Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 239

Albert opened his mouth without realizing it.

He’s never been under this kind of threat.

Albert, the seventh prince, was the youngest son whom the emperor saw at seventy. The age gap with the eldest prince was big enough to be called father-son relationship. It was a rising star after clearing all the motivations that were standing in line up.

“Albert is like a star. This hair, it’s like a star that only rises at dawn.」


“Albert will surely be emperor. Let’s get rid of everything that’s left early. The last thing left is the last dawn star.」

What Charlotte had said to him, who was in jeopardy, floated around.

Albert certainly did as she said.

All hands were scattered, and the youngest himself ascended to the throne. I’ve become the only child who can inherit the great deeds of the Emperor.

“Uncle, if you come down now, your last honor will be kept. Please don’t make a fuss and get out of my way.”

A girl as big as a mouse. The blood relatives who have not yet received sewing dare to open their eyes and look up.

“If you give me your grace, Dorothea will protect the protection and resignation of the Empire with one body.”

The red snow, which had been characterized by the Grand Duke, was reflected in the chandelier and burned. Like a new rising sun.Albert was choked up. It’s become disgusting.

The red eyes of a rotten man. A grotesque color that doesn’t subside gently to brown, but splashes under the light. Boo-hwang intentionally married my brother to strengthen his blood ties. A trait that hasn’t been diluted!

He felt as if he were facing the dead Grand Duke of Licht again. The sense of crisis was far more practical than the discomfort. I woke up with a fit of anger.

“Defeat of the Dead!”

Even in this situation, he was not focusing on Dorothea. He glared at Ruslan holding on beyond.

“My deputy should have made your country’s landing more thoroughly. You manipulate an orphan from behind when you’re manipulative? That’s the great cause of the North! Why is a weak country so shameless and shameless!”

“Uncle, was that hard to say? You really have reached a point where it is difficult to carry out a monarch.”

Dorothea continued his way of talking.

“The misunderstanding between me and the Earl has been cleared up. And he has never coveted a seat for me or His Majesty.”

She looked back at the knights behind her.

“If the Earl had the desire to seize power with me, the North Koreans would have been quite involved in this force. I wouldn’t have taken a hundred battles to rule the palace. It would have been much more efficient if they set off their proud fireworks and surprised them.”

“As your Highness said, the remnants of Ipeniya were not involved in this.”

The knight helped. They gradually solved the examination.

“Your Majesty, forgive me for my decision to resign. It has been difficult for us to understand the unfair punishment and infighting of our colleagues these days. Do not see any more blood and do nothing more to protect your chivalry!”

“Well-waved? Is it well-worn for Jim to move out of here now?”

Albert burst into laughter under pressure. I almost missed the knight general who even had a funeral. But she’s long been killed by Ippenya.

“They committed adultery! What kind of resignation is he making excuses for treason with an orphan as a shield? Think about what future history will say!”

“Your Majesty, please look back on yourself.”

Ruslan threw in a sneer.

Albert looked back at him frighteningly.

But it was Ruslan’s side that wanted to contort his face. He expressed his desire to climb up the podium immediately and beat it with a cane.

“There’s no physical evidence of adultery, and it’s not a reason for public punishment. That’s why you framed my connection, isn’t The empress, who was friendly with the granddaughter, was punished for false accusations, and the woman you dragged to the sediment was originally the granddaughter’s maid. How do you want me to interpret all this?”

The phenomenon of being read as circumstantial evidence was making strange conclusions.

There was enough possibility to be seen as the emperor’s intention to defeat the grandmother who lost her parents. At least that’s how the credentials in here began to understand.

Ruslan concluded in his mind. Let’s drive him this way. It doesn’t matter if there’s some difference from the truth. It was essentially the same anyway.

And unfortunately, incitement is not a specialty that only emperors can do.

“It was you, Emperor Albert, who drove the orphan into a corner first.”


“If you want to survive, you have no choice but to become an emperor. This is an issue that has already. Because you wrote it in blood yourself. It’s a very natural phenomenon politically.”

Ruslan finally gave up hiding his anger in tone.

“Or, you’re a son of a bitch who craves women and throws them out of their misery!””That son of a bitch!”

“That’s not true, is it?”

Suddenly, someone from the newspaper responded. The heat, which had been pressed for a while, rose again. Criticism and selling of the errors that had been piled up has poured out. Eventually, the harmful effects caused by the private sector began to be mentioned.

The voice gradually rose. Albert was the only one they attacked. The title “Your Majesty” was soon changed to “You.” It was not long before the title was poured out that I couldn’t put into my mouth.

“Albert, you are a tyrant!”

“A cancer that has inherited only the evils of the Emperor!”

“If you think of the future of the Empire, abdicate!”

“Be good! Be good! Be good!

that is.

It was an enemy Albert had concluded that he would never face.

As long as Ippeniya has weightlifting, I dare not replace the emperor. The prediction is all wrong. In fact, the descendant of Ipeniya chose to raise the granddaughter instead of ascending to the emperor himself…….

Many echoes swept Albert all over. Originally sensitive to other people’s minor movements, he now doesn’t know what’s what. Even the feeling that that sound was directed at him began to fade away.

My heart beat went up. There was a throbbing pulse in my ear.

