Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 237

Albert recounted the scroll one by one. Maybe I misunderstood the point because my eyes got blurry?

The false hope quickly shattered. He read the letter again and backwards. The content has not changed.

Before I knew it, my hands trembled and crumpled the edges of the paper.

The last image of Jonathan came to mind. He was blind and blood vessels damaged and looked like a man on his deathbed.

In addition, if he had caused madness, Albert’s original favorite image would have disappeared. Thinking like that, I didn’t feel sorry for my close friend.

But Jonathan, read in this letter, is not the return letter of the time. It is as if he was mocking Albert at the pre-deacon service as he was.

‘Dear believers. Don’t be so surprised. Yeah, the whole curse thing was a sham. Think about it. If it existed, it would have been used in the war. Did the soldiers in the invasion of Ipeniya say that?’

The Archbishop made several mistakes in pandering to power under the banner of “For the Development of the Church,” and there have been several disruptions he has committed. The Bishops’ Conference accepts that the destroyed main hall is also a revelation of the Creator. I will take this opportunity to reflect on myself and seek midnight…….>

That’s why the main building is about to collapse. Things got bigger when the Ippeniya tried to save their persecuted compatriots. As a matter of fact, I have the cause. That’s why I take responsibility for myself and take off my clothes, so God, don’t get confused.”

The Archbishop has contributed to the church by creating several miracles with his personal credibility. However, as the mistake of the situation is serious, it is not only replaced, but also set an example as a severe punishment.>

I’ll declare before I come down. The denomination officially apologizes to Ippenya. I apologize for manipulating public sentiment by pandering to secular power.’

< of East Sea Islands, hereby ordered to do penance as penance for an indefinite period in a closed dioceses in service.>

‘He’s already been punished, but he says that’s not enough. Guys, I’m going to get punished because I did something wrong. If there are any gods who have benefited from me, I hope you stay healthy. I pray for my reflection under the mercy of the Creator.….’

“No way! You unbeliever!

Albert threw up his old age and threw out the scroll. The servant quickly picked it up and straightened it up again.

Already he didn’t even want to look at that piece of paper. He shot and poured out the bishop.

“If you want to strangle yourself, you’ll have to answer well. The curse is on you. You can’t manipulate it. Who the hell is the Church to officially declare this kind of ruin!”

“He’s the Archbishop’s own doctor. His Majesty, the Archbishop, received the revelation of the Creator in the destroyed main hall. You kneel before God’s disciplinary action.”

“I thought Jim asked to hear empty doctrines!”

It wasn’t Charlotte who destroyed his body in the first place!

In the meantime, Albert quickly looked around the hall.

Of all things, the time zone is bad. I have sinned against court men to set an example with Batilde.

An impure ant will have to be mixed among them. But humans who blindly obeyed the throne also had a formidable proportion.

It was those who Albert wanted to build on.By the way, some of them are religious. There are those who are indifferent to faith, but who do not welcome the imperial family’s collusion with the denomination. Or even if everything is fine, some people will not forgive that it was a completely futile show to block the system to catch Ippenya!

Albert was in a hurry because he was extraordinarily sensitive to hostility towards himself. I had to go ahead and tell a lie. In no time, he devised a logic to dismiss himself as innocent.

“It was true that the Archbishop had broken his mind after he injured his eye. Are you saying that a bishops’ meeting is so hard to judge that it can swallow groundless words? I know it’s hard to take care of the destruction of the main party, but it’s too much to pass the buck on to the imperial family.”

Let’s make them come back to haunt us for money. You can put on the image that the church is trying to get imperial support. A stratum that won’t welcome the tax to leak toward Amon will help him.

The bishop gave a cold look.

“Your Majesty, what the hell are you talking about? Under God’s name, the denomination did not seek to lie. I’m sure you don’t know the symptoms.”

“I can’t believe it. There’s no sign of bullshit.….”

Albert, once pushing, suddenly realized something and paused. It became as if it had been stabbed by a leaf that had been bookmarked and forgotten.

The bishop nailed it before he could pick up the pieces.

“His Majesty has given us access to the Memorandum of the Emperor himself in the storage. The former Archbishop had transcribed it himself and shared it with the Bishops’ Conference.”

The bishop turned and said as if to listen to other believers.

“The reason I shared this was to cross-check with the church’s records. Apparently, the Emperor confessed in his memorandum that the North Korean secret was ‘unusual’. The same effect as a curse has not been mentioned.”

“You’ve made a firm commitment. Now you’re going to tamper with your symptoms to dry your luggage!”

“Your Majesty, stop it. The denomination also decided to take the blood and be honorable to the Creator.”

The bishop looked back at Albert again.

“The copy is kept by the Church. The former archbishop said that he made a transcription with his own food in front of his Majesty’s eyes. Just by contrasting handwriting, the truth will come out soon. I hope you’ll accept it.”

The bishop still had a callous face. The expression alone conveyed at once what kind of attitude the denomination was. It was completely different from the attitude of begging to be the roof in the audience room.

