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Chapter 255


Charlotte shouted his name reflexively.

I was puzzled, my surprised body stiffened for a moment. As if the presence of a man cast a spell on her.

No, it’s not that it’s not, but it’s really a fantasy. There was a lot of haze on the farm road in spring. There was a possibility that her anxious heart had finally created a mirage.

Ruslan smiled pleased with her response.

“I thought you were caught alone outside Dong-gu. I can see from your reaction that the startling operation worked.”

“How… .. no, more than that, it’s definitely a coronation today’s coronation.

“I’m out.”

Ruslan responded nonchalantly.

“It’s like Paracho. I can’t believe my sister visited my lover on the day she ascended the throne. It’ll probably be a long story at the palace.”

“Again, another bad move with a good brain!”

But Charlotte couldn’t bring herself to scold him. With a burst of laughter, the stopped bridge was barely released. I ran with joy.

A moment ago, my heart was broken and disappointed, but it was completely. She ran into Ruslan’s arms and circled several times. It was not until the laughter died down that I barely looked up.

Although he said he had missed the coronation, Ruslan in front of him was dressed as if he had escaped on the way.

The hair and eyes were re-painted with magic. For him, the magic was his biological mother’s keepsake and his relationship with the wool. Because I combed my hair so that my forehead was exposed, I suddenly seemed to have matured.

“Yes, Count. Would you please stop being honest with me? What kind of strategy did you use to show up for the coronation this time?”

Ruslan didn’t put down his hand on Charlotte’s cheek. His mouth reminded me of a smile when he drove a man into a trap.

“My lady asks, and I’ll answer. As a matter of fact, it’s simple. It’s time to get out of here and buy yourself a decent body.”


“If I took a seat in the Crystal Hall, I would be considered a brother in command of a newly-adulted emperor. It should not be seen as a sequel to behind-the-scenes politics from the day of coronation.”

He moved a little bit from where he was standing. It was because I was worried that melted mud would splatter on Charlotte’s skirt in spring weather.

“There are plenty of people in the court who want to keep me in check. Ippenny, the cuckoo turned on her eyes because she was afraid she’d charge her sister. While Parakho is at it, he needs to take a step back from central politics. A few days ago, I officially resigned from the National Petition Office.”

“Huh? If that happens.”

“The truth is, I’m not even a count anymore.”

Charlotte found it difficult to understand the words quickly. Instead of fretting over curiosity, Ruslan quickly delivered the message.

“It was newly sewed before I came here.”

He slightly rolled up the hem of his cape. With one hand on his chest, he took a greeting position. He recited the introduction as if he were greeting his superiors.

“Let’s say hello. My name is Ruslan, Grand Duke of von Keitel.”

“Luslan… the Grand Duke.”

“Because Dora, the heir, ascended the throne. I’m the only one left to inherit the wool. I’ve come to the conclusion that this position is appropriate for the sake of mediation with Ipeniya.”

Ruslan stood up straight with a hint of how it was.

Charlotte briefly wondered how to react.

Obviously it was a celebration, but it wasn’t surprising enough. The speculation that one day it might happen was just a reality.So she clapped her hands for now.

“That’s great. Congratulations. The late Grand Duke must be pleased.”

“That’s it?”

Ruslan suddenly looked visibly disappointed. Charlotte was puzzled.

“What more are you saying here?”

“No, wait.”

Oddly enough, her reaction was getting Ruslan into trouble. He was speechless for a moment, and rubbed his forehead slightly, which he would have combed hard.

“You’re a real, unexpected, high-level…….”


“My lord, I have an obligation to take care of the northern lands from now on. You still don’t understand what that means?”

Ruslan turned his oblique gaze this way. His face was a little too red for the spring sun.

Only then did Charlotte suddenly realize what he meant.

The next moment, I was so surprised that I wanted to jump. I couldn’t answer quickly because my thoughts were tangled, and I looked puzzled.

Recognizing it, Ruslan again fixed his face resolutely. With one hand behind one hand, the other hand drew an elegant semicircle from the front.

“Why don’t you come with me?”

With Ruslan.

To the north.

Many guesses came to Charlotte’s mind at once. Ruslan took a smaller box than the palm of his hand out of his pocket, as if to wedge her into such a thing.

“Actually, I wanted to come down and tell you. I was going to give it to you as a present, but I dragged it to the day of the coronation.”

“Gift? I’ve still received more than a garage. You don’t have to do anything for me.….”

The moment the ham opened in his hand, Charlotte lost her words.

The thing inside gave off a yellow glow.

It was neither a necklace nor an earring nor a ring. It looks similar to a brooch but slightly different.

The plated border was stained with dirt. There was a grass trail to attach somewhere in the back. Topaz in the middle is trimmed with old workmanship.

Charlotte was recognizable at a glance.

The old Viscount Moden’s family heirloom, the only pride of the mansion, was the mantelpiece decoration.


How does this man always perform more tricks than magic?

Charlotte was choked up.

Was it in a letter or sometimes when I saw your face. I think I was sorry to hear this guy say that. However, it was an item that I gave up early on because I thought it was a needle hunt in the sand.

Ruslan smiled lightly.

“It wasn’t that hard to get through.”

It was good until someone sneaked it off. However, no one is willing to buy treasures from an extinct family and sell them at a high price. The work was too old to be done by removing only the jewels, so it was not worth much.

Eventually, he became a pain in the neck and went around the jewelry store. It hasn’t been long enough to forget the story of the wicked woman Charlotte, so she couldn’t dare to turn it into a wrong source. Ruslan explained that he found himself asleep in the safe of a Bangmulman.

