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Chapter 245

Charlotte wanted to jump right off and run to Ruslan. However, it was not very convenient. Albert had almost reflexively embraced her.

The bridge, which had been lifted horizontally, floated further up. She was half-stretched on Albert’s shoulder. I had to tighten my whole body so that it wouldn’t fall upside down from the head.

The white dust on the floor filled the view. cried Albert.

“Let me go, this woman?”It was a consciously derisive tone.

“Order the Emperor on the subject of weightlifting. This woman received a pearl crown. The Empress of Jim!”

“As long as Batilde’s guilt is innocent, she must be the empress on paper. And moreover, I didn’t even have a formal ceremony with him. No one will listen to you insist. It all boils down to one word.”

Ruslan’s voice was extremely calm.

“The loser’s unilateral claim.”

“Couldn’t you call me Your Majesty!”

Albert let out a big shout.

While his posture was in disarray, Charlotte managed to raise her upper body. I wanted to capture Ruslan with my eyes.

Ruslan was still staring up the stairs. Behind him, a half-wave gate is still spilling a blast.

It wasn’t long before he flicked what he had onto the floor. It was the hanging handle of a gas firecracker. And slowly, plodding this way, with a cane.

“Say whatever you want. You chose to be trapped by yourself when you entered the castle. Nearby security forces are already surrounding the area. In the morning, the Central Army from the Islands will arrive.”

As he said, there was a steady sign of small troops coming and going over the gate. The bridge is already blocked. The rest of the crew will guard the moat around.

“If you had decided to ask a local authority right now, it would have been a hassle. But I couldn’t have done that. You’d have suspected I might sneak you out.”

“What do you know to pretend to see through everything?”

“If you’re wrong, refute it. I’m sure he doesn’t know it’s useless to bark.”

Ruslan finally opened the lid of his cane. The hidden blade flashed.

Charlotte found familiar Pyeonlin on his face. An expression you make when you don’t want to look at others. A cold smile caught my lips like a snowstorm.

“There was a risk of a failure in waiting, but thankfully, they even changed the horseshoe on the way. I’d appreciate it if you convinced me that you’re coming this way.”

“So, now that you’ve blocked the back road, you’re going to stand up against Jim?”

Albert burst into laughter.

He finally put down Charlotte. It wasn’t a smooth move, so Charlotte dropped to the floor. With him something flew in front of his chest.

Charlotte swallowed her breath. It was a slender day of the Segum.

Albert loosened his belt and threw it to the floor over there. He continued, looking down at Ruslan under the stairs.

“Courage is admirable. What right do you have to ask for this woman?”

“……not my right, but her right. It’s her right.”

“You’re under the illusion that Jim tied this woman up unfairly. I guess it’s a trend to get drunk in the name of saving a lady, too.”

“I’m not here to save you. I’m here to pick you up.”

Her rescue has already been achieved from the bridge.

Ruslan looked up at Charlotte, who sat in the stairwell. I could tell by the look on her face. It is not like Ruslan refused to come near him.

She’s rather looking for a way at this moment. He is constantly peeping into Albert’s gap, looking at what he should do best.

Ruslan was relieved to confirm the appearance.

I was worried that Charlotte might have been dragged all the way down here and broken again. But she finally made it through. It was only then that he regained the way he fell in love and loved.

That alone filled my heart, and I felt like my regrets would disappear.

Here is the last homework left. Enemy of benevolence and her gouged son of a bitch. He was injured but not too disturbed.If the author is not solved, Ruslan will never complete his lesson. Charlotte is also not completely free.

cried Albert.

“Stop playing with words. Whatever you say, it’s sophistry! Count of Keitel, what makes you think you know her?”

Charlotte tried to push him down the stairs while he was distracted by his speech. But Albert was faster to be aware of movement. Shoe treaded mercilessly on the hem of the skirt.

“Lotte has been looking at me since she was ten years old. Did you think you could get her if you ruled by sage? You changed your soul, and you think this body belongs to you forever?”

“Is that your delusion? You’re free to imagine.”

Ruslan laughed as if he were the same. Then all of a sudden, he spoke directly to Charlotte.

“Charlotte, what do you want to do?”

Albert looked back bitterly. I fixed the details to cover her mouth.

It wasn’t Charlotte who couldn’t predict the mind. I answered quickly.

“If I say I want to go, will you take me?”

“Of course.”


Albert cried out loud.

Charlotte was a little sick when he grabbed her shoulder. He smiled consciously, hiding his pain. I tapped his hand away.

“But, Albert, it’s true that things are bad.”

The pearl tube above my head is heavy. I want to take it off as soon as possible.

“The first question is whether there’s a way out of this siege……. If caught here, they’ll be sent to the system. If the pearl tube you received becomes an airlift and is taken back, Albert’s efforts are useless.”

The situation is totally skewed towards Ruslan. Albert’s downfall is now inevitable.

But there’s a chance this man will see useless blood if he tries his best. On his way home, he proudly told stories of how many people had been cut at the palace.

Ruslan would have been conscious of it and chose to come in single. It is likely that the situation will worsen if caught up in the runaway.

Charlotte intended to induce Albert to release the mucus before that. If this tiresome bondage is lifted, it can solve the whole situation in seconds.

She pulled Albert and buried his face in his chest. Ruslan whispered quickly, as if to keep him from hearing.

“You can let me go.”


“Pretend you’re dealing with me by accepting my offer. I’m the one who put the granddaughter in front of me because I’m from the background. You can’t do anything about Albert right now to keep her clean. If you give me up for future security, I’ll go down and destroy that man and all the outside security forces.”

Charlotte tried to look as old as she could.

