Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 214

Is this what you’ve been thinking?’Charlotte picked up a spoon and stirred the plate. A mushroom in white and thick butter came to mind.

In the past, the imperial family had a particular taste for mushrooms. Charlotte had a history of assassinating Prince I with poisonous mushrooms, aiming for this feature.

Albert was no exception. To be precise, my appetite hardened after struggling to like. Albert at that time would have wanted to prove his origin even in his diet.

Charlotte didn’t like mushrooms very much. This fungus is likely to be mistaken for a meat restaurant if it is thinly sliced and coated with sauce. I didn’t want to be betrayed as soon as I put it in my mouth.

I just forced myself to eat it because Albert likes it. I pretended to eat well so as not to break the mood of eating together.

Even that seems to have been a plate of memories for Albert.

“You must really want to go back to that time.”

Charlotte murmured. Albert captured it sensitively and replied back.

“You’ll see, I’ll fix your life from the nineteen.”

Charlotte did not necessarily respond.

Anyway, food is food. Chewing hard, I thought about my current situation.

How does this look to the servants now? Is it the government that took over the luncheon of the emperor couple?

I could guess what kind of rumors were spreading in the court palace. It is said that the emperor spends days of affection with a maid who was a lover of others.

In reality nothing has happened. But it’s the truth you won’t know if you close the door.

Albert doesn’t touch Charlotte purely because of his taste in playing house. This game will only continue until his patience runs out. I could change my mind to force Charlotte to get drunk tonight.

“My chastity depends on his whim. ……but that’s a trifling matter.’

It was the other tip of the court that bothered Charlotte. Political departments outside the residential area.

‘It’s already been many days since I stayed here. I’m sure Ruslan’s search will make my future known little by now. You don’t worry about what the State Council says?’

It would be a good idea to give a house outside the house implicitly. The empress put a woman in the bedroom that she had never allowed. It is a clear setback.

Albert is different from Shenzhen. There is a lack of authority, achievement, and faction to ignore when privacy is in question. No wonder the old gods strongly advise the young emperor.

The Duke of Karnstein is also a problem. Although he may not be able to take the initiative for now, he can put pressure on him to keep the usual practice. There was still that much authority in the duchess.

But why is Albert so nonchalant?

He is strangely aloof from being sensitive when he goes against his will. Does that mean he already has the back end of housekeeping in mind?

Charlotte sneaked a knife to a plate on the main dish, checking his signs. I cut the roast cow heart into thin pieces and put it in my mouth.

He was persistent even though he had put the imperial drink to bed for a long time. It was when I was forced to swallow several times.

“Your Majesty.”

The knife stopped towering.

The owner of the voice stood next to Charlotte without hesitation.

“It’s Batilde, I need to know what the hell this is about.”

Batilde’s hand wrapped around Charlotte’s shoulder.

Charlotte then looked up at her. Batilde was a straight eye.

Albert put on a look of boredom. A sip of lemon water disappeared into his mouth.

“The Great Princess and the Empress. Who’s the name of the officer assigned over there. It’s a dangerous situation because weightlifting is rampant in the system. I sent them to protect the empress, and they were so lazy.”

“Whatever his or her official name is, there is no right to stop the empress.”Batilde’s tone became harsh.

“What happened to you, Your Majesty? I was told to clean it up on the way here, so I heard it for the most part. Did you waste your army for this? You’re going to sneak my friend out and have an open-air luncheon?

“The Empress is mistaken. He’s an insider and a sinner. There’s a charge of acting with a weightlifter who plotted a rebellion. No chains and whips, but this is part of the hard question!”

Albert put the glass down.

“Why would Jim keep her within sight of him? In view of the Queen’s face, and Jim also cared as his sister-in-law, so he was considerate not to treat her harshly. You’re lucky you didn’t hand it over to the Knights and step down.”

“What’s in the palace is the guest room. Why do you have to put it in the bedroom next door and say consideration?”

“You came at me to divorce you, and now you’re going to pretend to be a political woman?”

Albert threw away the plate as if he had lost his appetite.

“Just one, just one!”

