Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 213

No matter how Albert ordered silence, he could not completely shut a man’s mouth. Rumors were well known in the court from the day after Charlotte was captured. Count Keitel’s Chonghui was caught in the disturbance of Daishinjeon.

Empress Batilde was, among other things, the last to hear the rumor.

As usual, she, who had been patient with playing instruments, secretly received a report.

“……what kind of hideous sound is that? The Emperor sat with Juju in his bedroom?”

The knight who secretly spread rumors was the shortest-serving newcomer. She also continued to report a series of events, showing signs of difficulty in digesting them.

“Your Majesty, I am embarrassed, but the court is already rumored. Your Majesty has taken Count Keitel’s Chonghui to the bedroom room.”

“When on earth did that start?”

“It’s already been a few days. They don’t even have a maid approaching them, they take a random worker to wait on them. The servants kept hush hush hush hush hush hush hush hush hush hush hush hush hush hush hush hush hush

As time went by, Batilde, who was listening, tried to get up in a hurry and missed the half-string. The splashed string on my nails broke and left a scratch on my finger. The lady-in-law, who saw blood, shouted in surprise.

“Your Majesty!”

“No, it’s not the time to care about this……. Military forces have surrounded here recently to guard against curses, but because of that history…….”

I knew the atmosphere had become strange.

Ippeniya’s remnants pointed to Daishin as a terrorist target. Instead, it was the reason to rescue our religious leader who was caught before. The damage to the building was heavy, and the archbishop was seriously injured.The news was also reported to the Imperial Palace on an official route so far.

Batilde reasoned in his own way when he heard the news. Perhaps Count Keitel secretly pandered to the remnants. Because he said he was a descendant of Ippeniah. Juju may have played a part in destroying the archbishop.

Beyond that, it was impossible to get a good grip on the situation.

This is because the guidelines for increasing the number of Army units have been dropped. Since the damage caused by weightlifting was severe before Daishin, it was in the name of the imperial palace that preemptive defense was necessary.

Troops surrounded the palace in layers and began to reside.

The Imperial Palace is a space that is far from the original palace. Whatever the fuss was outside, the Imperial Palace was as calm as a glass garden. With the addition of the eyes of the army, Batilde’s movements narrowed.

It was not possible to move the person planted in the court palace. Moreover, if Juju was involved in this case, it was best for Batilde to keep a low profile.

The two had deliberately cut off communication since the palace disturbance. This is to avoid giving room for gossip.

It was even more dangerous right after such a big incident. There is a high possibility that he will step on his tail if he moves incorrectly. It could have hindered the maneuvering of the case.

Also, we don’t know when the empress will be brought up. Even a decent position would help a little. Batilde therefore needed to defend the Imperial Palace until the divorce was completely established.

She was enduring the ominous atmosphere in her own way. The report of the newbie was simply a bolt out of the blue.

A man named husband crossed my mind. When the girl whom I thought was my close friend overlapped, I felt dizzy as if I were going to faint.

I said it with a narrow mind.

“I don’t have to worry about how I feel. Tell me everything you know. What the hell happened?”

Only then did the article begin to confide in turn.

The emperor had recruited a small number of knights. Count Keitel stigmatized as a gouge scattering the curse of ruin. Immediately trapped in the emperor’s bedroom by the juju at the scene. The emperor said he would visit her even during political affairs.

“Here’s how it sounds. Even though Miss Juju had a connection with weightlifting, she didn’t send her to prison considering she was young and humble. The Emperor himself encourages us to confess every day.”

“That’s a child to trust. Why would a sediment be a place to soothe an insider?”

“Yes, so in private…….”

My young face was cringy. Batilde barely threw up when he urged the answer with a stern look.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, but it’s terrible to tell Her Majesty……! Who doesn’t know why I took you to the bedroom next door? Her Majesty says he will consider her a mistress or empress. Her Majesty is already up in the air, so it’s none of your business!”

Feel dizzy.

My legs are weak. Just before it collapsed, the maid-in-law supported her. Batilde held onto the nearby insignia and held his body steady.

“My husband is too much, too much…….”

I’m not in a good position myself. However, the line was drawn thoroughly against the denial of the body. Because I thought it was the least courtesy to my legal husband.

The husband blocked his wife’s eyes and ears through the military. I’ve been doing this in the meantime. How far are you going to go?

The maid of honor said anxiously.

“You can’t just let it slide. No matter how many times your Majesty filed for divorce first.But you let someone else in the bedroom before it’s concluded. It’s not a common practice in acne, either.

Batilde suppressed the crying machine.

“Thank you for your kindness, but you don’t have to worry about me. I’m not angry about being treated like a scarecrow. I’m just a juju…….”It was crazy to imagine what Charlotte was enduring.

Oh, my God, it’s already been a few days. I can’t believe the Emperor’s been looking for me all this time.

Batilde recalled the marital relationship he had had been in. It was carried out as a dry routine with no deep meaning. I was tired at times though. There was also a painful moment for her husband to dig into his own flesh.

Even Batilde was like that. Even more, to Charlotte, the emperor is the most terrible opponent in the world. She’s already had a connection with the Earl. It hurt my heart to think of her who would have suffered a sudden disaster.

However, even he should not sit down crying. What kind of friendship would you claim without saving her at a time like this?

Batilde made up his mind and spoke to the knight.

“Thank you for letting me know on purpose. By the way, how did you get this news? What happened at the Knights meeting today?”