“You said we’d start over. I’m gonna kill all the kids who mess with Albert.”


Albert’s expression subsided. replied quietly.

“That’s… that’s your conclusion.”

“Yes, is there anything you can’t do?”

“No, it’s perfect. There’s nothing you shouldn’t have been around for a long time.”

Albert slowly drew up his sword and stood up. Charlotte looked up at him, hiding her excitement. He turned his head toward Ruslan and opened his mouth.

“What are you gonna do if you get her back?”

Ruslan was in an unexpected mood. Charlotte seemed to whisper something in the arms of a son of a bitch. I waited in the belief that there must be something in mind. Did she really succeed in manipulating the Emperor’s ideas?

I answered the question first.

“Oh, my God, she’s not a thing. I’ll do what she wants from now on.””That’s a nice word.”

Albert snorted briefly and approached Charlotte. Stretch out the arm as if to raise it.

“Do what you want to do what you want to do what you want.Does that mean you’ll be hugged if you leave it free?”

Ruslan made an unpleasant mark.

“It’s not worth answering. I’ve given you plenty of time. If we can’t talk it out, we’ll put in a security force.”

Suddenly he felt something and his eyes grew bigger. As soon as he realized, he ran out, but Albert had already taken action.

Instead of holding Charlotte’s hand, he grabbed the veil. Pulling it like grabbing by the collar, he raised his hand.

Charlotte was not given the freedom to deal with anything. A deep stab to the Danjeon came in.


This sense.

I know, she had an experience that was infinitely similar to this in the past.

The sensation of blood vessels and blood vessels fluctuating. The same pressure as a stream bursts with a small scratch in the water pipe.

Before long, the whole body is in a warped pain. Charlotte collapsed on the floor screaming unconsciously.



Ruslan, who ran up the stairs, accidentally threw out a cane knife. Albert glanced sideways and swung the sword away.

His eyes sank as expressionless as before. Ridiculously, it didn’t even contain feelings of irritation or irritation. There was a nonchalant tone.

“It wasn’t as twisted as it was then. I understand you need a way to tie yourself up for a while.”

“Ah, Bert, you, all of a sudden, don’t tell me……!”

You’re so sharp and picky!

Albert eventually chose to doubt Charlotte until the very end. I thought it would be better to gamble on trusting her words and sending them down……!

“I’ve said it over and over again.”

Albert turned completely towards Ruslan.

“Until our bodies and minds are fully united, we will not be able to release them.”

“You, uh, uh…….”

“Lotte, don’t keep convincing me that I was right. Your reaction is quite unpleasant now.”

Albert frowned at her and looked down.

“I’m sorry you’re still confused with him. I never thought having a body controlled by sage would be such a drag.”

He slowly went down the stairs with his head down the stairs. Finally, I came down to the front hall and declared.

“Let’s fight with the sword.”

He put out the sword again. I learned it since I was young, so I was experienced in my posture. He smiled down on Ruslan, who had his cane sword repaired.

“Gentlemen don’t mind a duel for a lady. Duel is prohibited by Imperial law, but what about it? Jim is the emperor. He’s the only man who’s ever qualified to be the pinnacle of this country.”

Ruslan clenched his teeth. I tried to beat him up to Charlotte.

At that moment, Albert’s sword threatened him. When I ran back and avoided it, I burst into laughter.

“When did it happen? Did he say he’s too scared to handle a sword? I don’t think it’s enough to look away from the other way.

“What have you done to him, son of a bitch!”

“I just punished him for a while. It’s just so hard to drive in pain. The body that disturbs the soul must be controlled……!”

Albert struck back the blade that Ruslan had laid out and slipped it. Skillfully let it slip and then poked it forward. The Segum brushed past the cloak’s surface. He blocked the cane knife that came back into the gap with a thud.

It became a struggle. The blade that hit me was twitching. Albert laughed aloud as he looked down at the cane knife.

“How dare you carry this as a weapon? Is this a sword?He cut the blade off quickly and straight out. The sword that brushed the surface earlier was inserted properly this time. A long tear shook Ruslan in haste.

“That’s funny. It’s not a sword, it’s not a cane, it’s half an imitation. This can’t be a game! Is it a good thing for a cuckoo cub?”

Ruslan managed to keep himself in check and get Albert’s sword. In his own way, he tried to push the opponent, but it was impossible to overwhelm the opponent who had practiced for more than 20 years. It was nothing short of relying solely on physique and motor nerves.

Albert was already completely convinced of his dominance. His sword aimed at Ruslan’s side.

But the next moment, he was blocked by the cape and something grazed his shoulder. A prickly sensation has spread.

Only then did I realize. The habit of handling swords according to the rules has already been read. The pain spread with the shame of being beaten by a baby. Blood oozed out of the area where the arrow hit.

“You’ll win just because you hit it once!”

There was a series of stabs with old age. Ruslan focused all his attention on blocking. But he was inherently inflexible in his Sgt. There could be no technology to reverse inferiority.

Albert reached out one hand in the gap. He grabbed me by the collar and slammed my shoulder. He put on weight all over his body and knocked his opponent over.

“Ru… Slan!”

Charlotte exclaimed casually.

I felt like I was going to close my eyes with pain. The aura was running wild in the veins. The energy that has been dullly blocked and then refluxed by the impact of intense stimulation.

As powerful as her soul had, the body could not control the internal torrent. It felt like my whole body was being burned alive. In the midst of death, the sense of crisis that he might get hurt suddenly awoke his mind.

I took a breath. I was going to take an aura breath. The pain was so bad that it didn’t work out. But if you don’t control it, there’s no:

What should I do, just sit here like this. There’s no fool in the world who can’t open the door with the key in him!

It was then.

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