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Chapter 243

Act 20 – The Loyalty of the Evil Woman

Charlotte is back to her Booth spirit. As soon as I realized I was awake, I opened my eyes and looked around.

My son-in-law was dark. There was a strangely stale smell. Something is rustling underneath the body.

Originally born and raised in the countryside, she quickly found out. She was lying on a pile of hay that had been cut and dried.

The eyes accustomed to the darkness slowly recognized the surrounding scenery.

It’s a typical self-employed barn. I have no idea where the continent is.

The low temperature of the winter night penetrated the veil and touched the cheek. The dress was thin, but it wasn’t unexpectedly cold. It was only then that I realized Albert’s coat was covered, and I was horrified.

“Oh, no. I wake up in the middle of the night.”

Albert said.

He was standing by the entrance in his underwear. I didn’t look around this way. You may have noticed waking up to the sound of hay rustling.Charlotte tried to shout something at him, but hesitated for a moment, dry-mouthed. In the meantime, strangers came to the entrance.

They are probably a couple. It was a middle-aged peasant common everywhere. The husband handed Albert a tray of food, his wife a lamp and a finely folded blanket. Then he spoke in a visibly groveling manner.

“I don’t know if the noble will like it, but please eat with this.”

“The candle has extra pieces on the shelf. Take it out and use it if you need it.”

Albert picked up the object naturally, and answered in a smooth low voice.

“It’s beautiful and I appreciate it. Although I am penniless now that I am on the run with my bride, I will surely repay your good deeds in the future. Please don’t forget this face until then.”

“No, it’s not! It’s too much for one barn.”

The couple quickly declined and backed down.

“Just by looking at your face, I can see that you are not the one who will avenge your kindness. I don’t know which family you belong to, but I hope things work out, uh…….”

“It’s not like there are no parents in the world who beat their children. Take care of your new bride.”

The couple finished greeting and turned around. Albert was smiling until they disappeared. Finally, when he couldn’t even hear the footsteps, he turned away expressionless.

“It’s just water. I thought you’d take out the wine you’

He nonchalantly laid out his reputation and lowered the tray at the foot. Next to the haystack where Charlotte was laid, she sat down with a blanket as a cushion.

He took the cup first and took it to Charlotte’s mouth.

“Drink it, Lotte. You must have been dry sleeping the whole time.”

Charlotte wanted to smack the man in front of her. But it’s true that he’s dry-mouthed, and in this situation, he doesn’t know what retaliation Albert would inflict if he did it. I drank it calmly.

My mouth, which had been clean, has been loosened up. Only then did the voice come out fully.

“……Where am I?”

“You know that place. Why, don’t you remember?”

Albert gave his name.

As he said, Charlotte knew the place. One of several towns on the way up the island from Moden. Specifically, it was a route slightly away from the central road.

Then Albert would have run his horse nonstop from the islands. The horse was sleeping in the corner of the barn, exhausted.

It’s definitely past midnight.

I measured the time of the star, which is slightly visible in the high window. I can’t believe I lost my mind on a horse for so long. I think there was a moment on the way when I came back to my senses and turned off again, and Albert probably took action.

It’s like being kidnapped completely. The lamp shook.

“Maybe there was a place near here where the cart chrysanthemum grew. We stopped by for a carriage trip when we came to Seoul. You ran around there for a long time, and I…….”

Charlotte reached for the tray, ignoring Albert’s memories. Anyway, starving is not good for everything. A piece of bread the size of the palm of the hand, topped with salted meat, was chewed up and swallowed without saying a word.

The bread was white and soft because it was baked with fine flour. Meat is meat even though it’s been a long time. It’s something that small farming families have thought about and served.

Albert grinned as he watched her eat away in an instant.

“You eat well. It’s better than insisting on not eating.”

“Your Majesty Albert, do you have any thoughts?”

“I can’t eat it because of the dead seed. If you’d give me wine, I’d eat it for the taste.”

Only then did Charlotte take a close look at Albert. I turned a blind eye to him because I didn’t want to look straight, but I belatedly noticed what had happened to him.Cotton cloth is wrapped around the shoulders seen between the collars. It was dyed red. I noticed signs of being shot by an arrow in a blood.

