Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 236

The Crystal Hall was in chaos, being beaten by the sword of the handman.

The biggest and front door was crushed. It was just a kick, but it turned out like this. The bodies that were hiding in the corner drank dust and coughed.

Albert looked down annoyingly at the sight.

The hand on the armrest expressed emotion. Shaking and clenching once.

Sitting next to him, Charlotte looked at it indifferently. I spit it out and scratched my insides.

“Oh, my. The knight flew with the batilde. Didn’t you already know that?”

Albert crumpled up his nose and looked this way. He tried to hide his discomfort, but eventually replied with a clear voice.

“You know, that’s why I was keeping an eye on him earlier and ordered him. What’s the point of reading numbers? I’m not good at moving horses.”

“So why did you make him the leader? He’s the one who went to me in the same room.”

Charlotte asked, knowingly enough. Albert became more and more nervous.

The reason why I chose Helga. Of course, it’s easy to use by fueling emotions. But now the utility is completely useless.

In fact, whoever was appointed as the leader would have been the same. Philippe is second only to the original Knights. Since the death of the former Knights Commander, there has been no one dare to defeat him. In the first place, Albert himself had a history of using that skill highly.

Years ago, he turned around, and now he’s looking back at himself.

Nevertheless, I didn’t expect it to end in such vain. It was all a completely useless prediction. Albert, who burst into a fever, called in the guard sergeant and asked.

“Is the palace under control as planned?”

“Yes, ma’am, but I dare to assure you that I can stop the hand-written knight…….”

“Did Jim just tell you to wipe out 100,000 foreign soldiers? You can’t stop a single man in a women’s circle! Use a catapult or drive into a chariot, work with the Army and do whatever you can!”

Albert burst out of temper and rose from his throne. Charlotte put a word on him like teasing him.

“I miss Pasha.”

There was a flash of flame from the golden brown eyes.

Charlotte was at peace. Close the crumpled door first, check the personnel, no wonder, silently looking down at the confused hall.

“Or will you slowly warm up my body? I’ll go after him.”

I said I’d chase you, but I didn’t say I’d catch you.

Albert gritted his teeth. It’s not worth a second thought.

Obviously, Charlotte’s heart truly believes it is directed at her. Despite such self-hypnosis, Albert was never able to release as much mucus.

It’s too early to free that body before it’s completely intoxicated.

Let go later. It’s about time Charlotte fell completely in her yangi. After having a child if you have time, if you can, when you have two or three children. Anyway, the full confirmation that Charlotte has become his will release the blood transfusion.

That was Albert’s unconscious nature.

You don’t know when you’ll fly away if you don’t restrain yourself. Charlotte hasn’t reached the cage yet. Not yet…

“There, come here.”

Albert looked over there in a hurry. On the other side, the servant holding the silk cushion was flabbergasted. I fell to my knees like I was sliding under the roof.The pearl crown was thrown out of the blue. Only the Empress of the Empire, with rows of white gold and round pearls, can use it. It is a coffin where the owner has changed several times between the two universities.

It was not the time to weigh the procedure. Albert grabbed the tube. A coffin was placed over Charlotte’s veil. When pressed hard, the fixing pin penetrated the lace and penetrated into the hair.

“That’s enough.”

There’s a lot of work to be done. All I wanted to do was get it over with.

“That’s what you’ve been hoping for. I couldn’t rent it officially, but you’re the empress from now on. Lotte, you’re finally my wife.”

Albert declared himself in a daze. Of course, it’s not something that’ll be recognized as a record, but whatever. The format can be taken later. First of all, he wanted to put a coffin on it and embrace Charlotte.

Thinking of it, this chaotic situation was rather.

He looked down at the hall.

Helga, along with other drivers, was controlling the papers. Stumbles in the aftermath of Philippe’s sword fight, but carries out the mission as previously instructed.

It’s useless to have seniority or ability. An article that will only be used against Charlotte.

Albert therefore considered Helga fit for the job ahead. I called her in.

“This is the new empress. Take responsibility for your grooming.”

Helga then discovered a pearl crown on top of the blonde. I looked back at Albert with a look of astonishment.

“You mean this man?”

“So you think Jim would have been seduced just because he wanted to placate the real insider? I have my own thoughts, so follow the imperial command.”