Albert tried not to show displeasure with him. But molars and fists keep responding. The cold air floating in the hall seems to permeate the skin.

Everyone is looking at themselves.

The doctor in the silence was read. They are no longer interested in weightlifting. It is asking the emperor to explain the truth of agitation.

Even the knights and guards who had to be used as their own hands and feet quickly deteriorated their eyes. As soon as I found it, I sweated under the conquest.

They have a lot.

Albert is one.

The friends who surrounded him, no one was around.

Is this what you’re aiming for?’

Did Yonatan expect this to happen?

It would have been. So under the guise of madness, he would have avoided the emperor’s eyes. The reason why I chose to punish Batilde is because I foresaw this situation. It would have been calculated that the revelation would be delivered directly to the court people gathered there.

“No, but they were originally good at inciting. They can’t have repented their wrongdoing now. I’m sure there’s a separate force to use it as a roof.….’Albert suddenly remembered Dorothea at that moment.

There will be a swarm of ants in here. That’s why I brought the chairman in like that. The revelation of the temple began exquisitely as soon as it was about to be questioned.

“No way. Is it just in case the granddaughter becomes the new emperor……?’

To prevent the forced dissolution of the church when the new emperor ascended. Or to defend the duty of coronation?

In fact, there are many other factors for them to roll the abacus. The causes would be complex, but the conclusion was simple.

Albert has so far ignored her mother’s lost granddaughter with a fallen kite. However, in the current denomination, it is likely that Albert was judged as a kite off the string!

Fuck you!

Albert clenched his fist.

There was a desperate need for a ploy to break the ice and command the atmosphere. But I couldn’t think of an answer right away. It was dark.

I couldn’t understand Jonathan’s own psychology right away. Why does he choose to be guilty and expose himself?

Because you’re upset with Albert? Surely it could be a reason. But Albert was even more disappointed with him. I kept my secrets to myself and learned only the private secrets of the Emperor. What a fool you thought you were close to!

“Struggling to die together is the only thing you can do. It’s a denomination, but there’s nothing to benefit Yonatan. He did what he wanted to do to make them better?’

There is no harm in finishing the church at the point of removing the archbishop. However, Jonathan is not a sublime person to take responsibility.

On the contrary, it is the opposite. Shameless. I’ve been saving my breath because we’re friends, but you’re my sister-in-law!

At least severe punishment should be avoided, albeit in the present circumstances, for deprivation of the priesthood. Thinking about the future of the illegitimate child I sow. Even more so, considering that Jonathan has made every effort to take an ignorant wife.

That was the part of Jonathan’s weakness. Albert had planned to kill Jonathan for that reason.

If you get Charlotte, you don’t need Jonathan. If tame as before, she did much better than the other four put together.

Lotte, who always listened to hateful stories. Lotte, who said he would kill a hateful human being for me, and yet he expressed his sorrow in himself, pitiful and lovely Lotte.

So let’s kill Jonathan. Let’s take care of it and cover our mouths. I’m glad you didn’t have to rush into a frenzy. Let’s at least protect our deathbed in return for our last friendship.

I’ll take care of your precious wife and child forever, so don’t worry. Hurry up and die. I can’t help it if you won’t listen. It’s hard to guarantee their safety if they don’t follow me…….

I should have.


How the hell?

“The circumstances and evidence are so clear that you can’t think of a way to patch things up. Or, don’t you understand the current situation?”

Out of the blue, an unexpected voice intervened.

The person who understood whose voice it was was was wide open and tracked down the source.

Albert felt like his whole body was on edge. I lifted my head and looked straight ahead.

“Love is a great thing, even if it’s against the rules. Mrs. Elise’s sincere heart succeeded in persuading the archbishop. She herself is a powerless widow, but only one of her men has revealed the future of felons and denominations.”

The bottom of the white crystal mixed with the noise of tapping a cane. The person who was in charge came this way. Albert also caught sight of his face.He was a wanted man who had disappeared for a while, but he had no impression of being scruffypical. He was pure as most court people remembered. He was dressed in white robes like a man who entered the court until yesterday.

“It’s been a while. His majesty, the great and mighty Emperor Albert.”

Count of Keitel Ruslan was entering through the front entrance of the hall.

with a smile on one’s face

“If the North has been officially cleared of its false accusations, I can also shed the blame of being a weightlifter.”

He rolled up his collar cape and took something out of his arms. It was a medal with a repair sentence.

“Do you remember? This is the position you gave me for the first time. I benefited from this while the security guard at the front gate was distracted.”

Ruslan flicked a medal. The medal fell under Albert’s feet and made a loud noise.

“I’ve been driving my horse so fast that I’ve just come up with this. You let me in. I’d like to thank you for the old gift.”

Albert distorted his lead-colored face. He shouted without even knowing how his beautiful appearance, like a dawn star, would change.

“What are the guards doing? The main culprit of terrorism is walking in the middle of the palace on his own. Catch him and kneel down!”

Oddly enough, however, no one responded to his orders.

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