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Chapter 244

Since then, Charlotte has remained awake until dawn. I wasn’t very sleepy because I was forced to sleep while losing my mindless.

Dazedly, I waited for time to pass. Even this was quite hard to bear Albert.

He slept soundly with Charlotte in his arms. Despite all this sweet talk, the suspicion that she might run away while asleep seems to have been completely unshakable.’Do you feel like you used to sleep together when you were young?’

Charlotte looked coldly at him.

But soon the speculation stopped. I don’t know how Albert feels. I don’t want to spend much time on that.

I tried to imagine something sweeter than that. How nice it would be if Ruslan already ran all the way around here, opened the barn door and took her……. It’s impossible because it’s a town that can’t be marked on a cheap map.

It’s less realistic, so it’s not fun to imagine.

“If Albert wakes up, he’ll have to please you.”

I said anything to protect myself from him. Thanks to this, he made remarks that slightly demeaned Juju’s reputation.

But it is true that the child suddenly took the initiative in the body. In fact, without that incident, Charlotte wouldn’t have made up a lie on the spot.

Charlotte slightly raised her hand. I repeatedly grabbed and unfolded.

Obviously, it’s moving on the will of my soul. Then how did Juju control this body on the bridge? Did you have a dream?

Juju, you’re in here, right?’

Charlotte gently pressed her chest.

I felt like I was somewhere, but so far I haven’t noticed anything.’

It’s already been nearly two years since I entered this body. Juju, who was eighteen at the time, was twenty years away.

The silhouette became meticulous thanks to Charlotte’s training. On the other hand, the curves of the chest and pelvis were enriched by the influence of knowing the man.

You’ve been holding your breath for that long, and now you’re sticking out?

No wonder it’s unnatural.

Juju expressed a particularly intense feeling in front of Michael in the South. Even Charlotte could feel her legacy. If she was able to move her body at that time, she would have been left with a slap in the face.

Charlotte, who had been deducing for some time, got an ambiguous answer.

‘The effects of the mucus…Is it …?’

Aura is the power of the soul. But Charlotte is currently unavailable for aura. The body cannot produce output due to clogged blood. It was not unusual that Juju was involved in the case of movement.

Until now, Charlotte thought she had taken over Juju’s body. Juju’s soul sank to the bottom of the ritual and thought only the remains were left.

In fact, isn’t Juju suppressed by Charlotte’s strong aura?

While the soul was feeble with mucus, Juju may have had a chance to display her will.

In retrospect, there was a lot of circumstantial evidence. Juju himself went into a state of limbo to accept Charlotte. Charlotte had entered the body while her consciousness had been poisoned. But the poison would have been instinctively ejected by Charlotte using her aura.

And yet Juju hasn’t revealed himself so far.

As a matter of fact, it is still so. The only time she stepped up to the plate herself. It was when Charlotte tried to jump off a bridge.

Why did you do that, Juju do that?’

Charlotte asked her.

‘Cause I’m trying to dump your body? Or do you mean to go to Ruslan……?’

Juju’s old memories disturbed Charlotte. The girl who was looking into the young master of the study from a distance. The eyes that were observing Ruslan with some interest and admiration.

Charlotte had Ruslan on her own even though she knew it clearly. I wanted to pay the due price for it. That’s why he decided to save Ruslan and enter the imperial palace.

Juju knows the whole process better than anyone else. I would have witnessed everything in this body. Even the petty jealousy and inferiority complex Charlotte occasionally evinced in her.And yet Juju held onto Charlotte.


Charlotte could not measure her mind at last.

If I had been angry that I was using my lent body freely at best, I would have been more comfortable.

But the reality is, anyway, Juju is definitely in here. She told the woman who stole her name and life not to die.

I couldn’t let that heart go to waste.

Charlotte closed her eyes quietly. Just in case Juju answered, but perhaps because of the lack of consciousness, that did not happen again.

However, I felt the light of dawn permeating my eyelids. It reminded me of my original intentions.

