Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 249

Charlotte quietly withdrew her hand. An object, not a sword or cane, penetrated Albert’s knee like a stake.He can’t move any more now. Judging that way, the long veil was rough to run over there. I realized that I was disturbed by a tube fixed above my head.

She pulled off the pearl tube. I just threw it to the floor.

“I don’t have time for you.”

The coffin that fell with a throbbed.

She turned around and ran.

The ghostly bridal veil flew off. The veil fluttered in the air for a moment. It was not long before he fell gently and was gently covered by Albert.

Only then did he raise his face.

Both legs were slowly hardening. The leaking blood made me dizzy.

But he was born with good eyes. Even with a shaky view, I saw the scene right in front of me.

Charlotte was running to Ruslan.

Her backside grew farther away from Albert. The moment I realized the fact, I felt an indescribable sadness and terribleness.

He forced his stiff body. Without knowing that the clothes swept on the stone floor were getting dirty, he reached out.

“Lo, Rotte…….”

The scene that I had just denied passed by again. As time went by, I remembered myself falling into love and becoming ugly, and myself who was constantly covering up my mistakes with rationalization. I remembered myself destroying Charlotte.

The result is on the horizon. Regret rose. When he heard of Charlotte’s death, his feelings that seemed to turn the world upside down engulfed Albert.


But he was too vulnerable to be humbled in the face of error.

“Oh, no, don’t go……!”

He floundered as hard as he could. I waved my hand to grab her ankle.

“I need you! I need you! Now I realize you’re precious! Please, I can’t do anything without you!”

Tears burst out at last. Thick drops streamed down my cheeks.

He felt like a 12-year-old boy who first came down the castle. I began to cry like a child who didn’t want to let go of his guardian’s.

“I’ve painted you more than half my life! Is the alliance between us gone, the whole loyalty thing? Please just once, just once……!”

Isn’t it too much as it’s too much. At this rate. Can’t we go back one more time? Does she intend to deprive herself of a permanent opportunity like this way.

Albert’s tenacity gave him a brief reprieve. His stretched hand touched Charlotte’s skirt.

Charlotte paused at the moment and looked back at him.

Albert was a mess. All kinds of fluids and saliva are tangled in the beautiful face. The veins stretched long as I crawled down the floor. Someone seemed to be inadvertently courting sympathy.

Charlotte, who witnessed that.


In fact, I think he’s been waiting for this moment.

In fact, I think he’s been acting revenge for this moment.

“Albert, you said that. The wicked woman of the world must be maimed and sent to a brain cell.”

Her words went on as smoothly as the beads rolled.

“To the wicked woman.”

When the value of hating that man disappeared, the smile brightened up like a child.

“There’s no loyalty.”

Charlotte finally kicked Albert.

It took too long. She just ran forward. There was a cry behind his back, but this time he didn’t stop or look back.

There was only one man in her eyes.

Ruslan lay beautifully on the stone floor. It was as lifeless as the frozen body in the snow. Charlotte cried out in drollness.”Luslan, Ruslan!”

Charlotte slumped to his side. I took off my gloves and put my bare hands on my cheek. Looking at my pale face up close, I almost cried.

Luckily, Ruslan is not completely out of his mind. He slowly opened his eyes. Blue eyes, as transparent as enamel, looked up at Charlotte.

A cracked voice called for her.

“Charl, Lote.”

“Why did you do something dangerous? Why… really, make me worry……!”

I thought I shouldn’t do this, but I unconsciously bruised myself.

No wonder Ruslan was a wreck at a glance. The chest pain is breathing fast and then exhaling.

Charlotte knew what this symptom was. Even when her aura was on the brink of depletion, she was breathing so hard.

If you leave it as it is, your internal injuries will deepen. There was a sudden fear that it could lead to death.

Ruslan, on the other hand, was at peace. His face was full of regrets.

“I wanted him to die when I realized what he had done to you. I don’t know if you knew.”

