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Chapter 250

It was a bit vague in my memory. Slowly fumbling reminded me of progress.

The local magistrate must have thought it was strange.

They stayed up all night guarding, but the moat was inspired. The aristocrat, who said he would pursue a felon alone, set off a huge firecracker and did not hear from him until dawn.The magistrate made the decision of the old country. He decided to lead the crew and look inside.

They were stunned as soon as they saw the scene. The bottom of the castle was covered in blood. There were clear signs of a fight.

There were even three men and women down. The white lace veil scattered around reminded me of passionate murder.

But none of them were killed. Hugging each other, the man and woman managed to open their eyes to the commotion.

The man with a cane knife stuck in his leg was awake. He flashed his eyes, breathing heavily.

The captain of the peace managed to identify him. The prince, who was once the owner of the castle, was now the emperor of this country.

It was an incident in which the entire body trembled with fear for local security forces.

The security forces were at a loss about this situation. Just in time for dawn, the central army arrived in the town.

He must have marched all night. And news of what happened at the court of the Islands, in Moden, a kang village, was reported.

Charlotte was transferred around that time. A woman who was tired moved her to the town’s official residence. She fell asleep without knowing exactly where she was.

So I managed to wake up.

Somehow the air on my skin was like morning. Did you wake up without half an hour?

Then there was someone who opened the door and came in. As soon as he found Charlotte open her eyes, he burst into cheers.


She rushed to bed, but paused, unable to jump into her arms.

Charlotte looked up at her. A sense of reality did not return soon. The other person had tears in his eyes.

Only then did I call my name quietly.


“Yes, yes, it’s Nadia. I heard you came here, but you slept a whole day…….”

Nadia took Charlotte’s hand and breathed in.

Charlotte suddenly felt that she was a teenage girl years ago. I got up late and patted him on the back.

“You’ve worried me. Thank you. I came all the way here on purpose. I missed Nadia, too.”

“No, what. I didn’t miss you?”

Angela came in a little late.

Nadia then blushed out of the way. Then, as if he remembered that he was originally my son, he took a kettle from the other shelf and went to get water.

Angela had no qualms, unlike Nadia. A skinny body plopped onto the bed. Then, unannounced, he reached out his hand and examined the inside and inside of his eyelids.

“Well, maybe it’s because you eat well in the palace, but you’re not damaged. That’s fine. It’s only been a few months.”

Charlotte laughed at her easygoing attitude.

“And Angela doesn’t seem to have had much to drink.”

“I think I’m going to get too healthy. Now I’m going to drink it as an excuse to celebrate.”

Angela opened her bag while talking like that. He took out a stethoscope tube and examined the chest and power failure.

Charlotte belatedly realized that she had been changed into comfortable clothes.

“Oh, this is what Nadia put you on.”

“It was a big success. Because I joined when I got the poison from the east.”

Charlotte flashed across her mind at the moment. I had a handkerchief tied to my wrist. I checked it now and it’s gone.

“The handkerchief was washed and hung out there, and the grandmother took the watch with her dress. I heard that every single diamond is returned to the state coffers.”

Angela spoke as if she had read her mind. Charlotte looked in the direction she pointed.A handkerchief was spread out by the window. It was a little crumpled because I didn’t iron it. The greeting that Ruslan left in ink was washed away in soapy water. Only Charlotte’s clumsy initial embroidery remained unverified.

I’m glad if you’re safe either way. Charlotte replied back to Angela.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s a mop or dishcloth. I guess Dorothea’s down, too?”

“With the Emperor here, he couldn’t have been left alone in the system.”

Angela got a stethoscope tube.

“I’m feeling well. I was worried if my internal injuries were too deep because of the mucus. It’s much more vivid than the person next door.”

“Did you see that, Ruslan?”

Charlotte asked with a little trepidation. Then, he replied in a tone of insignificance.

“I’ve already come from a clean house. The Count is still asleep and Semyon is taking care of him.”

Angela saw the look on Charlotte’s face and clicked her tongue.

