Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 219

Nikolai made his colleague open the arcade door.

Located in the back alley entertainment area, the area is well-done. It was once used in a useful way even when Liriya infiltrated.

The inside was filled with people who had lost their souls to catch. They all seemed indifferent to the troubled urban atmosphere. In other words, the area has forgotten the unknowing destruction of human trafficking groups last year as if they had been washed away by rain.

Therefore, no one noticed Nikolai’s move. We talked among ourselves and threw cards and dice, so we buried the sound of prosthetic legs.

There was a man in the corner.

Tall. Wide shoulders. Blurred hair and eyes, not sure if it’s if it’s brown or black. The black velvet hair removal is deeply pressed, so it is hard to guess what it looks like except for its sleek nose and chin.

He was wearing a red background, gold-tinted security uniform on his shoulders. Supporting white shirts or black pantaloons were common items. But perhaps because of his stretched physique, he was somewhere elegant even in a messy environment.A man is alone in something. Dice rattled in the glove with only one side on.

Nikolai sat next to him.

“There aren’t many empty tables. Do you mind if I join you?”

The man slightly tapped his chin. I started with the dealer over the table.

Several cards were opened. The conversation went back and forth, taking one each.

“The hand-written poster seems to have passed through the palace safely. The flyer at the dock was also successful. The quantities within the instrumentation range will break through the blockade and flow into the provinces.”

“That’s good. I got a call from someone earlier. Operation around the foreign legation ends safely. “Everyone has returned to the priest’s side.”

The man opened his mouth for the first time. And I counted the cards one by one.

“He said it was a gut reaction. It was pouring thousands of pages in the air. But that’s exactly how much the reaction will come back.”

“It must have been a bolt out of the blue. By the way, you shoot paper balloons in the air and scatter leaflets. In a sense, it’s worse than breaking a gas lamp.”

“Blood-borne terrorism is not the only answer.”

A calm answer came from the man. He turned a card upside down.

“Blood is overflowing from type to type. You don’t have to deliver it with fresh blood.”

“Well, as I said in the discussion earlier, I don’t know if the reality we had is read as a provocative war novel.”

“Instead, it’s intense.”

The game was over in no time. The man turned over all his cards.

“In the past, I’ve been seriously injured myself. That’s when the demagoguery effect was fully. Even if it’s the same accusation, if it’s an illustrated story, it’ll last long. It’s not a lie, so it’s convincing. Far more than a false curse.”

He left a declaration of defeat with no regrets. Rarely for an arcade guest, he touched a teacup, not a drink.

“If you’ve become afraid of this side because of the curse rumors, you have to take advantage of that feeling. Now that we have seen the roots of resentment with this leaflet, the fear of citizens will grow even more.”

“There’s a possibility. They think they’re going to get back to the slaughter.”

“Then the public opinion of separating residences from each other also gains momentum. It’s much more meaningful than before, when he used to belittle “I let you live in a warm place.”

Nikolai smiled bitterly at the man.

“I’m sure you’re a better fit for the job here. From capturing the leadership at once, distributing hiding places, and inspecting handwritten posters and flyers in general operations. It’s scary because there’s no traffic.”

“I’m just doing what I can with the phenomenon.”

The man cut it off and made a chin move.

“If you win, go back. Call me if there’s any change.”

“I will, sir.”

Nikolai stood up and whispered casually.

“There’s another guest coming, so I know that.”

At that moment, the hand of the man who was arranging the cards stopped.

Nikolai nonchalantly walked out of his seat. In other people’s eyes, he is a person who has won a round and disappeared. Coming out, he beckoned the girl waiting at the entrance of the alley.

Meanwhile, the man handed over a bundle of cards to the dealer. The dealer laughed as if it were a big deal.

“You lost this time, brother. You’ve won so well.”

“……Cats sometimes slip in trees, too.

His voice sank into a reflection on something. Then a girl stepped in from the back.