“Of course, I haven’t changed my mind to leave the country. But she’s still the Empress of the Empire. No matter what anyone says, it’s an imperial civil war.”

Batilde shot the servants around him. Each servant bowed his head to avoid the eyes.

“Which house had a different partner before the divorce began? Your Majesty, are you confident you can handle this when it becomes public outside the palace?”

“His divorce wish. Daishinjeon is busy with their own arrangements. If we wait for it to pass, it will take the Empress a long time to leave the country she so desires.”

Albert gave a chin to the servant right behind him. The servant crossed the table and forced Batilde to retreat. Charlotte’s hand wrapped around her shoulder moved away to the other side.

“It’s been months since we’ve been alone. Jim thought he had already lost touch with the empress. You hold your husband and your wife accountable without fulfilling their duties as a political party? We’ll see which way the new people will point their finger. I won’t say much, so go back.”

Albert even beckoned. It was a sign to send it back.

Batilde was not shaken. I didn’t get angry, but I was quiet. A sharp voice came out of his expressionless mouth.

“Your Majesty thinks I’m here to argue one thing. The big meaning of controlling weightlifting, yes, I think so. By the way, I’m going to sediment. Is it your law to put innocent knights in prison?”

Charlotte flashed her head up.

This is the first time I’ve heard of it outside. News that didn’t even permeate Albert’s day care center. But I can’t believe it’s an article. Don’t tell me…

“……it’s a secret of the Knights. Who the hell said that?

Albert also had an uncomfortable glow. Batilde spoke with greater strength.

“Don’t think I don’t have eyes and ears. Although Philippe was a member of the court, he was a benefactor to me in many ways. How dare you lock him up without a clear sin. If you were really wary of weightlifting, would you have committed such a setback? It would make sense to preserve even one outstanding knight.”

Albert smacked his lips and drank lemon water again. Then, so that the conversation could not be heard, all the servants of the city were forced to move away.

He slowly stood up and approached Batilde. A tall height cast a shadow over the noon sun. Batilde didn’t step down even though he must have been under pressure.

Charlotte jumped to her feet. When Albert did something to Batilde, he was in the middle of a barrier.

Albert, however, raised his arm to block Charlotte as if he had already read a sign. Behind the Batilde, he quietly yelled at the ladies-in-law.”What are you guys doing? I’m going to talk to each other. Stand down with the servants.”

“Don’t do that. These kids are my people, so I’ll leave them here.”

“Are there any places in the Empire that the Yellow Ming cannot reach?”

Albert’s voice was boiling.

He doesn’t look very well. Batilde eventually shrugged off his stubbornness and winked. Albert, who was waiting for everyone to step down, opened his mouth.

“Empress, I’m so unhappy that Jim brought him in and locked up the knight. I chased you all the way here to protest it.”

“……Do you think it’s a good thing to do?”

“There’s nothing I can’t do. Batilde, do one thing, do one thing! You can’t let your husband eat with another woman, but did I play with another man before I even talked about divorce?”

Batilde hardened like a plaster.

Charlotte suppressed her flinching body with superhuman patience. You shouldn’t take any obvious action. You should listen carefully to the author before your tongue starts spewing nonsense.

A smile came to Albert’s face, convinced of the answer. He lowered his back slightly so that he could hear the whisper well.

“I have eyes and ears, too. It was pretty clever of you to start a divorce from a divorce. By the way, how can I interpret the rumor that Jim’s wife had committed adultery before?”

Albert remembered Helga’s insistence. Her memory was largely volatile during the half-year period when she left the court. The only thing that came to mind was simple simulation. A story at the level of ‘Maybe there was a heart’.

That was enough. It’s too much to overstate and sin.

“What do you say, did you call him to a table without luggage? You didn’t sneak him into a house where the emperor would join you?”

“It’s a ridiculous accusation.”

Batilde put his hands together. I didn’t have to cringe because I was proud.

“Even if I didn’t love you, I’ve never had the heart to commit such a sin. If that had happened, someone would have already told me. The empress is still mine, but not everyone else’s mouths and tongues.”

“Really? We’ll find out what it’s like.”

