Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 238

Both the knights and the guards who were in here were faltering.

Albert was not readily convinced by the immediate situation. The emotions are mixed up and the rationality is not smooth. My thoughts kept getting mixed up.

No matter how bad the situation is. Even so, there’s no way they’ll go against the Emperor so easily. A word of his command would have trained you to bounce off. What on earth are they oblivious to and unable to step up to the plate?

Then Albert realized.

Those scattered under the roof are looking to one side. It’s the front door.

They are not only told what to say. I read something else in the earl’s shoes. So I’d like to see what’s going on out there and then set the direction of reporting – that feeling.

A look down on Ruslan’s face came to mind.

“Army is also a man of physical strength. Push and pull is not a cart that rolls recklessly. Apparently they’re all tired of standing up to Sir Philip.”

“Yes, dude, this is why I colluded with a hand-written engineer……!”

“Don’t mislead me. Sir Philippe must have left you a word. It’s just that you look pathetic now, so stop it. It’s like things are starting to sort out.”

Ruslan looked around the guard with his sidearm. There were a few people who came after him. There was a tip-off movement coming and going to tell me what news.

The soldiers began to buzz around many times. The article was no exception. The driver, who had been embarrassed since Helga left the post, finally shouted after finding out.

“The Imperial Palace deployment, the outside security forces, the entire army is on the horizon!”

Albert looked back at the article without shouting. He fired a look calling for a detailed report. The knight continued with a pinch of salt.

“Ma, I’ve only heard of it, so I don’t know how far it’s true! While Philippe was in disarray trying to break through, the troops dug in and defeated or conciliated…….”

“Army? Jim has military authority. Troops?”

Albert was about to go crazy. There was a raucous history in the succession war, so it would have always been a strict policy to train soldiers. But the fact that the palace’s forces were overpowered so quickly…….

“Your majesty, the wise. You’re quick to understand. That’s right, internal division.”Ruslan stepped in with a deeper smile.

“The main camp has already come this way. Your loyal soldiers have not yet been able to defend their home turf, thanks to the handlers scattering their swords on every route. The same goes for the main entrance of this palace. By now, the army’s internal forces, who are up for today, have begun to take over.”

From far away, a commotion began to be heard with heavy drinking. It was physical evidence that the situation was just around the corner.

Only then did the credentials, which had been a step away from the situation, begin to understand the status quo.

The Imperial Palace is being occupied.

This moment is in the midst of political upheaval.

Ruslan rolled down his eyes coldly. He secretly resented the fact that he had to be conscious of others’ eyes and keep formal respect.

“The disruption you’ve built has finally exploded today.

Only then did the chairman shake off the guard. Other members of the newspaper who were holding their breath joined. They gathered around the Chair and pulled out what they were hiding.

It was a message card commonly used for invitations. Everyone was holding the same thing. They delivered the card from the back to the front. High-ranking officials in the front row, who are relatively close to the throne, received numerous cards in turn.

As soon as I got it, I started throwing.

A sheet flew over and fell below the podium. The second page flies a little further near the roof. It was not long before it reached Albert’s feet.

Numerous cards flew in and piled up. It was all just a thin piece of paper. But the sight of a hundred cards being thrown was itself a huge pressure.

The servants gathered below shouted in unison.

“Your Majesty is innocent!”

“Against false accusations of communication!”

“Punishment in public is unacceptable!”

“The immorality must be corrected!”

The whole hall rang. The cries grew fiercer and louder. There was also a gradual change among the believers who did not participate in the anti-political faction at first. The atmosphere swept away and there was a person who shouted together.

Not only the guards, but also the servants and maid-in-law were stunned by the momentum. The servant, who stood by Albert, hesitated and spoke to him.

“Your Majesty, at least you have to say…….”

Albert crumpled his brow and winked at him. I picked up a bunch of cards at the foot and unfolded them to check the contents.

It was so predictable that there was nothing to see. He wrote down his mistakes and criticisms.

If all the cards were the same lines, I would rather ignore them. Incredibly, the content was all different. As a reflection of him, the protests have gradually diversified.

“Get to the bottom of the mystery!”

“Give me a plan for disaster prevention!”

“Explain the fabricated incitement!”

Albert clenched his fist until it bled. He growled to himself through his gnarled molars.

“I, my son, I……!”

It was predicted that there would be an ant cave in the imperial palace. But was the burrow this deep and wide?

He was the emperor. The only man who can bend this empire from the top. The real heir who succeeded in gaining control of the continent’s soil that his father had created.

Now no one will ignore him as a country prince. I cleaned up all my colleagues who were staring at me to see when I would get rid of that.

There was no one to touch him anymore. There should have been none. I’ll clean up everything if there’s anyone who thinks I’m contemptible!

He won’t stop until all his children are gone. No one in the world can abandon Albert. It’s always him who throws it away.

“Couldn’t you all shut up, you traitorous sons of bitches?”

Albert finally let out a fire.

