Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 235

Batilde said nothing for a moment. I stared at the man who was my husband until just now.

The hardships of the past period passed one after another like a series of paintings.

It was the first time in her life that she had ever experienced anything precious and luxurious. Investigator’s suspicious look. Tough words, tough meals and clothes. A small, dusty court detention center.

It could have been miserable. It was easy to blame. But she held on without crying.

This abyss is not unique to itself.

Charlotte suffered the same thing.

At the time, she was only known as Viscount Moden Young-ae. While Batilde ascended to the empress, she swept the sins behind her back into her body. The word “villain woman” turned into a thousand windows, stabbed her, became a barrow and locked her in.

Batilde turned to a friend in the back of the man.

She wore a white veil around her. The face showed only the outline. But Batilde could guess what kind of expression she might have.

“Juju, Charlotte. You don’t have to be sad.’

Batilde tried to brighten up.

‘Cause it’s barely the same.’

I shared the pain she suffered because of me.

What more joy as a friend!

Batilde was initially inexperienced, too, and shed tears at the abusive language he heard at the garden luncheon. After a long time, I calmed down and thought again. I remembered what it meant to be ready to go out.

From then on, I organized my belongings and distributed them to the ladies-in-law. I asked my family to send it to me in advance because it would be difficult in the future. He also sent a letter to Magda in the villa.

Thanks to this, I was able to repay those who worked for me in a timely manner. This is because the order to confiscate the equipment was issued soon.

Yeah, there’s no way Charlotte could turn around that guy. Batilde knew her pain and believed in her friendship. It certainly did not dampen hopes that countermeasures would be ready.

Batilde was therefore determined by the verdict.

Albert looked up straight.

“I feel calm. I don’t know if that’s what you want me to do.”

“Really? …you plead guilty?”

“You don’t have to admit it to have a composure.”

Batilde put it bluntly. I asked Albert again.

“You put me on this floor, and you put him next to you. Were you satisfied?”

“Oh, I’ve learned a lot from serving you from a humble background, so I’d be happy to raise you to the Empress right away.”

Among the new drugs was a person who coughed up a hiccup-like saliva. Albert went on as if to ignore and listen.”Because Jim made a big mistake in judgment many years ago, a tragedy like this happened today. It’s a shame to all court members of the court deities.

Then I put my hands behind my back and turned around. I turned my head to the enforcer on standby.

“Punish it.”

The crowd was in a great uproar. Albert raised his voice because he thought it was noisy.

“Look, there’s no exception to anyone! Keep it in mind that this is what happens to all who cheat on the monarch, weightlifting, and communicate with him. Keep your guard down and be loyal!”

During Charlotte’s time, friends handled it secretly. This time, the external situation was different, so it was necessary to set an example firmly.

The knights who were holding Batilde hesitated. The empress had expected that the sentence would be reduced, even though the interrogation was loud.

But this atmosphere doesn’t seem to be intimidating and soothing. The executioner was already dipping a razor in the basin. Even when I saw that, I felt guilty to knock the empress down on the floor.

Albert was even bothered by that. Helga, who was guarding the throne, was ordered.

“Get rid of them, and hold on to them.”

“Your Majesty.”

“Are you going to be groomed and disobey the imperial order? Have you already forgotten whose report made this happen?”

Helga was forced to walk out. The captain’s cape was removed in the way. He removed the laymen on both sides and made Batild lie face down himself.

Batilde suddenly looked up at Helga.

It’s been a while since we met, but Shinsoo is terrible. The snow was black and blue underneath. His active appearance at the height of serving him overlapped and choked up.


“Straight down.”

“Are you sure that’s all right? Is this the best we can do now?”

“Be quiet, please. I don’t know what’s what……!”

I pressed my shoulders with both hands. Batilde took a breath by biting his molar. I cried out, trying to disperse the despair that was about to spread in my heart.

“Your Majesty, finish by punishing me. The family is innocent, so they……!”