He looked like he was trying to smile.

“Still, I’m glad you were released by him…….”

Charlotte burst into tears. I had the urge to raise my voice and scold him for doing something really useless, saying, “Why don’t you know the heart that I’ve endured hoping for your safety. But I couldn’t waste my time shouting such words now.

So she, she did what she could.

Both hands supported Ruslan’s head. I pulled it this way and held it in my chest. He lowered himself and took himself to his lips.

A moment of tenderness passed by. Soon after, lumps of emotion tickled each other. It was a sense that I had been losing for a long time.

I let the aura drip out with saliva. His whole body was draining away, but he didn’t care if he was tired. I only wanted Ruslan to swallow up this energy completely.

Just like Ruslan in the brain jade did for Charlotte. And as I cared for her struggling with an unfamiliar body.

“Please, it’s okay to take everything as it is, and you can dry half my soul……!’

It was a time when I was desperately kissing.

It’s worked. As if it would pass at any moment, the shortness of breath gradually subsided. It wasn’t long before I began to breathe in peace.

His cheeks were still pale. It was like a man with a long illness. But the ominous signs of death had already been lifted.

So the woman saved the prince with the kiss of true love.

Charlotte looked at Ruslan with glee. The eastern sun that had seeped through the half-damaged gate hung over him. The silver hair scattered in my arms glistened beautifully.

Ruslan barely opened his mouth.

“I was ready to die. I’m sorry to say hello at the most.….”

Charlotte shook her head vigorously. I was choked up and told him.

“You’ve got me. You think I’m gonna let you go?”

I finally hugged him. There was no happier moment than this, but strangely, tears flowed down.

They hugged each other for a while. I was relaxed when I was relaxed. I felt like I’d finally let it all go.

Indeed, it was freedom to taste it after a long time. I closed my eyes no matter who came first. I was left to myself with a rush of relief.

Albert, scattered far away alone, looked at them enchanted.

My heart wanted to run to Charlotte. I wanted to destroy the child who dared to take her arms.

But his knees have hardened completely. I was completely unconscious from the constant bleeding. I repeated coming back.It was a pain he himself had caused Charlotte a long time ago.

Albert sobbed.

“Lotte, Lote, Lote…….”

Only then did he beg desperately.

“I’m sorry, forgive me, please, just once, because I was sorry, please……. in Charlotte.….”

Charlotte did not look back. She has already fallen into rest with Ruslan.

Albert was the only one who was left mashed. He was sick and dizzy but couldn’t even close his eyes. The suspicion and fear that someone might take him and kill him while he was unconscious drove him into a hell of a place where he could not sleep.

Albert just cried. I cried out, I regretted my past life. It was a bit of penitence, too.

It was no use doing so belatedly.

* * *

In the meantime, I had a dream.

She was somehow in the grand house. Sitting in a familiar guard, I looked into his face.

Unexpectedly, the original face was reflected in the mirror. Blurred hair, freckles on the cheek. His deep eyes and big mouth were definitely Charlotte.

But in her dream, she considered it natural. I suddenly opened my mouth.

It’s all over now.’

She looked at the girl behind her.

‘Even if revenge is over, I will continue to occupy your body. Is that okay?’

Behind his back stood Juju, who had blond hair and green eyes.

Juju picked up her arms neatly in front of her.

It’s okay.

“Really? Don’t you regret it?”

‘I’ve also been living my life as you. I’ve always been reluctant to go out, hiding behind curtains.’

The juju reflected in the mirror was dazzlingly beautiful even in a dream. The green eyes under the dark eyelashes were thoughtful. A benevolent smile crept around my mouth.

It’s the same then and now. As long as your soul shines strongly, I will hide behind your soul as it is and watch the life you live with.’

‘Really… really okay with that?’

Charlotte suddenly woke up in tears. The dream battalion did not make a sound even when it was hit hard.