This man holding himself. Charlotte is not the only one who holds grudges against this man. It was Ruslan’s, and at the same time it was Juju’s revenge.

Charlotte had forgotten it for a while because she was in over her head. The body’s originator also had a grudge against Albert, who had been mistaken that it would all be over once he was dispersed.

I will never forget it now.

* * *

Albert woke up as soon as dawn broke, as he promised. Charlotte seemed quite relieved to be in the product.

His radiant appearance was also valid under the sun. The owner and his wife not only offered a bowl of bread soaked in soup, but also recommended washing the well after scooping water. The reason was that I couldn’t bear to see a beautiful lover like a picture book suffer.

Albert smiled back at them, thanking them for their kindness.

But it was visible to Charlotte. He was slightly annoyed by the couple delaying their departure. In order to get rid of it quickly, he was using a lot of conscious rhetoric.

It was not until I received a handful of biscuits to eat on the way that the farewell was over. Albert picked up Charlotte and put her in a saddle.

“I’ll never forget your kindness last night. When I get to the villa, I’ll send a butler to pay you back.”

He’s a butler in a villa. Charlotte was stunned by the red lie.

Albert went on nonchalantly.

“If the man my parents sent is going through this town, please tell them you don’t know. They’re so strict and scary that they might send a bride abroad on a boat that they don’t like.”

“Oh, my God, why are you so scared of the way you’re supposed to be? I’ll never say anything.”

“Madam, have a safe trip home.”

His wife greeted him with ecstasy at Charlotte’s dress and veil. Overwhelmed by sunlit diamonds, the increasingly splashed bloodstains seem to have been invisible.

The horse began to run out. Charlotte asked Albert.

“Are you really going to make a case?”

“If I have a chance.”

Albert replied, measuring the direction of the sea. It was a lukewarm tone.

Charlotte seemed to have a general idea of what he was thinking. I didn’t give you a bed, but you don’t have to. If I was really eager to make a case, I would have asked the name of the owner couple.

I’m in a lot of a hurry.’

Last night, I was full of confidence with my future plans, but I can say all kinds of things before I go to sleep.

Albert was actually on edge. I’m still conscious of the pursuit I might catch up with.

“It takes a whole day to get to the modem, even if I leave here. Be prepared to arrive in the evening.”

He replied, looking at the sunny meadow in the morning.

“If you release my mucus, I’ll be there much sooner.

“That’s for later. After arriving at the castle.”

Albert put it bluntly.Charlotte bit her lips. Albert hugged her shoulder, whether he knew it or not.

“It’s been a long time since we’ve had a private outing. Why don’t you enjoy this moment a little. Lotte, look, do you remember around there? It’s a simple view compared to the villa, but I also…….”

He sounded a little excited. Charlotte listened to him insensitively. I gave you a reasonable response.

East and West often discuss regional disparities and discrimination, but not all central areas are busy. During the reign of the High Kingdom, it was a border area. The undeveloped rural landscape will only continue indefinitely.

The view was not particularly outstanding either. This is because most of the places have been cleared into fields. The horse carrying two men went down the old road in between.

It was a tedious journey. Obviously, childhood memories were stimulated. Albert often brought up old stories to cheer Charlotte up. But the very memories of Albert’s destruction only deepened misery.

Each time Charlotte thought of Juju. I thought of Ruslan. He endured the shaking, speculating where he might have been.

In the afternoon, the horse reached its limit. The horseshoe is worn out because it was overworked yesterday and today.

Albert had a fit of nerves. However, angry did not make the horseshoe healthy, so he had to stop by the blacksmith’s.

“Oh, my God, the noble family has such a good iron. It’ll be quite a lot if you melt it. If you give it to me, I’ll change it to a ball.”

Albert seemed pleased, but he had no choice. It would have been a waste to button off the gold. Charlotte’s pearl crown and dress itself were worth close to the military fund, which should not have been further damaged.

Charlotte nibbled away at the biscuits while waiting. I prayed for Ruslan to show up, but this time it didn’t fit.

