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Chapter 254


Two or three months have passed since then.

Winter has passed and spring has come to Moden.

At night, the noise of freezing tributaries throughout the winter would fill the air. Dandelion began to bloom on the farm road.

This day has been noisy since morning. The sound of music rang continuously in a small square in the town. I looked out of the window and found confetti flying around.

It was a celebration of the ascension of the new emperor Dorothea.

Today the whole empire will be festive. Petitions were granted to government offices and misdemeanor offenders were pardoned. Even the beggar could get a glass of wine today.

Just in time, an errand boy from the neighborhood came to the official residence and delivered the newsletter of the system. Angela took it instead and spread it on the dining table.

“Hey, that’s a good picture. The newsletter these days comes in color.”

Charlotte also rose from her chair and looked down at the newsletter.

On the first page, a large portrait of Dorothea was printed. He is sitting on a rooftop with a long hall, wearing a thick cape and a storage. Thanks to the newly introduced three-color printing press, the red eyes and golden dress colors were clearly visible.

Although it was not as noticeable as Albert, it was rather advantageous for the public to be fed up with the dark army. He looked calm and intelligent. It was buried in clothes and there were no signs of dwarfism.

No one would think that Emperor Shin was a girl with a cough in her bedroom.

Charlotte said in relief.

“The coronation must be starting by now. Next is the celebration all day long.”

I wonder if Ruslan is also present.

He was the step-orabi of Emperor Xin and the leading figure in the design of the coup d’état and the throne of his sister. He has established himself as an important figure that cannot be left in the imperial court.Just in time, I heard that Ippenia’s approval for autonomous independence was on the official issue of discussion. Descendants of the North began preparations for relocation under leadership control. Ruslan’s position was expected to become more solid as a coordinator for bilateral relations.

It was good to see him proudly take a seat in the middle of the crystal hole. I’m sure I’ll be blind in my new robes.


Charlotte looked down with her lips pulled.

Angela, who was looking at the expression, spat out.

“Why, are you so desperate to think of someone who hasn’t contacted you? Are you going to chase me up to meet you right now?”

“I didn’t say anything like that!”

“What? It’s written all over your face. I think it’s been a day or two since I’ve been in charge of my doctor’s emotional anxiety.”

Charlotte was shaking and couldn’t say anything. I couldn’t possibly deny it.

Angela started cleaning up her share of the tableware.

“Count how many times you’ve stomped every time Jeon Seo-gu is a little late. I’m going to be busy at the coronation, but I’ve been out of touch for weeks.”

“I know, I know……. I know!”

“As it says, a post office or something needs to be established quickly. Whether I’m a family doctor or a love counselor.”

Charlotte grated only a teaspoonful of teacups. Nadia asked while carefully reading the neglected newsletter.

“Oh, here’s the new reform commitment. Lady, what is the postal service?”

“They say it’s a state project to post letters by human mail. Well-trained Jeonseo-gu is monopolized by aristocrats and government offices, so it’s easy to change letters while reorganizing administrative divisions.….”

In fact, Charlotte is also complicated, so I don’t know much. I just remember at first glance what Ruslan explained before.

What did he say? In order to bridge the gap between the system and the provinces, communication across the continent should be smooth.

He said a number of other measures were being discussed. The roads are being maintained properly.Rather than making transportation with gas technology, designating the forest people’s residence as a special zone and conducting demonstration autonomy.

But Charlotte only understood the outline. It was better to read his elegant penmanship or letter-shaped habits than the contents of the letter itself.

Her organs end up hurting people. It is a useless feat in a peaceful country of peace. Therefore, I am drinking tea in my hometown until the day of the coronation.

Charlotte finally emptied the teacup. I put it down and stood up.

“Nadia, let’s get out of here.”

“Are you going to watch the festival?”

‘No, I need to check how long the construction of my house has been.’

I was going to dress up and go out, and Angela followed me out. Charlotte asked because it was unexpected that she had been diligent since morning.

“Do you want to come with me?”

“Of course, I can’t help but refuse the wine that the Emperor releases with his balls.”

“Don’t be silly. Just take it easy. I’ll lock the official residence when I get drunk.”

Angela stuck out her tongue and swirled towards the square. Charlotte smiled and headed to the other side. Nadia, who followed, spread the mass production and tilted.

“The spring sun is quite strong.”

“I know. It’s a lovely day that the sky is blue.”

It would be nice if the weather was this sunny in the system.

Charlotte walked along the streets of town. The five-color feasts of ribbons and colored paper were captured in turn by the flag and flower crown decorations hanging from each house. The children, who were going back to the square, found her and shouted.

Viscount Moden!

“Hi, Viscount!”

“Don’t run—you’ll fall!”The children waved their hands and then moved away. Charlotte grumbled with embarrassment at the Amen title.

“I don’t remember being sewn up here. Why is everyone calling me Viscount?”

“However, you’re supposed to have gotten it.”

Nadia said tenderly. Charlotte sighed.

“Well, I feel like I stole the place of the dead. Not too long ago, even the warden said he thought I was a new bastard. I can’t control who misunderstood the first time.”

But it’s not unreasonable to be mistaken.

A woman who walks around town one day staying in an official residence. In addition, he is putting up a new house on the site of his former home. The town chief was polite, so it was understandable that he was a newly built Viscount.

