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Chapter 251

As Dorothea said, a few days later it was over.

Albert, who had been struggling for some time, managed to regain consciousness.

He was weak from anemia. The knee was numb from penetration. It was self-evident that walking was impossible for the time being.If he had remained the emperor normally, he would first have caught sight of the sumptuous bedroom view of the court palace.

His servant and doctor, such as his hands and feet, would have taken great care of him. The Empress, who was nursing next to her, would have offered friendly consolation, and her friends and servants would have been relieved and pleased to see him safe.

What he actually encountered was a bedroom in a rural castle where he fell asleep in fear when he was young. It was the smell of old dust on old stone walls. It was the granddaughter and the middle class looking down in blue.

There were some threats and negotiations.

Albert was in a state of difficulty opening his mouth, but he had to return the answer to their pressure.

At first, he threw sarcastic remarks and stubbornly rejected them. But he wasn’t as strong as he was when he escaped from the court. Soon after, he was extremely depressed and even shed tears.

I don’t know if it’s remorseful or remorseful or resentful.

There was no one more to understand Albert’s mind. Therefore the truth of his emotions was also buried in the darkness.

After all, what matters in politics and history was the outcome. Whatever the psychological process of annulment was, the pressure of the new recruits finally paid off.

The Grand Princess Dorothea will be crowned as her successor.>

This is the result of a deep acceptance of the opinions of ministers and the people.>

A lengthy sacred place containing two sentences was submitted.

“Do as you please.”

Albert replied as if he had thrown it out.

Whether or not the face turned toward the wall uttered abusive language against the enemy, it was concluded. It became a matter entirely out of the hands of the Emperor.

Count Keitel was about to shake off his bed. As the emperor has never issued a decree to resign, the credentials of the State Appeal have not disappeared. So it became his role to hold the seal himself.

The seal locker came down under strict protection from the system. The count opened it under the auspices of the Appeal. I stamped on the Holy Land in front of the emperor and granddaughter.

The situation immediately after this was not immediately known to the public. It is said that Albert cursed the count in anger, and that he wailed while mentioning the name of his dead lover.

But he had no choice. Even if your knee recovers as much as possible, it won’t move as it used to. Even if the power was strong, it was in a situation that would raise suspicions about its ability to carry out state affairs.

Now that even the public sentiment has been violated, Albert is in a position not to approach even the little man who is trying to rise to authority.

In the meantime, I granted a concession.

This was a calculated choice for Albert as well.

It would be nice if he could hold on to his pride, but now he is in a difficult position to handle the aftermath. It will be even worse if the senior officials decide to remove the emperor by force.

Self-righteousness guarantees life and honor. The Grand Lady obviously did that only.

If you abdicate like this, you will be placed in hiding at Moden Castle with a title worthy of your status.

Then let’s be a dragon and wait a long time.

If you hold your breath, you will surely find a way to recover. Although both legs were lost, it became like a lotte.

He is only thirty years old. It was only two years before this crash.

You’ll see. Do you know what’s going to happen? Even if a child uses storage, it’s not like he’s been through a succession war.

Tears are about to flow when I think of the past life that the count forced me to face. Obviously he could have done a little better. I could’ve kept dead and ruined lives alive.Okay. While we’re at it, let’s reflect on ourselves and try our best. Can’t you write a letter because you have two hands left. Then there may be a day when Charlotte’s mind will be changed again…….

Albert was so determined, though.

It was already too late.

That night, there was a scream in the bedroom where he lay.

However, no one responded to the personnel guarding the castle. I kept silent even though there was no way that I didn’t know because the noise was ringing on the wall.

The bedroom door boomed. I was pushed up and down. But with all my strength from the inside, it didn’t open.

Someone made a mistake carrying a tray of meals, and a clever silver spoon was stuck in the stone.

“Who, who, who, who…….”

My fingers squeezed out of the barely twisted gap. My nails were all broken and covered in blood.

His fingers trembled and clasped the door frame. Black bruises spread on the skin pressed against the door. It was not long before it slipped down.

“Lo, Thee, Rotte, please, me, alone, Never, Ro……the…….”

Crying supplications circled through the air and died down.

Albert’s body was found the next morning.

It remains a question of when exactly he lost his breath. This is because no one stood by the moment he died.

