Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 217

“What a fuss, Miss Juju?”

Philippe said in a cracked voice. It seemed difficult to grasp the situation yet.

“What happened? I heard you were arrested on suspicion of being an insider. Fortunately, did you succeed in your release? Or….”

“Me, middle of it, say it.”

Charlotte breathed her breath out. My heart was about to explode. He forced himself to swallow what was coming up to his throat and jumped inside.

Philippe looked as if he had been struggling.

He stood with his back against the wall. His hands and feet were shackled in an arm-to-arm posture. The chains that stretched out of the shackles were fixed to the hardware on the wall. It’s a typical way of constraining aura users.

Charlotte was reminiscent of an ice brain jade. At that time, he was given enough space to crawl through the cave, but this area is small and inside the imperial palace. Perhaps Philippe held on to this position all the time except for an extremely limited time.

The best thing to do is to liberate yourself quickly. Charlotte stepped up and put the key in the shackles. When the click-click lock was poked, the restraints were released.

“Thank you, I’ve been indebted to you for life.”

“Greetings, time, waste. Can you move your body, okay?”

“He’s still a knight.”

Philippe smiled enduring the stiff pain. I shook my shoulders a few times to relax my stiff muscles.

Charlotte was barely able to handle her shortened breathing. Sweat flowed constantly. Still, squeezing the rest of his strength, he handed the sword to Philippe.

“Take it. You should have a sword or silver because you’re a knight. No.”

“More than that, Miss Juju, the sound of breathing is serious. Are you sure you’re okay?”

Philippe quickly put a blade on the sheath and said. He supported Charlotte with one hand against the wall.

“I’ve already guessed your hidden power. You infiltrated all the way here with that skill, and now you’re so distracted.….”

Philip looked at her carefully and realized the answer.

“Did the Lord bleed by the Emperor?”

Charlotte managed to hold herself back and pick up.

“Sir Philippe?”

“Yes, I was prepared for the moment I was ordered to be arrested.”

Philippe stepped on the lamp and turned it off. Even in the dark, Charlotte led out.

“But the running water breaks through the rock, and the knot unravels when you twist it. Doesn’t mucus naturally relieve if you take time to breathe and operate the aura? It’s not as if the atmosphere is cloudy and the vein is weak like this jade room.”

He picked up the boy who lost his mind in the midst of asking. Sitting on the chair, he was loosely bound by rolling silk on the floor. As soon as I finished cleaning up, I immediately pointed in the direction of the stairs.

It was certainly an article. He was trapped for more than two days and his aura was blocked. Nevertheless, Philippe’s developed body was vivid as soon as he was released from custody.

Charlotte felt envious of the figure. He answered with a throbbing pulse.

“It’s not going well. Maybe it’s because the Emperor is constantly working on it.”

Albert will not frequently seek purely to see how Charlotte is doing.

He’s an emperor anyway. I am constantly busy with political affairs and acquaintances. You can have the watchdog report it to you.There is a reason why you have to check it yourself.

The main point is regular inspection. An operation to see if the invisible leash is loose. And every time the knot changes and a new lock is fastened. Constraints become increasingly robust and complex.

He would go ahead with physical contact even though Charlotte refused one after another. It was a perfectly reasonable act.

Philippe struck a note of bewilderment at the unexpected answer.

“From time to time, Ran…Ms. Juju, I apologize for any rude speculation. That means.”

It’s nothing to hide, so Charlotte affirms.

“I’m being held by the emperor’s sedimentation. I sneaked out after hearing rumors that Kyung was trapped.”

Philip, who was climbing the stairs, stopped tall and looked this way. It was still a dark shade, so it was not clear what kind of expression he had.

He must have expressed an emotion that cannot be implied in a word. Charlotte motioned without saying a word to go up.

But Philippe did not move immediately. I looked up the stairs for a moment and measured the future path. Then I looked back at Charlotte.

