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Chapter 247

And Count Kaitel Ruslan, at this moment, has conjured up his magic for the second time.

The aura of his whole body shook and gathered with his fingertips. I finally found the soul by reading the blood vessels of the other person.

I got a hook and overloaded. It’s like a tremendous gravity is trying to sink in.

Nevertheless, I persevered not to collapse. I tried my best to respond to the atmosphere and the vein. Soon, he realized that the energy of this land was remarkably different from the abandoned palace, but he did not give up and focused on magic.

The soul becomes a substance, not a substance.

Even if extracted from the outside of the body, the shape cannot be identified with the naked eye. I just respond.

It’s a surprise. As expected. The information that seemed to be held at the fingertips, the collection of memories, emotions, and thoughts, looked extremely normal.

It was nothing more than a trifle for Ruslan, who had already discovered Jigo’s soul. However, it was impressive that it was neither particularly shiny nor cloudy.

It contains the life of a human being. It is the wizard’s role to read the information and print it out to the target’s mind.

My head ached with tremendous amounts of information. Ruslan clenched his teeth. If you let go of your hand on the way, you will fail to achieve your goal without any burden.Most of the Ippeniah’s legacy was destroyed, so he was educated in half as a wizard. Compared to previous wizards, it would be a poor skill.

But it must succeed.

Not for Ruslan himself, but for Charlotte.

Albert stood tall, stopping his sword. It was a surprisingly static posture when a third party saw it. That was not the case in reality.

“What, you son of a bitch, what, the art of…….”

There’s a violent upset happening inside the body. The golden brown eyes grew white. Magic was activated without even giving him time to breathe in.

Just as reading type reminds me of a scene somewhere in my head, the life theater of the human Albert opened in my mind.

The current of memory hits the waves and turns into a tidal wave, encroaching on him. A memory of the old days when less grown hair was not realized with specific visual information and stored in a subconscious mind. Life from the moment of birth flows like a play performed by a third party.

Like everyone else, the first scene starts with the parents.

Albert, you’re in trouble. I’m the father who gave you blood and flesh.」

“Come here to your father. That son of a bitch, be my son and hide behind my mother!」

“I’m ashamed of myself. I guess you’re having a hard time because you haven’t seen me well. Albert, step forward. Don’t cry. You have to keep your dignity as a prince…….」

In the corner of the spacious hall, a cringed child is looking down at the floor. Two women older than the child’s mother are watching him. Covering his face with a fan, he talks quietly.

“How many children do you have in a woman younger than your daughter? I wonder if you wanted to do it when you were seventy.」

“I’d rather not have been born than be born. It’s a relief that you don’t favor the youngest. If you cut off the eldest brother, the crown will surely go to you.」

As soon as I get out of the breathtaking scenery, the wagon rattles. The boy is crying like a lamb being sold far away.

“I don’t want to go. I don’t want to go alone. The system will come to kill me. I will be buried alone in the forest…….」

When the waiter talks to him, he swings his hand and throws it away.

“No! I can smell it, so change it! It smells fishy! I don’t like them all, I don’t want to live in a rural castle with no one…….」

And then, unexpectedly, a bright memory.

The most enjoyable moments of my life.

“Your Highness, your friends are outside the castle. They’re asking us to take a walk in the woods.」

“Yes, I’ll be right back.」

“Are you being too casual? Viscount Moden Young-ae is not a very fit person, but she was allowed to speak because it was such a rough and poor land. Especially those you’ve been associated with lately…….」

“Is that all you have to say while serving me? Or who in the system tells you to?」

“Well, Your Highness.”

“I accept the courage to denigrate the person I recognize. Don’t do that next time.

The transparent shining scene quickly fades away. As the boy grows up, his memory gets darker little by little.

“Well, I’m looking forward to seeing how great your pig herd will be. Will you show your best performance in the next hunting competition?」

Competition, slander, fabrication, incitement, fighting, violence.