“I’m not dying. I’m just weak because I did something that put pressure on my body. The ma-a-law, in particular, sucks a lot of brain calories. Someone’s already given first aid, so if you sleep well, eat as much as you want, and recharge your energy, you’ll feel better naturally.”

Nadia brought a kettle and a head filled with water. Angela got up with her tools in a tool.

“Oh, come on. What’s the point of being possessed? There’s nothing in the world that can’t be determined by medicine. If it weren’t for taboos, I’d have known it as a valuable case to advance soul research.”

“Don’t treat people like data.”

“It’s the fate of a doctor. I’ll have breakfast. “With beer directly distributed in the mountains.”

Angela stretched all the way out. She shouted briefly just before closing the door.

“Congratulations on your safe return.”

“Now that I’m here!”

Nadia, who was listening, rarely laughed aloud. Charlotte grumbled and approached the head. I changed my clothes after washing my face and brushing my teeth.

No wonder it felt so amazing. She’s obviously been away from them for a while. And yet, naturally, Nadia is waiting for Angela to see him.

Angela referred to magic. Perhaps you heard the story from Ruslan. Then Nadia must know exactly who she is.

There was a certain sense of foresight. However, isn’t it different to be sure that he is the culprit? I wonder if you thought you’d been fooled.

I hesitated a little and then opened my mouth.

“Nadia, you, who I am…”….”

“Would you like chicken soup for breakfast?”

Nadia asked, accepting a wet towel. Charlotte paused.


“You like meat. But I think it’ll be too much to eat now. If it’s chicken soup.”

Nadia’s face was smudged with a straight smile.

“A long time ago, you said you missed the chicken soup from Moden.”

Charlotte slowly relaxed.

It was a blur when I said that. It must have been a passing blemish. But it was clear when Nadia called “the very old days”.

There are some relationships that don’t have to be asked. I appreciate Nadia thinking so, so she didn’t bother to ask me more questions earlier.

“Yes, let’s go with that. I’ll have a leg, though.”

“That’s what I’ll tell you.”

Nadia, who was about to go outside, asked after thinking a little.

“Should I ask you to bring it to the Count’s room?”

In fact, Charlotte has been mulling it over for a while.

She could have stormed into the next room right away. I wanted to keep an eye on Ruslan who was asleep. I thought it would be okay to hug him and go back to sleep.

But Charlotte shook her head.

“It’s noisy if you go back and forth next to him. Let’s let him sleep tight.

It must have been hard.While Charlotte was trapped in the palace, he designed a political upheaval, moved the remnants of Ipeniya, and ran around to save her. In addition, he would have tried everywhere where Charlotte’s thoughts could not reach.

I wanted to give you a break. So she pressed her heart hard to look into him.

Reunion can be done even after waking up. They have a lot of time ahead of them.

* * *

When I came out of the official residence after breakfast, I realized that it was winter.

In fact, modems in the south-central part of the continent are warm even in winter. The weather is nothing compared to the biting winds of the north, but Charlotte felt winter more than anything else in the distant landscape over there.

Finished harvesting all the way through, empty wheat fields. The barley field just started sowing. Whether conspiracy swirls in the court or not, farmers start working today. Smoke from the field was released black in the blue sky.

I can’t believe I’m still nostalgic after coming down to my hometown. Thinking it was funny, Charlotte went down the field trail. This neighborhood was not far from the farmland.

While taking a walk, I often encountered the army wrapped in uniform. At the mouth of the town were rows of expensive wagons.

Granddaughter Dorothea was a passenger on the promenade.

She was sitting with a chair in the sand of a tributary. Around her, dozens of knights and attendants came out and surrounded her.

Linde, who found this side, shouted loudly.

“Hey, if you’re awake, you should’ve come to say hello to the lady first. Is it time to hang around?”

“Linde, is it time for you to hang around? Go get my knee blanket.”

“Excuse me, miss. I’m sure you’ll leave it in the official room……?”

“It’s a little cold sitting down for a long time. Just go for a minute.”

Linde came up to the bank with a sigh of trouble. Charlotte gave Nadia a look, who was following her.

I went down to the sand. Dorothea bit the attendant ten steps at a time. Then he poked a needle out of an oil-paper on his knee.

