Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 240

Helga came this way. She raised her voice and began to pour.

“I’ve come all the way here because of you, Juju, and I’ve been through so much trouble! Is that what you’really? You don’t want me to kill you?

“Then, should I have grabbed you for tea or something? Are you confident that you would have understood everything if I had explained everything at that time?”

Charlotte put down the bottle.

He was aware that he was not emotionally understood anyway. Praying sorry won’t bring out a sincere apology, nor will Helga hear it. Because Charlotte herself said the same thing.

At least, I wouldn’t blame Helga for this. As for Charlotte, she thought it was the best she could bear.

But this is a matter of course.

As for Batilde, the story is different.

“I accept that you were trying to get even with me. But look, what happened when you got stuck with the emperor. Are you really happy with this? Did it really occur to you when you looked at the atmosphere of the system?”

“…Miss Juju!”

Helga raised and lowered her flinching hand. It’s something I wanted to hit for a second. But she was conscious of the pearl crown above her opponent’s head, and many other things.

The fact that it wasn’t wrong held her conclusively. Helga eventually controlled himself. He hid his hands by putting his hands behind his back.

Her voice wobbled.

“What, you’re showing off. You’re in a position to do that to me……!”

“No, I didn’t say don’t blame me. That’s why I don’t want to push you because I’ve been given this crown.”

I could have said, “How dare you to be the new empress?” At least it would have worked for Helga.

But Charlotte did not do so. Albert chose this seat. Albert’s reputation has already been compromised. She didn’t have to be tied to him any more.

And that Helga is a by-product of my revenge. I don’t have anything to say even if I get slapped.

Indeed, it is difficult to be honest while hurting people. Charlotte resigned in a small way.

I’m only human to this extent anyway.

“But Lord Helga, you must realize what you have done. I was about to settle a grudge, but an old man almost got maimed.”

The end of the long journey is in sight. The last choice is whether or not to separate yourself like this.

You must get out of here to do it entirely of your own volition. Now that article was an obstacle to say the least.

Charlotte was determined. She was already peeping at the dirt. If you want to flee against a knight, you have to watch the gap.

I’d really appreciate it if you could leave like this. Things didn’t go the way they wanted them to.

Helga chewed her lips and then backed away. He approached the doorway and set up his back. He may intend to keep an eye on Charlotte until Albert arrives or other orders are issued.

Charlotte has become even more cautious. Pretending to take care of the bird, I found a water kettle and poured it into the bucket. I looked down at the bird flapping merrily and bathing.

The eyes turned to the cage. The ears turned to the outside of the doorway.

My dry mouth passed.

The cage is now hanging on this body, a stand the size of Juju’s height. It is finished by carving wood that has grown to be bent.

When I stayed in the playroom over there, I weighed it in between. It was impossible to swing freely. But at least I could lift it with two hands.The back of my head stings. I keep feeling Helga’s gaze.

What’s going on in Crystal Hall now. I realize that the Imperial Palace is a space where no news of communication is heard. Albert locked up all the maids of the empress in court custody. The whole building was as lame as a mouse.

I spoke to them in a way that would distract them.

“You’d better quit working with Albert.”

I glanced back. Helga opened her eyes wide.

“He’s the type to leave anyone with my own hands. Who matches your personality unless you’re not in the world? You’ll soon be.”

He looked back only once Charlotte died. Her true refusal did not listen, but only responded to the possibility of camouflage. So clearly what you want from her.

The same is true of Batilde. He pursued only what I wanted from her. I looked only at a lady who was naive and couldn’t do anything.

His bed looks like that. When the opponent lying there starts to fall apart, Albert changes his attitude when he judges that he poses a threat to himself even a little.

For him, that’s how a wicked woman is born.

Helga looked as if she had been stabbed in the teeth.

When served from afar, I thought only vaguely. He’s nothing more than a sensitive man. However, I realized it desperately after I was appointed as the head of the team. Inside the man was a much more complex and arbitrary standard, and only softened when Helga managed to fit in there.

