Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 218

The conference room has become stunned. The court papers were all speechless.

They’ve had enough of the emperor’s holy spirit over there for years. He also felt that he was engaged in behind-the-scenes politics by forming factions with his close friends during his time as a prince.

The emperor is sticking to the idea of succession. I can’t let go of the way in which I exclude and eliminate people who get on my nerves.

When four young girls, who had been assisting the route, disappeared one by one, they tried to continue the existing method by putting up Count Keitel, a rising figure, as the next runner.

But it turned out that the Earl was a traitor.

Correspondents were surprised at the news, but there was something to look forward to.The emperor is now completely alone in the court. Now that I’ve had my hands and feet cut off, I’ll change my way Pushing and cutting is not the all-round solution. Sometimes you will learn that pulling and embracing is also in the hands of a monarch.

I didn’t realize it at all.

The emperor tries to solve it the same way this time. This time the Empress is the target.

The Privy Council chairman sitting over there was the first to shout.

“It’s very unexpected, I say. It’s not just extreme measures.”

Albert’s eyes became fierce. The chairman went on without losing.

“If their terror attacks hurt the general public, they should rule by law. But so far, the victims have given their own cause.”

“Two people died and one collapsed. Which Shinmin would you make an exception to?”

“They disobeyed the merger itself, and they called themselves the Ippeniyans. It would have been His Majesty and the Archbishop that separated them into the Ippeniya and attacked them with a curse.”

The most careful matter to deal with for the maintenance of the present unified empire. The Chairman’s view remained unchanged at the time of instigation and now.

“The curse, which was initially considered problematic, fizzled out in obscurity. And the statement they issued is clear. It also offers a compromise on gas ownership and resale, which will be the most controversial issue. It’s an editorial that will have enough influence outside the Midlands.”

One or two people threw a word of agreement.

“Your Majesty, if indeed the Lord’s Appeal is a prisoner, he is well versed in imperial affairs. We don’t know when we’ll dig into our inner weaknesses and turn the tide. Wouldn’t it be better to try dialogue first to reduce the continent’s anxiety? Excessive intolerance risks inciting a backlash.”

“The Speaker has a point. The hand-written poster also contained sentences aimed at foreign powers. Gas is a resource that will attract Gumi to other continents. If you offer to support Ippeniya anywhere, it will lead to international conflict.”

The Foreign Secretary added. The Privy Council chairman gained momentum.

“It’s time to be cautious about dealing with the immediate opponent. Even more, I punish Her Majesty for communicating with them. It’s so sudden that it’s hard to keep up with the Privy Council. Have you collected any clear evidence?”

Albert replied, showing signs of displeasure.

“The circumstances are evidence. Is there any reason for the precious empress to be close to her former maid? He used an ignorant girl as a bridge to share his command with the count. Jim has conciliated the girl’s testimony in many ways.”

Anyway, Juju has never made an official appearance since his capture. Albert made it up conveniently.

“The empress kept silent even when the ruinous country was revealed and there was a curse disturbance. Physical evidence will be found naturally if you search the Imperial Palace!”

“The Empress is your companion and national mother. The process of disclosing the allegations was a major setback.…!”

“You, including the Chair, seem to be mistaken. The charge of insider relations is an official offense, and for Jim, it is an incidental matter.”

Albert cut off the room for a complete counterargument at all. The meeting room turned the topic away, aiming for a pause.

“You’re accused of secretly committing adultery with your husband. Long before I filed for divorce. No, maybe it was right after I married Jim. There was a complaint that the empress invited the government to the salon under the pretext of embroidery and harp performances, and used lewd acts in broad daylight sponsorship.”

Helga, standing in the back, swallowed a inhale and flabbergasted inhale. She wouldn’t have said that much.

But Albert was nonchalant. Rather, the idea that it might be real dominated him. It was before the national spirit that Batilde got to know Philippe. Who knows what he would have done while he was busy with state affairs?I naturally got angry at the tone of my voice.