A security guard accompanied by a doctor carefully examined the body. And I guessed from the traces of his bedroom as he was dying.

He lay down last night to sleep and sensed a shock. Given that the bedding was all disorganized, you must have heard a great deal of anger. Judging from his complexion, he may have had difficulty breathing.

Albert tried to get out of bed. But now his two legs are useless. Eventually, he rolled down and hit his forehead on the leg of the chair over there.

It was a collision so severe that blood bruises were found on the body. Albert must have tasted great anger for a moment. I tried to push the chair away, but it backfired. The chair collapsed toward my body.

An increasingly serious outcry ruled Albert. Perhaps the brain has also been affected and has significantly lost its ability to judge.

At this point he is determined to seek salvation. I tried to crawl open the door with my arms. Of all things, the door was not in good condition, so it was only to relax. Blood stains on the inside of the door were most likely scratched with fingernails.

But it was a deep night and his request for relief was not delivered.

Eventually, until uncertain time of death, Albert slowly died alone.

The coroner’s report was made at a makeshift conference room in Moden Castle. The grandmother, who was listening earnestly in the upper seat, asked back.

“Thank you for analyzing a difficult case. But isn’t it just an explanation that his uncle died in pain. Why did you suddenly die? Are you sure?”

The doctor said in an air of euphoria.

“We examined the mouth and found no toxic reactions. Perhaps the recent events have caused anger, causing the blood to boil and clog up his veins. It’s not strange if you fall asleep.”

“That’s scary. That’s how my mother the Grand Duke died, and your uncle is still young. I should always be careful with my mind.”

Dorothea opened the congregation clock to check the time. It’s closed again.

“I’ve managed to get rid of the heavy storage and make it easier for you to relax. Count Keitel, this is what’s happening.”

She handed the watch to Ruslan. Ruslan took it naturally and put it in his arms. I looked back at the cabinet.

“I see, it’s a frightening coincidence, but maybe it’s a ghost.””What do you mean a ghost?”

Prime Minister Otto asked again. He had a somewhat relaxed complexion, even though he dragged the old man down to the ground.

Ruslan smiled as he prepared a mean joke. The pale cheeks have yet to be fully flushed. However, the occurrence of speaking at court still lingers.

“Isn’t this bitter land itself? The Emperor has thrown his old lover, Viscount Moden, into prison and destroyed his clan. There’s still a broken house beyond the moat, and it’s no wonder the spirit of the Viscount is wandering around as a companion.”

“Early Count Keitel. Although he was not good enough, the emperor ascended. Don’t mess up the conference room with dirty jokes.”

The Privy Council Speaker said stingingly.

Only then did Ruslan bend over and say hello. But it was an exaggerated move to show that no one meant it.

With his head up, he looked at Dorothea in the upper seat. His eyes became warm and friendly.

“Thank you. Your Highness, Granddaughter. In the new year, you will be crowned Emperor of God.”

Then, other newspapers belatedly greeted him. Words congratulating the birth of the next emperor have been exchanged for a long time.

Thanks to this, Albert’s death was quickly forgotten like being swept away by a stream.

Dorothea gave them a small smile.

She took a brief stroll through the castle’s patronage after declaring a break-up from the meeting. The blood was not mixed, but whispered to the only brother in the world.

“I ordered the doctor as my brother said, but it was a little difficult to insinuate while hiding the poison.”

“It’s a success. It’s a success. He wouldn’t brag about it if he knew what he was doing. You don’t have to look back on this for a long time.”

Ruslan looked at the weedy land.

The poison that killed Archduke Licht slowly seeps into the skin and quickly stops the power failure. I had no choice but to handle it carefully.

Albert would have been wary of assassination every moment. Even at this point, I was always nervous about meals and clothes.

However, he, who had removed several people throughout his life, did not know that a bandage wrapped around his knee would cause death.

I failed to control the quantities a little bit because I was applying a thin layer so as not to be suspicious. It took a long time for it to work, but Albert certainly died.

This is the end of the game.

Ruslan closed his eyes for a moment.

It took a long time to achieve. It was a little bit empty after I achieved it. Somehow I couldn’t believe I’d spent two years for this moment.

