Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 241

At that moment, the two thought the same thing as each other.

Maybe you’ve had a hallucinated. Did he make a delusion and witness it because he missed it so much?

It was Ruslan who regained reality first. As soon as he was convinced, he threw it out.


He took off his feet. There she is. First of all, he was under the urge to hold onto him so that he wouldn’t miss it. And then I was trying to see if there was any damage.Charlotte finally realized Ruslan. I opened my eyes wide.

Ruslan. It’s definitely Ruslan. The man crawled all the way here. He won’t come here, or rather don’t come, which overshadowed…….


Charlotte frowned casually and groaned. I had a sharp throat. After pressing the hot spot, I realized the cause of the pain.

There was a bruise there. Albert’s bloodshot lips reacted to the heart’s fluctuation.

The moment I remembered that such marks were engraved on my body, I was terrified. I feel like I’ve been branded forever.

Well, most court people know that. Rumors must have spread outside the palace.

The woman, Count Keitel’s lover, was confined to the emperor’s sediment for the autumn. Today, I even dressed up as a bride to be guilty of him……!

When I reached the thought, my eyes were burning.

No, he’ll scratch his heart if he shows up like this. I don’t want to get any trace of Albert from Ruslan who followed me here foolishly. I think it would be better to peel off naked.

So Charlotte covered back the veil she had walked. He stepped back and shouted.

“Oh, don’t come! Go away!”

Ruslan, who was climbing the bridge, paused.

A surprised and unexpected face appeared over the race. Charlotte was devastated and wanted to cut off her tongue. My arms overlapped and I shranked.

“Go, go, go, go! What the hell are you doing this! Are you kidding about the Imperial Palace? You’ve got more to do than the Great Mountains!”

Half-hearted mixed feelings and pressed.

If Ruslan came all the way here, it would mean something happened in the palace. In the meantime, what would others say if they went to pick up the evil woman who had been playing with the hon.

Or is he responsible for seducing and ruining the Emperor? Did Ruslan find him before he was captured?

If so, I didn’t even know what I wanted to happen. I didn’t want to be ashamed of him alone. On the other hand, I would rather be tied up with his own hands.

Ruslan paused on the spot.

It wasn’t long before I took a step. For a moment, the expression of bewilderment sank firmly.

“Why are you here?”

He asked back.

“I’m here to pick you up.”

His answer was simple.

It was an unexpected answer. It was a terrible sentence for Charlotte. The joy that rose reflexively from the bottom of the chest was not a pure joy. It was a burn-throbbing stimulus for her now, and quickly turned into a scourge.

She faltered away. One hand swept through the railing of the bridge. He uttered a conscious arsenic.

“Funny, did you throw that case away and come all the way here to find something like me?”


“How many times do I have to tell you? Why do you keep using your good brain so stupid? It’s not enough to help Dorothea, but I’m here alone……!”

“My work has already been done. Charlotte, I’m here for you. I wouldn’t have entered the palace if it wasn’t for you from the first time.”

“I’m so sorry! You saw me do it last time. You saw what I did then!”

Charlotte cried out in sorrow.

The memory of sticking out his lips to Albert himself became terrible. I couldn’t lift my veiled face straight. I shouted with my head down.

“I, I, even when you’re looking, to Albert,

“What the hell does that have to do with anything?”

Ruslan retorted.”Tell me, why does that story come out here? Did you do it because you wanted it then?”

Charlotte couldn’t bring herself to lie to the question alone. When he shook his head reflexively, Ruslan shouted as if he had waited.

“You thought I didn’t know? You think I’m the kind of person who’s gonna get mad about that?”

“No, no, but, yes, but…….”

“What was so different about it? Because I’m not the only man for you, so what! You’ve known him since I didn’t know anything. What’s new about it now!”

Ruslan was still facing this way like a shot. I shouted over and over again in a raised voice.

“Charlotte, you always want to hide and run away. It’s okay. Do as you please. I’ll come to you even if I die.”


“I’ve brought down the Emperor. What am I afraid of? If you’re there, I’ll jump to the bottom of hell!”

He was taking his steps carefully until then. It was out of the thought that she might feel threatened if she suddenly ran. But now I couldn’t contain my emotions. I almost ran to her.

Charlotte went blank in her head. He’s getting closer. The urge to get out of the immediate fear for now casually did the same thing I did at this place last time.

She grabbed the railing she was sweeping with one hand and jumped up. Realizing what the move meant, Ruslan rushed in.


His call echoed with empty patronage.

She came to her senses with a cry.

I didn’t fall into the water this time.

She stopped in a barely hanging position with her knees on the railing. Ruslan was hugging her waist tightly. But it wasn’t entirely thanks to his strength.

Abnormalities dominated her body.

Both arms don’t work the way they want. I was shaking from clutching at the railing. I tried to pull it off, but it didn’t work out.

“Woo, why…….”

It’s not Charlotte. A sense of something else dominating the body. The feeling that the will of others is obviously involved. Is this….


It was the moment I shouted her name in my heart.

As if the answer were coming back, the arm suddenly relaxed.

She lost her balance as soon as she was angry with a broken thread doll. Ruslan supported his body, reeling from the unexpected situation.

Charlotte came down half way against his chest. Ruslan hugged deeply as soon as she stepped on the ground.

“I thought your scar had healed a little.”

His whisper penetrated.

Charlotte suddenly raised her hand. Now I’ve moved on with my will. I covered my face.

“The son of a bitch, he’s been breaking through you at best…Charlotte, whatever you’ve been through, I don’t hate you. That sort of thing never happens. So stop. Please, we barely met…….”