“Princess, don’t make up falsehoods. How could you, who grew up like a plant, have done such a bold thing as mine? It’s inevitable that the Duke is not involved. It has already been revealed that when the count stayed in the North, she exchanged Buddhist objects under the guise of a granddaughter.”

Albert said it coolly.

Batilde swallowed his breath. Magda must have had a lot of trouble if it was known. The faces of my parents, older brother and younger brother, who were heavy on my shoulders, brushed dizzy. Emotions were mixed up in various colors.

You shouldn’t regret it. You shouldn’t repent that you should have complied with the flow. I’m sure. Hope must be…….

“Lotte, keep an eye on it. The mistakes I made then come back.”

Albert reached over the armrest, resting his hand on Charlotte’s.

“I told you, even if I don’t have the knack of turning back time, I’ll make sure my mistakes are corrected.”

He glanced back at one side. The servant was coming in after opening the door to the corner over there. The pearl crown, which had been kept strictly, was brought with silk cushions.

The executioner approached Batilde with a razor blade. The papers are frozen. The whole hall had a chill vibe.

Albert sat on the roof and looked down at them carefully. It was the moment when the executioner tried to kneel down.

“By the way, to set an example for future generations…….”

Charlotte found his lips twisting up.

“Shouldn’t you save the ants who are entangled in this?”

Someone swallowed their breath in surprise at the unexpected remark. Albert ordered without leaving a gap.

“On the right!”

Helga sprang to her feet. She performed a graceful examination like a predetermined movement. The blade was drawn in the direction the emperor said before he could even capture the target visually.The light bounces, not the light of the chandelier. It was the reflection of the sword.

A shout of wow burst out. The guards on the wall were embarrassed to lose track of the situation.

No wonder, he was just a man who seemed to blend in with us and stand guard until now. Recently, the arrangement has changed frequently due to the chaotic court, so it was reasonable to mix up the unfamiliar physique. The military ceremony did not seem particularly suspicious because it was an ingrained attitude.

But the moment he suddenly stepped out of the pecking order, everyone could realize.

This is by no means ordinary people!

“I’m sorry to have kept you waiting.”

The man who was on the lookout pulled the sword. I threw it off because the hair removal was cumbersome.

Batilde, who looked sideways, was wide open. It was hard to shout immediately because the shock and anxiety were mixed and blocked my throat.

It was not long before the flash of joy exploded and burst out of my mouth.


Philippe straightened his posture. It caused the Batilde. His forearm was enough to embrace Batilde.

“You endured it well. I’m going to get out of here from now on.”

“Me, alone, with you?”

Batilde asked in a dazedly. She turned her eyes and looked back at the top seat of Charlotte.

Philippe smiled when he saw it.

“Kind of you. Please consider your safety first. It’s all decided how to deal with it. Batilde’s job is to get out of here with me.”

“Phil, because of me, up to here…….”

Batilde was at a loss. At first glance, I heard that he had broken away and wiped my chest. She was also hoping that her lover would get away with it.

Philippe looked around. The guards wrapped the cabinet as close to the wall as possible. The Knights, including Helga in front of him, pointed the sword at him.

One, two…… less than ten.

Others would have been scattered at the heart of the palace.

I’m done figuring out the numbers. Philippe relaxed. The mere presence of a lover in the arm made me feel cheerful.

He could directly attack the man sitting on the fence back there. But for the sake of Batilde’s safety, I was deeply inculcating a statement that it should not be.

“Let’s go. It’s not difficult for Philippe.”

“Wouldn’t it be dangerous? If you want to take me to the palace alone…….”

“Let go of your fears. You’ve had it up to now.”

Philippe continued, glaring at Helga.

“It is the knight’s honor to save the vulnerable in danger!”

He shouted loudly for everyone in the hall to hear.

