Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 216

Albert stared at Charlotte. It was not long before I burst into laughter.

“What a load of shit. The furniture in this room and your body aren’t enough.”

“Until you get what’s on Batilde’s head and put it on my head, I won’t give you a finger. Don’t try to get in the mood and do whatever you want.”

Charlotte sat deeper into the window frame.

“Those below think I’m your mistress. He would’ve told the Earl that he was so sweet and then he moved on to the Emperor. Oh, is there a rumor that you’ve glossed over weightlifting and the sins of connection?”

I said it nonchalantly, but it hurt inside. I thought it would be hard to stay with Ruslan even if things were solved.

But it’s already happened, so I’m determined.

“Do you think they’ll make an empress like this? I’ll see how you solve this problem and make up my mind.”

“Well, do you think it’s going to be a good idea if the dying seed rises to the throne in rebellion? Come down, I’ll make a hundred times as reasonable as he is.”

Charlotte shook her head. I reached back and pushed the window.

The sun got shorter and it was dark outside. Below the railing is as dark as a cliff. Blonde hair flew in the wind of an open window.

“Let me meet the Grand Princess.”

Albert paused.

Charlotte has become careful not to make a mistake with her words.

“The man who originated this body was her maid. You have to take this opportunity to end the relationship so that you won’t have a problem. Look at the girl, using Batilde as Bibil Hill as soon as she’s in the system. Maybe if things change, you’ll try to rely on me too.”

“You and the granddaughter are still on pension. If you want to say something, say it through me.”

“Do you think he’ll understand? You’d say it’s a lie you set up. I’ll jump if you don’t do me a favor.”

The hand on the window frame became tense. I slowly leaned my back. The balance of the body has become close. It was when I closed my eyes with my hair spilled down. Out of the blue, it was pulled roughly inside.

Charlotte looked up at Albert. The man was breathing hard, grabbing his gown by the collar.

“Keep threatening with your life…….”

This time it sounded horizontal before I even read the direction of the force. Charlotte was thrown violently into bed. The moment I tried to get back up, I was caught by the shoulder and fell down.Albert was this close. The golden brown was blazing.

“Stop trying to make the same deal. Ugh, before I tie my arms and legs to the bed! I’m the emperor. I have the right to live or die! You’d rather die than die as you like!”

Charlotte looked up at him with a blank look. I tried not to put excitement in my voice. Thinking of him as a trifle made me cold by myself.

“Yes, Albert, I killed you as you told me to. And I died once because of you.”


“You think I’m threatening you for nothing? Don’t you remember falling off the Imperial Palace Sponsor Bridge? I’ve also forced my way into the body of a stranger.”


Albert’s hands trembled. He measured the time for a moment. Realizing that the planned Seok-chan was close, Charlotte was laid down.

Charlotte was scattered on the bed and examined his signs. Albert arranged his conquest. He straightened out his wrinkled sleeves and left a message as if passing by.

“……tomorrow morning. I’ll allow Ban Xi Jinping. I’m going to put someone to guide me. Have a cup of tea and tell the girl to be prepared because she’s a big sinner.”

* * *

“That’s what the Emperor said. It means you have to be mindful of yourself.”

Charlotte looked at the dripping tea water and said.

Dorothea was determined to keep her lips shut.

In fact, there wasn’t much I could say. Because Albert’s servant was over there.

King Sijong came into this room with an unclear excuse, ‘for safety’. And from the moment Charlotte sat down, she was measuring the time with her watch.

Dorothea held a teacup. A carefully chosen word flowed out.

“A lot of people are in trouble because of the stupid quantum. But, Juju, I’m glad that you have mercy on you. Even Jofi went to the North to prepare for winter, and I was almost completely alone.”

Sophie is a soldier, so she is the first to be ousted. It was also important for the North to stabilize in the rear. By the time Ippenya came into force, it was worth sending him back early on the pretext of border defense.

One person’s life was saved. But Dorothea was worried about the girl in front of her. Linde, the body servant, told me a rumor circulating in the court.

