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Chapter 248

By the time Ruslan performed magic and Albert cried out, Charlotte was already vaguely aware of the truth.

This is the number of spleen he’s been hiding. Ruslan never revealed the card to keep it secret.

Now I could understand why Ruslan made such a decision.

It was physically unreasonable. He performed magic, determined to permanently damage his body.

Not himself, just for Charlotte.

It was disastrous.

Charlotte was always helped by him.

Ever since I was stuck alone in an ice encephalus that no one was looking for. Considering the dedication he has poured into her, there is no end to the limit.

Ruslan let Charlotte out of her brain cell. Gave me a new body to live. I cleaned up the mess of revenge. I hugged the painful scar. Abandoned by generous love, she whispered that she loved her.

I came to visit her until the end.

Although Charlotte was bound and incapacitated by Albert, Ruslan did not give up on her. The only thing he could give up was himself.

Stupid man.

The smartest man in the world who uses his brain more than anyone else.

Ruslan would be much more worth surviving than she is called the Evil Woman. He tries to disperse himself on the subject of holding him in this life.


Charlotte retorted with her dry lips.

He’s picking up a sword and trying to bring down the final judgment.

Oh, no. It’s dangerous. It was visible to Charlotte watching from the stairs.

Albert crouched in shock, but his limbs are still intact. Ruslan, on the other hand, was limping with all his energy. If there’s a counterattack, there’s no stopping it.She crumpled her watch together with a handkerchief. I wrapped it around one wrist and tied it tightly.

I clenched my molars. I raised my upper body with my elbow on the floor.

“Ga, Man… Ah!”

At that moment, I groaned like a scream.

It hurts. I felt like I dipped my whole body in the river and mountain. The aura, which runs wild with blood and veins, seems to burn the body.

The stairs that lie in place are infinitely steep. I don’t have the confidence to run down with my legs up. I stretched out one arm while exhausting myself. The moment I tried to drag myself on the lower stairs, I put my weight on the wrong side. It ended up rolling down.


I hit my shoulder on the floor of the front hall. A long veil wrapped around the upper body like a net.

Charlotte exhaled one breath after another. It looks like a butterfly rolled around in a spider web. I felt like I couldn’t even afford to move on with this veil.

Tears welled up.

Is it only this much?

Is this what you call a wicked woman and you show off to get revenge as the most vicious woman in the world?

Ruslan risked his life to do magic. Albert is going to let this faltering opportunity slip away?


He strongly denied it.

‘Oh, my God.

If you become powerless here, you will only be bound as Albert wants.

Then she can never sit down here. I couldn’t only look at Ruslan falling down like this.

You have to push this aura down. The power of the soul caused a storm in the blood vessels. A way to get rid of the pain in the body came to mind.

There are two souls in this body.

But the soul that sank to the bottom of the ritual has no effect on the body. It is true that Charlotte knew while borrowing this body.

There was only one moment when Juju showed her presence. At least Charlotte’s soul could have come out because Albert was bound.

But if we change the physical initiative now, we may be able to get out of this pain. It’s a great opportunity for the body to move when it can’t control the pain.


So I shouted.

To Juju, who would have been oppressed by himself, shouted and shouted.

‘I know. I’m here. All this time, you’ve been hiding behind me!’

As a child, Charlotte secretly envied beauty. While borrowing his body for revenge, he hated this body without realizing it. Ruslan was jealous to conclude that he loved the shell.

It was not known that beauty does not necessarily win favors, and that helplessness could soon be a mind-boggling poison.

You can come out. My soul is tied up in mucus. I can give way as much as I want!’

Now I understand her.

While tied to Albert, she experienced her hardships. I understood that there was loyalty dedicated only to getting out of the helpless hole.

So let’s give way to her for now. There is no need to be discouraged. Because we’ve been together in this body all this time…….


Because he’s your enemy!

At that moment, the answer returned.

The sensation I experienced for just one moment swept through Charlotte. The five senses drifted away as if they were drowning in deep water. A distant feeling, as if feeling the wind above the water, was sucked into her.


With a muttering answer.

The girl got up at once. I ran as hard as I could with the veil rolled back. My body, which is not used to running for the first time in a while, collapsed my ankle and fell.

But I didn’t give up. The girl crawled to the floor and grabbed a cane knife. He didn’t even get up completely and ran to the target in a half-collared position.She was originally a maid who had little time to take on a transition.

The sword she wields was nothing short of clumsy.

It was a movement with no finesse and no strength.

But the girl, no doubt, stabbed her enemy.

As soon as Ruslan found the girl’s expression, the back of her neck became cool.

I got the hang of what happened. However, the situation was unprecedented, making it difficult to guess what happened.

She was the only one in history who accepted Ippeniya’s taboo, immortal magic.

“You need to know who stabbed you.”

The girl recited quietly.

Albert was on the floor hugging his penetrated knee. In the midst of a panting groan, I lifted my eyes and looked up at her.

Maybe it’s because cold sweat went into my eyes with eyelashes. It must be strange. Is that girl really the Charlotte she was drawing……?

At that moment, there was a murmur that broke the question at once.

“He’s a beast and he hasn’t eaten. Your Highness, the Lord has finally returned the favor……!”

