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Chapter 242

Charlotte was equally aware of the upset. Ruslan pulled her cape completely and covered her tightly.

The way he looked at the direction of the person’s presence became increasingly fierce. He raised his hand and shouted, trying to catch off guard with magic.

“Come out.”

Charlotte hung on Ruslan’s chest and heard his heart beat. It was beating a little bit faster. He raised his voice a little bit more.

“There’s no benefit to hiding in this situation. This side won’t attack first. I want you to identify yourself!”

“Ruslan, that’s probably…….”

First, it was when Charlotte, who noticed the identity of the other person, opened her mouth.

There was a squeaky door over there as if to respond to a cry. The person who came out turned out around the corner.

It was Helga.

Charlotte felt it was a surprise. She didn’t go after herself on the run. Then I was concluding that he probably went to report to Albert. She was heading to the palace and witnessed a sudden change, and thought she might be deciding on her own course of action.

But she was still in the Imperial Palace.

Short hair is disheveled. The sword is stained with blood. The cape, worn only by the Knights Commander, was as ragged as someone had ripped it off.”Did you fight?”

In a small clue, Charlotte got the picture.

There’s not much presence to wreck an article. Unless it’s a special case like Charlotte, the opponent usually narrows down to the same class.

“No way, knights are stabbing each other.”

There was something internal strife in there.

Ruslan seems to have been facing speculation in the same direction.

“You’re the new Knights Commander. Did you commit the murder of a colleague?”

He also figured out why Helga was here in advance. Just in case she hurt Charlotte, she stepped back slightly.

Slowly pulled out the cane from the saddle. It is not an object that can compete with the sword of the knight, but it is better than nothing.

Helga scuttled out against the outer wall. It was a walk that was about to collapse. I heard a murmur without a high note.

“I didn’t kill him. To kill… …”

“Well, then you hurt him. Maybe that’s the chivalry you abide by.”

Helga paused at Ruslan’s words. Slowly, I lifted my face and looked this way.

Charlotte, who made eye contact with her, strained her whole body. Although in Ruslan’s arms, I don’t want to hide behind him. I lost focus and had a snowball fight with empty eyes for a while.

Charlotte finally opened her mouth to her.

“Are you blaming me? Is it my fault that you stabbed your colleague?”

Helga said something because only her lips moved. What it conveys was not heard by Charlotte.

Helga, however, leaned on the outer wall. I didn’t miss the sword, but I seemed to be running out of strength.

At first, Charlotte wondered if it was because of the stab wound. Soon after, I realized that speculation was wrong.

The cape tilted down. The uniform supported by the inside was revealed. The area from the waist to the pelvis was covered with blood. It was an injury that could not be compared to stabbing with a broken stand.

Charlotte was flabbergasted. Unknowingly, I fell out of Ruslan’s arms.


“Don’t come near me.”

Ruslan grabbed her as she casually tried to run away. He said as he stepped forward.

“It’s a good thing you still have a vivid habit, but I’d rather be in it now.”

Ruslan opened the lid of his cane and aimed the hidden blade at it. Before I knew it, I cried out to Helga, who slipped and collapsed.

“Throw your weapon over here. Then I’ll take care of your injuries. I could call someone.”

Hearing that, Helga opened her eyes wide. Clasping the sword, he touched the outer wall, clenched his teeth and raised his leg. A half-split scream leaked from her.

It was visible to Charlotte as well. She is somehow trying to recover from her aura breathing.

But the wound was so deep that it didn’t heal no matter how much it activated the body. It was an injury that was difficult to recover in the first place unless it was the level of Jonathan in his heyday.

Helga exhaled and muttered, “Whoa, hoo!”

“The words of a traitor against the imperial family…….”

“Albert is already a scoundrel. It may still be the emperor, but the deposition is already a foregone conclusion.”

“Dak, strike. Manguk, Ipheniah, Handman……!”

She tried to pick up the sword and get back on track. It was a tall order. The wound burst from Charlotte’s arm and was stained with blood.

The murmur continued again.

“I’m here, under the imperial command…If the Emperor was wrong, I would, now, what……. What am I supposed to do? What am I supposed to do? What am I supposed to do……!”

“I told you before. I want you to stop talking to Albert!”

Charlotte exclaimed in spite of being unknowingly bloated.

If he hadn’t pushed Helga down that day, he wouldn’t have been here today. I took off with a feeble sense of responsibility for him. Trying to stop Ruslan, rather, attracted him.Ruslan seemed to be agonizing for a moment, but it was not long before Charlotte’s will.

