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Chapter 252

She hesitated over a patch of fields. And finally, I said, with a firm mind.

“If I say I’m staying here in the modem…Don’t you like …?”

Ruslan casually pulled the reins.

The horse stopped towering. Ruslan blinked embarrassed. Charlotte was embarrassed and said.

“If you don’t like it, say no. I’ll think about it again.”

“No, he, Charlotte.”

He was almost blue beyond the pale. The eyes without magic overlapped shook without sticking to a single point.

“Sorry. Give me some time to clear my mind. Now, I thought I’d pick you up and run off to any land.”

“Like this?”

“I’d be in big trouble if I could emulate your son’s bad behavior. Oh, wait a minute. I mean, Moden, Eh.”

Ruslan snapped the syllables and said. Barely lifted his chin and made eye contact with Charlotte.

Charlotte straightened her shoulders to be sure.

“Yes, no matter how many times I pick up the pieces, I can’t stop gossiping.”

The ostensibly known story, the rumor that the emperor had exposed his old lover to the maid itself was burdensome.

“Albert is dead and being buried, and if I walk around the institution, there could be new rumors.”

Ruslan hasn’t changed his face yet. Charlotte became nervous in case she hurt him again. It was a little bit more obvious.

“I’m sorry I can’t help you with the new leader. I want to be with Ruslan, too. But…… I just want to have time for a while.”

She still had her work to do. The following words came in a more firm tone.

“I’m going to clean up the house.”

Bricks of ruins still roll in the fields on the site of the author’s mansion. The only person in the world who could patch up the scene was himself.

Albert was untouched by his authority when he was alive. However, as long as the person who gave the order is dead, there will be no fault in cleaning up the debris.

Ruslan’s expression slowly subsided. The confusion just now cleared up and became serious.

He swung the reins lightly. The horse trudged away after understanding the instructions.

“That’s why you want to suspend your visit to Seoul.”

“Yes. I don’t think I’ll feel better if I go up like this.….”

But once again you’ll live far away from Ruslan. He won’t be able to leave the system until at least the coronation.

Charlotte was not comfortable with that either. Maybe I’m being blinded by my situation and being greedy for performances. Is it right to help Ruslan, who will be busy in court?

Ruslan didn’t say anything. It seems that he needed time to reflect.

In the meantime, I arrived at the official residence.

After getting off the horse, Ruslan looked up at less than half the small building of the Grand Duke. And then I took the chance.

“Moden Castle officially belongs to the owner of the mound. You can’t just sit there and pretend.”

Ruslan looked back at Charlotte.

“If you stay here, you’ll be in the government office all the time, is that all right?”

Charlotte read Ruslan’s words. I nodded quickly.

“Yes, I’m fine. Oh, no, it doesn’t have to be an official residence. It’s no use renting a room here in town.””You’re determined to turn me into a bully. I don’t want to be a man who keeps his lover in a rented room.”

Ruslan spoke decisively and reached out his hand. Naturally escorted Charlotte to her room.

He looked at the facade of the room where she stayed. He even nodded after checking the heater condition.

“I’ll tell the town chief in advance. I’ll deposit gold, so you don’t have to worry about living.”

“You don’t have to go that far, Ruslan.”

“I don’t know when your mind will clear up, but I’ll endure the coronation.”

Ruslan said it wasn’t a house, it was a heart. I think I’ve already seen through what Charlotte is talking about.

He took a deep breath for a moment. I said with a firm determination.

“I told you before. I’d fall to the bottom of hell if you were there.”

Ruslan is a step closer.

Faced with sudden momentum, Charlotte inadvertently stepped back. The bed was caught at the foot of the foot and sat on it.

Ruslan lowered himself along with her. His hand wrapped around her hand.

Feeling like an ice lake from the moment I first found it, I looked up at Charlotte.

“Charlotte, you don’t have to avoid it. I don’t mind hearing anything if you’re with me. If you’re afraid of the public eye and decide to run away…….”

Ruslan had a troubled look in his eye for a moment. Before long, he spoke in a determined.

“I’m sure I’ll find it. I’m actually more persistent than the emperor.”