“The former head of the house resigned for bringing a contraceptive car to Jim. In retrospect, this was also a gimmick. It would have been for the Empress, who was afraid to bear the child of the Government, to drink secretly. Is there any other reason why she was generous when things went wrong? Do you understand? The entire Imperial Palace is a burden!”

Albert shouted loudly and clasped his head. Drunk by his own feelings, grief suddenly came upon him.

Who on earth would a princess from a prestigious family choose such a woman? Batilde’s grin was abominable. There was clear evidence of shrewdness that was being examined in a cute way.

So you should have canceled your divorce earlier.’

If so, Albert was willing to see loyalty that saved the emperor’s face. I would have sorted it out quietly.

However, he had no reason to forgive himself because he endured it to the end.

I’m glad I can take it back when I’m still young. I will surely cherish Charlotte again as empress. I’ll get drunk every day enough to forget when the day of the palace is.

And hand this empire over to her own child.

Albert swallowed his watery breath and lifted his head. The final arrangement was conducted in the solemn conference room.

“The empress… ..the princess of Batilde Karnstein committed adultery with another man, concealing her promiscuous nature. She considered her husband a hindrance and communicated with the country to take the power of the empress. While Jim was distracted by the divorce petition, the country gave him a chance to go into darkness.”

The faithful put up with the urge to exchange glances. I didn’t know when the emperor’s keen eyes would capture me.

And it wasn’t clear which of these was the emperor’s hidden servant. I had no choice but to hide my desire to share unfair feelings.

On the other hand, the Privy Council chairman was becoming more and more determined.

In the meantime, I’ve been secretly looking for people who are in sync. She was able to tell if she was a spy pretending to be a spy or not. I was convinced that all of them sitting here would feel the same way as she does now.

Hits the empress, as a means.

Crush discussions within the court by creating an atmosphere of fear. The new people would consider killing Iphenya as the solution to everything.

But it’s clumsy.

A way to inflate poor evidence and drive away an intrusive existence. Would it be alright to call this governance. If the inside story flows into foreign countries, the country’s status will also decline.

“Are you going to put a sediment beauty on the empty seat of the empress? You’ve changed your words to a dumb maid, ever since I caught you as a connoisseur. They seem to believe that posting propaganda plays will solve the past when they were lovers of a person who was taken as a prisoner.’

The fingers under the table gradually dug into the skin.

Albert concluded whether he did or not.

“From this moment on, all credentials shall be restricted from entering the Imperial Palace. The trial will begin soon, so I hope the middle class trust Jim’s judgment and follow him.”

That set the tone for the Cabinet meeting to end.

Albert arranged the seats first. Then, as if he had waited, the servant ran in and whispered. Albert’s face, which was listening coolly, gradually changed.

“Why are you telling me that now?”

Even the new documents were surprised by the huge explosion. The servant bent down, flustered.

“I have sinned to die. I think you’re in the middle of an important debate.….””There’s nothing more important in this empire than his regards, and I don’t know what his master is! If you know you’re guilty of death, guide me right now!”

Albert, who walked out like a storm, ran to him again. Still a young apprentice rolled over the aisle and shouted additionally.

“Your Majesty, sir! The jade room is open. A disciplined senior steals Martha’s horse and is running wild through the front gate!”

Albert’s expression grew creepy. A similar incident happened at the same time. I can imagine what kind of contact point it had.

He glanced back at Helga performing behind him. Helga looked white and at a loss.

“What the hell did you do? Is this the perfect state to guard the Imperial Palace?”

“No face, no face, no face. But you must have been personally overpowered and arrested by your majesty.….”

Her voice trembled. Albert became irritated as if he were digging his throat.

If I knew this would happen, I would have chosen someone with more experience. You don’t have the guts and you don’t have the skills to use it. The new empress concluded that she should cut me off, and first asked the apprentice as soon as she was in a hurry.

“You’re saying that you’ve seen it yourself. Did he take a girl with him?”

“No, I was alone! I’ve heard that someone made a scene in the palace, but you ran away to the garden!”

