Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 231

How could he be here?

I think I saw it wrong.

There was a distance between the window and the landscape. The emperor’s sediment is located at the rear of the palace building. The number of floors is not low. So no matter how high the landscape grew, it was forced to stay about a road away from the window.

In the first place, the location of landscaping trees was far away. This is a security measure. You can’t let a suspicious man climb a tree, break through a palace window, or peek inside.

But it was definitely him.

Ruslan is up there nonetheless.

It was a place where gas lights could not reach the front. The shade of the branches covered half his body. But Charlotte couldn’t help but recognize the moon-shining face.

Ruslan looked up this way.

Unlike her, he was very easy to find her. That room was bright. And the woman sticking out the window was Charlotte.

I didn’t check the face myself. She was far away and dark in the backlight. The silhouette, let alone the look on his face.

But there’s no way he couldn’t recognize Charlotte.

He saw her essence in that old palace. A mass of souls extracted from a broken body. An unknown substance that shone beautifully like a meteorite. Now that I have witnessed it, I could recognize any shell, indeed, even a lump of shadow.

I felt like I was going to burst into tears. He restrained himself by flogging immature impulses.

I barely got here. I couldn’t miss the chance that came by the skin of my teeth.

According to the ghosts, a carriage carrying the luggage of the costume room will be placed in the palace.」

I wouldn’t dare to engrave on my head what was being prepared. I wanted to shake off my memory even though I couldn’t forget anything.

“I apologize in advance. There is little operational significance. It’s no more effective than to sway the security of the palace. Nevertheless, the risk is high.」

Nevertheless, Ruslan had no choice but to.

“Now I’m almost done with Ippeniah’s role. So this is purely my dogma and self-interest. I don’t blame you for choosing to abandon me in case of emergency. If you take over the wagon and draw attention for a very short time…….」

Liriya made a long noise, ‘Hmmm.’ Then, unexpectedly, he spoke in a nice way.

“It’s not hard to help. Why don’t you just give me a big time.」

“Are you serious?”

“Early Count Keitel. Even if you are not a prince as you wish, you are already a benefactor to the entire Ippeniya.」

There was a faint sound of firecrackers on one side of the garden. Some of the Ippeniyans are noise that induce a small disturbances.

“We will not forget that grace. First of all, we owe her a lot of money, too.」

Ruslan clenched his teeth. I gave strength to the leg that imperilled the branch.

You have to come out. Charlotte, come on.

I couldn’t wait for the day the move was made. It would be great if the accumulated gunfire would fit together, but everything has a burden of failure. I wanted to get her out of the hole before the disturbance broke out.

Ruslan also guessed the location outside the building. It was just as the rumor said. Charlotte must be in the emperor’s deposition.

I resent my body, not the knight. How nice it would be to jump up the outer wall of the building and rescue her.But he was just a normal adult male. There was no choice but to use the means learned by survival tips.

He searched the inside of the cape. Then most of his body was buried in the shade.

As for Charlotte, his intentions were completely unknown. It was hard to see because it was already wrapped in a black cape.

What is he doing? No, more than that.

‘Why, in a place like this…….’

No way, because of yourself?

You tried to sneak into the palace to save Charlotte?

I don’t want to believe it. The moment he was found by the guards, he had nothing to say even if he was killed immediately. It means Ruslan has braved such burdens to appear here. The man who was leading the way in everything.

I wanted to dismiss it as nonsense. If I rub my eyes now, I think I’ll realize that I saw something wrong. You mistook someone from the anti-government for Ruslan…….

At that moment, the man looked this way again.

He took out the crossbow. Then he tied the rope tightly to the arrow and loaded it. I couldn’t make a loud noise, so I kept shouting with my mouth.



Charlotte, I’m listening. In Charlotte.

Charlotte realized what it meant and wrapped her face.

I’m sending a full note. Just in case you can hear me here. Actually, Charlotte lost her earrings for a long time.

The barrier of the mind has collapsed. She burst into tears and held back her desire to sit down.

Faced with reality, I finally remembered what kind of holy spirit he was.

Ruslan used to be that guy.

He can read hangar on a wide board. I understand the way to avoid the risk better than anyone else. Ruslan himself knows best how reckless this action is now.

Even that large number, Charlotte was a man to ignore.

It’s been like that since the first day we met. He was the light on Charlotte, trapped in the dark. He was the only man who found her abandoned all over the world.



‘No, it’s dangerous…….’

He stood balanced on the branches. Shot at the crossbow. The aim was pretty good, but it was hard to overcome the thick outer wall. Far from being skinned, it was broken.

Ruslan kicked his tongue and hid the crossbow with a back dance. Instead, I pulled out another rope. This time, I tried to throw it toward the railing with shoulder strength. Reclaiming an uneasy balance on the landscape.

Charlotte shrugged her shoulders unconsciously. I took a step back from the window.

That motion itself is dangerous. It’s easy to fall from a tree. And I don’t know when the guard who took the bait will return. Luckily, even if Charlotte took the rope and went down this window, it would surely stand out.

Above all, Charlotte has already attempted to escape in a similar way. Did Albert let his guard down on him? Watchmen outside the door will be on edge.

‘Stop, even if you let me out……!’

Others would say she’s a submissive to the Emperor.

If Dorothea ascends to the throne, Ruslan will rightly regain his place of glory. It is not beneficial to stand next to him. It just becomes a stain on the white clothes.

Stop it, stop it, stop it!

