Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 233

Charlotte finished her bath and came out of the bathtub. The maid brought a big towel and wrapped it around her body.

Long hair smelled sour. This is because the lemon was soaked in floating water for a long time. A fan wind drying my hair slapped me on the cheek. Over there, an old maid was watching every move.

“Please sit over there.”

When her hair was dry, the maid said.

Before Charlotte could answer, the maid sat her down. One person stuck to each side. I hung a quiver on the armrest and made my legs open.

“I’ll do a physical examination before I wear it, under the imperial command.”

Lady-in-law knelt down after a dry sentence.

It was not long before a thorough examination followed. Charlotte’s face turned red with shame. I felt like I was being treated for a male wife’s disease.

“All clear.”

“That’s how the Emperor of the Empire will enter. As long as it’s clean.”

Albert replied in the bedroom over there. He was shaving and getting a haircut in the morning.

Charlotte was raised from her chair. The towel came off and revealed itself. The maid pulled her arms and legs together and began putting on her underwear one by one. It was as if the doll’s joints were bent and changed.

“If it were a doll, it wouldn’t bother you.’

How nice it would be if you didn’t feel anything. Charlotte wanted to be the flower of a stone sculpture or vase at this moment.

Soon after, Batilde’s punishment will be executed. Albert is determined to hug Charlotte as soon as he is done with his work.

Even if such a situation really happens, I vowed not to be afraid. But when I got dressed up, I became absolutely miserable. He is now preparing to commit a crime against the man he wanted revenge on.

“Raise your arms.”

The maid said and put on the dress from the front. Pulling the ribbon from the back straightened the waist.

Albert prepared the dress on time as promised. This is the result of ordering all the imperial seamstress to work all night long.

A pure white color that could be blown away by the wind. The neckline was wide enough to guess the swell shape of the chest and the valley. The sleeves that were loosely tied on the shoulders were single layer, so the skin looked the same. It is as pitiful and airy as butterfly wings.

At first glance, it seemed modest without a pattern, but the fabric itself was carefully. Diamonds sprinkled like the Milky Way were a feast of male light. It would be great to have a chandelier light.

Silk stockings are also white with thin, arabic designs. When I put my feet in pearl-colored shoes, they looked like I was wearing glass. The reflection on the full-body mirror was so beautiful that it was mesmerizing.

“You’re beautiful even in this moment.”

Charlotte looked at Juju in a sad mood.

‘That’s what I didn’t like. I’ve always felt this helplessness.’

Ironically, now that I’ve lost my aura, I feel like I understand this body completely. I felt the anguish that only this girl had.

Even Juju’s body is suffering from his helplessness. I’d rather she blamed herself.The hair was straightened with iron and braided in part. I combed my bottom hair and applied perfume, and Albert approached me.

He looked even more handsome in his conquest outfit. The hair combed back was half brown with a cloudy gold color becoming darker.

“It’s a good idea. I could sit in the bride’s waiting room.”

Albert looked exceptionally happy. He bit the maid brushing and grabbed Charlotte by the chin. I ripped off every aspect of my makeup. A mellow whisper came out.

“Is the veil the only thing you need to do?”

“Okay, Albert, get out of my way to get ready.”

“That’s about it. I’ll put it on you myself.”

Albert put his arm out into the air without hesitation. The maid holding the veil quickly came up and handed him the goods.

It was a veil of Southern handmade lace that Charlotte had asked for. Ungloved hands carefully grabbed the end of the race.

“Now, to my newly born Lotte.”

I noticed a nail that was clearly trimmed by Sijong. It was not long before Charlotte’s vision was blurred.

Charlotte turned around and looked in the mirror. Albert put a long veil on the top of his head instead of hanging it back. The upper body is covered in veil.

“How can you look forward if you wear it’s?”

As I narrowed the gap between my eyes, I asked. The approximate shape was discernible, but the lace pattern was interrupted.

Albert recoiled contentedly.

“What’s wrong with you? You’re going to hold my hand. You have nothing to worry about.”

His eyes were also glued to the mirror. The snow slowly went down.

Suddenly, his hand reached out from the back and invaded the inside of the veil. A hand was placed on the chest above the dress with a hug.


“It’s good to have you next to me, but I can’t show you anything before the reunion is complete. Of all things, there are many people who open their eyes because they become beautiful.….”

Albert swept the outline of his chest and supported it below. The nipple became tight because of the tight grip. Fingers fumbled and rolled over the clothes. His exhalation hotly scoured Charlotte’s neck.

Charlotte bit the inside of her lips. I gently closed my eyes and endured his touch.

Hang in there. My people are watching right now. I’m turning my head embarrassed.

The emperor has no privacy. But Albert never showed up like this in his last marriage. For them, the way the emperor treats the government would be embarrassing.

Then, it is beneficial to clearly imprint Albert’s disruption with this brief moment. This is the only role that Charlotte can play right now.

But it couldn’t stand Albert’s next tip-off.

“I’m nervous. Now that you’ve finally come back to me. I want to change the course of things.”

His body got closer and closer. Charlotte, whose spine was chilling, immediately took action. He grabbed Albert’s hand and stood up coldly.

“Put on your gloves. Aren’t you being too careless just because you’re almost done?”

“Whatever you plan, it’s going to be a challenge in the succession.

Albert gave up his hand wistfully. The way he spoke was confident.