Together they approached Helga. Ruslan twisted Helga’s hand and stole the sword. She was already running out of steam that much. Charlotte took off her ragged cape and began to patch up the wound.

“The curse must be on this cape. Tell them to reform the Knights from the next generation.”

Charlotte chewed it out however she wanted. The white dress was marked with brown dots. It was not a waste because it was a gift from Albert.

Ruslan was looking inside the building with a broken window. He retorted what Charlotte said.

“It’s a suggestion, but I’ll have to call someone in first. I think the damage to the person who was dealing with the interest is also significant.”

“What a tearful chivalry. Sir Helga, are you okay? Don’t you feel dizzy?”

Helga glared at Charlotte.

“Hypocrite. Pretending to be nice with a man behind you…”….”

“You’re under a lot of illusion. If you don’t like it, you can die.”

Charlotte pressed the wound with malice. The blood gradually stopped as a bundle of cloth blocked the open skin. Helga began to lose her breath.

“Okay? I’ll have to take this opportunity to get rid of your life debt so I can be comfortable behind you. Why would I miss a golden opportunity to shut up a knight rushing into a grudge?”

“Oh, uh, crane……!”

Helga twisted her body into a dying face. I was almost exhausted in more pain than a wound and drooped.

It wasn’t until then that Charlotte stood up after a violent tourniquet.

Ruslan quickly climbed over the window and into the room. He dragged his fallen knight up the armpit. Charlotte, who was looking into the figure, asked.

“How about you?”

“Similar, this wound is a little small.”

However, he could not cross the window with a unconscious person. Ruslan laid the knight straight on the bed for now. Put your hands under your nose to check your breathing.

“With the knights fighting, Albert is definitely done. I came out on the way looking for you, but maybe by now he’s guilty of everything–.”

Trying to carry on, he suddenly heard some distant noise. There was a momentary sense of uneasiness and pausing. Before I could say what was in my mouth, I glanced around the window.

Charlotte, who was waiting outside the window, also read his face. At the same time, she even recognized the source of the sound. That was when I turned my head away to check visually.

My hands.

The moment I thought I was in sight.

She was snatched away. My body floated as the veil was pulled.

I didn’t even have time to scream. She stretched out her arms just with an instinct not to wallow in the air. I felt something and swallowed my breath as soon as I tried to point it out somewhere.

It was a sickeningly familiar place.

Gasped up his face. I encountered a sparkly golden brown eye. Albert distorted his mouth and vomited his anger.

“You’re talking to him now?”

Charlotte had stiffened her lips as soon as she saw him. Only then did he realize what he had become.

Horse. I was caught on a horse. I don’t know what happened over there, but Albert escaped from the palace. Then, like any other Pilbu, he mounted a horse – and crossed the Imperial Palace through an arch tunnel!

But this despair turned into resistance instead of lethargy. Charlotte wobbled her body, screaming many times.

“This, get off!”

“Stay still, you’re possessed by a young man’s magic!”

Albert hugged Charlotte, who was about to jump off, and overpowered her. Even Helga, who was sitting on the wall, stood up embarrassed.”Your Majesty!”

“Get out of the way, you stuttering!”

He stepped up without hesitation. Helga on the horseshoe rolled on the floor screaming through.

My ribs hurt as if they were broken. It wasn’t strange if the wound exploded around the waist and died. The thought of being safe thanks to the tight tie made my hair stand out. Coughing, she managed to get her upper body up.

The emperor’s horse is already crossing the bridge. Another sight came into Helga’s sight as he stared from behind.

Ruslan skipped the window and literally got into the saddle. As soon as he grabbed the reins, he looked back at Helga. I shouted urgently.

“Which direction?”


“You are a knight! If the aura wasn’t blocked, we could hear which direction he was running! Don’t tell me you’ll still be loyal when you’re at that point?!”

Helga swallowed her breath. My eyes trembled. She didn’t even have a clue how things got so twisted.

At first, I just hated the blonde girl who messed up my life a little. However, the situation has grown out of control. Already beyond Helga’s comprehension.

Now there’s not much left to do with her will.

I’m just answering the question that man asked me.

The girl, who doesn’t know if it’s Juju or Lotte, owes her life. On the other hand, the emperor kicked her mercilessly with his hoof.

‘Loyalty, all a piece of paper…….’