“I won’t take a leaf out of his book, but I won’t let him take a leaf out of my book. Charlotte, you’re caught in the wrong place. I’ll follow you even if I die.”

Charlotte engraved every word he left behind.

One syllable sounded ecstatic to her. Every time this man speaks out his feelings honestly, his heart is broken with joy. The fact that I am loved by this man, and I love this man, has soaked my heart.

And on the other hand, it sounded like a dog or cat imitating a beast.

She burst into laughter at some point. Finally, I couldn’t resist and laughed long.

Ruslan became the first innocent red face in a long time.

“I’m not kidding.”

“I know, I know.”

Charlotte stretched her arms around his neck. I left my weight on my straight shoulders.

Come to think of it, he didn’t return the answer to the greeting on the handkerchief. Let’s talk about it now. He whispered quietly in his ear.

“I really like you, Ruslan.”

I think this is a little weak too.

Finally said.

“I love you, too.”

Ruslan was at a standstill for a while. In rare cases, the brain seemed to be stopped. Then suddenly, I woke up as if I had been struck by lightning.

The sudden change in posture caused Charlotte to exclaim in surprise. I almost broke his neck. Ruslan quickly supported her waist. And came straight to her without any hesitation.

By the time his lips touched and he was drunk on the sweetness of his tongue, Charlotte was already lying on the bed. My body is in a state of disarray. The tip of the toe reached the floor by a hair’s breadth.

Ruslan raised his body a little. There was no room for calming off the wrist button of the gloves. I pulled my finger with my front teeth and forced it off.

His bare hands, his temperature-sensitive hands wrapped around Charlotte. He covered his cheeks, cheeks, and ears with a sigh.

“There won’t be a bookkeeper like you.”

Charlotte flickered because she couldn’t quite understand what he meant. Ruslan let out a sigh of his child melting.”You want me to leave you here? Seriously, it drives people crazy…….”

He rubbed his eyes and chin in turn with one hand.

“I still think I’m pretty good at reading and speaking. I don’t think so for you. You lose any psychological warfare if you’re a match. The record is terrible. It’s a losing streak.”

Charlotte thought that was funny, too. What the hell is this man talking about?

Rather, it was she who felt lost over and over again and again. Every time I face Ruslan’s eyes like that, I can’t get over my inner impulse.

So Charlotte groped Ruslan’s cheek. For the first time in a while, I felt chills in my lower stomach. whispered a whisper into his ear.

“Hey, do as you please.”

However, I accept one thing. Men are at a disadvantage over women in times like this. My feelings were revealed on top of my clothes.

“Aura…… You can take it.”

Ruslan moaned briefly. The hand wrapped around Charlotte hesitated.

Maybe a moment of self-restraint was lost. But he finally chose to give in to the steep barge foundation.

In fact, this was still close to tea time. At least after dinner, it would have been better to finish taking a bath.

But they were already unbearable. It’s been so long since we got away from each other. The possibility that someone else might walk through the hallway has been wiped from my head.

It was a waste of time to even take off my clothes. Charlotte opened her saliva-stained lips and gasped. Ruslan’s Krabat pulled himself loose.

In the meantime, there seemed to be a storm under the dress in Ma. The petticoat was mixed with the outer skirt and rolled up. The wool stockings were suddenly peeled off, leaving behind.

The bottom immediately felt empty. However, it was better to take it off as soon as possible. This is because the already excited sound was exhaling fluid to come in.

Ruslan faced the scene and let out a dry exclamation. As Charlotte blushed and pulled his shoulder, Ruslan understood. A point of the body was revealed and a single movement penetrated the wet gap.


She was pushed to the wall. The heat rose like a tide and hit my head.

It was the first time in a while that I felt foreign. The bottom has become pleasantly stiff. An overwhelming moan came out of his throat when he became aware that Ruslan was unmistakable.

Ruslan closed his eyes for a moment and frowned. He used to make faces when he endured extreme pleasure. Charlotte’s body responded to the joy of seeing this face again. Then he clasped his hands in both of her hands as if he couldn’t stand it.

