Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 232

“Babble, babble. Cut it out.”

Charlotte genuinely raised an eyebrow. There was a consciously belittling smile.

“He’s five years younger for me. The kid who was walking when I met you! He’s so feisty. How bad was he? Since you’re lonely, let’s do something together. I’m impatient with a maid or something like that.”

I don’t like myself having to throw up words like this. I hate Albert for making himself like this.

“I hate what you did wrong, so I let him off the hook, and he’s still mad at you? I thought I was supposed to come back to you no matter what! If you’re going to nitpick at anything like this and send it to the brain cell twice, get rid of it! We’d rather die here together!”

Only the last words were sincere. If you cover your eyes with a ribbon. If you hug him and throw yourself out the window. I could die. This evil will also disperse into the atmosphere.

Albert glared at Charlotte for a moment.

The expression slowly loosened. His mouth slowly loosened, and his wrist also lost strength.

“Yes, Lothé, you are the only woman who can be so spiteful to me. You’re the only one I can never lose.”Charlotte rubbed her wrist without saying anything. It had turned red.

I turned around and looked out of the window pretending to look out of the window. Did Ruslan run away in no time? Then he found him crouching low on the branches of landscaping trees and swallowed his breath.

He’s watching.

My heart ached like a salt scar. I think I know why he’s out there taking the risk.

He couldn’t have left as long as Charlotte stayed by the window. As long as Albert wandered around her, it would have been impossible to turn back.

It was when I decided to close the window and close the curtains.

Albert came up out of nowhere. He caressed Charlotte on the shoulder.

“I apologize for the assumption just now. Lotte, you know my personality. I was a little over-sensitive because I had so many noisy things going on inside.”

“Al, it must be long.”

“I’ll try to fix it in the future. Lotte, so try to calm your temper, too. If you give birth to our child. For the child who will be heir to the empire.….”

Albert uttered empty words as if they were flowing into the water. Then, he suddenly found a station wagon down there, so he came close to the window.

“Guards, do you even know it’s Dae Yeol? How far did you go to bring in supplies like that?….”

He pulled out his neck. Even his touch, which he was focusing on touching his shoulder, has become distant. I’m going to look outside in earnest.

Charlotte became stiff at the moment. I poured plaster in my mouth and felt like my guts had hardened.

A dizzying imagination crossed my mind. Maybe you’ll find a black cape with those eyes curled up in the branches of landscaping trees. If you realize who it is, then.

There is no time to hesitate.

Charlotte opened her lips recklessly. The tone was off, and a strange thin voice came out.


Albert, who was called, looked this way. His expression was noticeable. I can’t believe Charlotte called herself in this voice. It’s a big deal.

Charlotte endured the area, twisting deeply inside her stomach. The water that fills the back of the snow also pushed down.

This was the only way.

For her now.



I pulled my collar to bend my waist.

It’s close to thin, murky blonde hair. I turned my face away from the unnecessarily high nose.

My lips are in contact. Body temperature that crumbles and sticks. It was a touch that dominated most of her childhood. I remember it clearly enough to go mad.

Albert was taken aback for a momentarily. But he was quick to adapt at times like this. The lips dug deep as if they were thrilled.

He hugged Charlotte’s waist and tucked his tongue in. The mass from the outside was terrible, but Charlotte didn’t bite it. I pressed resistance and opened my throat. Albert let himself be at liberty and commit a crime.

Outside the window, the sound of the guards’ boots draws closer. The talking bird flapped in the cage all of a sudden. I’ve already made a habit of crying.

“Lotte, Lotte, Lotte!”

Ruslan, you’ll be back at this point.

I hope you get out safely. It is only her wish that he is safe.

He would have witnessed this scene by the window, too. How did they take it? I wonder if I’ll be hurt and shed tears because of betrayal.

A woman named Charlotte, after all, was stuck by the emperor who devoted her virginity as a girl. He was possessed by the pearl crown and devoted his body and soul. He threw his heart out like trash when he came to the rescue on purpose.

I’d rather you think so.

I want him to be cold to her first. The pain of leaving might ease a little.

Albert dropped his lips a little later.The saliva stretched viscously to the outside of the lips. Thanks to her greedily covetousness. The golden brown eyes seemed to have a reddish glow. It seemed to be mesmerized somewhere.


Charlotte spoke with a broken stiffness.

“Will you believe me if I do this?”

“I told you, I apologize. Lotte, oh, after all. Ever since I heard that you were dead…….”

“That’s it. You’re touching it.”

The hand that hugged the waist slipped down before I knew it. Charlotte squeezed the hand off.

“What’s wrong with you? So that I can’t be a baby. You have to live up to your age. You’re not sixteen years old. Don’t come at me recklessly.

“I told you I’d go back to that time. If you have it, I will…….”

“If you give me the pearl tube, I’ll tell you again.”

Charlotte pushed his chest out. I closed the window quickly. Packed up the curtains and sat on a chair by the fire.

Albert followed. He knelt before her. He looked desperate as never before. Like I was finally completely distracted by the sinful lips.

“It’s a few days until the execution.”

“Am I the only one who remembers the succession? In the meantime, Jung Kook will flip five more times. Your majesty, go and take care of the guards. Is this why you’re going to fit my dress in time?”

I rested my chin on my hand and turned my head to the flames.

I felt like I was wearing an armor with a shield. But my stomach trembled with anxiety. If Albert intends to stab like this, Charlotte has no way to stop him.