Ruslan has finally become a pleading tone. Maybe I wanted to burst into tears.

Her long fingers and broad-bottomed hands wrapped around her head. Cheeks met with a thin lace veil between them.

“It’s over. I’ve seen you surround the Emperor. I’m done with him. All that’s left is to deal with it quietly.”


“Are you calming down now? You and I, we’re finally getting away from him.”

The veil fluttered in the wind. The moisture from the pond tickled the skin.

Charlotte suddenly felt chilly. Of course, the dress, which was supposed to come off indoors, was too thin for an outdoor walk.While spending time trapped in Albert’s playroom as if it had stopped indefinitely, the season had passed. It was already winter on the calendar. The dried leaves hit her on the shoulder and fell to the surface.

She hesitated and looked up at him.

Ruslan was looking at Charlotte as he first met her one winter. The moment I saw his distorted face, Charlotte wanted to cry as well. He looked as if a fire had spread to his chest.

This man is always like this.

It always makes you expect more than you deserve. And always hugs Charlotte hotter than expected. As if he were magic himself.

“Gloves… ..both hands, wearing them.”

Charlotte barely uttered a word.

Ruslan was visibly pleased with her response.

“I got it from Dora. I heard you gave it to me. Did you think I’d forget you after this?”

“But, still.”

Charlotte still wanted to hide the congestion in the neck. I wrapped my hands around it.

“If I go back next to you, I’m afraid others will say something. I’m afraid you’ll get dirty because of me.….”

Something gently pressed down on the end of the crying words.

Curiously, it didn’t feel like a sudden rush. A touch of walking naturally on a veil as if sweeping up your hair. Charlotte could not resist with a slight touch of her thumb. My lips touched in an instant.

The stimulus was like ventilation. Ruslan didn’t push me more recklessly than that. It is far from self-restraint in comforting Charlotte.

His hand came under the reclined veil. I swept my hair down. The feeling that I had forgotten for a while came back.

“I’m not worried about you, and I’m not worried about you now.”

He laughed shallowly. I stole the kites that spread around Charlotte’s eyes.

“You know, Count Keitel is the famous Parakho. A madman who lives in a skirt of an unknown lover.”

“It’s already…….”

“What’s the use of reputators for a prince who abandoned his throne? And Charlotte. You don’t think I can control a single court opinion? If you’re really worried, please wait for two hours. You’ll be the most noble three on the continent.”

At the end of the day Charlotte laughed a little. He had a habit of talking back to him.

“What’s with the three sublime works……you always go too far.”

“……I’m glad you barely smiled.”

Ruslan spoke frankly, and suddenly he was chocked up. Charlotte flashed across the horizon.


“So stop thinking about taking off your shoes and running. It’s a big deal if you get a splinter.”

Ruslan hugged her and began to return to the bridge.

Only then did Charlotte look over at her foot in the air. The feet wrapped in white stockings were black and stained.

I picked up an excuse and hid it.

“I, my aura, never came back. I thought there might be a way to solve the bleeding if I ran to the garden.”

“Slowly solve it. It’s all over. Everything that tied you up is gone now.”

I heard that mental problems also play a role in the inability to solve the mucus. Now that Charlotte can free herself from the emperor’s bondage, Aura will return more naturally.

Ruslan was relieved in his heart. I was prepared to use magic when the worst came. It would have been a lot better luck if we could wrap things up without getting there.

He looked down at Charlotte in his arms. It didn’t seem to hurt anything but the heart. That alone made me angry enough, but I’m glad it’s this much.”A bruise red on the neck caught his eye. But I didn’t mean to question her about how.

That’s a vermin’s blood stain. As time goes by, the traces disappear naturally. There was absolutely no reason for her to run the way she was permanently damaged by such a thing.

Just before descending completely from the bridge, we examined the movements of the Imperial Palace.

Quiet. I couldn’t feel any signs of him except for the occasional crying of the talking bird. I decided that I didn’t have to be particularly vigilant, and came down to where the grass was.

“I’ll put my shoes on first. Wait a minute.”

Ruslan picked out a nice grassy floor and put her down. And Charlotte picked up a pair of shoes that she had taken off earlier.

“The Grand Duke is still a mess. You can stay at the chairman or anyone else’s mansion for a while, or you can go to the hotel. Tonight you wash up in warm water and sleep soundly.”

He knelt on one knee in front of her. Charlotte was lucky it was early winter. If the grass hadn’t dried up, the white robes would have been infested with grass.

“How have you been, Ruslan?”

I suddenly choked up and asked. Like a fool. I don’t want to ask this first.

Ruslan blew the dust off his shoe nose. Wipe it with a cuff and stick it out.

“It’s nothing compared to you. You got your new robes right.”

“You’ve dyed your old clothes. In case I don’t recognize you.”

Ruslan smiled. That was correct. I was glad you recognized it at a glance.

Charlotte looked painfully down at him and stuck out the other foot. It must have been a rough ride. My heart was broken at the sight of pretending that nothing had happened.

“Let’s wash up together.

Charlotte suddenly spewed out.

Ruslan looked up.

“I… want to wash my hair and soap it for you. So you wash me up, too. Don’t miss a single place, clean everything.….”

Ruslan left his shoes and stood up. His tone became somewhat urgent.

“I will.”

He eventually embraced Charlotte again. I repeated what I said earlier.

“I will. I will, first of all, ride out of here.”

Ruslan, who had gone so far, suddenly stopped talking. I noticed something and looked over there.

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