There was a movement that union alone was not enough. The interlocking organs began to rub and swallow each other.

“Ah, ah, ha, ah, Rusla, An……!”

“Ugh, hah, charlo, uh, uh…….”

The fluid was viscous and muddy. Ruslan scratched her inside violently for a while. Charlotte, who was pushed to the wall, slowed down when she was about to hit her head.

He lifted her up. He hugged me as if he were going to crush me.

The two were tangled again in one lump. Clothes rustled as they brushed against each other.

Charlotte seemed to be getting used to it. I was more embarrassed on this side than tangled up naked. He is coveting his opponent with only his lower body exposed. It was as if she was desperate to eat the penis, as only the penis survived among the flesh she wore.But shame was also brief. When Ruslan, who had arranged his posture, thumped down her waist, she let out a surprisingly lewd cry herself. It was not long before similar stimuli continued.

“I’m going crazy, seriously, I’m scared of you, I’m scared of you…….”

Ruslan constantly indulged in her stomach. It was a face that couldn’t quench its thirst.

“As expected, if you’re in front of them, you lose. Oh, uh, how about, uh……!”

Charlotte looked up at him with trembling eyes. Ruslan, reflected in her, was neatly dressed except that Krabat had been released. But underneath the view was as rough as anyone else. I wondered if it was a lie that my energy was low.

I’m facing him. Every time I get mixed up, I realize that love is stronger than language.

Although destined to live on borrowed shells until death, I also want to love him.

Charlotte blinked and collected the water. The tear glands were also spilling fluid in response to irritation.

She hugged Ruslan tightly. I tightened him as if to console him that I would never let him go.

“Let me do it. If you’re not busy, sometimes, come down…….”

“Charlotte. Ro, Te.”

“Wait, wait. Will it pass soon, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.…!”

Charlotte couldn’t talk back and opened her mouth. Her whole body was curled up at once and then unfolded. Following the mind-boggling jubilation, traces of him filled his body. It was not long before Ruslan’s breath, which dropped his closed eyes.

Ruslan was covered in sweat. Charlotte stole his forehead with both hands.

“Let’s do what we want before we go.”

* * *

Nadia and Angela agreed to stay with Moden, so only one Semyon was accompanied by Ruslan.

Instead of renting a carriage, he said he would ride a horse himself. It was because there was no need to slow down because it was a little convenient.

“I’ve been down here since the beginning. We can send the little things separately by human mail.”

Ruslan’s equestrian posture was picturesque today. His face had become much more refreshed. It was obvious that his energy had returned.

Charlotte saw him off to the estuary of the town. He smiled lightly.

“Okay, good luck. Say hello to Dorothea.”

“I’ll run as soon as the system’s atmosphere is settled. Come up whenever you feel like it.”

Charlotte nodded her head. Then I got on my feet.

“Bow down. I’ll say hello.”

Ruslan lowered his back in a familiar gesture for the horse.

Charlotte put her lips on his cheek. I didn’t make a mistake on my ear this time.

Ruslan naturally returned her kisses, and slipped off her hat.

“I’ll be back.”

And he started to get off the road.

Tears did not appear. It’s not like we’re breaking up this time.

I loved you very much the past few days. The circle is loose. I’ve also gained confidence. He and she are not in such a precarious relationship that they can be relieved by being forced into perspective. Love is tightly bound even if it is far away.

“If you don’t come, I’ll be in charge of the repairs.”

Semyon, who followed side by side, said. Ruslan looked back at him.

“I thought I told you. Didn’t you say you could live with a relative in your hometown?”

“I’m done with the old story. My nephew was also disappointed, but it’s just as uncomfortable as others. Now that I’m back in the snow, my wife and child won’t come back to life.”

Semyon looked up at the mountain peak in the distance. It was not long before he made his usual joke.

“I’m destined to take care of my stepson for the rest of my life. I don’t know what I’ve been raising since I was a baby, so I’m nervous to leave it behind.”Ruslan laughed a lot.

“I was definitely trying to relax.”

“How would you like it? Then young master, let’s go that way because the road over there is gentle. They say it’s better if horses don’t get tired.”

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