“He was so happy to buy it. It’s like you’ve done a great job.”

Charlotte bowed her head and looked only at Topaz while listening to the explanation. Ruslan examined her complexion.

“What have you done?”

Charlotte shook her head vigorously. I realized that facing unaffordable gratitude would rather hurt my feelings.

“Why do you have to……always, like I’m the only one who gets…….”

“You helped raise Dora to the throne and saved my life.”

Ruslan said as if he was saying anything.After a short pause, he finally threw up.

“And…… it’s a little far from the usual gift of marriage, but I don’t think there’s anything more valuable to you.”

Charlotte looked up.

What he said and the jewel in his hand were linked together. And the most cautious of all the assumptions she had come up with, the word “proposal”.

A lot of emotions were mixed up. The tone of the tone was lost in height.



“Just the two of us.


“Until when?”

Charlotte was sorry to spit it out. What the hell are you talking about? This is a completely different matter from a contract lover!

Ruslan also became stiff after revealing the truth. He took the slip of the tongue at face value and answered seriously.

“Unless you are immortal, until you are old.”

Ruslan was now a face that could not be glossed over by the spring sun.

Charlotte breathed in black. I couldn’t help it because I was overwhelmed. Jumped into his arms.

“Did you think you’d say no?”


“I’ll do it, I’ll do it, I’ll do it! Until I die of old age!”

With him, we can go to the other side of the sea, not the north!

Only then did Ruslan lighten up and burst into laughter. He hugged Charlotte with his arms wide open. While hugging and twirling for a long time, Semyon, who was sitting next to the coachman, pounded on the body of the car. Only then did the two scurried onto the wagon.

The door closed and the carriage started. Charlotte looked at Ruslan, clasping her topaz decoration. Ruslan couldn’t take his eyes off Charlotte either.

Come to think of it, I forgot one thing.

The procedure that couples usually do when they reunite.

I don’t know who was first. At the moment I realized, my lips were already in contact. He opened his mouth because he could not be satisfied with the appearance of his body alone. The soul and soul were sucked in as deeply as they met.

The wagon entered the town. Then they entered the scene, where confetti and ribbons were scattered, into the midst of the celebratory festival, dancing with eternal oaths.

* * *

“Ruslan, you must be flirting with the juju by now…….”

Emperor Dorothea gritted his teeth and repeated his brother’s name.

The coronation ceremony on the previous day ended safely. Today is the first Cabinet meeting. It is safe to call it the first step as an emperor.

Since the death of the convention, he has acted as a de facto monarch. However, the burden of having formal status has not been easily removed.

And you have to grow up including storage on the first day. I was like this, but my brother sneaked away from my lover. I wanted to blame it for nothing.

Linde, who was checking his attire, murmured.

“You’re not the only one who’s ever made it. A maid can’t believe she’s a great queen at once. Your Highness must be very tight!”

“And Linde was a maid.You’ve been cramming for the Emperor’s maid. Just pull your hair up. It’s uncomfortable when it touches your neck.”

I finished my hair and used storage. It was heavy, it felt like the weight of this seat.

Jofi, who had been sneaking around the inner room, spoke to him.

“Well, it’s my first time, so I’ll let it slide. It’s a good idea to just turn it over.”

“New Army Marshal. You don’t have to worry.”

Dorothea stood up from her seat. Smiling.

“I was prepared, so you don’t have to comfort me.”

They moved to the conference room. In the last New Year, reorganized middle class members sat in their seats. Dorothea pulled her cape and sat on the roof.

The agenda for the wider country was mountainous. But she’s already decided what to do for the first time.When the crowd was cleared up, the rhyme was broken.

“Dorothea. He was crowned emperor last day.”

“I congratulate you on your ascension.”

“You know where Jim came from, and you’re sitting here. Jim was the red daughter of Grand Duke Anelis of Bondi Licht.”

It became as quiet as if it were holding my breath. Some even guessed at the heart of the new emperor. Since he is also an emperor from Banggye, does he want to start with the extra work?

But Dorothea brought up something completely different.

“Therefore, let us know that the speculation that the Emperor Albert had ordered my mother’s sudden death came and went in secretively.”

From now on, what you say will go down in history as a profession. I chose my words carefully.

“Albert was clever and talented, but he didn’t get rid of his brother’s habit. His doubts threw the country into great confusion, and Jim rose to this occasion by urging Shenyang to do so.”

Dorothea went on without a hitch.

“He decided that he would be wary of the evils of the earlier era as a bad example. I’d like to start by correcting his past.”

Then the Privy Council Chairman asked.

“What would you like to correct first?”

“Put them in chronological order.”

Dorothea let out the documents she had prepared. It was a record of Batilde’s request for divorce.

“Not long after Albert was crowned, there was a case of punishment. It was the case in which Batilde, the former Empress and current Duke of Lois, was involved as a victim. However, the victim also questioned the authenticity of the case because of poor physical evidence. Jim wants to reconsider this case.”


Dorothea breathed in for a while. And I turned back the two who put her here. Among them, a soul hidden in one body.

A woman who was burning with evil and righteousness in her hands.

May there be only happiness in her new life.

“There is insufficient evidence. Jim will acquit Charlotte Moden.”

Emperor Dorothea finally declared.

“In addition, I admit that the bondage on her was unjust. Jim will reinstate Charlotte Moden as a meritorious subject, destroying her record of being an evil woman. This is the first step in reign.”


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