Why did he choose to hate and cut people off easily, even though the lingering feeling of hurting them was so long?

You don’t have to try to understand.’

My life full of lust is finally over.

The descendants of the emperor Georg were cut off. From now on, Grand Duke Licht’s child leads the empire.

So please.

Take a good rest.’

Dear foster mother. Your good faith has changed so much.

The brother and sister revenge, that’s how it ended like that.

* * *

Charlotte was looking away at the flag hanging in the castle.

It was black, it was clear that there was a flag. It was easy to see from the farm road where he stood, walking large enough for anyone to know.

Residents who chose gravel in the field chatted in twos and threes.

“The Emperor is dead?”

“I ran away from the palace, and I got angry.That’s more.”

“That’s why there’s a wagon and a soldier you haven’t seen lately? Why, the lady standing over there.”

“How old was Albert? Aren’t you young when you ruled here?””There’s an order to go. The next granddaughter of the Emperor is a younger niece.”

“It’s going to be different whoever does it. This place is full of words, and it doesn’t benefit from having an emperor.”

It’s far from real.

Albert is dead. He, who seemed unlikely to die forever, finally came out of this world. Has the soul already been scattered in the atmosphere here?

I knew his life was over. It felt strange to hear that he was dead. The fear of running from over there and snatching Charlotte was chilling.


I was startled by the sudden call.

But soon I was relieved. Because I realized it was Ruslan.

He had silver hair and blue eyes. The reason was that even minor magic should be banned until it recovers its energy.

Ruslan stepped on the stirrup and carefully stepped off the horse. I spread my cape and covered her shoulder.

“I can’t see Nadia. Did you come out here alone?”

“Yes, sometimes I want to pick you up alone.”

Charlotte clung close to his chest to escape the wind. Ruslan held her in his arms as if to respond.

Both of them became silent. The winter wind swept through the empty fields.

Charlotte looked intently at the flag. Then I managed to bring it up.

“Albert, you’re dead.”


Ruslan replied in a placid voice.

“This is all I wanted to do. If you want to blame it, do it.”

“If you’re going to say that, I’ve volunteered to do it.”

Charlotte replied, thinking I might have stopped thinking.

I’ve painted hundreds of times how Albert would feel after his death. I wonder if I’ll laugh like crazy with joy. Or shall I cry until I faint of love and hatred. You don’t know until you go through it yourself. I used to come to the same conclusion over and over again.

Faced with this moment, nothing but dry emotion.

It was until the moment when Albert was kicked that joy and anger crossed. From then on, really, the man became belatedly aware that it didn’t matter what happened.

Albert went.

It dispersed without leaving any emotional debris for Charlotte.

Only then did I cry a little. I couldn’t tell if it was because my eyes were cold because of the wind or because of the sense of freedom that I had barely been released from him.

“I see. You’re dead. Crawling… …”

I sniffled a little. It was a kind of ritual to shake off the lingering emotions.

Ruslan knew how he felt, so he watched.

He came back after hearing a little more from the man who cleaned the scene. At the bottom of the scene of death, the dying emperor’s bloody nails were engraved. As if possessed by a fantasy, he is said to have been filled with nicknames for his old lover.

It’s just a dead man’s nonsense. There was no need to inform her of this.

So he turned the subject elsewhere.

“It’s all sorted out. He’s dead anyway, so he’ll be buried in the system. It was considered a dark army, so it would have been excluded from the grand prize.”

The funeral will be the responsibility of the new archbishop, as the temple’s generational shift is just around the corner.

“I’m coming to Seoul one by one from tomorrow. Starting with Dorothea, in order of court order.”

Charlotte nodded her head. Of course you will. I have to get ready to become the new emperor. Even the new year is just around the corner.

“You’re following Ruslan, aren’t you?”


replied Ruslan. He led Charlotte into a saddle.

“Anyway, in the Book of State, Dorothea’s brother. I need to clean up the mess with Ippennyah’s mess.”

He rode behind Charlotte. I drove the reins slowly to the official residence.”Batilde will return and complete the guardianship process. You can go back with confidence. You’re the emperor’s victim, and you’ve been released from him and returned to your lover.”

Charlotte looked at Ruslan for a moment.

I hesitated to say this. But I couldn’t do it unless it was now.

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