“Let’s go out together. This Philippe, although blood is blocked right now, does not have anything to do with his bare body. If you have one Juju, you can go out with plenty of care.”


Charlotte shook her head vigorously. My lips dried up due to the nervousness of running out of time.

“You saw it earlier. I felt like I was going to die from running a little and swinging a sword. Both of you will get caught if you take care of me. It’s definitely better for one person to escape.”

“It’s not just pessimistic. I’ll get a horse out of Martha right away.”

“The horse carrying the two will pierce hundreds of Imperial Palace troops.”

Spit out a harsh word.

Even at this time, there was anxiety that people would flock from the palace. Charlotte tapped out Philippe’s hand. First, I started running up the stairs.

“Just get out of here. You escape the palace alone, meet the count, and blow out the mucus a second earlier. Because I’ll be the bait.”


“For Batilde!”

Out of urgency, a roar popped out.

In the name Batilde, Philippe’s mouth became stiff. Charlotte poured in quickly.

“I know the emperor’s trick. He said he would put a pearl crown on me. I’m replacing the empress with a maid who is suspected of having an affair. What do you think it takes to remove the noise from the process? Why did the Emperor suddenly arrest you and lock you up?”

Philippe swallowed a dry saliva. As the physical burden of restraint slowly disappeared, the mind became clear. His eyes also caught the current state of affairs.

“His Majesty Batilde needs a fault. The Emperor made him.… are you trying to make him a sinner?”

“I don’t know when I’m going to send him to a brain cell. It’s more than Albert.”

It would be a good thing if it were disposed of in good condition. How relentless Albert was when he decided to erase the aftermath. His skill was cruelly smelted throughout the succession war.

Charlotte had a vague hunch. Albert was confident that he would undo his past choices.

Then the lady who will ascend to the empress, and the wicked woman who will be imprisoned in a brain cage, must also be reversed.

“Someone has to save Batilde. Then you’re better suited than me.”

The ground is close. Charlotte, who was climbing the stairs, last checked with Philippe.

“You’re going to save me, aren’t you?”

Philippe tightened his hand with the sword.

“What a waste of this one life before the great will of a lady. I’ll pick a mountain and fill the river to cover him.”

* * *The atmosphere in the conference room was stagnant. Albert rested his chin and looked at the amount of water flowing through the State Council.

The arguments coming and going on the table were broken like a noise.

Six years after he ascended the throne. A man who has kept his seat since the Emperor of the Sun, and a man who has emerged from the throne. There are many faces. But there was nothing to be pleased about the daily faces.

Albert remembers their names and even their private lives. Sometimes even the slightest taste was observed and kept in mind.

But remembering it for when you need it, it’s not a pleasure to realize the unexpected. I was always attached to measuring the right time to discard the use.

Compared to that, the secret meeting room was comfortable and fun. I missed the atmosphere of gossiping comfortably with friends I had known for a long time.

I was annoyed when I realized that such days would never come back.

‘So, why don’t we all have to behave properly. One northern kid hatching and falling off one by one by one.….’

Dead and about to die, all pathetic.

If the monarch misjudges, he should have spared no advice at the risk of his life. I hated now that there was no one stopping me to reconsider Charlotte’s disposition.

There is a perception that it would have been unpleasant if it had actually been advised. However, were they in a different position from themselves who had proper circumstances as emperor? It felt unfair to shoulder the responsibility alone.

It’s stupid that he sank while playing separately, let alone joining forces with loyalty. It is hard to understand how smart friends who were in the war of succession became so corrupt.

‘We’ve lost our object to fight. It’s the result of losing all competitors and getting rid of them. They are the same. You’ve been stuck in peace for decades and you’re stuck in a small country.….’

Albert glanced gently at the report ahead.

“- So, Ippenia’s hand-written poster was attached to at least one section of the system. A large number of flyers were also distributed from where the printing press was obtained. They’re testifying to the killings and destruction of the Empire in past wars.”

“What did they ask for?”

