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Chapter 253

The modem, which had been noisy for some time, gradually became quiet. I went back to normal rural areas as if I had done so before.

It seemed like nothing had happened. This is because the flag that had been hoisted at the castle was dropped while carrying Albert’s body.

Residents are back to normal. They were only sorry that the fun of playing around had disappeared, putting the institutional man on the cutting board.

Now there’s only one person left for them to notice.

The mysterious blonde beauty stayed in the official residence.

She was such a beautiful woman that I couldn’t dare to snoop around. Given that he has a maid and a doctor, is he a young child who came to take care of himself? But the scenery here is simple and there is no dressing room. I never knew what the story was about.

No matter how the residents looked at him, Charlotte roamed all over the modem. I visited my hometown after a long time.

“This neighborhood is so small that it’s famous for everything. It would be comfortable to do so.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

“But Nadia doesn’t talk much. Is that okay? If it’s boring here, you can go to the island.”

“It’s okay. The doctor says he’ll be quiet for a while. I mean, I’ve really been out of my mind.”

Nadia smiled lightly. Charlotte laughed face to face.

“Angela might want a drink while she’s at it. Next is that side, the hillside where raspberries fly…….”

She had a reason to refuel her home land.

After looking around and asking people around, I finally found the place in question.

It was a long way from where the original writer was. It had to go to the foot of a mountain stream that stretched out from the Great Mountains.

Winter mixed forests were full of faded leaves, making it a little difficult to walk. Climbing up a skirt for a long time.

I noticed a tree that grew bent on an uninhabited slope.

“At that time, I was ordered to scatter them anywhere. They’ve been living in the neighborhood until now, but they don’t want to be blown away by the wind.…. I just noticed something unusual and buried it underneath.”

The security guard, who was involved in the mastermind’s execution at the time, said.

Charlotte approached the tree and smoothed the stem. It was dried up without leaves because of the season. While looking into it for a long time, the security guard added.

“I can’t even dig out anything. I broke the box and only buried the remains. It would have been dirt long ago.”

He had a wild guess of Charlotte’s identity and said. That woman is probably a distant relative who came while the emperor was dead, or an official who came out to investigate whether the punishment was fair at the time.

To that extent, the extinction of the writer was an unexpected and unfair incident for Moden residents.

Charlotte touched the tree for a long time. I cleared my voice.

“Thanks, wait over there. I’ll take a little more look before I go.”

The security guard shrugged and climbed up the mountain path.

Charlotte confirmed that he was out of sight. Then I put my forehead on the tree. The mossy ground floor came in from the gaze that fell down.

That was the grave of her family.

It was a place where the remains were buried without being separated.

Charlotte finally hugged the stem. I didn’t care if the rustling shell stained my clothes.

There was something I wanted to convey all along. He murmured, hoping that if there was a ghost, he would listen.

“You didn’t have to say sorry.”My legs are weak. She slowly sat down toward the bottom. I spoke to the buried spot.

“I don’t blame Charlotte. I’m sorry about Lotte. I was sorry…….”

She hesitated for a moment. When the person who wanted to convey this message was alive, it was difficult to say it. He threw up his twitching breath and finally said hello.

“Take a good rest. Mom…!”

Charlotte finally closed her eyes. I bit my lips. I’ve been burying my face in my lap for a while.

This is deception. It is a greeting to make yourself comfortable. However, the fact that the illegitimate child who provided the cause survived shamelessly does not change, and the dead will never be revived.

But I did my best.

I have avenged you, so please forgive me.

She prayed vainly against the tree several times. I stood up when my mind was barely settled.

I walked for a long time down the mountain path. The security guards did not say much, as they felt it was unusual for the woman who had visited the tomb to be in a pitiful state.

Finally, we came close to the place where the house of the self-proclaimed writer was located. Charlotte looked down at it from a high ground. There were still traces of railing on the stairs.

Viscount Moden’s mansion, a family home that has served the estate for generations. The home where the garden is beautiful and the topaz decoration of the fireplace was the only heirloom, Lotte, used to hide under the bushes…….

“I need to clean it up.”

Charlotte suddenly opened her mouth. The security guard, who was about to go earlier, looked back.

“Clean it up? You’re not an investigator, are you? And staying at the official residence. What the hell is your relationship with the author?”

She smiled bitterly.

“I’m the heir there.”


“Do you know a good surveyor nearby? I wanted to make an estimate.”

The security guard looked completely clueless. Charlotte spoke as if she were passing by.

“I’m going to rebuild the house.”