Come on, Ruslan!

Don’t value me. Don’t bet your luck on Charlotte!

Even with this body, the essence is the illegitimate son of a modem. I held Albert and decided to sink together. At least I was going to regard it as a completion of revenge to ruin the man’s life together.But that guy.

Ruslan is…

At that moment, the branches of Jo Kyung-soo could not bear the weight. He swerved and Ruslan’s body slipped.

There was a sense of crisis that he would fall. Charlotte unwittingly clung to the window and shouted.


I realized my mistake before the last syllable came out. I swallowed the horse in a hurry. I recovered my rattling heart for fear of terrible misfortune. I looked down.

Fortunately, it didn’t crash.

It is true that it was a crisis equivalent to a crash. Just before falling, Ruslan managed to hold on to the stem branches. However, it was an iron bar exercise with too much difficulty.

“Oh, my God…….”

The bark was sharply raised by friction. The crumbs stained the palms. There was a lot of pain beyond the gloves. Both palms and forearms seemed to burn to endure their weight.

After hanging in the air for a while, he managed to step on the ball. He dispersed the impact and jumped to the floor. The black wings seemed to sink.

Charlotte breathed a sigh of relief before I knew it. At the same time, I witnessed him scouring the area looking for another place. I wanted to scream again and dry it.

What should I do? My voice wasn’t that loud earlier because I was out of the blue. That’s not enough to dry Ruslan. You have to shout out loud so he can hear you.

You’ll definitely get caught by a guard. No, the servant or maid who is watching from outside the door will come in.

Charlotte, who was torn, on the other hand, had to struggle to suppress her inner impulse.

I heard what happened to the old court romance? The lady falls to her lover waiting under the balcony.

I wanted to jump down and go to him like this. Even though I know it’s an exaggerated legend. I received a man falling from this height.Both sides of the liver will be seriously injured.

Nevertheless, my heart goes out to him.

Shamelessly turning a blind eye to self-proclaimed stigma.

Charlotte paced the window restless. It was at that time that Ruslan found himself climbing the landscape where the rope could reach him.

The back door burst open. Albert came in without prior notice.

“How the hell did he stand guard at the palace…How’s everything going, Lotte? Why is the window open?”

Charlotte blocked the open window.

It’s dangerous. Albert may be looking out now and find Ruslan. Only such a situation must be prevented in some way or the other.

I squeezed my throat and made a calm voice.

“The stove is a little too strong……. Is there any intrusion outside? The guard’s arms over there were serious.”

I looked up at Albert with a face that I didn’t know nothing about him.

Albert looked at Charlotte with a questionable eye. Then, he twisted his lips and reached out his hand. His fingers held her chin up.

“Yes, did you see it in your eyes trapped here?”

“How many years have I been active? If you don’t know, you’re a fool. I think there’s a man sneaking into a station wagon?”

While obediently speaking, I couldn’t help it because I was curious about the back of my head. Did Ruslan run away safely? Maybe he’s hiding in the shade of the shrub. Then how will he take this landscape.

“My dress material is left out there. If a station wagon with a chest comes in, they don’t teach us to poke it with a spear. Your Majesty Albert, even if Amman Pascalina was dead, did he not have the skills to deal with the military?”

I pulled myself out. Albert easily responded to the sense of being ignored as well. I got a slightly horny tone.

“It’s a jewel in your dress, and I was going to put in a new piece of glass. There was a place where I missed the inspection while handling it carefully. Who knew the weightlifting would take over on the way?”Albert made a mockery of rationalizing the error.

“Devastated seeds. It was good to enter the Imperial Palace at best, but the toys we boast must be in short supply. The guards chased him, and he ran away without a tail.”

“Isn’t that a gimmick of a prisoner? As far as I know, he’s a man who’ll survive that. Actually, I might have already entered this building. Look it up.”

Charlotte smiled shallowly and took a ribbon out of her pocket. She pretended to tie her long blonde hair up. I needed a means to soothe my nervous hands.

I wish I could kick Albert out of this room with this story. In the meantime, you’ll be able to send a gesture to Ruslan outside the window to run away. I couldn’t even touch the window frame because I thought I’d be suspicious if I closed the window in a hurry.

Albert cringed at Charlotte bringing up the Earl. His voice dropped slightly.

“Lotte. ……don’t tell me you know anything.”

Charlotte asked back nonchalantly.

“Are you trying to talk to me? I wonder what he’s seen while playing with it on his knees. You all know what time I take a bath.”

“Didn’t you secretly get in touch with him on account of the loss of clothes?

Hearing that, Charlotte thought her heart was falling to the navel. I tightened my lips so as not to show off stupidly. He laughed as if it were the same.

“Why did you allow it from the beginning if you were going to do this? You let me watch you all the time. I came by unexpectedly and checked it out of the blue to check it out.

“There’s one thing in a million. You’ve always had your eye on extraordinary tricks.”

“Has the Emperor developed a phoenix habit? I’m going to rethink my choice.”

“No, Lotte, you’re even more talented in making me cry. Who knows if he’s mobilizing me to test me.”

Albert came near. I forced the hand that arranged the baby hairs to come off. He poured out words with his wrists twisted.

“The Grand Princess seems to have a bad bug just like the Grand Princess, but she was the one who wanted to be emperor. He’ll steal while I’m cleaning the house. It is my imagination that if that happens, there is a possibility that he will take Rothener and raise her to the empress.….”

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