“Funny, is the grace of the Grand Duke so great? Yeah, obviously, obviously, it’s a good deed, but……and you just took me out of the troublesome mansion! You’ve already avenged me, and you’re going to lose all of your life to me?!’

“If I ask you to give it back, will you give it back?”’

asked Juju with a smile.

Charlotte stopped crying. I couldn’t readily say yes.

At the time of the beginning of revenge, I might have had a different answer. Now that I’ve solved all my grudges, I don’t have any more regrets.

But she loves Ruslan. I fell in love. I’m not confident I’ll leave him alone.

Juju smiled and calmed down. I took the chance.

I didn’t like being born pretty.’

Charlotte lowered her head. She was jealous of the juju even though she knew it. I was ashamed of the fact.

I wanted to be born strong. Yeah, Charlotte, like you, into a life that no one is afraid of, and you instilled a soul in me like you. Thanks to you, I was able to taste the life that I could never achieve.’

‘So did I. I’ve never been told that I’m pretty. But thanks to you, I also…….’

We both succeeded in getting revenge.’

Charlotte in her dream wanted to argue against it. Albert still has his life on the line. But the thought that death was a foregone procedure anyway, so I said it.’Charlotte, I’m satisfied as it is. It’s enough to watch your back.’

said Juju affectionately.

Charlotte was finally in tears. Tears burst out in my dream.

What are you willing to do? You’re a total stranger to me! You’re much younger than me……. I’m being selfish at this age……as if you were the only one to be punished……!’

They took each other’s memories into their own hands. Sometimes even emotions felt like they were themselves. The soul has already become inextricably mixed up in the danjeon.

So Charlotte thought that Juju’s ego had completely disappeared. Now I know that it is absolutely real. Is it okay to live knowing that and unilaterally beating Juju?

Juju came up to Charlotte.

I put my hand on her shoulder. Slipped him into a seat.

“Charlotte, you’re being punished.’

Charlotte lifted her head and looked at Juju in the mirror.

Juju comforted Charlotte with a wistful smile.

“Actually, you want to love with your body, not your body, right?’


My mouth opened.

It was true.

Actually, I want to go back to my original body. No matter how ordinary you look, it’s okay. It’s okay to lose your knees and blood vessels again, so I think I’ll do anything if I can regain my natural body.

I want to kiss Ruslan with this face and lips that I can only have in my dreams. I want to accept Ruslan with the body she originally had.


It’s impossible forever. Your body was cremated a long time ago.’


‘Charlotte, I don’t regret it.’

The juju slowly pulled the plug.

‘Cause this is what the two of us deserve. I think it’s the price of breaking the taboo under the name of revenge and hurting many lives.’


‘You have lost your life in your flesh, and I have lost my right to speak to my soul. That’s it.’

But you, too, Ruslan…….’

“Please take care of me, Count. Because his happiness lies with you, not me.’

Charlotte looked at Juju in the mirror. Maybe because of tears, the juju was cloudy. Now I could only hear the voice.

This is the end of the story.’

Somehow, the girl seemed to speak with a big smile.

Charlotte glared at the battalion for a long time. She had already turned blonde and green eyes.

Finally, I fell on my stomach on the battalion. I buried my face in my arm and cried my eyes out.

A punishment for two people. What do you mean revenge? I’m good at talking. However, the price of this is too great for Juju. The punishment is only favorable to Charlotte.

Nevertheless, Juju himself chose to do so. I’m satisfied with this.”

In the face of the girl’s noble iniquity, the once evil woman kneels down and bows her head.

There’s a woman who burns her life on the back of evil. On the other hand, there is a woman who sacrifices her life to the extent that the criminal cannot reach.

Juju was the great good of a world without loyalty. Charlotte probably won’t even catch up with her heels for the rest of her life.

Nevertheless, she did not say that she would give way to her body and buried the girl’s existence deep in her chest.

Charlotte opened Juju’s eyes again.

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