It’ll be hard to put the topaz back on.

* * *

A house is not built overnight. Charlotte got busy on her own. He hired a worker to clean up the debris and measured the area with a surveyor. Then I called an architect in a small town a little bit away and started making drawings.

It was not an easy process. The architect insisted on state-of-the-art techniques for beauty. Charlotte hoped to bring back memories as much as possible and restore them. But she didn’t remember every single brick either, so some adjustment was inevitable.

In the meantime, it’s a new year without knowing when.

After that, customers came to Moden twice.

The first was the Batilde. She was with Philippe.

They showed up in a simple black carriage. The moment she appeared unannounced, Charlotte heard the news and went across the town to greet her.

“I heard you were here. I’m glad you’re doing well, I’m so glad!”

Batilde held her hand for a long time and repeated the same thing.

Charlotte looked at Batilde with an unfamiliar feeling.

She had changed quite a bit. Maybe it’s because she’s no longer the empress. Ivory dresses like swans were nowhere to be found. It was simply tied up and dressed in navy blue travel clothes.

“In the new year, you became Duke of Lois.”

Charlotte asked back as she took a walk.

Batilde nodded his head.

“Anyway, she died without a formal divorce from her husband. But you can’t go up to the throne even though you’ve been mentioned about the extinction. It was concluded that it would be better to establish a new title to take over the guardianship. Now the family name will be Licht.”

She looked far away at Moden Castle.”Thanks to you, it’s up to me to deal with the little details of the room. “I’m a husband who takes his burden after death, but it’s better than going back to Karnstein and arguing about remarriage.”

Batilde dismissed his admiration for Albert with it. Charlotte did not ask for more. There’s no reason to look back.

Instead, I glanced back. Philippe fell as far away as he could and was following with his hands behind his back. It was like watching a donkey pull a plow.

“Well, what about Sir Philippe?”

Batilde also looked sideways at him.

“I heard they’re moving jobs. I’m on leave now, but when I get back, I’m not going to be a knight, I’m going to the Army.”


“For knights, the Emperor always comes first. He said I’d be better off now that I’m on top.”

Then you’ll definitely be eliminated from the elite course. Philippe is determined to break the course of life for Batilde.

Batilde had a complicated smile.

“You have to think positively. We can do whatever we want with this. No matter what others say.”

But Batilde, reflected in Charlotte’s eyes, still wore a good, caring smile.

Batilde spent the night in Moden. I looked back at the scene where weeding was overgrown in the house. As she left her condolences to the writer for a long time, Charlotte watched with a clear heart.

Batilde and Philippe said they would go further south. Since there is still time left until the coronation ceremony, the plan was to go down to the ocean and look around the south.

“Finally you’ll see the lion and the triangular horned tomb. If there’s anything interesting, please bring me one.”

Batilde laughed at Charlotte’s joke.

“This is the first time I’ve traveled so far. I’m relieved that Philippe is coming with me.”

“I know. I hope you share your lip problems this time.”

Philippe, who was preparing to start over there, coughed loudly.

The two women laughed aloud. Batilde stretched his arms wide. It left Charlotte a friendly hug.

“Juju. Charlotte. Please feel free to tell me the next time you meet.”


“You’re the bravest, coolest, coolest friend I’ve ever seen. My friendship will never change.”

Charlotte tried to patch up her dark mind. He also hugged Batilde.

“…yes, Batilde. I’m glad to have a friendly and strong friend like you.”

Then Batilde hurriedly took off his arm. For a moment, the face, which had been distorted as if it had been choked up, quickly opened.

Charlotte knew she wouldn’t cry. Batilde was the strongest man he ever knew.

As she left, she smiled and waved out of the carriage. Rose-colored hair was released in the wind and fluttered freely.

* * *

After a scuffle with the architect for a while, the drawing was barely completed. Just in time, some grass was pulled out, so the workers set out to clean the ground.

The second guest came just around that time.

A group of priests and pilgrims to the east visited the Moden Diocese. It is said that there is a small matter to be dealt with by the former Archbishop.

The wife, who was carrying the child in the back row of the group, came to the official residence.

Elise had just finished giving birth and was thin. The baby in his arms is about 100 days old.

She sat on the sofa in the official drawing room like a sinner. He was bowing his head with his shoulders curled.

Charlotte looked at her with folded arms. No matter how hard I tried, my eyes didn’t look good.First, Nadia was ordered to take the eldest child. Elise barely plucked up her courage after the child had disappeared.

“Well, I’m sorry I got you in trouble then…….”


“What happened to Yonatan…… Did you hear that?”