Fall. Win. Fall. Victory. Falling. Victory

“Yes, you can kill them all. But I need someone to report, so I’ll put one or two of one or two people. I love you too. I would never have made it this far without ….」

Looking back, all those six grandchildren, six princes and six yellow girls are gone.An adult boy laughs his mouth out. Soon erase the look and head for the depressing inner room. Bend down on a magnificent bed and whisper.

“Your majesty, Emperor Georg. Don’t worry about the future of the empire. I’ll keep up with it.」

The present Albert sees the past Albert.

This is a memorable scene. However, the person you see in front of you is quite different from what you think. He is far from himself who he remembers.

Were you talking with this look on your face?

“You’re an old man, you’re dead. I dragged it out.」

Has it been getting this ugly?

This is why the glory of the coronation fades. What a ridiculous way to dress up in luxury!

I want to look away from that. I want to lower my eyelids completely. I would deny that this is all a false fabrication. But it’s not a sight to see, so I can’t run away because it’s a scenery that existed to me from the beginning.

He didn’t even hear a sound in this landscape. There is no way to prevent the next scene.

No, there’s no such thing as that!

He decided to undo the mistake he had made at that time. I solved all the wrong choices by reinstating them. So you should also cut this memory and leave it alone.

“If even the wicked woman kills the meritorious retainer, she will not be able to be seen in future generations.”….」

It’s not!

“Mutualize it and lock it in a brain cell. Instead, the family will become extinct and establish discipline.」

No! No! No!

I didn’t do anything like this. At least it wasn’t like that. It wasn’t the look of a little boy throwing away a girl he loved like a devoted pair!

I mean, there was a whole lot going on. I couldn’t help it because my duties and responsibilities were so heavy!

It broke my heart, too. It wasn’t just me who was comfortable. I’m a victim, too!

“It must have been handled well. This is it. If you want to build a rock with the national spirit, it’s better not to disturb as much as possible…….」

You son of a bitch, that mouth!

“He’s killed too many. The princess will try to kill me as well. You can’t just tie it up. So that you can’t come back…… at least never to dream of revenge…….」

Shut up! Shut up!

“His national spirit is barely over. Your majesty, you’re about to enter the shrine. If you drink too much and don’t hit the first night properly, you’ll be resentful forever.」

“Jonathan, it’s a big day for the Empire. I beg you to refrain from profligate language. Of course, I do hope that Albert will perform his duties properly.」

What’s wrong with him?

Why are you standing up looking like you’re done?

He is plodding down the fancy aisle. There is no laughter in the groom’s attire. In his/her face, he/she feels completely tired of going to perform procedures. With an expression of no curiosity or excitement towards the new bride, I had a short conversation with the maid-in-law guarding the door.….

Albert, watching the scene, tried to sprout a faint hope.

Perhaps, perhaps, as much as I tried to change my mistakes, this has not changed. Actually, there might be someone else sitting in that room.

There is a girl sitting on the bed. The bride who just wore a pearl crown. And slowly raise your head to Albert…….

“Oh, Your Majesty, Your Majesty.」

Batilde’s eyes meet.

At last, the scream of the throat burst.


Charlotte, who was lying on the stairs, was stunned by the scream.

Magic was decades for Albert, but for Charlotte it was a sudden change in seconds. The only sight she could see was Albert, who suddenly stopped and cried as soon as Ruslan’s hand touched it.Albert hesitated without realizing it. Shoes rang the stone floor of the old castle.

It was a movement that seemed to have lost its visual function. He stumbled as if he were about to fall. I shouted wildly into the air, no matter who did it.

“Why, why…” Don’t show me this. Don’t show me this!”

But the waves of memory don’t stop.

Albert was covered by a life that had accumulated thirty years. He floundered in the sight of turning his head and came to the brink of drowning.

“Lotte? Oh, come on. That’s right. How many years has it been since I entered the brain cell…….」

It was all he said.

