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Chapter 246

Albert’s sword rushed to Ruslan, who fell to the back. He was about to stab the ligament bone.

It was when Charlotte was giddy at the sight before her. Ruslan barely lifted his cane to block it. I shook my sword with strength to make my grip hurt.

“Oh, my.”

Albert took a step back after being pushed back.

Ruslan, who took advantage of the gap, finally made a decision. I took out what I had in my arms and threw it over there.

“What is it?”

Albert was momentarily drawn to it. When he sensed Ruslan rushing into the product, he immediately screamed.

“You son of a bitch, till the end!”

He kicked Ruslan at all. It’s already a dogfight far from the etiquette of duel, but there’s no time to argue about small things. The anger that he would personally crush his rival turned Albert’s eyes upside down.

Ruslan clasped his plexus and clenched his teeth. Staggering and holding on, I tried to fight back. But before returning to balance, ruthless violence flew once more.

“Drags of the ruinous country! You can’t go at a topic like this! Does the dirty habit of looking after other women awaken the blood of the weak country?”

Finally, Albert threw the sword away. I grabbed my hateful rival by the collar and punched him.

I never thought I was behind him. However, it still bothers me that my appearance is less refined in the world wide. I can’t stand the sight of her eyes looking all over the lotte, her nose smelling it, her mouth sucking and licking it!”Charlotte is mine. Whether Lotte laughs or cries, it’s up to me whether I give her my heart or not! With that kid, I…Without that child, I……!”

Albert’s lips trembled and he couldn’t continue. There was a sudden chill in the body, which was hot with anger. It was ominous because it got cold to the stomach.

Only then did he realize.

The arrow wound was shaking in response to excitement. Nothing was done except wrapped in cotton cloth and stopped bleeding. It may have been due to the lack of rest after a long horse ride.

But Albert laughed. His physical condition was heading for the worst, but he managed to subdue his rival admirably. The opponent was staring at him with swollen cheeks.

“What are you going to do with your eyes open like that? Can you scratch it?”

Albert made a blatant mockery of Ruslan.

“By any chance, you hit me on the shoulder, but your arrow didn’t affect me at all.”

“……I see. I was going to hit your head. It was a mistake to shoot off the horse.”

Ruslan replied.

Albert struck one more out of disgust. My lips are chapped this time. Unable to overcome the shock, Ruslan dropped a cane from his hand.

Albert kicked a cane while he was at it. The cane rolled over there making a loud noise.

On the other hand, his sword lies right next to him. Albert twisted his lips, convinced of a complete victory. Holding one hand by the collar, the other hand stretched out with a hilt.

“It was more bland than I expected.”

The taste of Segum’s hand is exceptional today. He put the sword up. This time, my head was heated up with the joy of winning.

“Your neck is a fine trophy under the current circumstances. Who do you think they’ll trust if you throw them out there? Jim is still the emperor of this country……!”

Albert was also well aware of the circumstances of the security forces near here. Even more so as he has lived longer than the institution.

They’re still dark at the latest on the system. Nor would the fallen seed dare to speak of the danger of coming to judge the emperor. At best, you said you were after a felon who fled the system.

Conversely, Albert can appear by killing this man. This used to be his estate, and it is now on paper. It was enough to use the weightlifting neck as the basis for escorting his personal safety.

He shouted with a feeling of flying up.

“Lotte, I’m watching. This is the end of a child who ruled you with a wicked word!”


Ruslan snapped and laughed.

He was already making up his mind. I came here with the determination to bump into the powder even if it breaks apart.

“This is what you’re saying. A narrower-minded, less polite son of a bitch than a salt can. I’m here to cut off your bad relationship with her.”

Albert paused. He was hoping his opponent would be miserable with fear with the blade ahead. This was not the reaction I wanted.

Ruslan is no different than he was before. The face was bloated, but still ancient, and the horse was more serene than the ripples of the lake. A chill rose from the smile.

“Lord Albert, once a military friend, let me ask you a question. Why couldn’t the magic of Ipeniya be passed on to the continent. Why did my ancestors invent the secret recipe end up stuck in the snow. Don’t you think it’s unnatural, no matter how geographically isolated you are?”