But she was still antipathetic to the blonde girl. I replied in a grumpy voice.

“Don’t try to shake my heart.”

“You’re mistaken. What am I gonna gain by shaking you?”

That knight already has a mental complexion. If you get excited, the gap will be easily created.

Charlotte just took off the ring of the cage. He pretended to stroke the stand with one hand. I clenched it.

“It’s the same in the new year. There’s nothing to gain from killing a cop, so I kept him alive. Honestly, I don’t have any feelings for you.”

“Miss Juju!”

Helga roared in anger.

Charlotte immediately threw out the cage. The locking ring was released from the impact of hitting the floor. A bewildered bird soared through the open door. It was when Helga was instantly blinded by the move.


I had a fit of pain in my stomach.

Charlotte let out her breath. The stand is heavy. I just held it up with both hands and hit it. I put my arm in so that I wouldn’t slip from my hand.

“I mean, I’m not doing this because I hate you.”

Helga distorted one eye. The body, which had been hit from the front, hit the back hard. The wall reminded me of an old injury. She swallowed the foam around her mouth and chewed it out.

“You can’t use this, crab, aura, but to the knight……!”

She raised one arm and grabbed the stand. When the aura was operated to strengthen the grip, the wood of the headduck was broken.

Charlotte identified a section in which the wood grain stood sharply. It’s lighter than a broken share.

As expected, the body is now fully capable of swinging.

“Thank you for your cooperation.”

Charlotte pulled out a half of the broken stand and threw it down. The cross section, which rose like a thorn, stabbed the driver’s upper arm. Just in time for the sword to be pulled out.

Helga let out a painful groan. Meanwhile, she stretched out her arms as if to block the doorway. It was when a large open palm slammed the door handle.

Charlotte quickly stepped down while she was at it. I picked up a cage that fell on the floor.”Who’s going out the door?”

This detached house was built purely for the purpose of the Hapgung Palace. In other words, there is no reason for the railing to be as high as the court palace. As soon as I got out of the window, it was on the ground.

I threw a cage. The bell-shaped cage hit and the glass was broken. Charlotte jumped to the window frame. Step on the glass with heels and jump straight down.

The grass touched. The skirt was caught in the glass and torn a little, but it’s not a big problem. I knew this would happen, so I begged for clothes that didn’t drag me.

The support of the Imperial Palace is wide. Beyond the pond over there, the artificial garden boasts a fairly long walk. If you cross the hill, you will also find a farm where priests used to worship.

The aura-free legs were very troublesome with pearl-colored shoes. Charlotte took a few steps and threw them off. Only stockings started running on their feet.

Helga responded belatedly. He clasped his bleeding arm and clung to the window.

“Oh, my God!”

Charlotte was not caught by the sound. I just looked like I had one hand up.

I’m not going to stop Helga’s. But I didn’t mean to be obedient to her either.

Revenge remains for himself. Now is the time. Charlotte is completely free unless captured. Hide or run, first let’s get as far away from Albert as we can.

Helga glared at the white race that disappeared over there. As soon as he jumped straight over the broken window and tried to chase it, the bird hit his ear.

“Lotte, Lote!”

“That bird……!”

He seems to have flown out in embarrassment at the unfamiliar environment. Helga, who rubbed his ears, was about to climb back on the window frame. A knight knocked on the door and opened it.

“Hell, Helga!

Helga looked back at the article that would cringe.

She was a knight who was close to her when she worked at the Imperial Palace. He was one of the people who didn’t change his attitude when he was appointed general manager.

By the way, I’m sure he was also stationed in the palace.

The knight freaked out as soon as he saw the mess inside.

“Wait, what the hell is this mess?”

“That’s not the point. That government will run away……! What’s going on? Hurry up and tell me!”

The knight swallowed his saliva once to catch his breath. He said in a polite tone that he was in such a hurry.

