Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 215

Charlotte was trapped in a road room, but this time she did not just stare out the window.

The whole tone is off anyway. The illusion that Ruslan was growing on the other side was sweet but meaningless. What’s the use of sitting by the window waiting for salvation.Let him accomplish his task as soon as possible. To do so, he had to first find what he could do here.

First, how to make the most of this body.

It’s not just an idea of beauty.

It is true that the aura cannot be used due to blocked blood. But Charlotte has experience and tricks. If I had used my slender body properly, I wouldn’t have been helpless in the past.

I took off my busy dress. I tried gymnastics that I usually do. He put his hand on the rug, tightened his stomach, and hit the air with both legs.

Slowly bend your elbows in that state.

The body, which was leaning downward, screamed. I sweated a lot as my impression was automatically made.

Stretch my arm back. It was painful.

‘When I strengthened my aura, it didn’t matter, but it’s hard to do it five times naked…….’

In the meantime, there has been a reflection that he has relied too much on the aura. But this is not the time to give up. Don’t forget why Juju ceded his body to Charlotte.

How far can I use this body now? What are the specific limitations? First of all, it was important to accurately identify it with gymnastics.

As I focused until evening, my underwear was already sweaty. I wiped myself with a towel and changed into a new one. I was wearing a gown because it was troublesome to put on my dress again, and I heard a decree from outside that the Emperor would pay.

There’s still some time left for dinner. Did the political work end early?’

Charlotte kicked her tongue and quickly climbed onto the bed.

It was not long before Albert came in.

Charlotte deliberately sat facing the door. The sound of his footsteps got closer.

“Have you already changed? I’m starting to feel like I’m waiting for my husband.”

Albert sat next to him. It was still a conquest.

Charlotte pushed out a touch to touch her cheek.

“Don’t touch me as you please—I’ll bite your tongue if you touch it.”

“He was gentle during the day, and then he got sulky. How many times I’ve heard life threats in the past few days. I know you’re alive in a brain cage and you don’t die here.”

Albert grabbed Charlotte by the chin. The golden brown eyes looked closely at the flushed cheeks.

“What’s wrong with your face? Did you make a fuss? Are you going to do a sword dance with that body?

Charlotte forced herself to smile.

“What do you think he did? Losing a feisty man, and getting sad while eating lunch. There’s not much to comfort you because you’re stuck here alone.”

He closed his legs and hid his hands behind his back. Albert, who caught the move, turned his eyes to the floor over there. My eyes narrowed when I found underwear in the laundry basket.

He knocked Charlotte down on her bed the next moment. Climb on top of her, moaning weakly, and whispered.

“It’s a trick. If you’re so lonely, take it off right now. I’ll do what he can’t do. How many times do I want to wear yellow silver?”


It was successful to divert attention. Charlotte raised her arm and covered her eyes. How can I put it? I think it’s incompatible. I shouted with nervousness.

“During the day, during the day, do you say that? You made me look like a concubine in front of my home. At least the count said he’d definitely make me empress. You still have another wife!”

“Don’t be ridiculous. I don’t know if he’s gonna make it or not……!”

Albert, who was about to shout harshly, suddenly swallowed the horse. He also remembered that he had promised to put on a pearl crown.This is why Charlotte can’t be fooled by a kid. Albert felt for a moment deeply annoyed with himself in the past. It was unclear whether the target was a boy who made a promise or a new emperor who shamelessly turned away.

Anyway, the important thing was that at this moment, the horse was tight.

Albert squeezed his patience. Before I knew it, I had a chalote burying my face on a sheet and crying. He wiped away tears with his fingers and made up a friendly tone.

“I told you. I’ll give it all back. She’s the one to be dealt with. Lotte, I’m sure I’ll make it. You are my wife and the mother of my heir.”

Processing. Charlotte captured the word keenly. On the surface, he pretended to understand at face value, and laughed furiously.

“Well, I know when the divorce will take place.”

“You’re the only one who finds my skill so ridiculous.”

Albert had a distinctive curt smile.

“I’ve arranged to discuss the matter later after dinner. It’ll be over in a few minutes.”

“……What are you going to do?”

Albert then pressed his lips on Charlotte’s forehead.

“You just need to know the results.”

Indeed, Albert is not easy.

He acts like he’s going to take it out, but he’s more of a showman. There is still doubt in his mind about Charlotte. Locking him in the room all day and keeping him under surveillance, and capturing traces of training alone, are all extensions of him.

Charlotte came to a conclusion. It’s impossible to keep a cool eye on what he’s up to.

Although he is photographed as an insider right now, he does not even convey how the search for the remnants of Iphenya proceeds.

It’s locked up in a place like this. Ruslan could have lied that he had already killed and burned. But then you’d be scared that Charlotte might really go berserk. It would have been calculated that it would be easier to deal with outside news if it was a cliff.

Albert’s numbers are quiet and obliging in this way. Then Charlotte had no choice but to shake his feelings carefully.

I shoved him. I got out of bed.

“Then go do your country’s work. I wanted to dance because I was bored here alone.”

Albert quickly rejoiced and asked back.

“Like in Moden?”


I turned my back and closed my mouth. He interpreted it as a positive on his own. He willingly approached and reached out his hand.