“For an empire, an emperor is indispensable. What kind of people want to live with the chaos of turning Ippeniya into a little girl? No matter who fails, if it’s Hwangmyeong, it’s overpowering.”

He got gloves and put them on. The ceremonial kendo was also worn on the belt. Then bend slightly and gently hold Charlotte’s hand.”Let’s go to Crystal Hall. Lotte, you look great. It’s like you came down from heaven in fairy wings for me.”

It’s like a ghost outfit. A virgin ghost with a grudge.”

I’m no longer excited if he makes a habit of being a poet. Charlotte was secretly drawn into Albert’s hands, spilling arsenic. Albert ordered the maids before leaving the sediment.

“Move here to the palace annex by noon. I’m going to dress up to get in right away.

It came out of the aisle. The shin-length skirt was certainly easy to walk on. I hope that this will only help in the event of a situation.

In front of you is a guide. Guards on both sides. Behind is the servant and the maid. The procession was long because everyone was moving alone. One of them went back to the front and stood silent behind Albert’s back.

Albert opened his mouth with his eyes glued to the front.

“What’s he doing?”

Charlotte inadvertently pulled up her ears. The man who followed behind said.

“I’ve had a lot of craziness today as well. The wife, who had not seen the seizure, took him out to pray instead.…. I can’t see ahead. You don’t even know where I’m at.”

“You won’t go crazy and talk nonsense.”

“I can’t even speak everyday. As a doctor, of course, I couldn’t hear a priest or a wife. It’s a sign that you’re pessimistic about being blind, and then you’re losing your mind.”

Albert didn’t say anything for a while. Charlotte caught his expression changing slightly over the veil.

I was laughing.

“It’s a shame.

He left a short comment and ordered.

“I see. Tell him that Jim has been in the palace lately, but he will visit himself soon. I don’t know if he can understand.”


“The time will be designated by Jim himself. No rash acts are allowed. For now, work only on the safety of the archbishop.”

He bowed a deep bow. A procession passed by the man who was stuck on the spot.

Charlotte turned slightly back and checked the man’s It was dressed as an imperial physician. Only then did I get a hunch of the situation and told Albert.

“That was, uh, Yonatan.”

Albert was nonchalant.

“I can’t believe I’ve saved my life and lost my mind. I guess Lothene’s retaliation worked. Does it feel better to wipe out all the guys that were my limbs?”

He turned his eyes obliquely. Charlotte closed her lips tightly because she didn’t know what she meant.

Albert smirked.

“I embrace such atrocities and try to embrace you. Make sure you engrave it clearly while you’re at it.”


“Yeah, maybe it’s just a thankful atrocity. Arms and legs are only correct according to the orders given by the head. I thought it was my head, so my arms and legs that move freely broke down……. If it doesn’t heal, it’s best to cut it boldly.”

Albert clenched Charlotte’s hand.

“It’s okay if your arms and legs are gone. Lotte, you’re all I need you.”

Charlotte wanted to take her hand out. It wasn’t even close.

“When you came out of the ice encephalus, you accidentally recovered your aura, didn’ Survivor said the dead leg moved. “Lotte, you are a living witness to the power of the soul over the limitations of the body.”

The entrance to the hall sprang up. Exclusive entrance to the emperor.

Albert reached out to Charlotte while the door opened. He rolled up the veil covering his upper body and stared hot at Charlotte. For Charlotte, Albert was the only one in clear sight.

The golden brown eyes sank deeply. Perfectly shaped lips threw up a horribly sweet confession.”You are another soul of mine.”

Then he added a word.

“The soul must not leave the head.”

He backed up Charlotte without even having time to step back. Maybe he wanted to kiss and commit a verbal abuse. But conscious of her lip burn, she changed direction.

Albert’s lips pressed down on the back of his neck. Charlotte distorted her face. I felt like I was being bitten by an animal.

When he fell before long, the top of the latchbone was burning. It was obvious that red congestion remained.

Albert then turned satisfied.

“Let’s go, I have to finish it quickly to give you a pearl crown.”

Charlotte walked away feeling like she was being dragged to the slaughterhouse. I was under the illusion that my throat hurt like an earthquake in the pharynx.

Philippe will come here. I’ll come to the rescue of Batilde. Anti-government factions, including Dorothea, will probably aim for the confusion that has arisen between them. They’ll be hiding among the Cabinet members gathered in this hall.

But Ruslan.

He’s not coming.

He didn’t have any benefit from showing up here. I’m not in a position to come to the palace alone, and I can’t bring my compatriots. If so, it will appear that Iphenya is fully involved in the replacement of the imperial throne. We will not take a politically disadvantageous measure.

If it has to appear, there is only one condensed milk.

Coming to save Charlotte like the other day.

But he has already seen Charlotte voluntarily kiss Albert.

I infiltrated the palace at best.He went back with nothing but a wound. You must have lamented that she was a terrible wreck in front of her old lover.

It is a teetering situation. There’s no way I’d risk stepping in for a woman like this.

No, I’d rather he didn’t come.

We don’t know what may happen here. I don’t even know how far Albert reads and embellishes…….


Charlotte did as much as I could.

At least don’t let me hurt him.

Charlotte, seated at the head of the table, looked up and looked forward. I couldn’t bring myself to walk the veil. But even in the whitish light of day, the horrors were vivid.

Crystal Hall was lined up on both sides like any other inquiry.

Batilde, whose arms were crossed by the imperial knight, was knelt in the middle.

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