Later in the afternoon, I put on a new horseshoe and set off again.

You told me to be prepared for dinner, but it was already in the middle of the night when I arrived at Moden.

It was better that way. It was okay not to see the house that was torn down and covered with bricks.

The horse carrying the two passed through a field like a black vacant lot and went into the forest. Passing the straight path, there was a smell of moat water.

Albert wandered for a while. This is because he has become too used to the palace, which also brightens up gas lamps indoors. He took out the candle, lit it up, and handed it to Charlotte. Then I could cross the bridge and arrive in front of the castle.

The castle was like a real empty house. There was no one.

“The Emperor’s castle looks like it’s like that.

Charlotte said casually with all her heart. She couldn’t afford to hide her mind because she was tired.

Albert, who was lighting the fire in the castle, replied in a choked tone.

“We’ve taken measures to check in Dalfo once in a while. It’s a waste of money to spend on a castle that won’t be used.”

“You said you’d use it from now on. There’s so much dust that I’m going to lie down somewhere.”

Charlotte said as she toured the castle, which she had not visited in a long time.

I didn’t even think of stopping by here when I came to Moden before. Now that I stepped back in, I felt a strange emotion.

Once upon a time, ten-year-old Charlotte was greeted. The land was incorporated into the 7th Emperor, the youngest, saying there was not much land to remove. It was noisy from dawn that the master boy would come down and live. Under the initiative of my stepmother, I combed while making a fuss.

And cringed, following in the footsteps of the family, past this central staircase.Then the ceiling of the castle looked incredibly high. The faded tapestry was magnificent in the eyes of a country boy.

At that time, the floor was covered with red rugs. Passing through the road and heading to the audience room on the right, soon a beautiful boy like a star came out holding the hands of the market with a little sad expression…….

“I was sitting here.”

Albert led Charlotte’s hand in a slightly better tone. He sat on a dusty chair on a unit.

“Lotte, you were holding the nanny skirt in the corner over there.”


“It’s a boring procedure to come all the way down and say hello to the audience. At least I could see you at a glance because you looked about the same age. At that time, there weren’t many peers in the palace.”

Albert leaned against the backrest and closed his eyes. Is he thinking back on those days?

“I don’t wear all kinds of colored ribbons like the girls I saw on the island…… it was funny how he managed to sew up a dress. My skin was a bit tanned, so I thought I was quite a tomboy.”


“But I felt sorry for him for being so hesitant and self-conscious when I asked him to say hello. When I heard your trembling voice, I thought I could get along with him…….”

Albert slowly opened his eyes.

Charlotte, who glanced at the gate, came into his sight. He didn’t seem to join his inspiration outright.

I woke up with a scratch on my nerves. I strode up and held her in my arms. Surprised by the sudden lift of his body, Charlotte screamed quietly.

“Turns around and finally we’re married. Lotte, it took a long time, really.”

Albert declared and began to climb the center stairs.

“I’m sure you remember. The night we first figured out what a man and a woman are. I will learn a new woman from you from now on. I’ll hear from you later how new I was.”

Charlotte read him some firm commitment. I twisted my whole body to escape from ominous expectations.

“Who’s sleeping now? I won’t lie down until I dust the bed!”

“Your majesty, Empress. You don’t have to worry about that.”

Albert also used his injured shoulder to control her. I heard his whisper in the veiled ear.

“Dust falls off when you shake it.”

His steps quickly reached the stairwell.

Charlotte breathed out a quick breath and thought of arrogance. What kind of wit should I use to push him out this time? It was a time when I was burning because I couldn’t think of an answer.

There was a roar. It seemed to shake the whole old little castle. Albert swerved and looked down the stairs.

There was a heat wave rising from the gate, which must have been closed. At the moment, Charlotte realized its identity and almost exclaimed with glee.

The gate opened. The noise of a small unit running outside leaked.

“I’m sorry I’m in the middle of something important. “Lord Albert.”

Leaving the sound behind, Ruslan came in.

“Let her go.”

He had a terrible look on his face like a ball one day.

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