To question the principal, the source must be clear. There was a limited route for the young knight to hear about the court palace.

Batilde knew that the atmosphere of the Knights was unusual. Security guards from nearby streets complained several times of clashes with the court. Batilde tried to treat them as well as she could, because she caused the commotion.

Philippe also tried not to jeopardize Batilde. He kept his place in silence, furthering his demeanor. It was also part of it that he refused to be the head of the team despite his ability.

In the meantime, there was a secret appointment. Batilde had only a glimpse of the news a few days ago. I only thought someone with seniority might have climbed to the helm.

The knight opened his mouth with difficulty.

“That’s the truth.”

“Go ahead and say it.”

“The new leader was my predecessor. His Majesty has appointed him as the chief of staff ahead of his return. The Knights were embarrassed because it was a sudden nomination. The older sisters are upset because I came up here and the ranking got twisted.….”

In the meantime, there has been a clear sign of sadness.

“The whole meeting was a thorny cushion. At that time, Jeonggung’s senior told me to be careful of my actions.”

The knight hesitated and bowed his head.

“I’m sorry. Actually, the Imperial Palace knights know all the rumors. But it seemed like the sisters had already promised. Let’s not just tell Her Majesty Batilde to make him dizzy.”

“I know they’ve been reticent about factionalism lately. You’re the only one who’s still young who’s determined to let me know.”

“Yes, I thought it would be worse if Her Majesty didn’t know…… and there’s a much bigger problem.”

“What a big problem. Is that related to me too?”

The knight nodded heavily. She chose a horse more difficult than before. Finally, I opened my mouth.

Batilde, who heard the report, was stunned. I was bitten by the article with a blank face.

The situation is more urgent than expected. Thinking she’d be in trouble, she left the music room right away. The maidens were rushed to prepare to march to the palace.

* * *

Before I knew it, autumn leaves were growing on the garden tree. Charlotte looked up casually and looked up at the tree.

Come to think of it, it’s been a long time since I had an autumn of the system Last fall, I was briefly in the north, so the more the wagon wheels rolled, the more I felt like I was jumping over time to winter.

In the system, autumn is the same season as compensation for overcoming the summer heat. The sky is high blue and the temperature becomes pleasant.

It was sad to experience it in such a place.

There was someone else who wanted to look up at the red and yellow leaves together. This wasn’t the man who wanted to walk side by side on the silk road made by fallen leaves.”I’m glad it’s sunny. Sometimes you don’t mind having lunch outside luncheon.”

The servant pulled out the chair. Albert sat there in a familiar motion.

“Sit down, it’ll be a change of pace.”

There was tacit coercion hiding in the soft way of speaking. If you don’t sit down, there’ll be a scuffle, and the best table in the garden will be a mess.

So Charlotte sat down in a placid manner. It was the best she could compromise. On the other side, he jerked away without even looking.

“Na Won, I brought you out because you looked depressed just staying in the room. Are you still sulking?”

Albert clicked his tongue. Unlike what he said, he seemed happy to succeed in sitting face to face. He instructed the servant to carry the meal.

“If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have had this much trouble. You’re good at wielding the Emperor.”

Charlotte looked at him sideways. I checked my glue with a smile on my face and looked away again.

There was no confidence not to show contempt on the face. I became blunt on my own.

“Thank you for letting me get some fresh air.”

That was it.

If I don’t say this now, I might be stuck in the next room forever. So I just thanked him, so I had nothing to add.

Albert was slightly tongue-tied by her attitude. I stared hard at the cold side of my face.

“That’s all you have to thank me for? Anything else?”

Charlotte nodded quietly. There really wasn’t, and I didn’t want to be taken over by Albert’s Judo newspaper.

Albert, who was watching the scene, secretly clenched his fist and opened it.

“I think there are quite a few.”


“The dress I’m wearing now. Necklace. Shoes. The newly decorated roses, chrysanthemums, lace insignia in your room! I’ve got musical instruments, poetry books, even talking birds. That’s not enough. I’m taking you for a walk. Is that all?”

Charlotte put up with the ridicule.

The clothes on the body were full of things that purely reflected Albert’s wishes. Tweezers skirt and shoelaces that look pretty every time you walk. The necklace is pink ruby. I used to like it when I was young, but now I’m not happy to see it.

A room that cannot be accessed freely is nothing but a splendid encephalus, no matter how groomed it is. Musical instruments and poetry were also Albert’s preferences, and the talking bird was little comforting. I tried to secretly teach the word “Ruslan” but I stopped thinking that a bird might die.

Albert has had Charlotte so much of it these past few days. I tried to see if she was having fun while looking at the political affairs.

Charlotte lowered her eyes.

“Albert wants a lot of things. You have to thank me. I’ve been playing house for you.”


Albert washed his lips. He seemed to be holding back what he wanted to do according to his temper.

In fact, he was conscious of the servants around him. Even though they’re like wallpaper, they’re bound to tremble. I didn’t want to be seen as an emperor being dragged around by a woman.

Eventually, he smiled.

“Yes, I was in a hurry. I’m glad I got one word.”

The servants carried the plates one after the other. Albert, who was watching the table setting, took the lemon water to his mouth. His face glowed like marble in the autumn sun.

“Try it. It’s the menu we liked together. I asked the kitchen for a special favor.”

Only then did Charlotte catch a glimpse of the appetizers on the table. As soon as I recognized the menu, I burst into laughter.

It was a mushroom with butter on it.

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