed.

The imperial palace is deep and wide, making it difficult to grasp the whole story from the inside. Even more, outside the palace, you can only peek around the corner. I don’t think Charlotte will fully believe it if she gets away with it. The seeds of anxiety will stick to the end.

Ruslan said he had a crush on her. A man like white snow claimed to be a madman for Charlotte. He believes that Charlotte will not be disappointed or despised, as she approached and comforted whenever she was in the dark.

I’m sure you do – but can you even grieve?

If Charlotte’s existence itself stimulates his horrendous imagination. If facing each other turns into pain.

Even if he holds out by chance, other people’s eyes will not be left alone. This is different from being seriously injured by phonetics or nudity. Charlotte’s prediction came to the point where the mere fact that she was around would defile Ruslan.

It’s far away.

Charlotte closed her eyes down. I let the last drop flow.

‘It’s okay. You said you’d leave once revenge was over. You just have to think that nothing has changed.’

For a very short time, I imagined having a relationship with the man and achieving a normal life.

For the crow, it was a dream too good from the beginning. Let’s leave it as a sweet dream for a moment.She took off her gloves and put them under her pillow. He approached the mirror and tapped his cheeks swollen with tears. As soon as I came to my senses, my messy hair caught my eye.

“I miss Nadia. Did Angela avoid it well?”

I let it go completely.

“He combed his hair like an idiot.”

* * *

Ruslan came into contact with Nadia near midnight. They were supposed to meet at a dock near the building where Ippeniya was buried.

Nadia was with Angela. He hid his colors around the raincoat.

“I’m glad you’re both safe.”

Ruslan hid in the shade like a black nail and spoke to him. Semyon was on the lookout over there.

Nadia just nodded silently. Angela replied consciously brightly.

“We’re all experienced here, so it’s no big deal to hide from the security forces. I was worried about the Earl. You seem to be doing well.”

“……it’s a situation I shouldn’t get along with.”

Ruslan cut it short. He continued his words in a businesslike manner.

“You know the status. Lady is in the palace. That’s what my sister managed to tell me in her stovepipe she managed to deliver.”

At dusk in the evening, he sneaked near the palace and tried to prelude himself. No reply was returned, but the sister’s correspondence was obtained.

It is said that he went through several steps based on the guards he had captured in advance. But Dorothea was also under pension. There was not enough hands to grasp the status of the girl trapped in the emperor’s bedroom.

“Then why don’t I just voluntarily report it?”

Angela asked calmly.

“I heard the Lord was bloodstained. The body has no history of clinical trials anyway. We don’t know what will happen. Wouldn’t it be better for me to go in and take care of the Lord than to leave him alone in the palace?”

“I, for one, am eager to offer the same.”

Ruslan put it bluntly.

“You’ve already been hiding from the Emperor once. I’ve been locked in a mansion and haven’t seen the emperor, but I don’t know what’s going to happen if I show my presence. If he suspects the connection with this side and cuts it with a single stroke, there’s no turning back.”

“I’m sure there’s a risk…….”

“Don’t burn your life to the ground. I have a favor to ask you.”

Ruslan spoke quickly.

“You remember Obenhappen. Eastern port, where they were secluded for a long time. First of all, try to take refuge there. And I need you to look for something.”


“That’s what you’ve always been wary of, staying there.”

Angela briefly looked back on the past. After a while, I understood what it meant and nodded.

“Okay, I’ll give you revenge. I’m sure they’ll arrange the payment.”

“Give the mayor my name. That’s where I got the props I used for the engagement play. Then there’s the money scattered in advance. Hurry up, there’s a time lag in the east.”

“The road is blocked, so there’s a lot of traffic. What about traffic?

“The flowing river is unstoppable.”

Ruslan pointed his head at the river.

“There will be a boat here at dawn. You just need to pack up and join them. The masters know how to avoid the patrol ship. They say it’s the route that Ippeniya used to steal their comrades.”

Angela understood the whole thing and nodded. Ruslan looked back at Nadia.

“You can take your mother and take refuge. I’ll find you a seat in the suburbs.”

Nadia hesitated for a moment and spoke out carefully.

“May I ask you a question?””Tell me.”

“After all, you’re not really nineteen, are you?”

Angela moaned softly. Ruslan was silent for a while before answering.

“Your guess would be right.”

Nadia let out a sigh and clasped the front of her raincoat.

“I’ll go with you.”

“Oh, with me?”

“My mother is fine. You have an older sister, and it’s not her first time. It would be better than going a long way with your body alone, and…….”

After some hesitation, she finally declared.

“I don’t want to be swept away like I was then.”

Ruslan nodded heavily.

“I’ll cover my travel expenses as much as I can.”

“It’s okay, I brought my share when I shared the silverware of the mansion with my employees.”

“That’s the cost so far. It’s better to keep it. Then let’s say two people leave at dawn.”

The two said yes. It was scattered across the street.

Ruslan clasped the cape with his glovey hands. My heart ached. Semyon helped to get up by the skin of his teeth.


Ruslan gasped wildly. Staring into the air without a word.

Semyon, who discovered the expression, was stunned. The old man has taken care of him since he was a baby. Nevertheless, it is the first time that I have seen such a dried and rustled figure. The fear that something big would happen if left alone happened.

“Get some rest first. It’s not something that can be solved just by being in a hurry. If you’re nervous, your body will be damaged. I think you’d want to be blessed with the care of the young master.

Ruslan, who was listening, took a breath and straightened his posture. It was obvious that the old man was trying to make up his mind before his worries intensified.

I want to collapse if I can. If you go crazy and cry to your heart’s content, you’ll feel at ease.

A sense of self-doubt occurred like a seizure. After all, she was an incredible man to the end. I was so ugly and pathetic that I created this point, I pressed down on the urge to resent.

“She’s over there she is.”

Ruslan looked far away at the palace.

“He’s enduring hell, and I’m not the only one who’s comfortable…….”

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