“The emperor named Count Keitel Chonghui an old lover. She does a fantastic impersonation of a dead evil woman. I wait for the Emperor every night…….’

As soon as I heard it, I suddenly remembered what I heard from the ghost king. Juju said they were also posing as Charlotte’s successor.

The fact that Juju, who was always introverted and scared of strange men, changed her personality after she collapsed from poison overlapped.

There was also news that the wicked woman Charlotte died around that time. Is it a coincidence that two unrelated people continue to intersect?

Dorothea asked, pressing a boiling heart.

“Is it worth staying here?”


Charlotte opened the bottle over there. It is jam made from maga tree fruit. Scoop a spoonful of jam knife into tea water. The scent of a sip spread through my mouth.

Put it in your tea and drink it. It calms me down.」

It’s the drinking method that Ruslan taught me.

It was a car that calmed down the nervousness of revenge. Now, I miss it so much that my lips couldn’t stop twitching.

I almost choked up. Charlotte barely turned it over and said.

“Your Majesty will take good care of you. He generously forgave me for being twisted into ignorance.””Did he……?”

“Yes, because I thought you were definitely my adopted son and nephew. I thought it was some kind of state affair to have a secret conversation with a guest sometimes. Who knew it would be the reverse of the ruin?”

Dorothea then nodded quickly.

“I didn’t know. I can’t believe this is happening in my house, I’m ashamed to see my uncle.”

They also noticed the intention. Charlotte has a keen grasp between the lines.

From now on, what I had to say was important. I spit it out coldly, conscious of the times.

“So I hope you don’t mind me in the future.”

Dorothea looked momentarily surprised at the sudden remark. Charlotte did not hesitate to pour.

“I thought you were going to serve the great house, but I never dreamed you’d be serving the rebel weightlifting. You don’t even say sorry to me for growing dirty and dangerous veins. How am I supposed to meet you like I used to?”

Dorothea understood. I pretended to take it back with a fit of rage.

“I didn’t know because it was before I was born. How dare you insult the owner’s family! I picked up something that had nowhere to go and made you live comfortably!”

“Whatever, it’s true that weightlifting came out in Richt. If it wasn’t for your generosity, I would have been caught up.”

“Like a female cat! It’s not enough to bring me to the bone, but I’m the only one who got hit in the eye! You don’t blame your granddaughter for pretending to be a lady. Linde!”

Dorothea called a step further. Linde, who was just looking over there, jumped out and stood next to Dorothea. Dorothea stretched out her fingers and pointed at Charlotte.

“You teach for me. One on the cheek!”

“Me, me? Juju?

“Come on!”

Linde approached hesitatingly and raised his hand.

That’s enough. As the servant over there approached to stop him, Charlotte stood up straight and pushed Linde away. I took the gloves out of my sleeve and threw them in the face of Dorothea.

“Just trust your position and don’t set it up. I’m no longer a Grand Duke maid.”

Dorothea frowned at the sudden baptism of gloves. I grabbed a glove that hit my forehead and checked it, but realized it was for men, so I quickly crumpled it in my hand.

Charlotte put a jam knife in her empty sleeve in the meantime. I folded my arms proudly so that I wouldn’t notice anything was hidden.

“You are not in a position to tell me what to do. I don’t think it’s enough to grovel with your head down. Do you think this is why I’m willing to ask your king for mercy on my old master?”

Having said this far, there was simply no evil government. Some say it’s time for the servants to stop, Charlotte threw her final words.

“That’s what happened the other day. Your Highness was so upset because you went at me without knowing the subject. Do you know how hard it was for me to comfort him?”


“Stay calm while you eat candy. Don’t jump out of your way just because there’s a commotion outside.”

What actually implies is the opposite. It means to run out if there is a commotion.

Dorothea contacted the ghost king’s successor the other day and made an emergency exit. If I had made up my mind, I could sneak out of the palace right away.

However, Juju must have been worried. Until today, Dorothea had complied with pension measures to protect the imperial palace.