“I’ll make time for one song. I guess I’m a little sore after getting some fresh air.”

Charlotte read Albert’s innermost thoughts. He’d have taken it out for this from the start. Just as a dog who had tasted a walk complained its owner, he was desperate for freedom and was going to make it depend on it.

That man goes so far as to be confident.

What the hell made him go this far. In fact, did the fact that he returned for revenge itself lead him in a more perverse direction?

Whatever it is, it’s a bad relationship that I’ll tie with my own hands.

Charlotte endured her displeasure and held him in her arms. Albert skillfully supported Charlotte’s back.

“It reminds me of the New Year’s ball. Let’s do it as fast as we did then.”

“I don’t like it because the room is small. Take your time.”

Even if it is narrow, it is a relative concept. No matter what you say, it’s the emperor’s bedroom. It also seemed to be larger than the Grand Duke’s music room.

But no amount of dancing here will surpass the joy of running around Ruslan’s shoulders. I was not excited at all because I just followed the steps as I remembered.

Rather, other memories overlap. She once danced with Ruslan in a magical palace.Compared to the white and beautiful hall, this room was crude. The smell of clear and clear snow was so far away.

Charlotte dropped her head at last. I held back my tears, not smoke.

Albert interpreted the move in a sentimental way. It was regarded as a sign that Charlotte’s high temperature gradually subsided. The burning passion must be baptized with memories by now.

I thought I’d fall for it if I soothed it well. I alluded to it.

“Did you get so upset during the day?”

Charlotte nodded for now. I had to leave it at that.

Albert was even more pleased.

“Well, it must have been hard to be a heartless friend. I’ve wanted to ask you this before. Why the hell did he approach Batilde? What are you going to do to help her?”

Albert’s common sense didn’t make any sense. Batilde is Charlotte’s rival. His choice of Batilde as empress was the cornerstone of all this Sadal.

It was a relationship that Charlotte deserved to hate. But I tried to get along. Even the empress’ divorce wish helped.

I’d understand if you were sneaking up on me to kill me. Just as Albert himself predicted to strike Count Keitel one day.

Charlotte chose a word for a moment and answered slowly.

“……I wanted to ruin your life.”


“To see you break up with Batilde. To be abandoned by the woman I chose instead of me…… I missed you. That’s why I kept begging him to divorce me.”

It was as ecstatic as a heavenly song.

Albert tightened his arms casually as he moved the steps. The body of Charlotte, pulled close to him. The chest under the thin gown collapsed gently and a dizzying sensation hit it.

There was a desire to get drunk on a nearby table right away. I managed to push it down and hide it. He did not hide his joy.

“So, you were going to keep her away from me? That’s what I did.”

As expected, Lotte was only looking at himself under the pretext of revenge!

Albert was convinced once again. Charlotte only mistook her loss of regret and hunger for hatred. It was so hot that she didn’t know herself, the essence of the soul remained unchanged. The girl who looked for Albert every time she was sad.

Charlotte looked inwardly at his brightened face.

I didn’t lie anyway. There is only a decisive difference in the direction of interpretation.

“Well, you think you’re gonna leave me alone and be happy with another woman?”

Albert was even more excited. He made a big semicircle and pulled Charlotte this way.

“No offense. Yeah, Lotte, your grudges won. Thanks to you, I wasn’t happy with the princess at all. It was better to sleep with a wooden doll in her arms. The time I wasted realizing that it was the wrong choice is unfair.”

It was a really upsetting thing to say. What on earth have you wasted years on a woman like that? The benefits of political marriage were immediately seen as rubbish, even considering the fact that he had been wary of his wife.

“You turn people into idiots, and you play with other jerks. At least I don’t commit adultery at this moment. Charlotte, I’ve had to bed with a woman like that until now.….”

He tried to snuggle up. Charlotte carefully captured the direction in which force was concentrated. It was slightly twisted out.

It was practice, but I quickly learned the ropes. It was worthwhile to put our bodies together. Albert quickly retreated to the window before detecting an abnormality.

‘I’m done—I don’t want to listen to other girls’ whining.’As soon as I finished speaking, I turned a blind eye.

Albert looked vainly into his arms. The atmosphere that was good until just now was empty as if it were a lie.

The despair that came after the ecstasy hurt my feelings with special pain. He put up with the teeth grinding.

“Lotte… ..what the hell are you trying to stop me from saying? What am I supposed to do if you’re complaining about everything? Throw away the Imperial Emperor like he’s playing a child’…!”

“I made it for you, the Emperor.”

Charlotte glared at him sternly.

The cry of hate does not work for the author. Swinging a knife doesn’t scratch your conscience.

Let’s put on armor. Thorough neglect and rejection are the only keys to taking the initiative.

“You can’t deny it, can you? How many siblings did I kill? That’s why Count Keitel wanted me.”

“Don’t think you’re the only one for strength. What have the other four done?”

“I stepped on all four of them.”

Charlotte sat slowly on the window frame. He lifted his chin and folded one leg in a dignified manner.

“You said you’d make her the new empress. You said you’d give me a pearl tube. If you want me back, you have to do everything in your heart.”

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