“The court has changed rapidly. I didn’t have anyone to tell you, so I got out!”

Helga stood tall and stopped.

“What an accident……”As the Emperor said, the weightlifting rebellion?”

“No. No. Helga, you have to be a good judge from now on! Our knight will serve as emperor anyway!”

Helga opened her curious eyes. Wasn’t it the knight’s job to quell a rebellion?

However, the article, which was close before my eyes, was somewhat different.

“It’s not a rebellion. Helga, Albert escaped from the palace. My colleagues, who have already turned their minds to the front, are looking for him!”

“Do, State……?”

While the Knights Commander himself fell here alone?

Then the knight suddenly pulled out the sword. I aimed it straight at Helga.

“So you have to choose. This kendo, the kendo of the rest of your colleagues, will move according to your choice. Will the Knights fight against each other or surrender to the Grand Princess?”


“Judgingly, Albert’s appointment as general manager is no longer useful! Helga, everything you’ve devoted to has become a piece of paper……!”

The knight shouted in a sad tone.

* * *

Ruslan ran a horse and came close to the main gate of the empress palace.

The palace and the empress are the fastest when connected through the garden. However, the road had a disadvantage that it would go deep inside the palace.Furthermore, the horse was tied to the training ground of the palace. Therefore, it was rather better to ride a horse through the main gate even if it turned a little.

Dorothea must be on the mend inside the palace with the retainers by now. Stabilize people in chaos and release the military to alert them.

It’s a basic issue, so you’ll do well. Jofi said he’s been teaching soldiers.’

But it’s no time to praise her for sending her northward.

There was a guard guarding the front gate. I was surprised when a horse appeared in an already ominous atmosphere.

“Wait, stop! If you don’t identify yourself…….”

We can’t lose time for this. Ruslan stepped up the pace. The horse understood and leaped. He jumped over the fence of the Imperial Palace like a practice obstacle.


“You’re an intruder, get him!”

“It’s the State Preceptor. Watch out for the court lady.”

I left a message. The guards responded more to the word speculative than prevarication. I started to sort out who would go over there to learn the details.

Ruslan left them behind and kept running. I was nervous even in front of the building.

Is Charlotte really here?

Just before she entered Crystal Hall, she was told at first glance that she had been led to the Imperial Palace by the Knights. I ran here solely on that horse.

But the Imperial Palace is as still as if it were empty. There will be people working in the kitchen and in the quarters, but they are not in a comfortable position to wander around in this atmosphere.

Ruslan calmed the horse first. An alarm crossed the garden and looked inside the building. I wondered if I could feel the signs of people over the window.


I put her first even before the Emperor. It’s only half revenge for punishing the emperor before taking her back. It was when I was paying keen attention to it, praying that it would only appear before my eyes.

“Lotte, Lote!”

It sounds like a child. I pulled the reins in a flab.

I realized the next moment. He is now on a horse. A real child’s voice should have been heard much lower. The voice was close to the top.

Only then did I realize it was from that tree over there. It’s a little different from human pronunciation.


Talking birds are hard to find in the wild. Even more in the palace in the middle of the island. In all likelihood, it was brought into the cage for the purpose of trapping. If he had learned the name of a person by crying, he would have been raised in the garden.

But that bird is crying somewhere on the branch. I had a hunch that something was going on indoors.

“Let’s go!”

Urged the horse. The bird’s cry gradually grew closer. Before I knew it, I realized that I had come near the annex and felt stiff in my heart.

Finally, he stopped the horse and got off. I just jumped. Looking around the garden and the building, I burst into cries.


When you swallow to hide the boiling child at the end of the sentence.

Ruslan suddenly looked up at the bridge over the pond. And I witnessed it.

A white dress sprinkled with diamonds. A ghostly veil under the pearl crown.

The expression of the soul shaking, mixed with dismay and bewilderment, with blonde and green eyes beneath it.

Ruslan met Charlotte.

Charlotte also met Ruslan.

There was a shock of suffocation.

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