The face of a colleague who couldn’t overcome the dissonance of reality and attacked passed by.

Helga’s shortness of breath gradually changed. Aura’s breathing was weak due to lack of energy.

When asked if I was confident, I honestly didn’t. Because her seniority and skills were originally less prominent than others.

But she was a knight anyway. I had a lot of trouble coming up here. For saving that life, I hated the man who made it worse. From relying on the person who fueled the heart, I didn’t know what chivalry was.

But at this moment.

Helga finally chose. Where the chivalry is headed.

His ears brightened with maximum concentration of aura. The sound of the horseshoe of the person responsible for kidnapping the girl was dimly captured. There couldn’t have been two horses in the system so violently.

“Beyond the chattels…… southeast.”

A conclusion has been reached. Helga squeezed out a sore stomach and shouted.

“I’m sure he’s already out of the Imperial Palace. I’m about to go straight to the gate!”

Ruslan left his head and swung the reins.

I had to hurry as much as I was behind. His horse ran like a flying bridge. Instead of going through the walking trail, he went straight through the grass.

It wasn’t hard. He learned the basics of horseback riding in a castle that was originally buried in the mountains. Artificial chattels used to be grasses on flat land or everything. The only challenge was the fact that the excited beast had to keep his cool as a rider for fear of losing his pace.

After passing the farm, I went through the back road that I had cleaned greatly. The rear gate of the Imperial Palace appeared. Outside the fence, a waterway leading to an artificial garden was dug as a moat. When I jumped over there at once, passed through the green area, and reached the street, I saw the back of the problem.


A random shout reached the person concerned. Pressed by the speed of the horse, Charlotte flinched and struggled. Even if there was a grudge of falling and rolling, I wanted to escape from this arms.

“Al, Bert……!”

“Where are you going? Hold on tight!”

Albert quickly scanned Charlotte in his arms for confirmation. The pearl tube is still well fixed. The neck is clean except for the marks he left behind. It’s a bit of a satisfying part of some kind of reality, so he stopped laughing his head off.”I told you, I’ll give you a pearl tube. You are my wife and empress! You are mine, even if your ugly children humiliate the imperial palace. “Lotte, let’s go back to the beginning and start over!”

“Did you turn?”

Suddenly, a strong shock came to her, who was shouting. I lost my breath momentarily when I was stabbed in the danjeon. It was not long before my whole body twitched.

I managed to look back.

In the distance, Ruslan was seen. I tried to stretch my arm towards it.

“Ruth, the…”.”

My vision suddenly went out.

Albert lost his mind and ran on the horse, hugging the drooping Charlotte. He had nothing to do with his mind, but there were frequent passers-by on the streets.

Citizens were also affected by the chaos of the Imperial Palace. It’s a situation where everything is running around. I screamed because it was so annoying.

“The Emperor and the Empress! Why don’t you get out of the way?”

As he was skipping the cart, he burst into a sudden shriek.

The back of the shoulder seemed to be burning. I turned my head in the direction of the pain and made eye contact with a hateful man.

“Mangguk, Bell, Ja, Baby……!”

Fake red eyes are glaring at them with burning eyes. He had a crossbow in his hand before heist in his hand.

But Albert was not defeated here. The reins in his hand pressed the horse even harder. It was not long before the chaos of the city was taken advantage of.

Liriya, who had been running after hearing the prelude, clicked her tongue when she saw it.

“It’s a pain in the ass that the citizens have opened the gates that have been sealed off. What happened? Wasn’t everything going well?”

“……it’s because no one knew he had the power to run for himself.”

Ruslan returned the crossbow to Liriya, which he had taken recklessly. The gaze was still attached to the direction in which the emperor had disappeared.

“Let Koreans know. I’m sorry I’m in the backwater tonight.”

“Earl, you’re a horse, too. Don’t tell me you’re going after me.

If the emperor runs away from the system, it is not a matter to be solved simply by tracking. It is likely that he will try to rally local forces and troops who do not yet know the circumstances. It was clear that he would come back to Seoul and retake the throne, so it was better to prepare thoroughly and capture him alive.

But Ruslan shook his head. He borrowed a water bottle from another compatriot.

“He’s headed southeast. Then there’s only one land for the son of a bitch to fall back on right now.”

Land that he has also visited. Just where the bad relationship with her life started.

“I’ll go after the Emperor. Please say a word to your sister. I’ll go to the modem first.”

To put an end to all grudges, he couldn’t help but go.

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