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Chapter 234

“The palace must have begun.”

Ruslan said as he looked up at the Grand Duke, who returned after a long absence.

On this day alone, the siege of this area had become thinner. This is because a large number of security personnel were called to the border around the Imperial Palace. Security forces throughout the system are now circling the square and the park, unaware of the truth.

Ruslan came here foreseeing it. Sure enough, it was only a few people guarding the entrance. It was not difficult to lure Semyon to the bucket and knock him down.

Ruslan looked around the garden in the fence. Only the squishy weeds welcomed.

It was obvious that it was an empty house without a janitor. The inside of the porch will be dirty with paper trash, dirt and dirt from outsiders.

Semyon dragged the unconscious security guard and tied him with a rope. Then he looked back at Ruslan.

“What time do you think is the entrance time?”

“When there is chaos…It’s vague that … We’d better get in there as soon as we get there.”

Moss got stuck in the garden path that was paved with round stones. Ruslan crossed the garden, which was almost completely muddy, and headed for the stable.

He personally removed the street bar at the entrance and opened the door. The horses breathed out. Semyon, who followed, examined the condition.

“They must have fed you horses. I’m glad it’s not dry.””I can’t do that because it’s too bad. If the confiscation order was issued, he would have been conscripted into the war horse.”

Ruslan looked around for a while, and approached him when he found the usual good rider. The horse showed signs of welcome. I patted the bridge of my nose.

“You must remember us. I’ll ride this guy, and Semyon will take care of the others. It’s okay to take all the wagons at once.”

It would be useful to drive away with multiple people in an emergency.

Ruslan opened the shelf without delay and took out the harness. As he busily filled the horse with reins and saddle, Semyon asked.

“Are you sure you don’t mind?”

Ruslan looked over at the old man as if to say something. Semyon went on to say.

“How can we stand in the way of your heart? However, entering the palace alone is reckless. I don’t know what the old body should say.”

Ruslan smiled and avoided the eye.

“Why are you being so timid all of a sudden? Dorothea will move with you. The Imperial Palace was in and out of the palace with great strength. I don’t get lost now.”

“His Majesty Zahari is dead, too.”

Semyon said again.

The stable became quiet.

“I don’t care what happens to you, Your Highness…… Mr. Valentina said he would save the world. The guards in the palace were sent to him, and he claimed to be a shield by himself.

He leaned down deeply.

“I’m sorry for the concern I had before. But, Master, Semyon values you more than a lady. Forgive me for trying to stop you for the last time.”

Ruslan approached him. I patted my shoulder with my back up. Then he made a joke out of nowhere.

“You’ve shrunk a little. In the old days, he was so big that he couldn’

“It’s a bit late. You’ve already reached the same height when you were fifteen.”

“You used to be. You’re always next to me who never knows when you’ll be found.I’ve served you for many years. Just because I’m a descendant of the royal family.”

Joining this ridiculous, self-serving revenge play.

Ruslan laughed shallowly. Turned around and approached the horse. I stepped on the stirrup and climbed on it.

“Thank you for all this time. For me, born without a father, you were my stepfather.”


“But I am no longer a prince of Ipeniya. The negotiations are over. The rest of us can manage by our countrymen. So you too, go back to your home country and your relatives and live comfortably.”

“Why would you say that? I…!”

I thought the old man would tell him that he was worried about his small wall and that he had planned something.

By the way, it was also himself who taught him to wear a cynic mask. It’s a baby born in a dangerous world. It should never have looked ridiculous. I have thought it would be better to take a funny attitude.

The baby quickly grew into a young man. Ruslan looked down at the stumped Semyon from below. There was a reassuring smile.

“I’ve said this before. I’ll be back. I’ll bring her back.”

As soon as he tried to spur, Semyon shouted.

“I don’t know how young people feel. He pretended to be only on the outside, but now he has an ulterior motive…… there are things you don’t know!”

At that moment, Ruslan turned his head with an eyeful eyes. The day after you brought Charlotte, you’d pretend you’d already slept with her. I remember making a good argument about how we had a relationship.

“Did you know that?”

“Who do you think is going to clean the bed? I left it because it wasn’t a matter of pretending! You didn’t even know I went to the laundry room without anyone noticing!”Ah, what will it be?

I was so ignorant back then. You don’t know anything about women, and you don’t even know what that means and you offered a contract lover. Ruslanid, who looked at the print and the horseboard and covered up everything with his appearance and speech…….

She taught herself many things. She’s always been together since she left the small world.


The whole world outside Ruslan’s soul.

He suddenly became cheerful to learn the unexpected truth. I swung the reins and hurried the horse.

“I’m coming, Semyon, stay away. Don’t get hurt!”

The horse ran out of the stable. Semyon was about to shout something back and got it. He bowed deeply to his back as he ran out.

The horse cried for a long time. He seemed excited about the fact that he was running to his heart’s content after a long time. Ruslan controlled the horse by pulling the reins delicately. So that the beast doesn’t go berserk with excitement.

When I felt calm enough, I slightly took out the watch from my pocket and opened it. By now, formal final hearings will be in full swing ahead of the ruling.

“It’s a place to trample the empress with words. As an example of the past debacle. There’s no other reason why I called in all the regular papers.’

Someone on the street recognized him and seemed to point fingers at him. I ignored it and ran.

‘The hand-written knight took advantage of the opportunity to infiltrate. If you sit in a coachman’s uniform, you won’t be able to see that physique.’