“Empire Albert, if you’re going to spread even this in obscenity, give it a try. Let’s look back on ourselves for sitting next to an innocent girl! A knight’s soul is not meant to be a watchdog of power. An unappointed monarch has the right to break his oath of allegiance!”

“That son of a bitch, fed and raised by the royal family!”

Albert muttered quietly, and ordered with a feisty air of composure.

“This is sophistry to gloss over the sins committed. Get rid of him!”

Helga, who was measuring the distance, rushed in with a wink. But Philippe was not carried away by a head-on rush. In response to the eye movement, the driver from the back who raided was removed, and immediately swung forward by controlling the rebound of the sword with force. The sword touched.

Helga clenched her molars. It was good to read the orbit and hit it, but it was weak. Philippe, by contrast, was relaxed.

“That’s why I chose this side. Helga, if that’s your choice now, I won’t stop you. But I’m taking him out.””A fugitive, a traitor! What a mouth!”

Helga spilled a sword and tried to stab Philippe again. Philippe defended without panic. The day struck with a bang and blunt noise.

A painful groan broke out of Helga’s mouth. I was shocked to the arm because I lacked strength. The hilt slipped out of his hand and bounced off, and flew away and stuck on the floor. Philippe, meanwhile, spoke in response to the sword on the other side.

“It’s terrible. If only cancer had been injured, you wouldn’t have been as good as this.”


“The power of the soul, Aura. Therefore, knights should always keep their minds clear. Don’t be swayed by the leader’s cape, start with the school motto.”

He finally toppled another knight with power. I walked that way with Batilde.

The articles faltered. They were obviously being wary. I don’t know if I should bring my senior down like a gang fight. However, as soon as the sword was lifted, I could see that the boss raised his temper as he was on the roof over there.

Philippe also showed their feelings.

He refined his tone so that Batilde in his arms would not be surprised. Instead of raising his voice, he spoke peacefully.

“Please, I want you to make your way.”

The articles are not readily reaching a conclusion. Then Helga picked up the sword back and rushed in. Philippe realized that and responded immediately.

He held Batilde deeply in his arms. I gathered an aura at the end of the sword. It was not long before the black flag began to glow brilliantly. Shock waves that seemed to devour the surrounding atmosphere spread.


“The knight uses the sword! Get away from me!”

There was a commotion. Helga roared once. The knights, who had noticed what the order was, also organized the swords to defend themselves.

The atmosphere was offset and dispersed. There was a typhoon-like shock in the hall. The chandelier shook loudly.

There’s a deposit on the crystal floor. The aftermath of the power was crazy. By the time the knights were back in shape, Philippe had taken up the sword. He held Batilde in his arms.


“Hold on tight. It’s going to fly away.”

Batilde did not understand the metaphor and blinked rabbit eyes. Philippe smiled casually when he saw it. The situation is urgent, but the mind is refreshed.

“Not as good as Miss Juju, but I have a knack for running like a carriage.”

When the aura was loaded onto the leg, the angle was strengthened. He just crossed the hall.

Those who saw him from the front instinctively predicted that this side would bounce off if they collided.

Philippe skips over the floundering herd. He kicked the front door with his front foot and jumped off the railing.

It fell right under the tall building. Batilde clung to Philippe’s neck in surprise. The hair that had been loosened up appeared dizzy.

Someone jumped out of the hall and sounded the trumpet. Guards deployed everywhere were noisy in response. There was a sound of running over, raising dust.

But Philippe was not frightened.

He’s at the height of his life now.

“I’d like to take you to the villa first. Join your family and take refuge. The punishment itself is unfair, so first of all, you eat proudly at the annex. And be ready to welcome the new emperor.”

“The system must be in lockdown right now. Can you walk through the gate by yourself?”

“Hahaha, Mr. Batilde.”

Philippe fixed the position of being lifted and hugged. Batilde became the figure on his shoulder. He clasped her legs tightly with one arm. The other hand pulled out the sword again.”You’ve seen it before, haven’t you? It’s not a big deal for a driver.”

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