“You son of a bitch. Death is just around the corner……!”

“The sword actually stopped, shouting so much mouth. As a matter of fact, it’ll bother you. The woman you’re trying to have so much, she was reborn by my magic.”Ruslan said, looking straight up at Albert.

I had to try not to turn a blind eye. If you notice any movement in your eyes, Albert’s attention will also return over there. I will pay attention to Charlotte.

So he suppressed with superhuman patience the desire to see with his eyes.

But I believed it. Charlotte will definitely check the stuff she threw earlier.

No matter how painful it may be, she’s already taken action!


Ruslan’s trust is not wrong.

Charlotte stretched out her arms. Even though his whole body was burning, he didn’t stop. Trying not to roll down, he crawled his limbs down the stairs.

It didn’t matter how dirty the dress was. I mumbled constantly in my mouth.

“You can do it. I can do it. I can, I can……!”

There have been far more painful years for himself. There was a time when blood vessels were twisted, and I crawled around after losing my knee. I can’t afford to lose to this kind of pain.

The thing he threw was falling in the middle of the stairs. Albert did not take note of it as simply a diversionary tactic, but Charlotemann noticed its intentions.

It was a watch of the whole time. It was memorable because Ruslan used it several times. And it’s equipped to make it visible even if it’s thrown into the air or fallen to a distant floor.

On the silver wire connected to the clock, a handkerchief was tied with a ribbon.

The one that Charlotte embroidered herself with initials. The one I teased about using things for a long time. That that comforted Albert when he was in agony.

It was only ten steps from the stairwell. But for her, it was a thousand miles away. Stretch out his arm. It was almost reachable. I cringed once and pulled it out again to grab it.

Pulled the watch strap. My heart skipped a beat as to what kind of masterstroke this might be. I opened the lid with my hands tightened.

The watchboard was revealed. It points to the time of dawn. There was nothing else.

With a ‘uh?’ heart, I suddenly pressed the needle shaft. Then the clock board opened and revealed what had been hidden.

Small pen. Unique color. The smell of bitter grass in the East.

The poison that Charlotte has seen.


I closed the clock in a creepy mood. What the hell is this supposed to mean.

I endured the pain and pulled my handkerchief. As the knot was untied, it spread out in a sky. I could see the writing that seemed to have been forced on a cloth that did not work well.

I’ll leave it to you.>

The object was missing. But it was self-evident to refer to the poison hidden in the clock.

The ink on the first hair was smudged as if it had been a long thought in the next sentence.

May we meet again.>

Below it, there was a confession that, more or less, quickly scribbled without hesitation.

I love you.

At the same time as Charlotte put the sentence in her eyes, Ruslan’s words continued.

“The answer is no big deal. Magic is a theory that occurs in the natural environment of Ipeniya. Thanks to its specialized development in atmosphere and geomancy, the magic that consumes an incredibly huge amount of calories as it moves into the latter stages has taken over the mainstream.Furthermore, in principle, such a thing cannot be used outside of Ippenia. It’s dangerous enough for a drinker to take care of it alone.…!”

The moment he heard it, Charlotte suddenly remembered something.

She had performed the magic of Ruslan and immortality. At that time, he had to visit the ruins of Ippenia. Because it’s hard to succeed in magic if it’s not that place.

“If I fail. Am I going to die?」

“You don’t have to worry because I’m going to die as much as I did.」Ruslan once implied the meaning of the word to Liriya.

“There’s a magic that I can’t handle unless the atmosphere and the veins of Ipeniya support it. It’s dangerous to rebound if you fail.」

She finally realized.

What Ruslan is going to do from now on. He is now very determined to face Albert’s sword. And it’s probably……!

“Human Albert, look!”

Without time for Charlotte to scream no, Ruslan shouted first. Feeling a note of uneasiness, he took his hand to Albert’s sword-throwing chest.

“This is the last magic my father ever did to your father. What a shameful memory of life!”

The magic that was covering his hair escaped. As soon as the hair was moonlighted, a new magic began.

* * *

It was well over twenty years ago.

The young king of Ippeniah heard reports of war coming from all over the country. Soon after, I made up my mind and got up from the roof and headed to the inner room.