“Do you want some?”

Charlotte received a needle.

Life was the flesh of the goong. It’s a common snack for children around here. When I put it in my mouth and chewed it, it tasted like strange soil.

Dorothea looked up for a moment and turned away.

“I don’t know what to call it. Charlotte Moden. Do you mind if I tell you this?”

Charlotte swallowed the horn. Dorothea was also heartbroken that she already knew who she was.

“Aren’t you angry, miss?”

“I was surprised at first. ‘Cause what you’ve done for me hasn’t changed.’

Dorothea answered flatly. Then I loosened my mouth a little.

“You can stop acting maid. I’m not your lady.”

“But lady. Although I am a soul named Charlotte…… The juju is in here.”

Last night’s dream made my heart ache. Charlotte pressed her chest with one hand.

“I’m sure it’s there. Lady, Juju was always worried about you. And until the end, to avenge the Grand Duke…….”

I couldn’t speak and swallowed it.

Without Juju, Charlotte would not have been able to lift Albert’s leash either. It belatedly came to mind that he could not even leave a thank you message for it.

Dorothea had her eyes set in the distance.

He looked like an adult in no time. No, she comes of age in a month or two. A calm voice was mixed in the wind.

“If Ruslan was my brother to me, Juju was my sister and friend.Dorothea slowly closed her eyes.

“He was such a sweet friend.”


Charlotte could only agree with that.

Although she broke all her old friendships with her own hands, there are also friendships in the world that result in this.

I clenched my hand on my chest. The girl’s feelings that she had never talked face to face were vividly filled.

“She’s… ..I just hope you’re doing well. I’m sure you’ll do well.”

Because Juju believes so.

Dorothea opened her eyes wide for a moment. I’m sure what Charlotte just said. But for a moment Dorothea’s countenance seemed to indicate.

She soon responded with a smile.

“In order to do that, Jong-sook needs to wake up first.”

Charlotte was nervous at Albert’s comments. Dorothea explained.

“He’s still an emperor, anyway. We’re in quarantine at Moden Castle now. She’s in a coma with severe injuries and excessive bleeding.”

But by the time the fever subsides, he will regain consciousness. It was a healthy body compared to sensitive sex originally.

“In order to rule the country in the future, it is safer for the good than the deposition, so we can live until we are in a state where we can speak. Then it’s the realm of political technology that puts pressure on it.”

That’s why high-ranking officials in the system come down one by one, he added.

Dorothea took out her watch. I opened it and pressed the axis of the clock. I checked the contents and closed them again.

“It’ll be over in a few days, so don’t worry. It’s too much for both of you.”

Dorothea stood up slowly. I put the horn in my mouth.

“I have to go. From now on, you have to pretend to be your nephew who is worried about your uncle’s safety. If you go around too much, it’ll be a hassle for the guards.”


“I know a little bit now. I don’t want to hear that I interrupted you without noticing.”

At Dorothea’s words, Charlotte realized something and looked up.

A horse was strolling on the bank. There was a man on board. As soon as he saw the dazzling silhouette under the sun, Charlotte brightened up.

She tried to run. A long skirt was swept over the sand and hesitated for a while. Meanwhile, the man jumped off the horse and ran first. It was an urgent move that overshadowed the message that the energy was damaged.

Ruslan jumped into Charlotte. Charlotte let out a laughable scream. He even took a lap in place, hugging her completely.

“I thought you were gone again while I was sleeping.”

Ruslan said with her in her arms. Charlotte replied with a look on her face, wondering whether to cry or laugh.

“That can’t be true. It’s all over now, by the way…….”

“I wanted to meet you. Charlotte, I’ve been waiting to see you again.”

Ruslan has repeated himself several times. Charlotte nodded until his words died down.

“Me too. Me too. Me too, I missed Ruslan. I’ve missed you all the time after time.….”

A group of lights scattered with gold sand and ripples surrounded them. Finally, the joy of reuniting rose.

It would be great if we could just let everything go and stay together. As long as I can focus on hugging and kissing someone I love.

But there was still a little more work to do.

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