“What a humble brother you are you’re so humble. Actually, you lost on purpose after calculating all the card numbers. If the winning rate is too high, it stands out.”

The man looked this way with a one-beat reprieve.

Dorothea looked down at him.I’ve heard about it in advance, but I’ve definitely become unfamiliar with my appearance. Out of style, completely different hair and eye color.

But I couldn’t fool her. Blood was not mixed, but it was clear that the one and only brother.

Ruslan also recognized Dorothea. She wore a big old shawl around the top of her head. It was a measure to keep red-colored eyes from being noticed. The maid Linde, accompanied by her side, recoiled at the bad verbal fight in the background.

Ruslan marked to come closer first.

“Are you going to drink something?”

“Water’s all I need.”

“Then let’s go upstairs and talk.”

Ruslan stood up and headed for that door. Dorothea followed at some intervals.

Passing the steep stairs, a loft came out. I gave Linde a view of the corridor and went inside.

It was a room full of two siblings. The Dorothea, looking around the interior, was stunned.

“No way, I’ve been in a place like this……?”

When I met the ghost king in person, I looked at a multi-family house where ordinary citizens lived. A house with a small room stacked like a cake. I was also told that there were four or five people living in the size of a granddaughter’s bedroom. I felt both shy and solemn.

Now this room is a little worse off than that. The attic of a business, not a residential home. The unwalled limestone wall was stained. Of course, there was no fireplace, and it was useful to have a capital. The only furniture is a bed and a table.

Ruslan took off his hair in a flat way.

“Even a room like this was saved by connections. It’s where a Korean citizen who’s acting with him hid for a while. There’s nothing I can’t do when others do it.”

“Are you sure you’re eating properly?”

“Don’t worry, I don’t just eat withered carrots. Dora, you don’t have to meddle, but Semyon won’t let you.”

Ruslan took a wooden cup out of a high cupboard and received water. The cup was clean and clean from time to time after time.

Dorothea took a close look at Ruslan while drinking water.

He gave Dorothea a table chair, and he sat on the bed. There was a reddish candle shadow on the glacial face. Even so, it became a scene that seemed to be a contrived reenactment of famous paintings.

There was no sign of thinness. But somehow the atmosphere was dark. Maybe it’s because the hair that I always combed half way through covered my forehead.

Dorothea finally put the glass down.

“It’s obviously not a room for two. Where’s Semyon?”

“One of the remnants of the party is his surviving relatives. I’m staying there for a while. I’m in touch every day at a fixed time.”

“Where else did you get that uniform?”

“It belongs to the one who got caught chasing me. I’m using it as a camouflage because my height and shoulders match. I don’t doubt a junior soldier on vacation due to injury.”

“What’s the color of your hair and eyes?”

Ruslan took one hand to his hair. The color faded out and became silver, and it quickly changed to glossy black hair. The eyes were also as blue and red as kaleidoscope. It wasn’t long before it returned to an indistinct color between brown and black.

“It was a little difficult because I’ve never tried a different color before, but it somehow worked out to be the color I’ve been observing for a long time.”

Dorothea didn’t know anyone with that hair. Who is he modeled after? Is he an acquaintance of Ruslan whom he doesn’t know? I was suddenly curious, but I held it in. Now was not the time to dwell on such little things.”Oppa… Are you okay?

I asked because I was in a bad moody.

Ruslan put on a smile that soothes her.

“Are you all right walking around at this hour? At least I don’t catch a cold. I’d be in big trouble if I had a fever because my body got cold.”

“Again, again. It’s warm compared to the Grand Duke, so don’t turn around. But Ruslan…… now the Grand Duke of Licht…….”

Dorothea was at a loss for words.

The Grand Duke is now surrounded by security forces. If a suspicious person approaches, he or she is ready to catch him or her. I was told that the refurbished interior was ruined by a search.