“You, Seol, Ma!”

Albert cried out in a daze.

Was it all a lie? Were you fooled by one side of the smoke? Then, who was who, all the memories were messed up. I didn’t know how to use my hands because of the confusion.

Meanwhile, the girl exhaled a weary breath and reeled as if she had run out of steam. It became the position of falling backwards.

But at some point she held her legs together and flicked her head up.

Before I knew it, my impression had changed. The green snow shone like a meteor between the scattered blondes. Albert craved and returned with the eyes that Ruslan loved.

Charlotte persevered to avoid falling in the heat again. Clasped the sword of the cane knife.

I desperately gathered my strength in the power field. He repeated his aura breathing to respond to every corner of his body.

The whole body’s blood was unfamiliar at first sight as the consciousness sank quickly and then came to mind. Like opening your eyes from a new body.

But she was in the flesh for nearly two years. It quickly became as comfortable as an old tool.

The chain that was tying the body fell apart piece by piece. With a strong sense of liberation, an eager cry boiled up from the stomach.

Let’s scream.

I’m sure you’ll lose all your pent-up anger after a cool shout!

“Albert, you son of a bitch!”

He grabbed me by the collar. He was a much bigger man than himself, but originally it didn’t matter to Charlotte. An aura-loaded arm threw the man on the opposite floor and plugged him in.

Albert was literally crushed on the stone floor. A grotesque scream popped out of the wagon wheel as if it were being squeezed.

But Albert did not lose his mind. Even though I was shaking, I somehow raised myself with my elbows.

He had puzzled eyes. I stuttered and opened my mouth.

“Lo, Te……? Charlotte? Dae, Che, how…….”

“It’s none of your business.”

Charlotte simply dismissed it.

I looked down at Albert. Blood was trickling down one knee. The floor was full of red puddles.

Juju must have stabbed him properly. In the meantime, Charlotte’s disciplined body has been a crucial help to her.

By now Albert’s knee would have torn muscles and broken bones, and the sensation would have faded to the bottom of the chalice. Charlotte knew better because she was an experienced person.

It was also worth a look. My forehead burst as I was stuck on the floor. The hair that I combed neatly was all scattered. She found the boy, who was once the owner of the castle, very faintly.

But it was too late.

It’s a memory I can’t go back to. Throw it away and cover it because it’s old and useless.”You told me. The wisdom ring can’t be solved by force alone.”

Charlotte walked to where he was scattered.

“Yeah, no matter how sophisticated your mucus is, why haven’t I solved it for so long? What the hell is the answer?”

The lid of the cane knife got stuck at the foot. I bent down to pick it up.

“Now I get it. ……as a matter of fact, I was tamed to the last minute by you.”

I breathed with aura breathed. There was a blue light up to the club in my hand.

“The name of the wicked woman. That was the biggest necklace you ever put on me.”

A title that even Charlotte herself was positive about.

The illegitimate son of a modem. A chalote like a crow. A woman who has a knack for harming people.

It is neither gentle nor demure. I want to pay you back instead of forgiveness. And a normal human being who doesn’t have a steel spirit enough to carry out consistent justice.

So I accepted the title. I quickly fell into a dark emotion. You cannot be loved because you are a wicked woman; you will be hated because you are a wicked woman.

Now I realize.

In fact, he was adjusting himself to the yoke he put on, pledging revenge on Albert.

So I thought it didn’t matter if I died. The self-destructive spirit lacked the strength to untie Albert’s bond. At last, he jumped under the bridge and tried to escape.

Ruslan hugged her with all his might.

The man confessed that he loved Charlotte. I promised myself I wouldn’t hate her.

And there was a juju. She personally told Charlotte not to die.

Each of the two men gave a blow to the enemy. Now it was Charlotte’s turn.

Charlotte lifted the lid of the cane knife. Albert started beating him up.

“You son of a bitch, you son of a bitch! Friendship, love, and good luck, you son of a bitch who doesn’t know how much to thank you!”


“The play is over! I’m going to give up your imaginary ghost acting! Albert, don’t you understand after all this time? You threw the lotte you used to know out of your brain!”

“Charles, Lot, Kirk, Lotte……!”

“No, you must have known. That’s why you tied me up with mucus. That’s why you didn’t believe it until the end!”

Charlotte swung the lid a few more times. I thought hitting this interest would relieve my anger. As time went by, my arm just hurt.

Such a beautiful, shiny, hateful and angry man was now nothing. A man who’s flattened and beaten. Long-term unilateral sadism did not make me happy.

She already had something more important than that. So as he tried to pull himself back, a fire broke out of Albert’s eyes. I tried to fight back with the sword I still had in my hand.

“Hey, you liar!”

He cried out and knitted his eyebrows. Swears of abuse leaked out of the lips.

At an important moment, his shoulders did not listen. The wound from the arrow was burning with intense movement.

“Hey, to the end, to the end……!”

For him, who managed to stifle the pain, the real pain came at the very next moment.

“I knew it. I knew it would never change.”

Charlotte’s hand grabbed his hair. I threw it down as it.

Albert lay face down like a sinner under punishment. The same pain hit me when I was still fine.


He couldn’t stand it and howled.

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