Albert held hands for a while. It was not long before I stood up, smacking my lips. I said, dusting off my knees.

“Don’t worry about the dress. If all the seamstresses of the palace rush in, that’s one suit. I’ll be back later. What should I bring you before I go to bed?”

“Anything—tell them to do a proper tox screen.”

The further away he got, the more his armor came off. It was not long before there was a sound of the door closing. The room became quiet.

Charlotte ran to the window as soon as she confirmed it. Stuck to the curtain and looked out. After looking at the signs of guards coming and going, I finally concluded.

He left safely.

My legs are weak. Slipped down.

This is it.

So Ruslan, don’t worry about me, please do what you have to do…….

The bird in the cage howled at her.

“Lotte, Lote!”


Charlotte shouted at the innocent bird. I felt miserable. It was even more sad because tears didn’t come out easily.

Actually, I wanted to hear his voice.

I wanted you to call my name out loud for once.

“Luslan, Ruslan, Ruslan…….”

Charlotte memorized his name indefinitely. When I was tired, I fell down and chewed my lips.

Why didn’t we just jump out of the window? Would it have been better to fly into his arms even if his head was broken and died?

The power failure gradually became stiff. Rather than smooth blood flow, it seems to shrink. Before I knew it, I remembered wearing an aura.

But now it seemed irrelevant. Albert, please be brought to justice as an emperor. There are only a few days left until the execution.….

I forced myself to strengthen my mind. This spectacular brain lock door will also open in a little while. Then Charlotte will also take Albert’s hand and show up next to him. Wearing a white bell-shaped dress and a veil.

Since then, no trace of Ruslan has been found in the imperial palace. There was no news of a new intruder.

What thin ice the court is, what plans come and go on the streets, and Charlotte, trapped in sedimentation, completely unaware of the whole thing.Finally, it was the day of the execution of Batilde’s punishment.

* * *

“It’s a day when the empire will be turned upside down. I can’t believe it’s coming.”

It was dawn when the sun didn’t even rise. Liriya stood at the dock with a pitch on her side. The river flowed smoothly and occasionally overturned the waves.

“If you flip it, that’s it. I’ll pick up what I need and put it back in. It remains to be seen whether Her Highness will do well.”

Nikolai, who was lying in the cart, helped. He pulled down the middle cap covering his face and looked over there.

“Let’s check one last time. I and other comrades cooperate in flipping leaflets. The group led by Liriya waits near the Imperial Palace to secure a retreat. Would two hands be enough?”

“That’s enough.”

Ruslan nodded his head.

“That’s all I’ve ever agreed to do. My sister says I’m sorry if I get involved in the imperial regime any more.”

He said, looking around for loads on the floor.

“So I’m the only one who goes into the palace. I don’t think the Emperor has yet to declare that he has dismissed the oath of office or deprived the Earl.”

Ruslan added a joke and pulled out a medal. The Imperial Emperor’s repair sentence was dimly reflected in the dawn. The evidence of trustless trust is ridiculous.

Lyria looked at him like that.

“Sister, you’re not even a brother and sister to the granddaughter, and you’re trying to stay strong.”

“Because he’s a benefactor.”

He answered briefly and smiled shallowly.

“When I was a kid, I used to make fun of him, but I can’t see him anymore.”

“I think I know. A kid with a strong temperament has a funny reaction.”

Nikolai answered back. It was a joke, but not a very pleasant way of speaking. Because of the heightened tension between each other, there was a sense of coziness that was squeezed out. Liriya, who was staring at the figure without a word, opened her mouth.

“No, she already has her powers. We don’t need enough manpower to go into the palace to imitate the rear.”

Ruslan smiled and faced her. Lyria pressed a little harder.

“Earl, be honest about your goals. That way, this side will be easier to deal with emergencies. You’re trying to get your girlfriend out, right?”

Ruslan was silent for a moment.

By the time the sun rose from the other side, answers were mixed with white-flowing breaths.

“Did you get caught?”

“You failed once, and you’re upset, and you’re going to crawl out of the can.”

The word was not a metaphor. After withdrawing from the palace, he was told what the hell he had witnessed, that he had exhausted all stomach acid on an empty stomach. It’s true that the old man who cared for him was tipped off later.

Ruslan lifted his fake red eyes without saying a word.

The rising sun stuck in it and burned unusually. He answered in a dying whisper, his eyes fixed in the usual direction.

“Even if it’s broken and powdery, it’s bound to hit.”


Lyria thought without saying a word.

Things would be easier if she knew that. That man is about to die for the woman he devoted himself to. Even if she can’t leave it alone, she’ll relieve the mucus and break the Emperor’s bones.

That temperament of Ruslan must have been inherited by King Zahari.

Magic is invented by love. The last magic he left behind was originally intended to pass on to his wife Valentinavi.

I couldn’t bring myself to ask what the magic really was, but…….

“That’s fine, but don’t risk your life.”Liriya said out of the blue.

“I have no idea. Strange to see that you care for your hand, Epheniah, there must be magic that is difficult to use outside of the land. I’m just saying don’t burn your life to save your spleen.”

“I agree with Riri. It’s not the only way to kill me or not you. It’s just a loss.”

Ruslan just smiled at the words. He turned to the other side. Semyon was coming out of the hiding place with a cup of soup.

“You look at me like that and you don’t know. I’m never going to lose money.”

And spending for her, nothing is a loss.

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