It was meaningless. Throughout the mansion, no physical evidence was found that Count Keitel had used Ippenya to pray for treason. In this case, there is a lack of justification for confiscating property. The household was left unattended after eating dust.

However, if he is caught, we do not know how he will be disposed of in the future. Dorothea’s mind was dizzy just by the fact that another person had his or her grandmother’s house at will.

Ruslan was silent for a moment. Then, he changed the subject.

“We can fix the house. Don’t worry about useless things. Just do your best for your own safety.”

“I know, it’s my duty.”

Dorothea snapped a little, then straightened her chest.

“I’ve seen your face, that’s fine. I’m going to the Privy Council chairman as it is.”

“Did you make a pact in advance?

“Yes, I sent her a separate person as I came out of the palace. Thanks to Jofi’s hard work, one or two guards can move as I wish.”

Ruslan thought for a moment and then sped out his analysis.

“The Privy Council Chairman was the first to respond…As expected, I’m fed up with the Emperor from the top. Ippenia’s recoil is a type that has disappeared since the early days of the empire. No old man has ever experienced the turmoil of that time.”

In this case, how the emperor decides to maintain the system in the future. In other words, the empire has faced an important turning point.

Overpowering using violence may seem simple at first glance, but it is not easy. The cost is too high. When lives are sacrificed, public sentiment naturally worsens. No one in the court would want to take that risk at present.

The army, including the Army, was also passive. Even the military’s habit of building a sense of fairness as a major faltered in front of Ippeniya. He is conscious of public opinion about the massacre.

Ruslan had earlier volunteered to monitor the capture of Iphenya, examining the atmosphere within the army. Emerging soldiers were not blindly angered by the attack on the Army. Rather, he was reluctant to take over the burden of cleaning up the mess of his superiors.

It is a matter to be dealt with carefully. If he decides to overpower weightlifting, he should wipe it out without any mercy. If the cost of mobilizing there is burdensome, the negotiations should be undertaken with a long-term perspective.

It was time for that distribution if you were a politician who ruled the continent.

But that son of a bitch, he’s never gonna do that.’

Ruslan knew that he would come out like that.

It was also a stepping stone for him to take on the role of leader of the opposition Ippeniya. If it had been photographed as a prisoner anyway, it would have been enough to use its location to shake the court.

As Ippeniah moves, the emperor is also put to the test. The faithful will want the emperor to protect us as much as we protect the emperor.

But Emperor Albert, as many previous acts attest, is a type that is preoccupied with the survival of that one.

He decided to use even a series of events for political gain. On this occasion, we would like to use the Imperial Palace as a sacrifice to strengthen our internal discipline.

It also looked into what psychology it originated from. In this chaotic situation, with weightlifting clearly disrupting the country, you’re calculating whether you can drive the emperor out.But Albert made one misjudgment.

The leader of the Ippeniya remnants he drove on the weightlifting, in fact, had no intention of becoming an emperor from the beginning. There’s only one lumber in his mind.

Dorothea lowered her voice.

“The Speaker turned completely around as he tried to push the empress away. I lamented that it would be only a matter of time before the division of the continent.”

“As long as you were of great nobility, you couldn’t have considered it anyone else’s business for Karnstein.”

“They’ve already secretly set up a congenial group. If I go to her now, she’ll let me meet her one by one. Among them, there may be a mix of people who think that my side is easy to handle.….”

The girl gave a broad look of temper.

“I’m going to take my turn. Where do you dare put it?”

“The cause of judgment will be the life of the empress. That’s not bad enough. What does the court say about me?”

“I doubt that the Emperor framed his lover because he wanted to steal it. He must have been a descendant of Ippeniah, who said he had infiltrated the court to destroy the empire.”

“Everything is a little bit correct, everything is a little wrong.”

Ruslan laughed bitterly. Dorothea hesitated for a moment before opening her mouth.

“The story of the juju…Aren’t you going to ask …?”

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