Come to think of it, his face is paler than ever in the light of the lamp. Albert was in a cold sweat even though it was winter. He picked a small breath and spat it out to Charlotte.

“See? The guy who’s after you has finally damaged the roof. Is there anything you want to say about this?”

“What do I know? Who here told you to become emperor and kick him out of the palace stupidly.

Charlotte exhaled coldly and breathed in. This is because Albert pulled his arm and let it go. The slender body was rebounded and collapsed on a pile of hay.

“You don’t talk nicely. Be obedient if you got the pearl crown. Do you think I’m a great man who can’t stand a chance here just because I’m hurt?”

Charlotte looked up at him and laughed. Even at this point, he seemed to be pitiful. He raised his voice because there was no reason to be cautious, just like in the day care center of the Imperial Palace.

“If you’re going to try it, try. You want to be king of barns?”

“I don’t even know what the devil is doing. Just because you took your eyes off him for a second, run to his arms. Where the hell did you get into that habit? Is it very automatic because you’re so attached to it?”

Albert chewed it out. Then again, as if he had found the answer to something rationalization, his face became a little brighter.

“Oh, yeah. That body must be the problem.”

Albert put his hand under the veil and snapped at Charlotte’s chin. He pulled his face close to Juju’s and stared at it.

Charlotte slapped him on the wrist thinking he might get a kiss.

“Let me go, my body is fine!”

“No, the body is the problem.”

Albert seemed to have come to a conclusion. With his hands in the air, he wrapped his shoulders around the arrow. Shaped lips twisted badly to overcome the burning pain.

“I see, he’s got the maid tamed to the bone. That’s why you have to react, right? Lotte, please say yes. Didn’t I give you this far…I didn’t bring you out of this mess because I couldn’t lose you!”

Words poured out that I didn’t know if it was begging or forcing. Charlotte shrugged her shoulders with a defensive instinct. And I thought for a second.

Albert is now perfectly alone. Not even a servant. Judging from the conversation he had with the couple earlier, he appears to have disguised himself as a nobleman who is on the run of love. The dress that Charlotte is wearing now would have been a good excuse.

I can easily guess the condition of my body by looking at the way I speak. Albert is unknowingly out of physical strength. Of course, mentally, I’m not in such a state of course.

I think we can sneak away if we aim for a good chance.

I shook my head in my mind while imagining it.

Since the mucus has not been released, there is a limit to running and running away. Albert has a horse.

But trying to steal a horse and run away, it was obvious that it would not be handled properly. That horse’s physique and stirrup are both fit for Albert’s tall height and long legs.

You said you were penniless to the couple, but you covered it up with your appearance. In fact, I can repay you by removing the jewelry or my gold buttons from my dress. You didn’t do that because you didn’t want to leave evidence of staying here.’

In other words, I care about tracking.Charlotte became calm. Before that, I would have been devastated to be held back by Albert. But now it felt like a long way off.

Ruslan will come. The hand he touched his cheek and swept his hair was still clear.

He is sure to come. Charlotte said she would follow even if she was at the bottom of hell.

And fortunately, a piece of speech has its limits. The result of running nonstop during the day is only the central outskirts. This land is much closer than hell.

The most important thing to me right now is…


Holding on unharmed until Ruslan comes.

He would be sad as if the world would collapse if he gave Charlotte a small scar. It was not until his mind was broken that he was trapped in a small room.

The man cherishes Charlotte to the point of regret. You should not do anything dangerous even if your heart is sad and gentle. It is much more advantageous to be a gentle prisoner and watch Albert’s end.

So Charlotte made a friendly face.

I reached out and touched Albert’s cheek beautifully. Said soothingly.

“I’m sorry, Albert.”

Whatever you say.

Albert reacted without fail. He shook his shoulders and looked at Charlotte.

Charlotte reached out her hands and hugged Albert’s head. I had my cheek buried in a veil chest. I patted him on the back of his head.

“You’re right. I’m afraid if I reveal this, you’ll abandon me again because you’re reluctant…… I was hiding it. The originator of this body sometimes tries to press my soul. I can’t help it because it’s the side effect of sasul…….”

Albert blinked with a puzzled look. It was not long before I cut it short and started laughing.

“Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha……, as expected. The seed of death coveted the beautiful body.….”

“What should I do when I stand in front of the Earl and his soul goes berserk? I knew it when I came into this body. He offered me magic in the first place with the intention of dominating me.”

Charlotte slowly loosened her hand holding Albert. He covered his face and pretended to sniff.

“Whenever he said he hated Albert or was lonely, he told him to forget it. Every time I became a juju and accepted him. Yes, Albert abandoned me too, thinking about it…….”

Albert stood up and tried to stretch his arms. However, he frowned because his injured shoulder hurt. In the end, he held out only his fine arms and hugged them clumsily.

“Lotte, I don’t know why. Yeah, you did, didn’t you? I was tied to him for the sake of death.”


Charlotte nodded roughly. I just remembered the day incident, so I added.

“He came all the way to the Imperial Palace earlier and ran away with support. But even then, I couldn’t control my body and became stiff, so I was already hugged.”

“It’s worth a taboo. They must have been trapped in the snow and gone crazy. What, you’re gonna invent a trick like that? I’m caught up in them…….”

Albert cried out in a genuine outburst. Blood circled quickly along with the excitement. Blood oozed back from the shoulders where he had become clumsy.

A rare stream of abuse came out of his mouth. I pressed it with my palm to soothe the wound.

Charlotte looked at it doing nothing. I thought, “How comfortable it would be if he bled to death like this.”

But Albert endured the pain in the end. Originally, it was unnecessarily healthy compared to its temperament, so it was hard to overcome such minor neurosis. He took a couple of deep breaths and looked back a little at ease.”Well…’s the hardship of a short time. Charlotte, I’ll leave as soon as dawn comes, so go to sleep first.”

Charlotte cared that he was strangely free from hesitation. I asked carefully.

“What are you going to do?”

“I thought you’d get the hang of being here.”

Albert finally couldn’t resist an empty stomach and touched the bread. I forced myself to drink something soggy in the water.

“I’m going to Moden.”

Charlotte quickly became stiff.


“I just wanted to stop by. It’s just the two of you, so it’s a good time is right.”

Albert laid his arm down on hay next to Charlotte. It was a noticeable move that I often did when I was young.

“Even if I had ascended from emperor to emperor, it was still my territory. I know that there is no history of reorganizing it into an administrative division. As it happens, the vassals on the mound are empty, there is no better place to enter without interruption.”

Charlotte grabbed the hay before I knew it. For a moment, anguish rushed in.

Let’s strangle the lion when we die. Doesn’t he remember any sign of a broken man on the ground?

No, you thought it wasn’t that important. It’s nothing to him to die for a family. Rather, the perception of it as natural has hardened.

Albert, on the other hand, looked up at her in silence.

“Lotte, there’s nothing to worry about. We just need to go into the castle and rest like we did back in those days.”

“In an unmanaged castle?”

“Well, you could commandeer a man in town. There will be a time difference for the news of the system, so no one will do anything wrong. While you’re at it, take care of my wounds…….”

Albert became confident as if he were drawing ahead.

“The island army seems to have been eaten by a flock of ants, but is the provincial army fully united in the sudden disturbance? It’s enough to call up Jeonseo-gu to the neighboring provinces with the Ho tribe. And then you go into the system and you’re just a kid. I’ll judge an orphaned puppet regime at once!”

Albert was confident he could pull it off. The situation has changed a little since 4 Young-Girl wasn’t around, but isn’t Charlotte next to him? She finally gave me a hug to the prodigy who had committed an error.

If you go into the castle, there will be a bed of memories. Yes, it is more suitable for the first night than for the breathtaking annex of the Imperial Palace.

Let’s engrave Hwang Eun deeply on the baby’s body. Charlotte has more than beaten a few troops with his yangi and overpowered the Imperial Palace.

He reached out to Charlotte. I touched the cheek under the veil.

“Lotte, even though things have turned out like this, it’s all rather well. If you re-enter the island as a married couple, who dares say you’re not the empress? We can start anew in the imperial palace you swept away.”

Charlotte pulled her lips at the words and smiled.

She couldn’t respond to anything. Because he was desperate not to forget Ruslan’s touch.

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