Albert pressed her even harder.

“I trusted your loyalty and gave you a captain’s cape. Or, in fact, is it a false slander between the hand knight and the empress? You don’t have to be guilty, do you?”

“No, I’m not! Your Majesty, I will honor you……!”

Helga approached Charlotte in bewilderment. Charlotte thought the pearl crown was heavier and more uncomfortable than her childhood imagination.

“Why can’t you stay here?”

“No, I can’t.”

Albert answered back flatly.

“The empress has become yours, and you don’t thank me. I’ll catch up as soon as I’m done here. Stay calm and warm up the bed.”

Charlotte grinned in the veil. I looked up at Helga. Her face was a mess. His eyes are gunless and his cheeks are earthy.

She was so quick-witted that she got caught up in this.

I thought there would be no need to put people in trouble by continuing to rebel here. Charlotte stood up in a cool. I held out one hand to her.

“Hold me and help me. It’s cloudy because of the veil.”

Helga looked rather confused at her tone. If that woman were willing to reign as a real new empress, she would not have treated the knight with distinction.

But Charlotte has never coveted the empress seat in the first place. This alone was an unwavering attitude even before he was betrayed by Albert.

Philippe did an excellent job of doing her favor. The knight saved the lady and ran away. Batilde got out of here unharmed.

Albert’s call here to pick up the pieces is to be wary of the anti-government faction that will take advantage of this mess. It is not enough to issue an evacuation order, but it is closing the door first. This is to prevent the papers from being scattered outside. The intention was repeated just by watching the movements of the guards.

Then Charlotte herself has also decided what to do.

I’m gonna have to run away.’

He doesn’t know what the hell’s going on in there. It was not clear whether Albert could truly travel to the empress.However, we will not wait helplessly in the Imperial Palace.

Finally, there is a temporary separation from Albert. The guards were distracted to pick up the pieces. Now was the perfect opportunity.

Let’s give him the best sense of betrayal.

What would the author think of her who had abandoned the pearl tube and evaporated? It doesn’t matter. It’s a waste of time to look back on Albert’s feelings.

The circumstances of the side road of the Imperial Palace were clear. Let’s run as fast as we can.

As a result, if the bleeding is relieved, Albert may be able to finish it. If I can’t solve it and get caught back, well.

‘You’ve hurt others so much.… I can take my turn.’

Even he’ll be a great avenger for now.

I’ll think of Ruslan before I take this body off. I hate myself for not being able to give up my desire to see him again.

But he now has someone else to act with besides Charlotte. Koreans who share their country’s blood. Whether it is the current political landscape or life ahead, it is much more beneficial for him to value it.

The circumstances show that he’s not even hiding somewhere in this hall. That means you didn’t risk dangerous infiltration either…….

‘What is it?’

Charlotte gulped down a tear in the moment.

I thought you weren’t coming. Were you actually looking forward to it?’

How much do we have to temper our soft hearts?

Charlotte blinked her eyes unseemly hot. The fixation pin on the pearl tube kept poking my scalp, which bothered me.

I held my chin in and lifted it. Helga walked out of the hall, grabbed by the wrist.

Albert then looked down at the podium.

Knights and guards joined forces and dragged the chairman out to the center.

“Yes, there must have been a man who refused to let the hand-written knight break in. It can’t be gone.”

Albert smiled at her with a sneering smile.

“Who knows how to blend in with the entrance procession? To be thorough, you could have searched every seed that came with you. The reason I broke my luggage loose was to know the source of this swarm of ants.”

Albert came down with his hands behind his back.

“I think I know where you burrowed. The Privy Council will also be on hand now that the chairman has moved. All appropriate members of Congress must be crammed!”

“My lord, Emperor Albert.

The Privy Council speaker spoke in a tone that did not sway at all.

The title of “Your Majesty” had disappeared before we knew it. Albert replied, wriggling his eyebrows.

“He crouched down as the emperor’s consultant. So, are you willing to show the true colors of a traitor?”

“You’ve forgotten all about how you ascended to the throne as a mere horse of the Emperor. Do you remember only because your close friends dropped your competitors? Do the court ministers and institutional aristocrats themselves stop the hope that they once saw in you.”