You may stop caring now. Dorothea would rather go outside and reunite with Ruslan.

The delivery of only one glove was also a measure with that in mind.

Until now, I hid my gloves under my pillow and put them on whenever I slept. I decided to leave it to Dorothea because I thought it would split up if it was caught and taken away one day.She would look for her brother’s stuff. I just want gloves to find their owner.

The wind is getting colder in autumn. What if your hands are cold…….’

I’m afraid his hand will be damaged. Charlotte is eating warm food in her room when she is on the stove, and it is hard to tell which street Ruslan is locked in. Every time I reflected on the fact, I felt sad that I didn’t deserve to suffer.

However, it was regrettable to give it to him.

When I put the gloves on the back of my hand, I had the illusion that Ruslan would fold his hands. I used to endure longing, suggesting that the warmth of the leather was Ruslan’s body temperature.

I feel like I’m forcing his hand off and throwing it away.

Charlotte swallowed something stuck in her throat and left her granddaughter’s room. The guards surrounded the front, back and forth, even though they were only traveling through the passageway of the residential section. The servant was ahead as a guide.

Perhaps because he was wary of weightlifting, the court was lifeless and strict. Charlotte followed suit gently for a while. I was careful not to rattle the jam knife hidden in the sleeve.

“Well, since I’m here…….”

I took the chance, and the servant looked back. Charlotte had the most aimless smile.

“Can I take a walk? It’s too bad.”

“It’s impossible. If you’re done talking to your granddaughter, you’re welcome back to sedimentation.”

“I’m bored to be alone in that room. Your majesty wouldn’t want me to dry up.”

The servant drooped his lips down.

“You may be grumpy enough to act cute, but I don’t know what will happen if we violate the imperial order.”

Charlotte pretended to score a goal.

“I’d rather be in a prison room. I’ll talk to you about being stuck there.”

“That’s immature. I can’t say that if I know how to be asked. I’ll be chained up all day in a lightless room.”

Charlotte’s eyes became sharp when she heard that there was no light.

The destination has been confirmed. The Knights chose a rooftop house under the main building. Where Charlotte was locked up until just before she was punished.

The main shrine of the Knights is a separate house. The meaning of the organization was close to the main building of the palace because it was an imperial guard. Just a few minutes was enough to get out of the building and sprint.

“Well, take a nap or read a book. If you’re bored, I’ll report to you. In case you’re having lunch outside again today.”

The servant let Charlotte in and closed the door. The sound of the lock erased the smile from her face.

‘Hurry up.’

I took out the stuff that was hidden under the bed. He mobilized all the dresses Albert had given him. I tied up a few pieces and they were as long as a rope.

Climbing up the chair, I tied the end of the rope to the curtain bar. He slipped under the railing outside the window, holding the rope. It didn’t work out as well as Ruslan, but it came close to the ground.

“Hurry up, even one o’clock!”

The fragile material of the dress was torn apart. As soon as he landed on the floor, he jumped with ragged silk on his back.

The guard, who was patrolling, flustered to find a strange lady. Jumped into his arms and flicked down a jam knife. When he kicked his shin for a reflexive backstep, he fell down.

‘You’ll get caught running to the front door with your body now. But at least one knight trapped in the vicinity!”

It is well known for its imperial palace structure. As soon as I reached the Knights’ main post, I ran down the outer steps leading to the basement.

The apprentice, who was on duty, was guarding the prison room. I threw a pack of silk. While the opponent was embarrassed, he took the sword from his waist and put it under his chin.”Open that room. Come on!”


The boy mumbled in bewilderment. There was no time to wait. I knocked the boy out of his throat with a knife.

Now that I’ve done that, it’s been a hell of course. It was so heavy that my shoulders were dislocated just by holding a sword.

I bit my lips and endured what I wanted to sit down out of breath. I rummaged through the sword pocket and pulled out a package of keys.

Light from the lamp penetrated the dark room. Philippe raised his head and looked this way.

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