The situation at hand was the worst. The malevolence of getting closer to the palace was too great. The little kingdom was well beyond the reach of overcoming.

“That’s what happened. Valentina. I’ll stick to the plan I had in mind.」


Rain eventually loosened her beautiful platinum blonde hair. I cried in the arms of the king. He constantly repeated himself, moving his shoulders up and down.

“No, you can’t. No…! How can I run away alone without you here! How am I supposed to live alone if you go wrong!」

“You can live. Valentina, you were born with a different hair color. If one dies, it wouldn’t be right for the other to follow suit.」

The king pressed down the tears on the rain’s cheeks with his lips. I asked her to sit on the bed. Kneeling on the floor, he listened to the stomach called over his clothes.

“Please, Valentina. Please get out of here for my child. I don’t know if he’s Ruslanid or Ruslania.」

“However, you can’t even see the face of a child……. I’d rather go with you. You two go out together…….」

“Valentina, I’m the king.」

He reached out his hand and wrapped her cheek.

“The king cannot leave the palace behind. There’s already a lot of lives in the snow. I think this is the end of my selfishness as a man.」


“Oh, yeah. I’ll give you a present. It’s a magic I made to pass on to you. Teach the child, too.」

Rain opened his teary eyes round. Although the king deals with magic as the monarch of Iphenya, the creation of new magic will never be easy.

The man looked up at the woman he loved. I tried to show you a bright smile.

“Wherever you run away from here, you have a wonderful life.」

Fingers and fingers touched carefully. The body overlapped on the bed shared the five senses. Like the moment when they ran into each other on a deserted lake.

“The war will end someday. You could come back to this land one day. After a long time, when you think fate is coming…… the child would have grown up by then. You can ask the child to carry out this magic.」

The woman wept again and again. Felt the man’s hair and ears, eyes and lips with his hands. To keep it even a little in mind your own business.

“This magic I created, a magic that reflects on life.」

At dawn the next day, the king kissed Rain’s forehead, who had packed the bank.

“Valentina, be happy. To the point where I seem so insignificant that I met again by magic. And tell my child. The human Valentina had a really nice life.」Fourteen years have passed since then.

There’s something on the woman’s stomach again. This time it wasn’t a child. It was a disease.

On the prospect of her death, she risked her life to cross the frontier. At that time, a child who had already grown up as a boy was with him.

The woman who saw the palace finally cried out. He hugged the boy who was at a loss and begged him.

“Luslanid, Ruslanid…”…. Do magic. I miss him……. I want to see your father again……!」

The boy performed magic in the middle of the palace. He responded to the ground that gave him blood and flesh, in a cautious manner so that his body would not bounce back.

This magic mechanism is similar to fantasy magic. However, there are much more calculations that the wizard has to pay, and there is a high risk to the body.

No wonder, because the purpose of this magic is soul searching – a complete reenactment of past life.

Magic embodies the life emblazoned in the soul of the subject. It even brings back memories that have been thrown to the bottom of its unconsciousness and unfolds.

It is up to the person to take in the scenery that passes by.

Certainly, the fact that the person concerned looks at a life in which no rationalization or contingency is involved. And being the only audience in my life to comment.

It may be a long experience for the parties, but the actual implementation time is short.

Ruslanid, a 14-year-old boy, asked his biological mother.

“How was it?”

Valentina shed tears quietly.

“It wasn’t very nice…….」


“I, as a queen, was incompetent, as a mother, was anxious. And to Anne, I owe you……, but Ruslanid. I’m glad I gave birth to you. I love you.」

“……Is it because I resemble my father?」

Valentina did not return the answer.

She just hugged her son on her way back. Whispering words continued in Ruslan’s ears.

“It’s hard to understand yet. You’ll find out if you love someone someday.」

It was hard for a boy to guess even if he read a book. The only outsider he knew was the Grand Duke. What’s the difference between feeling and feeling attached to her?

“When you meet, you know naturally. You may be attracted to appearance at first. But in the end, his soul will attract you.」

“Is that what your father said?”」

“I felt it myself.」

The mother caressed her son on the cheek.

“You’ll probably want to give your life to him.」

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