The intestines in the stomach seem to be torn apart and twisted. I held my stomach and took a breath.It worked, perhaps because I shouted with all my heart. The hall suddenly became quiet due to the enormous old age.

The credentials were a bit of a surprise, too. Albert wasn’t the type to explode this way, even though he was prone to tantrums. Rather than expressing my feelings immediately, I enjoyed playing tricks in the background.

Albert, who had been, finally revealed his bare skin.

He showed his teeth like a cornered beast.

Ruslanman was not embarrassed. He was quietly observing the emperor in a storm of cries. I had read that the critical point was approaching.

He broke the ferocious silence and spoke quietly.

“This was my last chance. You write off this criticism as an insult. Should I thank you for organizing the minds of those who felt guilty until the end?”

Albert looked down at him with his eyes wide open. Ruslan did not shy away from the gaze.

“Is there anything wrong? The curse of Ippenia is fabrication and incitement. The charges against the empress were also framed. And… a person who was sediment in the name of an insider. Why is the seat next to you empty?”

I’ve been paying attention to it for a while.

Maybe the timing was different. I thought he wouldn’t drop Charlotte off the side.

Probably calculated that it would be difficult to control her if the anti-government faction came to the surface. The calculation that she might be trying to get out of here was unconscious.

Ruslan squeezed his cane.

He came here to pick up Charlotte. But once you’ve stepped in, you have to clean this place up to do the next thing. The fact that I can’t run out right away made me feel sick.

And Albert, who heard him, was suddenly conscious of Charlotte.

I came up with a crucial fact. The fact that he was a rival before the weightlifting of the fallen country. You son of a bitch trying to take Charlotte away from himself.

I took a step back. It was more of an instinctive defensive action.

Intense perception covered the ceremony.

The seed of the dead, Count Keitel, came to steal the throne. That son of a bitch came here to seize the throne, and perhaps even Lotte.

That’s absurd. Don’t worry you’ll take it away. Rotemann cannot be let go.

The head, which had been darkened by the momentum of the majority, suddenly opened up. Charlotte’s presence stimulated him to the fullest. As I woke up, my lightning-like confidence revived.

Yes, it is not a quagmire like this is a quagmire. Compared to the War of Succession……!

The youngest prince in the barley field has won over and over again!

“It’s a pity. The pagans of Mangguk contaminated the denomination, and the specter of the Northern Kingdom possessed the court of this great empire!”

Albert roared lamentably and plopped down on the roof. He clasped his forehead woefully.

We have to play the victim. No, actually, he’s the victim. The dead seed came right in front of us while we were distracted by the ants.

Don’t panic. It’s just a little bit of a misprint. What the grandmother tried to lead turned into a count, but in essence, it is still as predicted.

“Descendants of the fallen kingdom were in turmoil in the Grand Duke’s house, and they finally tried to nest the imperial palace. You are about to swallow the empire that the great Emperor Georg gave birth to.”

He looked like he was about to cry and glanced under the roof. cried out in a desperate tone.

“What power have you been promised by him? You want to harm me and give all the soil in the midfield to the North Koreans? May you commit this kind of plumage and be forgiven by the people!”Let’s split sides. No one wants to be disowned by a fundamentally unfamiliar immigrant. Even more so to serve as emperor.

Albert still didn’t think he had lost at all. He was the son of the Emperor, the orthodox successor to the ancient kingdom, and the emperor who took the throne himself. I can’t lose to a cuckoo cub who wants revenge for his country’s ruin.

At this point, a person who is swept away without knowing anything tilts to this side. Albert grabbed his forehead again, secretly smiling.

It was then.

“No, little uncle. The premise is completely wrong. I don’t know what you imagined, but it was all wrong.”

Suddenly, an unexpected voice was mixed.

Albert raised his face. The sound of words continued.

“The Count of Keitel himself said he would not be a quantum of the Grand House. I will remain the son of my mother Anelis and the brother of Dorothea until the end. Not everyone is obsessed with the throne like Jong-sook.”

Granddaughter Dorothea appeared.

The girl, who was about to come of age, was dressed in a dress suit and wrapped in a dambi fur cape. The walk was straight without showing signs of exhaustion or pain.

She had knights placed in the palace driveway behind her. Everyone looked somewhat determined. Enough to change the color of his face even for the knights in the hall.

Albert could barely understand this. The palace guard seems to have completely collapsed, so is there anyone else who decides to bat?

The eye-doubting situation followed.

There was a scene ahead that was not convincing by his common sense.

As soon as Ruslan found Dorothea, he bowed politely. She took a light escort from her brother and came forward.

It was not an attitude of antagonism. Rather, the count was lowering himself to her.

Dorothea came just below the roof. She was the only one who had access to it from here.

“I’m the one wearing their support today.”

The grandmother put a strain on her neck.

At this moment she had to be the most confident in the world.

“The Second Emperor Albert. Come on down. The position is too much for you. It’s not just me, it’s everyone’s conclusion.”

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