My breath gradually became shallow. A cold sweat formed on my forehead on my eyelashes. Even after blinking once, the golden brown eyes were stuck in only one spot there.

Count von Keitel, Ruslan.

He quietly shut up, without making any accusations. Only staring at Albert with cold eyes.

Then he quietly turned around, ran and started to escape. As if to reach some grave conclusion.

His actions ironically gave Albert a hint.

The tide has completely turned. There is nothing left to help Albert. The count saw through it, and decided there was no need to watch.

As if to respond to Albert’s conjecture, various news were poured out by those who did not know whether they were servants, servants, maid-in-law, or guards.

“A declaration has been made in the Army’s home turf to support the Grand Duchess. I also ask the commander of the North to cover the stovepipe.”

“The leaflets are already starting to spread through the printing press outside. We’re stirring up the public opinion of the people by writing down the news that the palace will open!”

“The cart was driven to the gate where the handcart was broken. Angry at the blockade, the people started distributing the supplies freely. Plans to end today’s punishment and lift the blockade are useless.”

“The Archbishop is being extradited by the Church! The notice of a new penitent prayer meeting at the bishops’ meeting…….”

It was only then that Emperor Albert realized.

My hands and feet are completely cut off. I can’t even move here.

He didn’t come up with an answer. I was still out of breath. His eyes were black with weak hyperventilation. There was the only thing that came to mind in a dazed head.


Charlotte, who stabbed the second prince who tried to harm her with a ploy, slashed the waist of the first empress who surrounded her under the guise of a ball, and hung the sixth empress, who had possessed her since childhood.

“Well, uncle. We’ll all be in trouble if we stick to this. If you judge the right time to step down, the last line of reign will be beautiful.”

If I had Charlotte is here. As long as she’s entirely hers. This kind of situation.

Like this. About the country.

“My lord, Emperor Albert. Your Highness doesn’t speak like this. Get down on your knees and come down before you go through the bindings.”

Where is Count Keitel?

Albert closed his eyes for a moment and then opened them. I felt calm thanks to a sort of dreaminess.

The surrounding scenery was all cloudy. He was only after the earl’s trail.’……none.’

He’s completely out of the hall.

Why isn’t it here?

Of course, there is only one reason.

That son of a bitch will take Lotte away. I would dare to hug Lotte as if he were mine.

She’s been colored and tamed all over herself since she was a child. Even herself has grown accustomed to her, and cannot be satisfied with other women.

I’ve got it back here at the most. I decided to correct the wrong choice. I’m finally going to give him a pearl crown.….

To the baby!

Something to be taken away!

Is it the same!!

“Wait, Sword?”

“Stop it! End to end!”

Those who were preparing for bondage shouted something.

It was not heard by Albert. As the situation became simpler, there was nothing against it. I didn’t know that complicated knots, which had always been troublesome, would be solved so easily by a knife.

What are you talking about? What does Shinmin mean?

They’re unbelievable, they’ll threaten your life if you leave them!


“Those who don’t have weapons, step back! The tyrant is going on a rampage!”

“With the knights just around the corner……!”

The driver, who was a little hesitant, finally swung the sword. Albert read the trajectory and avoided it.

No matter how high his examination skills are, he’s a little above average. To the point where people say I’m doing a good job by general standards. I have little experience in the field experience. I’ve only swung a few times in extreme situations.

However, the head that lost its mind cleared the natural eye. He took the blade and spilt it on his elbow. The blood vessels of the other party were shocked. The knight let out a groan.

One fell down. Albert escaped the hall in embarrassment. After a long drive, it reached a remote passage that could not be passed without the emperor.

He then looked back. There were several servants who followed him reflexively in the spinal cord. They smiled coldly and listened to the bloody sword.

“There is no turning back the time that has passed, so you have to be careful about your choices. Will he keep his burden as usual? Or are you going to cut me clean here?”

They bowed down, unable to keep up. Albert then commanded with a little satisfaction.

“Bring the horse. Jim will go to the Imperial Palace!”

* * *

Charlotte arrived at the Imperial Palace, half-drawn. It passed through the precipitation of the empty empress and the passage leading to the annex. I was thrown straight into bed.

I groaned and got up. The lace rustled and swept the sheets. Albert pressed so hard that the veil fixed to the pearl tube did not flow down.

With one hand, pull the ends up and roll them up. I looked around with a clearer view.

The interior of the annex had been completely changed under Albert’s direction. It seems that he has moved the playroom he decorated in the court palace.

Even the cage placed near the window remained the same. The bird cried ‘Lotte!’

“I heard you were mesmerized by impersonating a dead man.”

Helga said grimly. She shook off the hand that threw Charlotte away.

“Miss Juju, did you actually want to push the Empress away and get the job?”

“I can’t believe you’re saying that’s…….”

Charlotte sprang to her feet, opening her eyes.

“Think as you please. Lord won’t listen to me no matter what I say. And I’m gonna waste a lot of time. I should have killed you then, but I got a retribution for delaying my hand while arguing complicatedly.”

She passed Helga and approached the cage. I was going to shut up the bird that kept crying loudly. He picked up a bottle containing the feed and poured it into the bird’s prey.Helga looked at Charlotte for a while. At some point, he became sharp and answered back.


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