It was all his doing.

“There’s no news of her death, so she must be doing well. Let’s stop talking about that. I’ll review the transfer after I have a successor.」

All of himself.

Albert’s life.

The current of memory gradually receded. The closer he got to memory, the more he was rotting.

Those who were once considered close friends became cumbersome one after another. He was annoyed when Pascalina died. Dietrich was relieved when he died. When Irene died, she became numb, and when Jonathan’s death was near, she was smiling.

His impression gradually changed as he went through the process of being alone. A face full of frowning on the throne. Greedy eyes on a girl known as her servant’s lover.

The figure somehow resembled his father, who he despised the most in the world, and wished to die soon.

The magic is over.

Albert managed to get back to reality. He was already crouching on his knees.

I shivered with chills. The injured shoulder was constantly pulsing. I was so exhausted that I thought I wanted to close my eyes after falling down like this.

But the ill-fated rationalization held him like inertia. The consciousness that what he went through was unfair easily developed into anger.

He stumbled up on the floor. Screamed at Ruslan over there.

“How dare you… .. dig up my head with your sorcery, possessed by the hallucination of Amen!”

Ruslan’s eyebrows have narrowed. Albert yelled desperately.

“As if I’m wrong and I’m wrong……. No! How hard did I live? How did I get here? I just did my best every moment. I’m not the one to blame for everything!”

Looking at it, Ruslan was relieved. I was dumbfounded and answered back.

“You wouldn’t have had to look like your father. You don’t live half his life and you can’t even look back on the past.”

The reason why King Zahari used magic on Emperor Georg was to reflect on his sins.

Georg cried out, as the magic intended. He must have witnessed everything, too. The achievement of reunification of the continent was nothing but a grand sense of self-reliance to put the whole country under its feet. And as he grew older, his eyes glistened with desire, fading even the task.

Georg’s reaction to magic was anger. Zahari was subsequently shot to death.

The same was true of Albert. He glared angrily at Ruslan.

Looking at the expression, Ruslan lifted himself up in despair.

“………I wanted you to reflect on this a little bit.”

There was a crushing pain in the heart. I almost lost my mind with a dull pain that turns my guts upside down.

The power failure was stiff. Ruslan was already aware of his condition.

A magic rebound was on its way.The technique itself was successful, but it was overloaded by the power failure. The reaction has lost its strength and is draining its energy.

At this rate, we will run out of aura. The body collapses from the inside.

It will develop into a fatal wound no more or less. If that happens, life is not guaranteed either.

But he knew it would be like this. Nevertheless, fully prepared, over-acted the magic.

“It’s not for me. It was for her. Before you are punished and judged…… at least I wanted her to sincerely apologize.”

There was something in my mouth. I noticed the fishy taste. It was blood.

Nevertheless, Ruslan squeezed his last energy. I picked up Albert’s sword on the floor and approached him.

“I have repeatedly overestimated your conscience and failed to read.”

But at least, the breathing will be cut off by yourself.

The poison was handed over to Charlotte because of the possibility of failure. Fortunately, I succeeded in magic, so I can endure it for a while.

If you’re going to die here anyway, you’ve got a knife in your hand to punish the son of a bitch.

Albert rushed at the moment he was about to stab his neck.

He clung to Ruslan, shouting something. A scuffle came and went to take the sword. In the midst of a dog fight that rolls on the floor and fists come and go, a piece by piece cry floated around.

“Lotte’s relationship with me is none of your business! Lotte from the beginning……!”

His glowing words suddenly turned into a scream.

Ruslan certainly witnessed it. Albert, who knocked himself over and punched him, swallowed his breath and flipped his eyes. Then Albert’s gaze slowly turned downward.

The blade was penetrating his knee.

“Uh, how can I…….”

The blade was not long past the back.

The blonde girl drew a cane knife, looking at the opponent kneeling in force.

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