“For you have forgotten that you were the cleanest child in the Emperor’s detritus, and you have come to this point with repeated mistakes……. It’s all over now. I can no longer condone accusing Her Majesty of infidelity.”

“Do you deny the curse of a failed nation? Do you think Jim is a great man who will commit a sin that he doesn’t have to kick out his wife?”

Albert cried casually out in a tingling fit.

It was not because of the anxiety that he was found guilty of manipulating the crime. He firmly believed that as long as the Ippeniya weightlifting existed, inciting the curse would be valid.

It was the words that came before him that stabbed him in painfully stabbed him.

It was about the reality of glory.

He boasted that winning the succession was all thanks to his close friends, and that it was the achievement of my skills. I purposely forgot that he actually had a big stepping stone.He was sent to Moden as a child and grew up in favor of central politics. It only gave rise to the complex that Albert himself was unfamiliar with the court, but in reality, the political benefits he gained from it were also considerable.

The emperor gradually stagnated and decayed during his long reign. Brothers were also imbued with the atmosphere.

There was an expectation that only the youngest prince, who grew up in a rural Bongto, would be different. A young and beautifully shining prince like a dawn star. The new people simply put the burden on us to open up a new era.

So Albert came to the conclusion that he would marry a fine princess of a noble family in order to be a good emperor who lived up to expectations.

“My lord, the second Emperor.”

The chairman looked him up straight and said.

“You have made no more mistakes as a monarch. You can’t leave the throne to a man who tries to confuse the people with false incitement and to destroy the empress with self-interest.”

“Shut up!”

The anger turned into anger and exploded. Albert inadvertently forgot to restrain himself.

“When you get older, you go crazy with power and make all kinds of dishonest excuses, and now that your identity is revealed, you are trying to slander the emperor with random words. Don’t you think I know how to deepen the confusion with words without proof? What are the Guard and Knights doing? Come on….”

“Your Majesty, Your Majesty!”

The servant, who was tipped off from the entrance over there, rushed to run. Albert quickly asked, wondering if news had come in.

“Have you got a hand-written driver?”

“No, no, no! He is already heading to the gate. It’s not enough for the security forces……!”

“Distributed knights are nothing!”

Albert, who shouted wildly, reached a completely different guess.

There is a possibility that it actually was. What if even those dogs stopped being loyal to their owners? Maybe they were all in the same gang with Philippe and sitting on their hands!

“What we just heard is something else. In Daesinjeon, Daesinjeon, the bishop rode a fast horse himself. I’m sending you in writing what’s decided at the bishops’ meeting!”

The hall, which had been deliberately closed, crawled open. The bishop reached Albert at a quick pace. Kneeling down and sticking out a sealed scroll, Albert rushed to take it away. Instead, I checked the previous seal and opened it.

It was a long story, but some words were drawn into the eye as if they had lit a fire. Albert, who scanned the contents diagonally, got hot in his head.

“Lee… Lee!”


* * *

“Oh… Where are you? Here? Okay, you can back off.”

Jonathan managed to regain balance by touching the podium with both hands. Now he was hard to stand in one place for a long time. I had to lean somewhere before I could continue to talk.

It’s still a dark air ahead of us. However, the smell and sound showed that many people sat together. I opened my mouth towards that side.

“Oh, my God who came here today. It may be sudden, but please understand that the chapel collector has been changed to me. This was the only public show that was scheduled at this time.”

The temporary chapel was buzzing. Yonatan went on without a hitch.

“I don’t mean to preach or pray. It’s because there’s a big announcement for the congregation. Read what’s ready there.”

I read the declaration that the investigative system was holding in advance.

“Priest Yonatan is announcing his resignation as Archbishop today. The next archbishop is elected at the conference of bishops, and until elected, all bishops gather their general consent and preside over the church.”

“That’s what happened. I can’t eat it because my body is like this. Next.”

“I announce the decision made by the conference of bishops. Jonathan, a priest, committed crimes against the rules of abstinence, misled believers with false teachings by abusing his status as archbishop, and persecuted innocent people by misappropriating the teachings of the denomination. “and rightly forfeit the priesthood, and penitent by serving alone in a closed parish, leaving the time limit indefinitely–“”Yes. What the hell it means.”

Jonathan coughed up and went on.

“The curse of Epheniah is that I was manipulated by the emperor.”

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