Only then did Charlotte hear of Ruslan and knew.

He hung in the donghae was sent to somewhere in distant island. It is said to have been housed in a closed parish. It is a place where sinful priests repent while practicing abstinence.

It’s a pretty good word, but it’s a hell of a cult. Visits to the outside world are limited to months or once a year.

The time limit for Yonatan’s stay is indefinite.

The key point is ‘distinguished’. It is not known whether he will be released immediately next year or decades later.

It’s a good enough time to suffer from hopeless hope. However, the denomination will spend considerable time on Yonatan even in order to take responsibility for the situation.

“The priest says he transcribes scriptures to repent every day.”


“You carve a letter on a piece of paper with a needle. So that even blind believers can stutter and read. It’s still hard even a hundred letters a day, so I don’t know when it will end.….”

Elise said hesitatingly.

“To the Lord, Miss, if one day I could write a letter of apology myself.”

“I don’t need it.”

Charlotte answered flatly.

Why are you getting involved now? I want to quit even if I’m sick of it. A cold voice came out of itself.

“I will hate you for the rest of my life. Because I couldn’t kill him because of you. I was taken by the Emperor, and I had a hard time not to have to.”

But Charlotte thought in her mind. This is just anger. Yonatan is not a child to be killed and avenged. A murder together would have wrapped itself up as a tragic lover.

Maybe that’s why he was confused about which side to kill at the time. It would not be Elise’s responsibility to finish like this.

Nevertheless, Elise leaned sinfully.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Thank you for worrying about my life even for a moment…….”

Then the baby cried. Elysé scurried to placate the baby. After asking for an understanding for a moment, I turned around. He opened the door and started feeding.

Charlotte looked at the baby still. It’s Yonatan’s child. Come to think of it, he was the only one who had children among his modem friends.

“It’s a girl. I don’t have a name yet.”

Elise said to shake off the awkward atmosphere.

Charlotte asked her rigidly.

“So, you’re gonna take the kids to Nakdo, where he is?”

“I’m only allowed to visit once in a while.”

Elise didn’t say she wasn’t going.

“It’s a land where priests take care of them. They say you can pick up clams and seaweed when you go out to the beach. The women there bring the children together and do the work…….”

“I’ll live there until he comes out.”

“You look pathetic.”

Elise retorted out of the blue.

Charlotte was stabbed to the heart and couldn’t say anything.

Elise let the baby burp. I got up holding the baby who was asleep because I was full.

She was clearly walking into the worst of her life, but the precarious light of the past was lifted. His face was as clear as a calm spring.

“This was the best I could think of. Miss Juju, thank you for trying to help me in many ways. But I’m going to go this way. Anyway, I didn’t hate him…….”

ah ah

How stupid is this.

Nevertheless, Charlotte did not say anything. She wasn’t a woman to listen to by talking. At the same time, I was vaguely aware that it was arrogance to mistake me for having the right to teach.She made me bring the eldest child. As soon as the child came in, he talked.

“The doctor said my teeth didn’t rot at all!”

“Well done, John, you and your sister should get along.”

I asked the child. Anyway, it’s better for the child to remain a sweet friend of the mother.

I only went out to the front gate of the official residence. Elise, who had gone into the sun, paused for a moment, then looked back with a face that had crossed her mind.

“I’m sorry, Jonathan asked me to tell you this.”

Charlotte nodded to tell me. Elysee looked as if she was trying to convey it with a smile.

“I was sorry then, and I wish you happiness in the future and bless you…”…. I won’t forgive you, but I will do my best to reflect on my child…….”

“What kind of joke is that?”

“I wasn’t kidding. I said so before me. with donghae”

Elyse mumbled for a moment and left a terrible goodbye. Charlotte leaned against the doorway and sent her away.

Her body, which had just given birth, still looked uncomfortable. Still, she is my distant donghae to remote island of shape.

Charlotte closed her eyes down.

The prediction was correct. She, who was nothing, was the biggest enemy of revenge. She eventually chose to put her own life in the mud.

But she managed to pull it off. The cruel violence of Charlotte, the wicked woman of the world, has done what she could not.

Charlotte was giving up from the beginning.

To have any of them reflect on their sins and offer to pay for themselves.

“I won’t forgive you. If you’re going to forgive me, I’ve never had revenge.”

She murmured with her eyebrows knitted.

But thanks to the relief that it was all over, tolerance came out a little. I spoke quietly towards that side.

“Live well.”

It was not heard by Elise. But my blessing, it won’t work anyway.

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