“First of all, there is an explanation that curses are nonsense. And lifting the title of emperor in Guipenilla, ensuring the migration and right of aboriginal people to live in the area.It has been suggested that …”

“Are you going to go bankrupt and build a house back on empty land? It’s hard to understand at all. What other benefits do you say there are in the snow than gas?”

“You’re confident that you’re self-sufficient in gas.”

Albert stepped in out of the blue.

Everyone in the conference room paid attention to him. Albert sat upright with his chin down.

“Of course they’re going to starve to death on land they’ve caught for hundreds of years. Using gas as a lamp is a technique that the empire has mastered on its own. The remnants of the North are ours, so we will know more about their usefulness.”

It is the land that developed the aura into magic. Ippenia had its own customs and culture. It was small and isolated, but not an open country.

A country like that wouldn’t have burned with infinite smoke rising from land. It is a valuable resource, especially in cold land. There will be technology left to supplement and survive with anything.

Albert, who was retaking the facts, was offended again.

The hatred of friends turned into contempt for their father. You were destroying a temple when it wasn’t enough to catch a string of engineers. Securing a gas well alone is said to be a achievement, but this sloppy processing was a token of how chaotic the war was at that time.

What a crazy old man. I’ve been devouring the arts, and I’ve come to this point.’I couldn’t disobey until the end when I was alive. I was upset to add up to the fact.

“But I’m grateful to have benefited from sasul. Which means luck is still open this way.’

Albert changed his mind and said.

“In any case, the remnants of the fallen country are even making a statement. This meant their harvest was alive and well.”

Originally, the secretary of state stared at the seat where he was supposed to sit.

What is Count Keitel up to? I thought I’d save myself for a while because I got caught. However, he started to actively promote the war as if he did not want to miss the momentum of the terrorist attacks on the temple.

What does it mean. Is it a provocation or a ploy to induce something else?

Albert asked Helga, the Knights Commander who guarded the back.

“What does the Knights think of this situation?”

“I’m ashamed of myself. I will do everything I can to protect the palace.”

“We hope that the search for cooperation with the Army will bear fruit soon.”

Friend the Home Secretary said.

“Of course, the capture of the Earl, or the prisoner, is important, but the prolonged blockade of the system is confusing. We want extreme measures to be eased before traffic and distribution become strained.”

“The people are anxious. Sooner or later, it’ll affect the provinces. Now that the archbishop is sick, it is better for the king to comfort the public than to be in sedimentation.”

He even helped the prime minister.

Albert knew what was going on in no time. Take this opportunity to review stimulus measures, or welfare or landscaping policies. Step up to the square and march up. It would have such implications.

I’m also aware of the rumor about the woman I put in my bed.

He twisted his smirk lips.

“Prime Minister Otto, your judgment has become worse with age. Are you going to push your burden on the streets of a ferocious band that made the archbishop half-blessed?”

“Your Majesty! ……It is not the monarch’s responsibility to twist his words.”

“I know what you’re worried about. It’s better to do something than take your neck out waiting for a prisoner who doesn’t know when you’ll be caught. Yes, how can Jim not know your loyalty?”

Albert gave a cold look at once.

“Jim has reached a secret conclusion since last night’s dinner. Let’s start with an internal crackdown. From the evil hidden in the palace shall be seen by their remnants.”

The conference room froze. We read each other’s countenance. Someone plucked up the courage to ask a question.

“Your Majesty, it’s the inside.”

Albert said without even laughing.

“The empress is suspected of having communicated with the deceased. The Duke of Karnstein will inevitably be behind it. Think about it. Where in the world would the decadent party be funded? How did you get a weapon to commit violence?”

And then there was no silence in the words that were brought it up.

“We investigate the Empress and her clan. I will establish discipline by revealing all the suspicious sins.”

“Your Majesty!”

“Relieved. Even if the Empress was Mango’s enemy, she was once Jim’s spouse. I will not take my life for a future example.”

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