Just before going down to farmland, I encountered the town chief who was patrolling the area. Usually, in this neighborhood, half of the faces you know meet in just one lap. I asked while I was at it.

“Did anything fly from the West?”

“Not today. It’s coronation day.”

The town chief laughed and went over there.

Charlotte smiled bitterly. I went straight down the farm road. I walked a long way to the home of my own writer.

The construction site was staked with a rope. There was no one at the scene today. The artisans are also taking a rest to celebrate the rental.

At first, I used to come and watch every day. Then, when the client was told that it was not good for the efficiency of the workers even if they were snooping around too much, they came to see it from time to time.

You may look around as much as you like today.

“You’ve already raised this much. But it’s become quite a home.”

Charlotte looked up at the brick wall and admired. The roof is also a gray trapezoid she remembers.

Nadia asked, squinting her sun-shattered eyes.

“Can’t we get inside?”

“I don’t think there’s anything yet. It’s just the surface.”

Charlotte estimated the chimney location. At this rate, no doubt the location she remembered will be the parlor. The only aristocratic part of a mansion close to a rural landlord’s home, a room with a large fireplace.

The topaz decoration, which had been a family heirloom, was regrettable again. But it was a long way from finding out what had evaporated as it went extinct.

It wasn’t even a precious gem. The size is small and the work is old. When I was young, I was soaked in strange fantasies and looked up for a long time, but now I’m an adult, you’ll think I’ve cherished the jewels that are commonplace.

I said something else to win my heart.

“Maybe next week, we’ll have wallpaper and flooring. It’s a matter of how much money you spend.”

Charlotte just turned around.

I walked for a while and told Nadia.

“Why don’t you go into town first? I want to walk alone for a while.”

Nadia tried to hand over the parasols. Charlotte refused by shaking hands.

“It’s okay because I’m wearing a hat. Nadia, hold it up and go.”

At this time, Nadia’s advantage is that the conversation does not get longer.

Charlotte, who was left alone, watched the new house in the distant light.

Is he willing to restore his home and live there?

Do they want to sit down in a modem and live in hiding?

It won’t be like that. She just wanted the house back. No matter what you do with your dead life, even if you use magic, you can’t undo it.

Even the scars did not miraculously disappear just because he had completed his revenge.

Charlotte still had a brain prison dream once in a while ago. In her dreams, she curled up in the old cold, dark cave, begging to get out. Then suddenly I woke up thinking, “No, I’ve already been out before.”There were times when Moden’s friends appeared. Then she played with them as a child, and was relieved that the unfortunate breakup was a lie. Or they’d egg them in anger at the fact that they were still alive.

Oddly enough, Albert has never appeared.

He died here, so it’s no wonder he turned into a ghost and knocked on the window. Oddly enough, there was no sign of anything. If he came, he would have beaten him to death.

A mind once imbued with hatred never goes back to its original state. I don’t even know how long it will take for this water to drain.


“The world has changed.’

Charlotte heard the instruments of the festival far away. A confetti flew all the way here in the wind and placed on the palm like a petal.

The land I once wanted to run out of. A model that seems to last forever after a hundred years like this way. Even though her whole body has changed, wheat and barley remain here.

These earths are now celebrating the new emperor’s lease. In a few years, there will be a postal service in the villages.

Charlotte watched such a home with a calm mind.

The family, friends and lovers she once had are etched in her soul with indelible marks.

But Charlotte changed the world. I’ve also changed my self. Not only the body but also the mind has completely changed. It’s blowing in a new direction.

I want to live.

Yeah, let’s go up to the system when the restoration is complete. Let’s meet Ruslan and confess to him.

A man of no use but to harm himself. I’m gonna have to find out what I’m gonna do, but at least I want to be with Ruslan for the rest of my life. I think it would be okay to be a maid if I could…….

“……You’ll call me after the ceremony, won’t you?”

Mumbled in a sullen mood.

I wonder if it was on her side who was really anxious after yelling for time.

In fact, Ruslan has been impatient in the past few months. Not only did he send Jeon Seo-gu all the time, but he also suddenly appeared at the official residence in the middle of the night. There were a couple of times when I stormed into the room like a storm, complained of thirst all over my body, and went back around lunch the next day.

I didn’t even know how it was so windy. Charlotte couldn’t stop being a good talker. I’m confident that I’ll be faster than a horse if I decide to run, but I couldn’t leave the modem in a hurry to watch the construction.

It’s been three weeks since we lost contact.

It’s three weeks, and if you spend a few more days, it’s a full month.

“Well, you’re becoming Emperor Shin’s brother. You may not be able to get out of the celebration, surrounded by women.”

The habit of wanting to build a shield of mind muttered what he performed. I kicked a pebble that touched the foot.

Still, some people seem to look at themselves and whisper that they are a government hidden by the aristocrats.

It was a car that was left alone because it wasn’t even wrong. She was well aware of her period, which would be troublesome if she defied the native public sentiment in a small town.


I bit my lips.

As expected, I miss him. I’m dying to see you.

I couldn’t stand it because my mind was boiling. The moment I raised my head to scream at the field.


the passing moment

There’s an echo in my ear.….

It’s a festival day. Are you out there alone?

Strange, Ruslan’s prelude can’t be heard right now. It was when she took off the hand she had put on her earring and looked around.The carriage got this close before I knew it. The body of the car, which had been speeding up, suddenly stopped and the man got off. I called her with vivid voice, not magic.


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