There is a road leading to the Imperial Palace. A long arch tunnel crossed Albert’s mind.

Are you trying to get to Batilde?’

I was in a hurry. Albert hurried his steps. He commanded the servant who made his way forward.

“Hurry up and run and let me know. Every door closes every single hole and goes through it like a tooth and nail. Garden, take precedence over the garden and don’t let it cross the Imperial Palace!”

“Your Majesty, if you turn your men over, it’s hard to catch a horse rider.”

“The Knights will take responsibility for this! If you miss it, go outside and find it! First of all, it’s a woman. Blonde girls, you’re in front of Jim, no matter what!”

Albert, who was thirsty, was bombarded with wild sunshine. A golden beam of light called an optical illusion. Charlotte, revived with her new body, seemed to be alive and teasing Albert. The thought of holding on quickened my steps.

Don’t make me laugh. Don’t make me laugh. Don’t make me laugh.

If I have you, I can take it all back, and I can break this shit. I thought you were going to let me go.

It’s mine, originally Albert’s. She was Charlotte, who had been hovering around her since she first met her at the castle. Even if I sent him to a distant ice cave, he came back to himself, where would he go?


Albert shouted out into the garden. Only the maple leaves nodded.

It’s been an hour or so.

It’s time for the search to be completed.

The guards crawled to her. As Albert did when he met her in the New Year, the dress had grass on it.

“I was lying in the shade of the bush. I didn’t know because I couldn’t reach it, but I happened to see a shoe nose.”

Charlotte looked over there with her lips clasped together.

Albert is in a state of stupor. I grabbed him by the wrist and pulled him in. I became angry and growl.

“What the hell is wrong with you?”

The blonde lying on the lawn was disheveled. Albert shouted again.

“What do you want to do, make all these people waste their breath? What are you going to do with hiding in a place like that?”

“I just mimicked it when I was a kid.”

Charlotte smiled greenly.”He wants to go for a walk, but he won’t let him go. It’s because you keep telling me to stay in bed.”

“Aman, cut the crap. I didn’t mean to sneak away! “Were you going to hide until night, because things are not right?”

Green eyes looked up at him languidly.

“It’s up to Albert to believe.”


The fever boiled over. Meanwhile, Albert’s eyes bothered him. Everyone shouted to go away.

Dragged Charlotte to any room on her feet. Bumped her into a closed door.

“Are you going to drive me crazy? I’m trying to make you go crazy. What’s wrong with you? Are you trying to test how far you’re going to go?”

Albert’s face was as close as it could reach. Charlotte stretched her index finger. Gently put it on his lips and pushed him away.

“I told you to be sincere if you wanted me.”

Albert, focus.

She’s obsessed with me.

Charlotte will tolerate whatever you do. As long as I can make a gap in you.

“You missed me once. Then we could miss it twice. Try your best and hold on to it. That way, I’ll realize which man is the right choice.”

I already know the answer. Anyone but Ruslan is wrong. Albert, by far, was the most wrong of all.

Nevertheless, Charlotte hid her answer sheet.

Albert also had an echo in his words.

After that day, he moved his office to Charlotte’s room altogether. In his opinion, the non-essential political affairs were left to Shin-ryo in the name of autonomy.

The number of meetings naturally decreased. He only heard the report directly on the agenda that he judged to be the key point.

The search of Count Keitel and the remnants of Iphenya. Philippe’s pursuit of running out of the palace, whether the imperial palace’s access control and search are carried out properly, and how the Duke, who stays in the villa after his divorce wish, will be arrested, etc.

Other times the walk increased a little. He took Charlotte to the curb and fought. It was obvious that she was trying all sorts of tricks to move her mind.

Rumors circulated that the emperor was infatuated with the government.

In the meantime, surveillance out of reach naturally became sloppy.

Dorothea then sneaked out of the palace.

A candy girl was waiting for her in the citizen square. The girl put out a star candy and said:

“Yes, I know where your brother is. I’ll show you around.”

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