As Philip himself said, such a physique is not uncommon for manual workers. Adding disguise here can trick the eyes of the guards. You don’t think there’s a driver driving the Privy Council chairman’s wagon.

Once you enter the palace, there are many places to hide. The Guard is not entirely united. Jofi and a few kites secretly decided to help with the transformation.

‘Then I’ll sneak into the crystal alone.’ Action begins at that time when the punishment will be enforced.’

There will be mayhem.

But there aren’t many who can control a truly treasonous knight.

Anti-government factions, including the chairman, will surround the emperor in the midst of confusion. They themselves lock up the emperor.

By then, the court guards were all over the place chasing the driver. The security forces will also scatter. It’s Dorothea’s turn to enter the palace leisurely. To point out the Emperor’s debacle and call for an uplift.

It’s all a turret prepared by Ruslan. Now that Sue has read it, all she has to do is move the horse to produce results.

Even if the emperor has prepared something, it is all within the range of prediction. He’s so short of a push at the moment.

“So in the meantime, Charlotte.”

A road has emerged to the Citizens Square.

In the distance, I could see a statue of Emperor Georg.

Ruslan pulled the reins to catch the horse’s breath. If you rush to get close, you’ll be put on guard by the security forces. I was going to look at the atmosphere and storm in.

I hid into the entrance of the inner alley and looked out. It is not yet a chaotic atmosphere. Hasn’t the case begun in earnest?

He also chose to breathe. A stream of sweat flowed from the saddle to withstand the turbulence.

The conversation I had with Philippe in advance suddenly grew in my memory.

“Today we’re going to save each other’s sweetheart.」

He spoke with his distinctive unthinking eyes.

Ruslan had pulled his lips in response. Then I couldn’t stand one question.

Uncharacteristically, he hesitated and spat out.

I’d like to ask you a question.」”What is it?”

“You’ve told me before. You once imagined a lover’s bed.」

Philippe became a subdued face.


“How did you endure it, can you hear it.」

I added a supplementary explanation because I thought my intention would be distorted.

“I mean, I don’t mean how to put up with other men touching her. The sadness of the person who will endure it……how.

My throat is clogged. I couldn’t finish it properly because of the wind.

I saw Charlotte by the window kissing the emperor.

But Ruslan noticed most of the time after all. That is not what she meant.

She remembers her past memories with the emperor as scars. Ruslan was by her side every time she wept and crouched. I wanted to blow my breath and embrace him because of the inflammation.

I’ve been looking at it.

There was no way that I could have been mistaken just for the sight in my eyes.

Buried by a backlight shadow, the expression was not clearly visible, but the emperor at that time was getting closer to the window. Ruslan clearly captured a hand in a hurry to reap it.

There’s only one reason not to look out the window.

Ruslan also lost control at the moment.

He didn’t even know he had done such a thing because he was indifferent. When I came to my senses, the crossbow was already aiming at the son of a bitch’s head.

I didn’t even think about whether the arrow could fly over there and hit it. And as soon as he tried to pull the trigger in aim, the window closed.

Philippe did not delve into his story. However, I did my best to answer sincerely.

“I don’t know how helpful my feelings will be to the count. I’ve always been a loser. My confidence in being a person was of no use when I was with myself. That kind of thing is actually a sense of superiority.」

“……is that so.」

“However, I hope that Her Majesty Batilde will laugh happily when he is with me……. I think I’d rather be treated with a mindset that that’s enough. He looked much brighter in that time, too.」

“I see.”

Is that enough?

But in Ruslan’s memory, Charlotte always tended to put on a smile. Whenever I felt hurt, I used to raise a thorn in my stomach.

Is that really all right?

He pulled out the cane that he had hung in the saddle. So that I can swing it quickly. He also shook his watch slightly to guess its weight. I checked if the poison hidden under the number plate was still well.

I hope this will solve the problem.

Secrets, in fact, are useful the more you care about them. It’s best not to use it at all.’

The moment you take out the number of spleen, the identity is revealed. So Ruslan has put off using his last spell so far. He decided not to use it unless it was an extreme situation where he was trapped in front of the emperor.

‘………you don’t know what’s ahead of you.’

If you don’t cut off the bad blood, the emperor will squeeze her to the end.

So he was prepared to use hidden magic as well. Only for Charlotte. Even if the body is broken into powder.

* * *

Batilde had already become haggard. My clothes were big because I lost weight. The hair was untied without any shape.

The unknown dress across the body was a lady’s suit. It’s completely different from the ivory color she usually wears. The bleaching was not perfect, so it was yellowish.

Batilde straightened his waist in such clothes. He was trying to be confident with his chin up.Looking down at her, Charlotte clenched her fist on her knee.

My heart was about to break.

Charlotte was just like that many years ago. Now the role has changed and Batilde is over there. Originally, neither of them should have been subjected to this.

He sat next to the roof, luxuriously dressed. How will Batilde look at it? He wanted to kneel down in front of me and cry sorry.

In the meantime, the reading of the verdict was over.

“…so that punishment is made in light of the sentence. Batilde Karnstein is demoted from empress to demigod. To repent for the sins of infidelity, one is sentenced to brain imprisonment for damaging one’s personality.”

There was a moment of terrible silence in the crystal hall.

Charlotte bowed her head miserably. Albert rose to his feet.

“You’ve come to a conclusion.”

It was a remarkably casual comment on the sentence punishing his wife. He trudged down the platform.

“As if you were my husband until just now. How do you feel, princess? Do you have anything to say?”

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