“It’s the truth, so it’s just the same if you recognize it. How about your majesty? Isn’t it a fact that you can’t even get bitten by putting juju in the sediment? What the hell is that look-!”

Chaeng, banggang!

Batilde was about to raise his voice again. It was also the moment Albert tried to respond with a distorted face.

Both stopped shouting at the loud noise of the dishes. Even King Sijong and Lady Sijong, who were bowing their heads from afar, looked this way in surprise.

Charlotte chose to breathe. It was impossible to turn the table upside down with force. It was best to push and scatter all the set dishes. Pottery and glass that hit the soil rolled around here and there.


Batilde called her first.

Charlotte pressed the urge to lean on her friendship. I forced myself to turn a blind eye and recited the lines I prepared.

“Please stop.”

He wrapped his arms around his shoulder and sat down.

“Your Majesty Batilde, if your one-time friendship is precious, please stop making me miserable. It feels terrible to be married for two years……!”

I shivered as I pretended to sob. Albert, who discovered the figure, jumped up and approached her. I wrapped my back and shoulders in a friendly imitation.

“No, you don’t have to ask. That cagal-like woman just bothered you.”

He raised Charlotte as if he were going to console her. Hugged the child soothingly. Charlotte clenched her fist to withstand breathing in his arms.Everyone is watching. It was clear how this scene would be interpreted.

Count Keitel’s beautiful Chonghui fell to the Emperor without fail. When her lover showed her true colors of weightlifting, she quickly changed men. Leaning on the shoulder of the emperor who felt sorry for her, he acts as a mistress without shame.

It can’t be helped if it’s accepted like that.

It’s a soul that’s already fallen for evil once. You shouldn’t waste your prestige.

Albert’s gimmick was read. Locking up Philippe is nothing but a shot in the arm. His real goal would be the Batilde.

The next step he will take is an attack on Batilde. Or take her hostage and make another request to Charlotte.

I think I’m gonna let you do whatever you want.

I’ve only spent the last few days trying to hang in there. So there was a flash of awareness that he was just breathing helplessly.

Wasn’t he the purpose of revenge from the beginning? Then even if you lose the power you have, or lose Ruslan’s ploy, you have to do what you can now.

That man’s ulterior motives must be misplaced.

So Charlotte imitated when she was young. As he shook his shoulders against Albert’s chest, he whispered anxiously.

“Lotte, stop. You don’t have to be sad. I’m gonna give you back everything she has.”

False deception, Charlotte laughed in her heart. On the surface, he answered as if he were depressed.

“I’m not happy to hear that. Please put everything away…….”

“Get rid of all this! The Empress, go back!”

Albert ordered like thunder. The servants came one by one and began to clean up the surrounding area.

Batilde looked confused. She crossed the line and came this way.

“Jouju, you…….”

Charlotte quickly dug into Albert’s arms. The gaze looked straight at Batilde and cried out.

“Your Majesty has filed for divorce. That’s the end of what you asked me to do.”

Batilde is smart and strong. I don’t know what her friendship will be like, but I believe nature will be immutable.

“Go ahead and pack up. Don’t look down from there, just get ready to go out!”

Batilde seemed to have lost his mind. He shed tears at first glance and turned over there.

Charlotte secretly begged, looking at her back.

It doesn’t matter if you didn’t notice the intent. Please just let the words be engraved on her. It’s okay to hate Charlotte, so please think of her as a scar. So that you can think of it quickly when the big time comes.

Batilde is in danger. Albert doesn’t have an axe to grind. I’m sure I’ve already found a way to drop that kid…….’

Clearly there is something more planned. A magic bullet for the next Empress. To block any room for the public to interfere.

It’s not the best thing to keep my life alive. You can’t stop here. You have to shake it with anything, anything.’

Yeah, let’s call it Operation Bucket.

He was not caught here. It is the role of tying Albert inside.

It’s not enough to stand in a cage to fulfill revenge. Let’s break the seeds of antagonism that we planted a long time ago. So that somewhere Ruslan, holding his breath, can seize the opportunity to sprout.

So Charlotte decided to make a scene.

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